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    This page is getting too long. I think we need a new one.

    Or rather, last page was getting too long. This was an intentional page get, I just wasn't fully thinking what I was writing.

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      Triumphant in your page get!

      Super warning to everyone. Amini just posted an AC3 Easter Egg on the front page, so if you don't want it spoiled for you avoid the front page.

        Another victory for /tags/au. Thanks for the warning.

        Thanks! I was just about to check the front page but think I'll stay clear until tomorrow, now. I really need to email Tina Amini and ask why she doesn't care she's always spoiling things for people. Maybe it's in her job description: "official spoilerer of easter eggs and whatnot". :P

          I seriously wonder if she knows that she's doing it.

      Another day, another Salami!
      EDIT: Woops, meant to be a reply to the Amini comment. Now I just look insane!

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    For SCIENCE! & diabetes.. No regrets though, I swear!

      That's one sweet pile of nostalgia right there

        Also, what's the deal with hot Warheads?
        I've heard that they're still around, but have yet to spot them.

          Have not seen them at all. I've seen every other variant of the warhead brand though.

        Oh man is it ever! I swear the redskins & milko's are smaller than they use to be though =(

          I think they made the redskins less hard too. I remember them being so tough and sticky they could rip out fillings.

            I ripped a baby tooth out with one, once.. Ah times were different.

      Oh man, Ghost Drops.

        Whenever I want to slice and dice the roof of my mouth, I treat myself to a Ghost Drop.

        My primary school used to have rules in place when buying Ghost Drops at the canteen. You couldn't buy more than $2 worth at a time (kids were bringing in $10 notes and clearing the place out) and you couldn't ask the canteen lady for specific colours (because kids started asking for all the blue ones [the coolest colour] which caused fights when they ran out).

        Back in the day...

          When I was a kid and played basketball, whenever we played at a venue that had a canteen (some venues sucked and didn't have any) after the game everyone would just go and load up on ghost drops and other cheap lollies.

    So in spite of yesterday's lot that were saying they would move to Aus if Obama was re-elected, I saw this today, from people on Twitter spouting all sorts of hateful racist things toward Obama. I just can't believe some people.

    I would class it as NSFW due to what a lot of people simply tweeted. It's quite disgusting.

    Edit: I can't close tags to save my life.

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    I officially disagree with you regarding the Honey BBQ Chicken Sizzling Summer Shapes.

    They are clearly the best of the Sizzling Summer flavours and I therefore conclude your son's nappies must taste delicious.

      I'm not sure which ones I've been eating, but so far the yellow/orange box is better than the blue box.

        Yellow/Orange: yeah, that's nappy flavour.

      Hahahaa. :D You are obviously beyond help. :P
    And now, a dedication to Mitt Romney....

    2 lessons I learnt from last years Supernova

    1. If you see a booth full of Magic cards selling at a ridiculously low price don't wait until the end of the day to go and get them. He won't have any more.

    2. Don't inspect the mannequins too closely. They may not be mannequins.

      @ 2:
      "Oh wow, this mannequins boobs feel so real!"

      Last edited 08/11/12 1:09 pm

      Also don't place your hands on what seems to be mannequins but some how feel very life like.

      I *really* want to get back into MtG. Cheap cards may just do that.

      Except the whole, y'know, removed from civilisation thing. Dammit.

      Hmmm, maybe I should go and buy a deck if its cheap. I have been wanting to play it since bunny showed me the basics of it.

        Ah thats right! Should try a multiplayer game too, havent tried that outside the steam version

    I know a few here like the electronic genre of music, whatever flavour that may be, i've never been a big fan, my liking for the genre started and stopped at Daft Punk, but my mate who's big into it, got me to listen to this one bloke Gareth Emery, and I must admit it's pretty good. I quite like this song. Also the video is amazing. Simple, yet awesome.

      I like some electronic music, although I can't say I'm a fan of that particular song you linked. (some of his other stuff sounds alright).

      I love how the person singing the entire song is only "feat". Not just this song, its something thats bugged me for a while. I know that for this sort of music, people tend to be more interested in the writer than the singer, but even in more mainstream pop music, the Feat. singer always seems to be doing more of the work.

