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    19 phone calls to 19 mobile numbers and not a single one of them answered.

    Really, why do people bother carrying one?

      Facebook on the go.

        Haha. Maybe I should just take their Facebook details instead of their phone numbers?

      Pretending to text at a bus stop so you don't look lonely.

        I totally do that! I check my credit too! :P

      People tend to use them as mobile answering machines, not telephony devices.

        Reply fail. :S

        Last edited 09/11/12 12:41 pm

      I carry one so I can contact people, but I don't actually like to answer the damn thing. :D

      I use mine as a clock.

        I may have discovered this note just before 6pm if you haven't worked that out yet :D

    Thanks for the get well wishes all a few pages back... a crappy typo turned an extremely uncomfortable 40.3degree fever to a practically dead 42.3degree fever!

    so whats everyone up to? my missus ended up getting me an ipad mini for chrissie, though i have to wait till BigW gets more in...

      Glad to hear the fever has come back down to more surivivable levels. That must be a relief :P

      Hey Zetrox! Gadget Christmas presents are so damn awesome! You married a good one. :P

        lol i know, past presents have included pc parts, 26" led monitor, ps vita, im sure there are others but thats all i got now!

    That car accident in Darwin you were talking about...was that on Tiger Brennan Drive?

      I... don't know Darwin at all.
      It was shown on a program called "Territory Cops" last night, copper pulled over a car which subsequently ran for it. Chased it down, found it crashed into other cars in a carpark.

      Cop gets out to inspect the damage, and a woman pops her head out from the shadows saying "He ran that way!". Cop wants to know if she was involved, asked who the driver is/was.
      Woman responds with "Nah, I was walking and the car almost hit me hey. I don't know the fella, he's from Groote Eylandt hey."

      I'm fairly sure I know the driver too :P

      Wait, wasn't there a death on that road a couple weeks back? o.0

        Crash last night that I can't talk about for reasons. Fortunately no one I know was involved.

          I'm trying to piece it together out of sheer curiosity. It's not working. We'll leave it at that.

          Hadn't heard of that incident before now. Glad to hear no-one you know was hurt, can only hope those involved weren't either.


    Melbourne fronds: let's go see The Hobbit at IMAX. Tickets are on sale now and we should make plans ASAP so we can go see it and not miss out like we did with the Dark Knight.

    If you're interested, email me. atomicstrawberry (at) gmail (dot) com. Most likely will aim for a session on Saturday 29th December.

      Notage: Tix are $26.50 for full and I think concessions are $22.50 or so.

      I'm too lazy to email but I'm interested if I'm in Melbourne... :P

      @Virus__ (meat related)

      Sure I'd meet up with you at some point if I'm not working and it depends on where it is and who's there (scab some lifts! >:) )

      I'm interested, let me talk to Mrs Tigs and I'll email you tonight


    I'm really getting over steamed veges and tuna.


      Is that all you're eating?

        For lunches yeah. Dinner is the usual home cooked stuff but only half serves and plain oats with made with water and not milk and fruit for breakfast.

        It's....not particularly fun. Especially for someone who likes his food.

          How come?

          You're not fat or are you trying to get all ripped for Policia?

            Ha! I'm carrying more than enough fat. It's just all in my gut and boobies.

            And yes, the polizi has a lot to do with it. Not so much ripped just generally fit I guess. It won't last. I have dreams of emulating Wiggam :P

              Riiight. Let me just type that up on my invisible typewriter!

    I get the feeling fans of Halo 4 who havent finished it shouldnt look at the front page right now.

      Awesome. Thanks to both you and Trjn for the heads up. Please update us when it's safe again!

        Good choice not checking it out. I did and I'm pretty pissed now!

        Problem is, I just saw it in the rotating article thingamajigger to the side of this page, too. NOWHERE IS SAFE

      Why? Seriously can someone answer that? What possible reason is there to post the ending of a game that had only been out for a few days. What the bloody hell does it achieve?

      Can someone fire Salami? Out of a cannon? Into the sun? Except she would probably spoil that too so there wouldn't be any point.

        Someone ought to write a "let off some steam" article on "Spoiled salami".

          Maybe I should do that since I know all about the art of spoiling =P

        This article about the secret unicorn made out of searing hot plasma i found when I was shot out of a cannon into the sun contains SPOILERS.

        When I was shot out of a cannon into the sun, i found a secret unicorn made out of searing hot plasma there. heres a pic.

    I think that quite possibly someone has spoken to Tina Amini about her spoiler-laden articles.

