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    Mornin' all.
    So I think I've managed to get my fill of being screwed over for this year and the next. On the bright side, my day off yesterday was mostly taken up by FFXII. Managed to smash through the Sandsea including getting a couple of rare items. Having a katana with 54 attack when your second strongest weapon is 35 is

      Well, at least you got it out of the way early...

      Hope karma sorts everything out for you!

      You can get the Zodiac Spear super early in the game too, like IIRC about the point you've got a full party. It's amazingly strong compared to everything else, I was one-shotting bosses for a while.

    .... I have run out of coffee at work...
    WHAT DO?!?!!?

      Don't drink coffee cos coffee's for chumps? That's been my approach for years...

        (But I do drink lots of tea and some coke, so it's not like I'm completely independent of caffeine... just never liked coffee and love the fact that I'm not dependent on like so many people are!)


        I said "i'm out of coffee"
        not "i want to kill myself in the most violently shaky way possible"

    New page repost because previous pages are for chumps.

    So, uh, odd request time.

    I need some character/personal referees for this police application. Not having a lot of friends of the trustworthy pursuasion whatsoever makes this a little difficult for me, so is anyone willing to help out? Probably should be more so the Brisbane folks who have met me to be a little more true but I may get desparate.

    *holds hat in hands*

      Trust chuloopa? :P

        I want to get into the police, not arrested :P

          Oh. I must have read that wrong.
          Oh well. Well you know who to come to if you need lude character references.
          ...or lude references in general.

          How awesome does the word 'lude' sound? It just feel so fun to say!
          LUDE LUDE LUDE!


            Lewd rhymes with rude, but not spelt as good.

            Last edited 09/11/12 9:31 am

              ...... you marvelous bastard.

              Edit: I'm not going to edit my comment and spell it right, because Chuloopa is only human.
              I am no Tech-Knight or Welbot or Shane.
              You marvelously magnificent bastard...

              Last edited 09/11/12 9:39 am

                Hey even my spelling isn't flawless, :) I have a log of it right here in my Self-troubleshooting guide:
                Symptoms: Spelling and grammar goes to a lower human level of correctness, decision timing and accuracy impaired and also a higher craving level for pancakes.
                Cause: Caffeine levels are too low to ensure high CPU efficiency.
                Solution: Acquire and consume more coffee... also consume pancakes if they can be acquired. Because they are delicious! - Tastebuds - Stomach +1's this comment

      Having never met you in person, I think my influence would be kind of not-so-helpful, but if I can do anything, sign me up. Even if I have to talk on the phone (shudder).

      I'm willing to put my hand up as a referee man. Need me to send you any details?

      I replied back on the other page, happy to help you out man. I hope you think i'm trust worthy :P

        Aren't you the guy who spoils things?
        Also, I'm fairly sure a Twitter suspension goes on your permanent record :P

        Last edited 09/11/12 12:22 pm

          Hey man my persona online as Virus is very different to my real life persona. Just sayin' =P

            I know, I am totally and completely joking. (You know that, right?)

    Part of the way through a four day weekend! I took yesterday and today off just because and have grand plans for it, including:
    - Play Borderlands 2
    - Play Halo 4
    - Watch cricket
    - Ring Nintendo and convince them to let me download my library of games onto my new 3DS
    - Fill in an insurance claim for the flight from New York that I couldn't use because I never made it there in the first place
    - Write a letter to MS about how bad their 360 controller battery packs are (seriously - I've gone through about 8 in the past few years, and while I usually buy them cheaply, I'm had several that stopped charging after a couple of cycles, and the most recent one was DOA (but I've lost the receipt))
    - Unpack my suitcase
    - Watch all the videos and read all the articles to clear out my browser tabs

    What I will probably end up doing:
    - Play Borderlands
    - Watch the ran delays on the cricket (what's the weather looking like in Brisbane at the moment?)

      3rd party battery packs ftw! :D
      Also, i was with you until you mentioned cricket... yuckypoo

      Nice and sunny outside, my friend!


          Actually, now that I look more closely there's a tornado/hail/snow storm on the horizon! :P

      There's currently a tornado / hail / snow at Brisbane. Oh well better spend all day playing Borderlands 2 =P


        Are you lying to me? I think you're lying to me. That's not very nice.