      But I like this song, its a nice piece

        Yeah that's always gotten me. Though I get in some cases, where the artist wrote & composed the song and only had some one sing on it, that's fair. But yeah I get where you're coming from.

    Someone floated an idea of a Secret SanTAY a while back. Is anyone actually organising that? If not I'm going to step in and start moving things along.

      I think Neg was, Aleph also expressed interest in doing it.

      I'm happy to organize it but if you want to do it I won't stop you. :)

        Or you could both conspire together and make it easier \o/

          Or have rival SanTAYs. Split TAY right down the middle into warring factions. And then we all get together in a particularly heartwarming and cliched way to wish each other a Merry Christmas.

            I'll just sit in the middle & be the messenger.

      Hope you don't mind if I opt out... for reasons... :P

        You mean people finding out where you live reasons? There's ways around that, now that you go to Meats.

        Is this why you didn't want a book? I can send it to someone else for hand-to-hand combat delivery if you want

          Haha! Nah, that's not it at all. I have (different) reasons on both counts. Sorry for being so vague... :) Edit: But thank you, though.

          Last edited 08/11/12 3:09 pm

            I'm going to start making guesses. It'll be a bit of mental exercise.

            First guess: you're allergic to paper. That would explain a) why you don't want a book and b) why you don't want to wrap/unwrap a Secret SanTAY present.

            Is that it? Allergy to paper?

      I will run it and put every name as Sughly and I will have the best xmas eva

      As long as it doesn't work out too expensive :\

      How is it going to work though? You'll know who your Secret Santa is because they'll need your address. Unless we just limit it to gifting Steam games or something? But then not everybody uses Steam. I dunno! You brainiacs can figure it out!

    TAYbies and NaNoers. I seek your thoughts, please:
    Is writing really hard work? Really?

    I'm voting no, but I seem to be the only one.

    Edit to add this quote that sums up my perspective:

    Honestly, if the definition of "hard work" now includes sitting at a desk or coffee shop or library or on the grass, and having the option to write or not based purely on self-motivation, for as long or short a time as you like, then the term "hard work" has truly been stretched beyond any semblance of usefulness.

    Last edited 08/11/12 1:48 pm

      I see writing as a long, enduring, painful slog that instead of leaving you hollow after completion, leaves you feeling triumphant.

        Sounds more like sport or sex than work, then :P

        Edit: I was going to edit this to better address the 'painful' part of the comment, but then decided it might be funnier to leave the original response up.

        Last edited 08/11/12 1:30 pm

      Good writing is hard work. Taking ideas, throwing them against the paper until they stick and then wrangling them into something cohesive is taxing.

      But that's why it's worth it. When you get something that works, it's rewarding. If it was easy, there would be no satisfaction.

      Writing is hard work and that's one of the reasons I like it.

        I think I've got this perspective of work as extrinsically motivated. Pay, recognition, etc.

        The corollary of this is that play is intrinsically motivated. Satisfaction, personal growth, etc.

        Which one sounds more like writing? (Assuming, as I do, that both play and work can be easy or hard.)

          I don't think that the work/play distinction is particularly apt here.

          Rock climbing would be considered play but it is hard work. When people talk about writing being hard work, they're talking about it in the same sense; that it's challenging. Not necessarily that it is extrinsically motivated as opposed to intrinsically (although depending on the writing it can be either or both).

            Yeah, I agree with Trjn. I do understand where you're coming from, though. I think most people are always their worst critic. To endure that and get some thing out of it is tough. (But rewarding too, like the others have said.)

        I agree with this. Framing what you've written in a cohesive and compelling way that will make others want to read it can take a fair bit of time and effort.

      Man, you know those not-very-big 'ole stories I used to write and post in TAY?
      Those took forever to right. [<- ...What.]
      It's hard being a writer when you're not a writer.
      See, I even spelled "write" the wrong way.

        I've concluded that I have an odd perspective that if I enjoy something, it can't be called work. Otherwise, how do I distinguish the drudge of my day job from the other obligations and routines I have in my day?

        I would like to see more TAY stories from you, Bish, if it doesn't involve hard work. If it does, I'd rather you take it easy.

