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    So sad. Some people do not deserve pets, ever.


      That's horrible.

      Oh, man. I'm not clicking on an article with a headline like that. :'(

        I understand.
        But I think that maybe he should have had a lifetime ban.

          Or a bullet to the head?

            What happened to Mr. Pacifist All Life Is Sacred?

              I'm a complicated man, Freeze. (Hypocrite too it seems. :P)

              Edit: Actually you're right. Now I feel bad... :(

              Last edited 08/11/12 6:57 pm

                You shouldn't feel bad. Some people deserve to die.

                  Haha! The blood lust wants what the blood lust wants. :P

                  Having read the article, I can say with all honesty that I think this man deserves death. To beat a scared and defenseless puppy to death is one of the most cowardly and evil acts I can think of. I know it's incredibly judgemental and who am I to decree who lives and dies, but when I read stories like this my blood boils and I can't help but feel that some people just don't deserve life.

                  The fact that he got off with a relatively small fine and can't own a pet for 5 years (as Scree said, it should have been lifetime) is disgusting. I hate how light the punishment is for animal abusers in this country.

                  His excuse was that dogs were treated differently in Malaysia. However, he also says he did the wrong thing. I think he should be made to help rehabilitate pets or some other punishment as well as the lifetime ban.
                  This wasn't meant to make people angry, but I also hate people who abuse animals.

    Call me an ex-taybie, willya, strange???

      Obligatory "Who is this guy?"

      It's that guy from twitter!

        "It's that old guy from twitter!"


          "It's that old woman from twitter that drinks low carb beer and does her nails"

          Fixed again.

          Last edited 08/11/12 6:43 pm


      I think you'll find you actually called yourself an ex-taybie. :P

      Hi. I'm not sure if we've really met.
      Either way, Hello!

      You only enter TAY when you want MGS 4 slip covers :(

      Fuck off we're full!

      I mean uh.. Welcome friend can we get you anything?

    @Tigerion, just tweeted you RE: eerie crates.
    Still cool if I get them off you mate?

      You've only got a day or so left to use them!

    Hey dudes and dudettes!

    This dealio is back up and it's where I got all my free uPlay games from! Super easy to do! Just read some comments for the codes :)

    - It didn't work with AdBlock enabled for me so I went incognito (which turns it off) and it worked

    - You can enter yourself as your "friend referrals" to get extra game codes. If you use gmail you can add numbers to your own email so even though it's different, you'll still get the email (eg. name(at)gmail . com can be name+1(at)gmail . com)

    - You don't have to use the code on only one game. Add one game to the cart, apply the code, then remove it. Do this for all the games then add them all back and they should be discounted. If not? Just apply the code again

    Game list isn't that special but there's some decent games in there if you don't have them already (Ass:Bro, PoP: Forgotten Sands, From Dust). Apparently uPlay codes expire after 30 days so get whatchu can!

    (Virus__, Aleph you can sign up for your Ass:Bro codes and Masha can get your PoP)

    Also PSN is having another sale! Jak & Daxter Trilogy for $17 sounds pretty good to me!

    Last edited 08/11/12 7:25 pm

      I tried but it looks like a it's a Facebook thing, so no free game joy for me.
      But nevermind, I tend to just accumulate games these days rather than play them. I really need to stop doing that.

        Can always make a new FB account and not add any people (that's what I did when it didn't work with my main FB account).

        I'm not fond of the social integrated stuff so I don't usually bother with it... BUT FREE GAMES

          Also I have something like

          - From Dust x1
          - NCIS x2
          - Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands x2
          - Advanced Warfighter 2 x2

          I also have 2 Ass:Bros but Aleph and Virus__ haven't really asked for them yet :P

          uPlay is stupid and you have to download and install the game FIRST before you can input the code and add it to your account.

    Good evening one and all! How's every little thing, you awesome citizens of the TAYbiverse?

    I'm feeling pretty good and I'm not sure why. Perhaps because my back isn't too sore tonight, perhaps it's the pint of Guiness I had after knocking off an hour early? Whatever it is I'll go with it. :D

      Hey SmurfyDog, same ol', same ol' around these parts! Want some rye? Course ya do!

        Yes! Yes I do! I love rye!.
        I've got some polish sausage, cheese and pickles. Some good rye bread would round that out nicely. :P

      Man I really need to try Guinness, off the tap that is.

        It's a tasty drop, not too strong and very mildly gassed. Not to everyone's taste, but I quite like it.

          Yeah not sure if i'd like it, but i'm willing to give most things a taste.

    Mum was baking a pie and yelled at me to come help her.
    I went to have a look at what the problem was and all her pie weights were stuck in the pastry.
    I started removing them before coming to a realisation.
    'Mum, where's the baking paper?' She looked at me for a moment before she also realised it.
    You're meant to put baking paper under the pie weights =P

      Oops! Just call it a strudel and nobody will know.