    EDIT: Oops, just realised what the thumbnail was. At least she's consistent.

    Last edited 09/11/12 12:49 pm

      What the hell. I am so sick of these, it has now reach a point where I am to scared to go the the Kotaku main site due to spoilers!

        How hard so you think it would be to get a program that blocks all thumbnails & rot13's all the text on the main site from articles written by Tina Salami

          Kind of like a reverse Tina Amini tag? I think someone (Fled?) actually gave us a script once to remove one writer's (Plunkett or Bashcraft?) articles from the feed, maybe they'd do the same for Amini if you asked nicely?

            The script I think you're referring to blocked comments made by 'Cheesus', not articles.

            I made this just now, though - replaces articles by Tina on the front page with plain text:

            Click here to show "HEADLINE" by Tina Amini

            There's a line in the script that's commented out to show how to add more (based on author).

            Clicking on the text makes the normal summary/thumbnail appear.

            Tested locally in firefox... chrome seems to have changed their policy with user scripts, and they can only be installed if they have been uploaded to the chrome store, which is a bit too convoluted for me to do.

      OH FFS

      I don't even play that game and that pisses me off

        ...assuming this is the thing about the spoiler-heavy Legendary ending?
        Saw it pop up on twitter, almost immediately thought it was Salami.

      the fact that straight off the bat, they tell you something you see at the end of the game in the first sentanse. now granted, wont take long before its all over the internet, but they could say "want to know what you see at the end of legendary?" rather than "OH HAY THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS...DO YOU WANT TO SEE IT? "

      Is this an issue with Kotaku AU's thumbnails? Surely she can't be that careless as to post a massive bold spoiler warning, and then spoil it in the article thumbnail...

      EDIT: Yeah, it definitely is. The thumbnail for that article on Kotaku US has a 'spoiler warning' image. Kotaku AU might have to do something about that :P

      Last edited 09/11/12 1:17 pm

        More or less, Yes. She warns of spoilers for the end but the thumbnail has text spoiling it.

          She is in the right in this situation though. The culprit is Kotaku AU's system for bringing articles over. The US site has it listed under a 'Spoilers' category as well as having a different thumbnail.

          (Wow, who'd've thought I'd be on the side of Tina Salami, of all people!)

            That's probably why all she seems to write is spoilers. The "Spoilers" category might be hers to fill.

            But who the hell posts spoilers about the ending of the game 2 days after release? Surely she could have waited a week or something.

              It's a 24 hour media cycle, it's that or crazed rants about Barack Obama. :P

              And risk someone else posting it first? That's not how journalism works.

        Yeah, I just checked the US site and the thumbnail is another spoiler warning. Looks like this was a case of that not transferring over when the article was posted here.

    So in preparation for 'advertising' my business, I've been looking for rather bass-heavy tunes. It all sounds like shit if I'm to be honest, (there's some decent ones) and I'm looking for some stuff to really bring a demo CD to life. I've got some things that are really great, although music is difficult to come by while maintaining aesthetic quality. Thunderstorms provide a huge range of frequencies and have terrific low-end output, I REALLY love them just because of the power they portray.
    That, and I don't have to edit/slow the track or try to boost the bass at all, which is nice.

    Speaking of which, I'll be looking at fiddling around with Audacity to begin with, and depending on how I go with that, might step it up to Acid or another paid variant in the future.
    Anyone got any film soundtrack suggestions? Would love to add to my collection, as it's predominantly Yung Joc/Young Jeezy/Gucci Mane and I REALLY can't stand that shit.
    Except Gucci, because he's fucking hilarious.

      Try this guy:

        Hehe, niiiiiiice :D

        I've already got his permission to massacre the tunes from the album upon release, I'll see if I can chop/screw it without completely destroying the original vibe of the tunes :D

        I was going to suggest that. Like minds think alike.

          Pez had some kind things to say about ol' Shane last night on twitter too!

            Saw that. He did get a bit excited, didn't he? :)

              In his pants.

              I think you might be getting lucky in the near future ;)

                He wanna have my babbies.
                Edit: No, he want me to have his babbies.

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    How's everyone's lunch sitting today?
    Not for long...

      You're right - that settled much better now. Thanks.

      I love a bit of toe jam with my toe jerky & whiskey!

    holy shit. this storm has just come outta nowhere. its awesome :)

    Edit: just found this pic of the storm via sydney morning herald. damn I love storm photography.