      I understand what you mean and think some people are taking it a little personally. I fall into the mindset category, getting into it is far harder than the actual writing process itself. I was watching Six Feet Under last night, Claire's aunt questioned her on whether she was really an artist or not. That defensive, knee jerk reaction Claire felt is probably what the others are feeling. It's some thing they want and some thing they might feel insecure about. I do think that sense of discipline is a struggle for any one, though, writer or otherwise. (Oh, man. This feels like rambling. Disregard. :D)

        <3 for perfect SFU reference

        Last edited 08/11/12 1:40 pm

          Haha! Six Feet Under wins Shane over any time! :D

            Best show ev...

            Wait, I think I've said this before.

              Only have six eps left, man. :'(

                But then we can talk about it \o/

                  Whfg jngpurq gung rcvfbqr jvgu Pnyyvat Nyy Natryf ng gur raq. Gurer zvtug'ir orra tbbfr ohzcf.

                  Pretty amazing, right? Season 5 is just incredible to watch - if the wife and I want a 6FU fix, but don't have the patience for the whole lot, we'll just watch season 5. Also, Senaprf Pbaebl unf na vaperqvoyr fvatvat ibvpr gung fur'f oneryl hfrq va gur fubj.

                  That moment, kind of felt like you were watching something, understanding something about women you wouldn't normally percieve. I can't explain it. Sounds so wanky.

                  Now I feel like I need to hand in a man card. :P

                  Last edited 08/11/12 3:08 pm

                  I think that's a really good way of explaining it. And spying on women is inherently manly, so you can keep your man card for now :P

      I think Stiletto91 summed it up well with his comment. It is about the term work.
      Writing is hard, getting something you are happy with, the physical and emotional states you go through to get that.
      There is a reward for perseverance, and that is the reason people do it.

      You seem to be associating the term work with a job and everything that goes with it, so it is a loaded term for you. Climbing to the top of a hill/mountain to see the view is hard in the same way that writing is hard.
      Getting to the top I am likely to say that is was hard work getting up that climb, which isn't to say I would prefer to be working in the office, just that there was reason to quit and I had to preserve to get the the reward at the end

        I do indeed like to make a distinction between 'work' and everything else I do.

        I don't mind if my recreational activities are challenging (in fact, that's often part of the appeal), but the second I start to think of them as work, enjoyment flies headfirst out the window, and everything becomes a slog.

        The whole argument I'm trying to make (possibly poorly) is that mindset makes a big difference to experience. If you go into something expecting it to be painfully hard (or expecting it to be work), you're ultimately reducing your chances of enjoying yourself.

        This is my experience, anyway.

          I hear you but where you are getting people getting upset is that they are not associating work with something they don't want to do. Hard work is something that you do like going to the gym. You can go in with a positive attitude but knowing that it is going to be hard, doesn't make it less enjoyable.
          NaNoWriMo is hard, the word count is requires perseverance to get to within the month. But for some people the achievement in reaching that goal makes it worth while. I knew going into it that I probably wouldn't have the time to reach the goal, so I am probably experiencing more of what you were saying. Just writing for the enjoyment of writing.

          Also you are going to get things swayed much more towards the, this is hard I need some support on the forums. When people are enjoying it and writing they don't post of the forums. Often people have hit a block or are worn out and looking for a bit of pep or support. So the perception from reading the forums will be much more negative than the actual emotions

      You seem to be defining work as that thing you go to from 9 - 5, as opposed to just a challenge someone has had to overcome, and you also seem to be of the opinion that manual labor is somehow more "work" than mental labor. I can't really say I agree with any of that.

        Fair point. I responded in more detail to Tigerion, but I am happy to admit the bias in my definition.

      Thanks for the discussion, everyone! Great to get a range of perspectives - it was really interesting!

      My ultimate conclusions:

      * I am completely blessed to not see writing as work (given my definitional bias and negative connotation of the word work) - good chance that I was right write all along: this is my calling. Chances are good that I'll always enjoy it.

      * I can't make others feel the same way. They either do or they don't.

      I don't find the actual writing hard, but I mainly write non-fiction for work stuff.