        I have the ability to set up two screens, so I don't actually need to choose one over the other.

          Oh wont you look at that. It magically cleared up =P


      I stopped reading after the first line as the rest of the article can't be as amazing.

        Yup, same.

      She had the spirit of adventure in her heart!

      hahahahah! :P
      Yep, that first line is pure gold.

      I also stopped reading after the first line.
      Soooooo good. :D

      "She was jailed after being found guilty by magistrates in Torquay of aggravated vehicle taking last September"

      That's a thing?

        Aggravated vehicle taking... that's the legal term, of course :\





      Also, that gif is awesome :)

      Last edited 09/11/12 9:59 am


          No worries. Also, while you're here, I got an awesome package in the mail yesterday. CAPITAL THANKS RIGHT BACK AT YOU

      Congrats, man. I hope you and Alex are happy together!


      Last edited 09/11/12 10:01 am


      Congrats, mate!!!
      Also, awesome gif is awesome! :D


        Also thanks :D

      How good is it! \o/ Congrats!

      (Though I have to find a job before I celebrate too much haha)

      Last edited 09/11/12 10:17 am


        (it's a bit bizzarre. But awesome. Mainly awesome!)

    @Greenius Ohhhhhhhh my god. OMG. You see Survivor last night? OHHHH MY GOD! Best. Tribal. Ever.

    My savegame for Saints Row 3 now reads 100%, even if I haven't done all the challenges or any of the vehicle thefts. Love that the busywork extra stuff doesn't factor into that number. Not that it matters, anyway.

      I want to get 100% on SR3, but I absolutely despise the Genki side missions. And insurance fraud is really annoying because there are never any cars around. But I do feel like playing through it again. For the third time.

        Protips: once you're invincible (upgrades), Genki becomes a bit easier.
        If you just keep spamming the fall-down button in insurance, the activity will never end - guaranteed success.

      Grrr, I have done everything but a couple of vehicle thefts and mine says 99%
      Methinks a conspiracy against Hugo is being devised by this game, this shall not stand I says

        Sadly, the collectibles do count to the 100%: the money pallets, sex dolls and drug stashes.


    Few things for you this morning, all about me and stuff because egocentric and I'm important and stuff.
    Groote Eylandt was mentioned in a television program last night \o/
    It was 2 drunk indigenous people that crashed a car in Darwin, they were from here /o\

    The price of fuel rose 50c this week /o\
    I guess it's still better than elsewhere, as it's $1.20 now \o/

    I saw Mr. Neanderthal this morning. Shat bricks, and managed to drench myself in diesel in the process /o\
    I'm at work now, locked up safely in the office \o/
    ...I still reek of diesel /o\

    So, how's everyone else this fine morn?
    Also, FRIDAY!!!!! We need some Luis up in here.

      Morning Aleph, my friend. Sounds like an eventful day so far!

        I'm having a good day thus far :D

        Or rather, I have a short working day, I don't work tomorrow, and I've got a great night planned. I've nothing to complain about!

        How are you today, sir?

          Decent! :D

          Edit: This the elusive date night you had planned?

          Last edited 09/11/12 10:48 am

            It is! I forgot to bake her a cake though /o\
            I'll have to do something in lieu of that. Iunno.
            But yeah, date night followed by lots of drinkie-poos :)

              As your wing man (still not sure that's a good idea...), good luck pal! :D

                I love that you're my wingman :D
                If ever I can return the favour man, let me know :D

                  :D Maybe one day I'll post a mystery question and you'll answer yes too. That's all it takes!

                  We need more people relying on blind guidance from TAYbies :D

                  MOAR MYSTERY QUESTIONS!!!!

      How is it that one of the most remote places in the country has some of the cheapest fuel?

        We get some special fuel that has no fumes (can't abuse it to get high (well, not entirely true, they just melt styrofoam into it now)) and is presumably cheaper. Or subsidised by the mining company here.
        Either way, it's terrible stuff. I get about 6km/L on highway driving. Hyup!