    Last edited 09/11/12 2:21 pm

      I love a good storm, but they always seem to go around my house. People living a couple of kms either side get pelted and I get next to nothing :(

        Me too!
        It's good though, because when super-extreme weather happens, like floods and stuff we stay relatively safe.

          North side always misses out on the crazy storms. Probably for the best. Good atmosphere, though.

            -sigh- I miss the North side.

            It is best side...

              Why'd you defect, man? Witness protection or something?

      We got a really sudden short one yesterday. Amazing stuff.

      I would usually welcome it, but it has hindered my ability to walk to the post office during my lunch break.

        yeah, I was in the park next door on a break when it started. it was inconvenient.
        but the speed at which it arrived & its (short lived) intensity was impressive.

    Just started up Survivor!

    Reserving this spot for Discussion :D

      Too late, Sughly already gave up on you.

      I'm afraid we've already reserved this spot. It's the spot where I talk about Johnny Cash vs. Reznor for the third time in a week. Sorry, man.

        Good song, right? :P

          Johnny's cover of Hurt reduced me to a sobbing mess the first time I heard it.
          I was at work, I cried into the chicken*. Mmmyup, pretty pathetic :P

          *I threw it out because of contamination, but yeah... those guys tried to get me to serve green chicken once, so I don't think tears would've made a great difference

        cant improve on reznor. Game over.

          And yet Johnny Cash did. at least in my opinion.

            personally. My least favourite cash song. And still say the original is better.

              Haha! It actually triggered another conversation? Hells yeah! :D

              I find I alternate what I listen to depending on my mood!

              I'm not hugely into Cash. I only know a few of his songs, and as Bunny said below, the two versions are too different to really be counted as original & cover version.
              & I dig the NIN version, but for me, the tone of the Cash version fits the lyrics a bit better.

                What do you think about this older Reznor version?

                Last edited 09/11/12 2:56 pm

                  havent heard it. but I'll give it a listen when I'm at a PC with speakers & report back!

          Reznor improved on Reznor.

          Cash made a whole new song with almost identical lyrics that is pretty damned amazing.

          I listened to the Beside You In Time version again last night. Damn that's a great song.

            I agree, I like both the later Cash and Reznor versions to the album one! Still amazing, though!

            Same lyrics, same tune, very different song?
            Can't go past Slipknot - Vermillion and Vermillion Part 2 (not part 3, that's more of an inbetween remix).

      Discussion about everything apart from survivor?


      The problem with that Barack Obama, is he always tries to walk it in.


      (I hate you all)




      I need to poop.

      EDIT 3: Good poop.

      Last edited 09/11/12 2:48 pm

        That tribal, right! RIGHT! And that immunity. THAT IMMUNITY WAS THE BEST!

        EDIT: Running commentary went something like "oh man, what are you doing Jon!? Do the freakin puzzle! Do the... wait... wait he is... is he... is he winning? HES WINNING!, and then skrieked in a really manly way

        Last edited 09/11/12 3:35 pm

          (too lazy to rot 13, I doubt anyone cares anyway)

          omg yes! I wanted him to win and I'm glad he did! So crazy after he won man D:

          Bit sad that Jeff got voted out but I'm glad Malcolm didn't play his idol and is still in, always liked him and Denise more anyway. I dislike Lisa now :(

            Yeppers, agreed on all the above. I mean, kudos to Luisa for trying to play a bit more, but... srsly, as if youd put your trust in Pete. Pete is a douchebag. It's so obvious he's a douchebag. Kinda wished it was him, but kinda glad too that Jeff is gone. He was too gung ho about getting off Jon, aaand hes a poopy pants millionaire already so whatevs. Loved how much Jon was enjoying tribal, haha. Def hope Denise and Malcolm go far too

              Agree with all of your above!

              Peter and Abi are UGH. Artist is just a cranky old man but he's not too bad :P. Jeff was good but why oh why did you want to get Jon out so bad!? I also would've felt bad if he won, especially since he didn't need the money (unless he donated it ALL to charity or something). Go Jon, Denise and Malcolm!

                Definitely. Its weird that he had that mentality against Jon being an old ayer considering hes coming in as a secret success story. Kind of sort of hypocritical a little bit

    Hey guys! CTHCC is now available on steam!
    Check it out! You never know, you might just like it!

      I was looking at that on Steam 20 minutes ago and was all "Hey that looks familiar".
      True story.

      And then I spent $80 on something not related to this at all.