        It's alright. We just removed the pie weights.

          Do you have special pie weights for baking the pastry? I've always just used some dry kidney beans or lentils or whatever I have. Rice works too. And baking paper.

            Yes, we do have special pie weights. Mum bought a Jamie Oliver Pie case and it came with the pie weights. We also got some at a specialist cooking store

              You have me intrigued!
              Is there an advantage to using them over using rice or dried beans?

                They possibly distribute heat better/more evenly if they're made of stone or metal.

                  Most are made of ceramic, like Mums.

                None whatsoever?
                Aside from the fact that you don't have to worry about getting them wet. Or going off. And they're reusable.

                  That makes sense. By the way what are they made of?

                  See the above comment =D

      Just Googled pie weights. Huh?! Anyone care to elaborate? :P

        They're used for blind baking pastry. It's to stop puff pastry from rising when you're using it for the base of your pie. =D

        I've never heard of pie weights either (see my post above) but you often need to pre-cook the pastry for a pie, and in order to stop the pastry from rising and cracking apart, you need to put something in the bottom of the empty pie to weigh it down. Rice or dried lentils usually does the trick.

          Or pie weights

            So... you bake it with the weights inside?

              Yes. You put the raw pastry into the pan. Place the baking paper on that. Put weights inside. Bake =D

                And then take it out, take out the weights, fill it with stuff and bake again?

                Gotcha! :D

                Last edited 08/11/12 9:00 pm

      "Learn something new every day."

      Well, that's today sorted. Pie weights.

        =D All done!

        Also, nice to see you on TAY, don't think I've seen you on here for a while. (I could just be blind)

        Last edited 09/11/12 7:51 am

          Because of my shift work I tend to be on at odd times though I do try to make an appearance at least once a week.

            Thanks to the notification system, i am seeing this!


                The best thing about this notification system is that people who may feel intimidated by TAY can now keep up without worrying.

    Where's the Halo 4 discussion? I need to make some new Xbox Live buddies to play through the campaign/various modes with!

      I've finished it in co-op!

      But I don't own it, and I don't have Live Gold, and I'm lazy.

      I might play coop for its various cheevo's if you're up to it however come Tuesday the game will probably be dead to me, hit me up if you want, Xbox tag is same as my user here.

        What's this Spartan Ops thing? Do I need a partner for that? I can definitely do a cheevo run with you if that's what's needed so I will add you distantdrop

          Theirs separate achievements to Solo it, never played it myself but I figure it would be alot like Fire Fight mode in Halo 3:ODST or Halo Reach.

          Edit: I should add that it is a Infinity game so you can actually pool with random Online players unlike coop campaign where you have to form parties and Looking through the achievements theirs only cheevos to solo it only coop achievements are in Campaign.

          Last edited 08/11/12 9:17 pm

      Yeah! Hurry up and have some rot13 discussions! I want to play vicariously through you all!

      A few chapters in the campaign, my GOD this game is pretty.

    What's new, TAY? Stuff?

      Nah - Stuff is old school man! Haven't you heard? Things is where it's at dude!

        I'll know better next time, Smurfy. :'(

          Don't be sad D.C.
          Stuff is actually pretty good, but I'm easily led, and all the cool kids are talking about Things!

          I just want to be a cool kid too! One day, maybe...

            Peer pressure, man. Not every thing it's cracked up to be. :P

      Helpin' a friend in England replace her optical drive. All I can say is FUCK YOU HP don't use propriety ways of fastening shit to cases, phillips head screws are all you need!

    So, uh, odd request time.

    I need some character/personal referees for this police application. Not having a lot of friends of the trustworthy pursuasion whatsoever makes this a little difficult for me, so is anyone willing to help out? Probably should be more so the Brisbane folks who have met me to be a little more true but I may get desparate.

    *holds hat in hands*

      What do they have against loner types? I know what that's like, man. I had to get my neighbours to sign my passport application dealy back in the day because I had no friends to do it. I don't think I'd be very helpful, though. I doubt any one would confuse me for a fine, upstanding member of society. :'( Written statement or interview, though?

      You ever get desperate, I'm your man!

      That sounds just wrong.

      What I mean is if nobody else comes, I still got your back totally covered dude!
      Wait... that sounds even worse.
      I feel like I'm chanelling Chuloopa!


      I'd be all 'Freeze is a great man' and they'd be like '...who is Freeze?' and I'd go ':O I MEAN [insert name here], YEAH THAT GUY'


      Eh I am happy to do this man. Feel free to throw my name & number into it.