      Too lazy to follow the link, but to be honest the writing part of Anna's Quest is like the cruisy part. It helps through that I draw all the settings and characters first, so they literally have a life, so all the writing feels very natural. Also it's just dialogue... so ehhhh, guess my input sucks :P

        That's so cool, man. When I wrote something a while back, I drew basic set designs and lay outs. Really, really helped writing it. Knowing the flow of a room, stuff that can be interacted with and the like. Seems like a similar process!

        I was trying to make a distinction between fun/work rather than easy/hard, but the general consensus seems to be that this is a faulty distinction.

    I ate all the boring stuff in my lunch first, so I could finish my meal with all the tasty stuff.
    And now I'm too full to eat the tasty stuff :(

      Haha! That's how I eat too, always leave the best to finish the meal on a high note. :D

        Me too. My wife thinks it's a weird way to eat (though she also says it's cute, thank god)

        Is there a different way to eat? Gotta save the best til last

      This is why I use a divide and conquer approach, and have some tasty stuff first, boring stuff, then finish off the rest of the tasty stuff. This way I can finish on tastiness-high, but if I am too full, and cannot finish, I have still experienced the tastiness.

      Proof reading is boring, shut up.

        I forced myself to eat it all, so I finished taste-high, although it was diminished by overexertion of the stomach.
        Now I need to hibernate.

      You need lessons in eating, son.
      I should teach you my ways.

    My son came into the room when I'd just finished skinning an animal in ACIII. He proceeded to ask me "What are those bones doing there? Why didn't you send it to the museum?*". :D

    *(Animal Crossing reference, for those who never played it)

    Literally yesterday's news and probably on previous pages: impressions from the Nintendo direct Japan thing last night? I couldn't get over how bad Reggie's Japanese was (especially for someone so high up in a Japanese company). Some interesting Wii U features on display, anyone know if the Skype thingy will support conference calls or will it only be one connection?

      Haha, how good was it! Cringeworthy, but oh so funny. I overall enjoyed it though. Mostly because I was really eager to see what the WiiU UI looked like :P I wrote a bit more at the top of the previous page yesterday.

      I don't think it was confirmed whether video chat was just one-way or can handle more. I'm guessing it'll probably be just one-on-one, but I'm not sure. The social networking stuff is what interests me!

    Sir Serrels has apparently fixed the offending Tina Amini ACIII spoiler article. He says the front page should be safe again, now. :)

      I wont say anything spoilerwise, but not being an AC fan I dont really see it being a big deal. Seems like a weird little easter egg. I suppose its the principle though? Just yeah, dont really think it was a big deal :/

        Amini ruined some of the nice easter eggs in Borderlands 2. When part of the fun of games is discovery of that sort of stuff, its unacceptable

          Hit the nail on the head my friend. It makes finding it in game go from "haha that's awesome" to "Oh there it is"

            Yup. I would have loved to find The Bane by myself

              I found it sorta spoiled by my co-op buddies, but super awesome because it then went on to infect EVERY weapon they had equipped. Pretty sure it's not meant to work that way.

            Yep, pretty much this,. Sure people can still report on it, but just say it's a spoiler and leave the rest of the details until after the jump.

          Ahhh I see, yeah good point. Fair enough.

    I'm really finding it hard to resist going out to buy XCOM now, listening to the OST is making me so want to get it even more so than just looking at the gameplay.

      When you get it you'll be all "Oh my god why didn't I get this earlier? What's wrong with me?" And we'll be all "innorite!"

        Hah most likely, then I'd most likely be all "Ah yes! Sending humans to their death! Bliss!" :P It's too bad you can't switch sides or start as the aliens.

      It's pretty good, and I don't like much!


      Very tempted myself, but with AssCreed 3, Halo 4, a new BoLand 2 char and most importantly of all, new DRAGONBORN! dlc coming out, I really don't have any time for another new game.

      Maybe over the christmas break, I may pick up a copy.

      But I will probably just spend all of that time on SKYRIM! DRAGONBORN!