        Actually, today I found a $1 coin in the note section of my wallet, and I was all "You're not supposed to be there!" and then people looked at me funny for talking to a coin.

        Finding $1 in another part of my wallet still counts as finding money randomly right?

          Sometimes I count money I find in an ATM after asking for it, and I think yours is a bit more valid because it has the element of surprise, so we'll count it \o/

            When I first read this I didn't realise you meant "count money I find at an ATM as an unexpected jackpot" and thought you meant just count the money you get out. I was tying to work out what was unusual about making sure the ATM gave you the correct amount of money.

          I throw $10 on the ground in front of me and pretend I "found" it and that still counts. So yes, it does still count!

            And then the wind picks it up and it becomes someone elses $10

      Hmm, the synopsis thingy reminds me a bit of clannad. (I never played it though did watch some of the show.)

        it's a great game. As I said I played it several times to complete all characters and such. It's probably my favourite Nyu media game so far

    So I caught wind of some 16-year old kid in Melbourne offering game retailers $15k for an early copy of Black Ops 2. Thought is was crap, until 3 retailers confirmed the story.

    Apparently he even offered "profits" from his YouTube channel, where he apparently has over 6000 subscribers...

      This is why kids shouldn't have nice things.

        If the money is self made, though, way to go kid! :D

        Last edited 09/11/12 2:36 pm

          $15000 is an investment for his future videos!

            Ahhhh, yes, you might be onto something there.

            I read the article and he also offered 300% of his profits from YouTube. So he's not even going to make any money regardless. Don't know if this kid is talking out his ass or just a spoilt rich kid. Regardless it still makes me cranky.


      so 6k subscribers = $15,000 in expendable income for ONE VIDEOGAME?!

      By the by, THIS is what I originally thought the "there goes all my parents money" thing was about.

        For the sake of a day or two. $15000 for the sake of a day or two.

          I don't think any regular person could value their time that highly, let alone a 15yo.
          I realise I'm getting worked up unfairly by this. Quite likely due to envy, although something tells me that the poor kid has little to no concept of money in the first place. 15,000 of something is an arbitrarily large number. I'm hoping that's all it is, as I certainly can't fathom spending that much even on a car yet.


            Totally understand. Wish I had $15 000 to spend recklessly. I could stretch it a damn long way if I used it responsibly... damnit. I think I got that wrong :P

            After reading that article, I don't think he's actually got anything to spend at all, and is just testing the waters for nothing.

              damn, tay ate my post.

              Long story short, if i had enough cash to piss into the wind without a care, id do the same.But i have problems. especially when it comes to cod

      I'll do him one better, let him play an early Annas Quest vol2 for, I dunno, $20

    Favourite thing to order at a Chinese Restaurant! GO!

    Mmm, Cashew Chicken.


        Which reminds me, did Pez ever get those fried dumplings and soup dumplings?
        Y'all should go out for an eating Meat.

        This guy gets it.

          Don't tell anyone, but I've been known to dabble a bit in the consumption of said item.


            Don't believe you!

      This will sound so lame, but spring rolls. I LOVE them.

        if they're done well, theres nothing lame about a spring roll.

      Salt and pepper fish if it's a big group meal and we all get to pick at it.

      Dim Sim. Fried.

      My dish is mixed Chinese vegetables in oyster sauce, but that's usually when other people are ordering the interesting meat dishes. I like anything that now sizzles but used to quack or moo or baa.

      Edit: ...or oink, I suppose.

      Last edited 09/11/12 3:22 pm

      Anything duck really. There's a Chinese restaurant up here that may be the best one I've ever been to. It's kinda hard to get into die to usually being booked out but their Crispy Duck in Orange Sauce is beyond amazing. Everything they have is.

      Xiaolongbao or Baozi. Especially Char siu bau.

      Actually dumplings in general.

        Also peking / beijing duck but only if the place knows what it's doing.

        Oh, and basically any pork belly dish.

        Actually fuck it, I'm going to go with Bish's answer.

      I'm a fan of the cashew chicken as well

      I also like ginger fish which is a regular. My favorite ever Chinese dish is a Cantonese fillet steak from a place out in Doncaster, big think chunks but so super tender in a really nice sauce.

      But I guess if favourite is the most commonly ordered then fried rice. Entree wise a nice san choi bow is a good way to stat the meal, with a bit of chinese sausage to go with it


    Up to the final third of Darksiders II.
    Might actually get round to cracking open ACIII this weekend \o/

      I dunno man, that game gave me cancer. All the cancer. It is literally the worst game ever. Its metascore should be -2. It's that bad.