      Maybe I can help I can tell the Officer how me and you fought in Vietnam and discovered a terrorist plot to release a deadly chemical called Nova 6 and that the trigger signal was under a freighter in the middle of the sea and that you shot down two battle choppers with one rocket launcher and got an achievement.

    Had an exam today.
    Have one tomorrow.
    Last one (for a few months :/) on Monday.

    I can almost taste the freedom!

    Gonna watch the shizz out of Survivor tomorrow arvo when I get home and I'm 'free' for a while. Sughly - discussion!?

      Good luck with the exam, Greenius! :D

      You don't need luck. Here's a baseball bat and the lectures address.

      Though in all seriousness, good luck.

    There was no double post here, you dreamed it

    Last edited 08/11/12 10:00 pm


    Howdy Tay
    I've been doing some of that writing stuff, would love some feedback.

    I'm planning to do another part or two to wrap it up- idea is to emulate a magazine feature article.

      I really like the texture of it. (The detail, touches of realism and all that.) I loved Fourth Floor too, but I already rambled about that on twitter. :D You've got an awesome, matter-of-fact writing style! Nicely done, man. Be sure to link part two!

      Last edited 08/11/12 10:06 pm

    So, I promise myself I'll try not to spend money...
    One trip to Kmart later, and I've got the complete series of Daria on DVD, as well as Le Mans and Taken on Blu-ray, plus a big pack of Nerds.

      It seems like when you promise yourself to try and not spend money, you do.


      Promise yourself to SPEND money and you won't!*

    I love not having TAYbies as friends on facebook. I can steal all of the TAY in-jokes and claim them as my own.

      *types your name into facebook*

      Found you.

      I am Creepius.

        Haha. It's not that difficult to spot my profile picture with my Meat shirt on :P

        I actually barely use Facebook anymore. It's basically an event organiser now!

          Mine's an international communications device. Barely use it to talk to local friends, just friends in the States/Columbia/UK/Netherlands etc

        Blaghman is the only person to have seen my FB (as far as I know)


      Note to self, get Stalkius to find Powalen on Facespace.

        Challenge Accepted!

          Nope. Too hard :P

            I am dsiappointed in you Greenius :P

              Too many ___ ____ (his name) from Victoria showing up first :(. I've never found FB's search thing very good anyway...

              Bye bye lost childhood friends :'(

                Sucks to be Greenius!

                Doesn't surprise me you can't see it though. The Facebook search is so heavily influenced by location/mutual friends. Plus it doesn't help that I have a pretty common name :P

                  I'm not sure it's influenced by mutual friends whatsoever.

                  PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW:
                  Tits McGee (0 friends in common)
                  BigDick Epeen (0 friends in common)
                  Anne Othername (0 friends in common)


      ps. The subtle nuances of the classic "Who's this guy?" is lost on Facebook friends.

        Mine are baffled by \o/

          Yeah, I've yet to use the "\o/" and "/o\" with any of them. I accidentally put it in a text to Fraulein Schon, she was somewhat perplexed by it!

      I thought I was the only one /o\

      It's also great because I can steal jokes from Facebook and appear amusing over here, too :P
      Pity that Freeze bloke doesn't have any funny non-TAYbie friends to mooch some better jokes from.

        What are you talking about - those jokes are awesome.

    I was playing War of the Roses last night and ended up invention an entire new class.
    The Pacifist.

    The normal classes are things like archer, infantry, cavalry and various versions of these all designed for causing grievous bodily harm.

    I decided I’d play without trying to stab or bludgeon anyone. At first I was planning to play as a medic but, as healing someone in this game takes several seconds, I usually found this was just getting me instantly killed. I soon found a similar play style that was both hilariously fun and actually helped the team.

    You can capture flags, you can res friendlies, you can even tackle enemies to stun them in a nice non-lethal manor but the most fun I had was trying to jump in front of enemy attacks and protect allies.

    Whenever I saw someone fighting I’d wait until then enemy was taking a swing and then jump in with a shield to attempt to deflect the blow (or block with a sword if shield is broken) and then get back out of the way.

    Doing nothing but blocking and kiting also worked exceptionally well when there were friendly archers nearby. Just make sure they have a clear shot and you’re helping the team without getting your hands dirty.

    I was worried enemies would start ignoring me once they worked out I wasn't going to attack them but most of the time it actually worked the opposite. I think they must have figured I was an easy kill but as I was doing nothing but defend it would usually take them much longer to get through my defenses and a team mate would normally kill them before they got me.

    I’m still undecided as to mercy killings. If an enemy is down with no friends to revive him can I execute? I’m not sure…

    My hope is this play class will catch on and one day there will be a game filled with nothing but pacifist who end up standing around a contested point talking to each other.

      Haha sounds fun :). I like it when you can find your own ways to have fun within a game, something that I hardly do anymore.