      Good morning Aleph-Null. Fridays are pretty MECTIC, imo.

        Mectic? Hectic/Mec-something?

        I'ma go with Mechtic because Gaige is balls-to-the-wall hectic in Borderlands 2.
        How are you today, Harli?

          Mega hectic!

          Also I am crazy busy today. How is it 4:30 already?!

    BRISBANE MEAT TOMORROW in case any one missed it. Here's the details!

      Also Sydney Meat tomorrow! Talk to Doc What!

        Oh, man. That guy was riled up on twitter last night! :S

          He was on an all caps rampage! I saw that. Something about his movie being on private on youtube but people got to it somehow. Well, all you need is the url for it, despite it being private. Just means it doesnt show up in searches. So someone leaked the url :O

      WOOOOoooOOOOOooo!! But first, Radiohead!

        That's tonight? Aw, man. Good times a-plenty for Sughly! :D

    Morning All. Still having crazy week at work. Plus using a bit of my spare time researching photography techniques. Actualyl considering transforming part of my garage into a studio, Just to space to have decent lighting and back drops n stuff.

    Oh and them games.........i havnt played many at all. What little gaming time i have had has been spent on 2 rounds of cod, and a few games on my iphone. so sad. lol.

      Well casting is always important because you gotta know the niche you are aiming for, and make sure you have easily washable surfaces where you plan to shoot, a fluffer is always helpful too to make sure the male performer is always ready to, er... perform.

      Wait... you typed photography techniques, didn't you? Disregard all that then, I thought you were talking about something else.

        Does your other half know of your knowledge of the inner workings of the "dark arts" ?

    Listening to the new Deftones album.
    Yep, it's Deftones.


      So how is it? Are they continuing to get softer aka diamond eyes (which was enjoyable, but i miss their harder stuff) or is it a return to their roots?

      Either way, Deftones are MECTIC!

        Have a listen and find out for yourself :)

      I have it, but cant stop Crystal Castles long enough to give it a try. Kind of doubt it will compare to the amazingness of CC, very little will.

    Downloading Epic Mickey 2 demo. You can do it Warren Spector!

      Masha and I met him!

        You meet Tim Schafer too? (Then I'd have to be really jealous. :P)

        Hey! We just stood awkwardly next to him :-)

          Haha! I'd have loved to see the panel. The one with Tim Schafer too. I would've been too frightened to meet the mofo, though. :D

      There's a demo?

        There is on PS3 atleast!

          Yay! I didn't think the game was out for ages, whichis why I was surprised about the demo.

            I thought the same about Hitman, but it's just over a week away! :S

    So that GTAV article about the world being bigger than three other games combined keeps making me think there's no new posts on the front page because its staying up the top and the new stuff is under it.

      Haha, yeah me too! I don't blame them for wanting to hold it up at the top though! Even my non-gaming friends are going crazy for it.

      I think the same when Gizmodo sticky a review to the top of the site haha.

      See, one of the problems I had with San Andreas was that is was too big.
      Too much nothing space.
      Don't get me wrong, countryside is nice, and I'm sure people who weren't me lost themselves in it, but personally there was too much of it. It's not a matter of there being space I didn't ever go to, because that was my choice, it was that it felt like they had some space just to have space, and it took away from the intricate city design that I knew and loved from Vice City.

    Hey guys!

    As some of you are already aware I will be in Melbourne next month from Wednesday the 12th to Tuesday the 18th for The Living End's Retrospective Tour!

    So I was wondering, would any of you like to meet the infamous Virus? Or not so infamous Virus as the case might turn out to be =O

    Now I can't do evening/night meats, since that's when i'll be occupied rockin' out to The Living End playing each of their albums live! So I was thinking something like an afternoon meat up on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

    I'll also probably be meeting up with my mates from the Pure Pwnage forums one of those days as well, so if anyone's interested let me know and we can organise something! Hit me up on here or Twitter! The sooner we can organise something the better, because i'd like to let Christine know what I am upto so she can plan around it with work and such!

    Would be cool to meet you guys and all that, and I don't know when i'll be in Melbourne next, since I probably won't get to make it down for PAX.