        Well I haven't even got any of the above mentioned, except Skyrim which I haven't even opened yet. Still yet to finish Oblivion as I gave up on Morrowind with the horrid combat mechanics. Trying to stab a wolf in the face even though I'm clearly in it's face stabbing right at it's eyes and I keep hearing a miss miss miss miss miss whooshing noise. I remember getting so mad at it.

          THE HORROR!!
          Then play.

          However I can understand your frustration with the combat in MORROWIND!
          My suggestion, until you level up your combat, turn the difficulty right down (not normally done I know, but with this game it makes sense and with each level you gain, increase the difficulty slightly) and moderate attacks in accordance with your stamina, no stamina no hit (kinda simplified but yeah...).
          Also, SKYRIM! is a whole different kettle of fish (such an nifty saying, much like the word nifty being rather... nifty) so don't be concerned SKYRIM! will be a repeat of what you experienced in MORROWIND!

            I know Skyrim uses the same combat style as Oblivion more than Morrowind which is better, but I can use magic more freely in Skyrim which'll be good. Zap everything and chop the rest! I always love playing as a magic swordsman, using the best combo of magic and bladed weaponry to destroy all in my path. I might do that as Khajit.

              My current playthrough, Dunmer Battlemage.
              Destruction low 90s, one-handed mid 70s.
              Slash and Blast!

                Ooo, excellent choice! Dark elves are just darn badass-looking at all times when cloaked :P


                Everyone knows that a Nord with Heavy Armour and Two Hand is the only correct choice.

                  Only 8 or 9 nine before you strayed from the path?

                  For shame.

    Afternoon. Thanks for the help everyone!
    I'm planning to save up for the hard drive and then I'll try putting it in \o/
    I wonder if it'll make my academics greatly increase...Oh crap, too much persona =P

    Our server has been poopy for a little while. Put in a call to IBM to see what can get sorted out. It was a painful experience.

    "P as in Peter"
    "B as in Beta?"
    "No P as in Papa."

    M as in Mancy.

      S as in Shut the hell up and fix my problem.

      Just stick to the Radio code words. Its usually easier. At least for you, you obviously can't help everyone elses stupidity

        That's the thing, with the exception of Peter instead of Papa, this guy was using the NATO phonetic alphabet.

      No, no, not T like Terry, it is P like Pterodactyl

    Evening Taybies, Fun story time. I get to wake up at some ungodly hour to catch a plane to brisbane tomorrow for supanova and a few other things. 4 day weekend for Tofu!

    Also Halo 4 rabble rabble rabble

      Doing any thing Saturday night, man? There's a meat on! :D

        I'll be meating some friends for dinner at Max Brenners, but after that zee sky is the limit ... I'm sure I could manage two meats in one night

          Heads up, Max Brenners sucks balls. Seriously. Pretentious, overpriced, doesnt even taste that special. But, you know, errr... have fun?

            Also planes can totally crash too! Helping? :D

            I didn't pick it ... my friends all have crazy sweet teeth. I don't really eat chocolate ... so woo

              Fun fact: there is quite literally nothing on the menu that isn't chocolate.

              I hate chocolate except for the rare exception too but I can recommend the Dark Chocolate Mocha Frappicino. Rather nice, not really sweet and more bitter.

              Also dinner there seems a bit useless. Isn't it more something you go to after dinner?

      I just watched a review of Halo 4 and it looks so good!

      Somebody buy me a 360 please (and all the Halo games that came out on it :P)

      I also have to get up at some ungodly hour to catch a plane to Brisbane! But I'm doing it on Sunday, after spending all Saturday at a music festival. Fun!

        Also, if anyone has any bright ideas about what I can do with a Tuesday in Brisbane, I'm taking suggestions.

    I do not believe that these allergy tablets I took are not what they claim to be that is; non drowsy & allergy tablets... Boy do I feel weird.

      If I'm reading that right, double negative means you do believe they are what they claim to be?

      Last edited 08/11/12 4:39 pm

        Well they claim to be non drowsy and it sure does not feel like that one little bit, and they only kind of worked =(

    Just adding to my comments upthread

    Something that helped lose the trepidation I had for writing (other than looming deadlines) was that I can word good- I word all day in person, writing is just doing it in text. It's one of the parts of my job I enjoy the most, so much so that I've started doing it for leisure.

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