      I say don't kill them as it goes against being a pacifist!

      The game sounds interesting and I didn't even know that these medieval (which I assume it is?) type combat games existed or were even that popular until I saw how much TAYbies love them.

        Apparrently the war started around 1455. Not sure if that counts as medieval or not but defiantly same type of combat.

        I think I prefer RPG style more then the PVP War of the Roses. I love Mount and blade. I bought it whilst it was still in beta and have every version of it released since then. I love building up armies and taking over the world.

        The amount of time I've clocked in Total War games on Steam also shows this.

          1455 is late Medieval/early Renaissance, depending on where in Europe you are. Since the War of the Roses was England, that's still considered Medieval!

          I'm still waiting for an RPG where you can dual wield shields effectively.

            You can equip two shields in Dark Souls, but you can only block with one of them, I believe...

              Oh, I know.
              Secretly I'm just envious because I'll never be able to tell a dad joke quite like it.

                But you replyfailopus just like Freeze, so there's hope for you yet.

    Do you have a 1.4.2 minecraft server going? I think I've caught the bug again, but it seems a more justifiable waste of time if it's on a multi server.

      Try using
      as the address.
      I'll need your username though because I've switched the white list on.

      I'll try adding Beavwa for now but if if it's anything different it shouldn't let you connect.

      I'm just running it off my home computer so lag tends to vary depending on how my internet is behaving itself. It's survival only as well.

      If you head towards x -500 and y 250 you should find where we've all set up so far.

      Also, no trolling resulting in loss of property.

      Last edited 09/11/12 5:33 am


          Or there is the camp of the free for those who don''t need to follow Gorzy and Numbers' oppressive regime. Location is a secret at present (as Numbers will probably attack me for no reason again).

    Yay! \o/

    Melbourne fronds: let's go see The Hobbit at IMAX. Tickets are on sale now and we should make plans ASAP so we can go see it and not miss out like we did with the Dark Knight.

    If you're interested, email me. atomicstrawberry (at) gmail (dot) com. Most likely will aim for a session on Saturday 29th December.

      Notification to express interest!

      You should have my email but it's tan(underscore)[email protected] hot male etc.

      On my phone now so it's not easy for me to email you.

    Morning everyone.
    Who knew ladders were so bloody expensive? I didn't.

      Morning Scree

      Fun fact (well not really fun): Ladders are banned from all construction sites in New Zeland. They aren't banned in Ausrralia but there are under heavy restrictions. Gorramit stupid WHS people teaching me useless facts.


        How will I put the christmas lights up without a ladder?
        Also we have problems changing light blubs because they're quite high up.

          I can ride in on my motorbike and stand on that to change your light bulbs!

            Better then what I've got right now!

          Obviously you need to spend thousands of dollars and hire a cherry picker for the day.

    New Humble Bundle out. For Mac, Windows and Andriod.

    Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP
    Crayon Physics Deluxe
    Waking Mars
    If you pay more than average: Machinarium.

      What. I haven't even downloaded the last one I bought yet :P

        Most of the time I just redeem the games on Steam then never install them :P

          I am also guilty of this

    This is the my official CONGRATULATIONS TO ALEXPANTS AND NOTORIOUSR thread. Great work guys. Now you can get very, very drunk.

      Sounds like I missed out on something.

        Finished Uni I think.

          Oh cool! Yay! etc, etc...

        It was one hell of a wedding.

        No, just kidding. Freeze is right.

          I forgot to get a wedding present /o\

      HOORAY (except for the bit where i don't drink)

        Drunk on capital letter excitment, high on life, etc :)

    Good morning all!
    Would you all like some World War Z footage?
    I think you would all like some World War Z footage.

      WTF is with the terribad zombie ocean thing O_O

        Yeah considering the book featured shambling zombies and focused on realism it looks like they are taking some serious liberties with the subject matter.

        So I'll probably watch the film only to see the Yonkers scene play out and then regard the rest as a separate zombie fiction.

    FINALLY I have broken the "not getting anywhere" wall in FTL! I managed to unlock the Zoltan, Stealth and Slug ship. The Zoltan ship seems really cool didn't get a chance to test it out though.

      It's good until you run out of missiles and have a really bad run of finding weapons you can use instead, like my first go with it :P lol

    Good news, everyone!
    Anarchy Reigns is finally coming to the UK in Jan!

    And there's a 'day one' edition that comes with Bayonetta as a playable character.

    AAAAAAAAND (here's the kicker), it will be available for 20 pounds (30 Australian).

      Computer Voice: This is Anarchy Reigns
      PuppyLicks: This is Anarchy Reigns
      TAY: Duh...

      £20 for the game and Bayonetta?! Shit yeah!


      I already pre-ordered :D

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