      Virus is awesome! You should make a point to meat him! :D

        Heh, meat him.

          I tried to meat Virus once, he wouldnt have any of it. Of my meat. Is anyone getting this yet?

            Sorry, it doesn't appear Chuloopa is around yet. :P

            No, I think we need an embarrassingly detailed explanation of how meat is a substitute for penis in this particular instance, and exactly what you were trying to get at, expressed in such a way as to make everybody within 10000 kilometres deeply uncomfortable for no reason and suck any remaining humour out of the world.

            Until then... what are you talking about?!

      dem delusions of grandeur

        MECTIC delusions of grandeur.

        (am I doing it right?)

        (Also reminds me of the time in Primary School when Grant Wilson got in trouble. He used to say "gahmin" all the time as in "You're gahmin" or "Tiny Teddies? They're gahmin". Anyway, he got in trouble in class and I knew it was my chance. I stood up and literally yelled at him "HEY GRANT! WHO'S GAHMIN NOW!?" and started laughing maniacally. No one thought it was as funny as I did.)

      You do know they are doing shows in Brisbane too right?

        Yes, I am aware of this Sughly. I was offered the ticket for the Melbourne show & a place to stay. Plus I don't know anyone that would be going to the Brisbane shows anyway. Going to gigs by yourself kinda sucks, in my opinion :P

          Indeed it does. I went to a show recently before my friend was to join me to see the opening acts, oh man... nigelating doesnt begin to describe. Everyone talking to friends and stuff. Youre just kind of awkwardly standing there, drink in hand. On your own. Pretending like you have something to do between acts. Like... play with the drink. And look at the floor. Then the roof.

          Last edited 09/11/12 11:41 am

            Yep, I got ditched at my first concert by my mate so he could find his girlfriend. Man did that suck somewhat. Though I might've ditched Freeze at Soundwave, but I have my reasons, he wanted to see some band (Meshuggah I think?) and I wanted to see Alter Bridge!

          Depends, really. I went by myself to Robin Gibb in 2010, and had a really good night by myself. Helps that it was in a civilised venue with assigned seating.


          I'm such a fuddy duddy aren't I?

          Last edited 09/11/12 11:48 am

            Yeah, I tend to have more fun when I'm by myself. I end up by myself when I go to gigs with my husband anyway because he'll usually end up at the front while I like to stay back further and chill.

            Hey...stop editing while I'm replying!

            You mentioned nothing about being a civilised fuddy duddy before, and I agreed with you which now makes it look like I'm saying you're a fuddy duddy. :P

              For the record, Strange is not quite as much a fuddy duddy as I am.

              All better.

            I've only been to two proper concerts. (Arctic Monkeys and Linkin Park, got a ticket for free for that second one, so shut up. :P) Always good having someone to awkwardly talk to between songs. Not hear each other. Nod head and smile. :D

              Ahh yes, the ol' "laugh-n-nod".

              I have a friend who likes to talk real deep whenever bands start playing.

              What a chumpo.

                Reminds me at Soundwave I had some inked up dude who was shirtless start chatting to me whilst Limp Bizkit was playing and was telling me how excited he was for System of a Down, I think he may have been on some form of illicit drug.

                  Haha, yeah he wanted to have a good ol' chat about awesome System of a Down are lol.

    Watching cricket. Drinking beer. Eating M&Ms.

    Screw video games, this is pretty damn good.

    Last edited 09/11/12 11:34 am

      id be happy with the m&ms and booze part. Anything better than work :P

    ARGH!! Trying to do a time lapse video of colouring a background for Anna's Quest vol 2, but the program I'm using to capture is sooooo buggy. I've tried to save the capture in chunks, but some have spazzed out in sections of the recording. It spazzed out just then during a majorly important part of the colouring and has probably made the video kind of useless.

    Long story short, can anyone recommend a good screen capturing program? I was using CamStudio. It's done a good job in the past, so I dunno... maybe my Pc just needs reformatting or something. I think the RAM is kind of dying which probably doesnt help matters.

    Got given a watch to repair. Nice watch I tell the guy. He tells me it's not really his, more a keepsake. His son was wearing it when he was killed in a car crash.

    I know it's just a watch but knowing someone died violently wearing it creeps me out a little :S

      Jeez, way to kill the mood.

      Seriously though, I got a little melancholy. Poor guy.

      And then there's the extra pressure of not screwing up when you repair it.

    hello peoples.
    I encountered weird people on the way home last night. a guy shouting driving advice to the bus driver was the most normal. in a supermarket, a random middle-aged woman carrying a single carrot & a bottle of milk, walked up to me, pulled aside my bags strap & read out loud what was written on my tshirt. she then quite calmly said to me 'oh, you must be a movie extra' then she wandered off. i thought it a bit odd.

    today is the last day I live alone for at least 2 months. I dont know how I feel about this. I've gotten used to talking to myself & doing whatever the hell I want, but then again, co-op wont play itself (thats a joke, my flatmate is an ok guy & I dont use him solely for gaming purposes)

    hype. i has it.

    hope all is awesome with you fine lot. so whats new?

      So those sort of encounters are what I should expect if I ever move to the city? Sounds... cool...

      Last edited 09/11/12 11:57 am

        I shouldn't think so. I have a knack of attracting crazies.
        Like the time I was walking down the street with a coffee & this homeless dude gets up in my face & asks 'IS THAT CARAMEL?!?!"
        'no' I replied.

        just for the record, this guy had two teeth & smelled like petrol. so he'd know all about rotten guts.

      "Today is the last day I live alone..." and "Gay Paris tonight." seems like you've got a pretty swingin' night planned.

      The question is...what exactly was written on your shirt?

        I was wearing shirt similar to this at the time.

    Got a little curious this morning and decided to see what my car is worth.

    I bought it for $8500 about five years ago and now looking at similar cars, it looks like it's still worth $5000-$6000. It has definitely held most of its value, which is rather dandy. Considering I don't drive that often, my mileage is actually lower than most of the comparable cars I could find. Hopefully that means that it's more towards the upper end of that bracket.

    Interesting to see how that played out.

    EDIT: For reference, I drive a 2 door 2000 Lancer.

    Last edited 09/11/12 12:00 pm

      paint it red it will make it go fast so you can sell it for more $$$

      Nice work. You thinking of selling, or just buy-curious?


        I don't really drive that much but I still need to have a car. Was just randomly curious.

          Wife and I did some sums: With the cost of maintaining a car, petrol, insurance and rego, you could catch about $80-$100 worth of taxi every week and break even. Terrifying.

            Cars are expensive but I think that simply because I bought it outright (woohoo, no terrible loan!) and that it is fairly low maintenance, the convenience gained by having it has covered the difference.

              Yes, convenience is one factor that doesn't really get built into a purely-fiscal analysis like the above.

    HOLD THE PRESSES! I now have chilli peanuts to go with my M&Ms and beer and cricket.

    I think this could possibly be the best day ever.

      Why don't they make peanut M&M's ... with chilli?

        They probably do in America. They had all sorts of crazy shit. I'm eating imported dark M&Ms. Also have in the cupboard. I had mint ones there, and I passed on orange ones and pretzel ones.

        If only this was a taco ad, you'd be riding on the shoulders of an ecstatic crowd of Mexicans.

          I can imagine it now...
          *Sees crowds cheering "Vamos Loco Hombre! "(clap-clap-clap-clap-clap)*

    Pavlova in my fridge. Alone by myself here. It's going to be gone in an hour or so, I know it. :S

      Ooh we have leftover team cheesecake in the work fridge. Thanks for the reminder, man! Might wait till the part-timers go home before I get it out though! :)

      Last edited 09/11/12 12:13 pm

        It could be gone by then, man. Stand up and run to the fridge NOW!

          Nah, no one else has remembered. I can see the fridge from my desk :)

      When I was in a residential college, one of my flatmates scored a whole dining hall pav on a friday night and ate it with every meal for a weekend.

      Couldn't look at egg whites for like two weeks

        Haha! When ever my mum visits, she brings a stockpile of groceries -- all of it junk food. She'd be horrified to know that's my primary food supply for the week. :P

      Document it with photos and post them all here!

        ... most of it's gone already. :'(

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