        See your doctor and tell them to bill Ubisoft. I predict a lengthy recovery.

      Does that mean that you finished the... uh.. skeleton country? Because if so you're way further in than you think, you've effectively got two major dungeons left.

        Only collected two of my green floaty buddies so far.
        Just dropped through the swirly hole.

          Oh then you've got about a third to go yeah. Maybe a bit more.

          I wish they'd had more dungeons with the floaty buddies.

    Shane's Not-Yet-Patented FriTAY Farewell (SNYPFTAYF)

    Well, all you marvellous people, I'm off to enjoy my weekend shortly. Congratulations to the Kudos winner this week - I'm (reasonably) sure you deserve it.

    Thanks for taking my insanity this week - I'll have it back now, thanks. Edit: much better

    PS: Is anyone else finding that they're working extra hard to earn extra upvotes? The pressure has never been this intense! I'm trying to relieve pressure by upvoting early and upvoting often, and I hope this has helped :-)

    Last edited 09/11/12 3:32 pm

      Have a good weekend, man. Hope it's one for the freakin' ages!

      For what it's worth man, I've been trying to show some restaint with the upvote thing, because otherwise every single damn post would get one. Haha!

        D.C. the restrained up vote fairy :( tits guns killer rock and roll cars sports tits violence mandudebro

        Last edited 09/11/12 3:59 pm

          Not the manliest of phrases. :S


    So, so mad at the world right now. This may be payback for my gloating this morning, but:
    1) iPhone
    I just received a call from Telstra about a long-standing (over a year) issue where my iPhone 4's camera doesn't work any more. I was trying to get it fixed out of warranty as a genuine fault. Apple have assessed it will not fix it at their expense because they say there is water damage and scratches on the case. I don't disagree about the scratches (though they were all after the camera stopped working), but water damage? The only thing that has ever happened to it is a couple of drops of rain, and if your hardware is so fragile that this could be enough to break a camera then there's something inherently wrong with it. But even though I refute this claim, there is absolutely no way to contest it and I just have to accept their rotten decision.

    So my options are to pay $280 to get it replaced, or $50 to get it back untouched. I'm going the latter and probably going to buy a Nexus 4 instead. I like my iPhone, but I have to find some way to punish this type of corporate behaviour.

    2) 3DS games
    I rang Nintendo about getting my 3DS games reinstated. They said that I need my serial number before they would even consider it. And even then, if I did have that, I "shouldn't get my hopes up" because they probably wouldn't be able to. Corporate policy, don't offer any warranty for digitial purchases, and what-not.

    So that's dead in the water too. I'm annoyed at myself because I'd been meaning for months to write the serial number down but never did. Sounds like it wouldn't have made that much of a difference anyway.

    Now it looks like my only option is going to be trying to crack the system if I want the software I earned/payed for legitimately back. Half of can't be purchased again even if I want to. Regardless, I'm not ever going to buy another piece of software from any of Nintendo's digital stores until they fix this situation because, seriously guys, this is frigging ridiculous state of affairs.

    In summary: Screw you Apple. Screw you Nintendo. Way to go rewarding somebody who buys your stuff.


      Wow, you really got shafted. By everyone :(

      Man that sucks about the 3DS stuff. I don't know why they started pushing the eShop without an account system to go with it. Thankfully it won't be an issue once the WiiU is released and they introduce accounts, but it really shouldn't have taken so long :P

      Sorry to hear that man :(. That's one of my 'fears' with the 3DS as well. Once the games are gone, it's gone. No account system to easily log-in and re-downloaded your purchase and obtained (ambassador) content and it's just a very old and stupid system of managing it...

      Is the serial number just the thing beneath the barcode on the bottom of the 3DS? I better take a picture of it, just in case.

        I hope they have proper accounts for Wii U but I doubt it, Nintendo live in a bizzare world where the internet has only just been invented I think.

          (Friendcode-less) Accounts were confirmed for the WiiU in the most recent Nintendo Direct.

          Apparently it'll have a unified account system with the 3DS as well, but they haven't expanded on that for a while.

            I still haven't seen whether this is just for identity, or purchases as well. My gut feeling is just the former.

              It definitely tracks your eShop purchases. You'll be able to use the same account to access the eShop through a browser and on mobile phones as well.


                So I see. Cool!

                Will be devastating if they provide a way to protect past purchases mere months after I lost all of mine :'( Good for everybody else though!

                  Man, that would be terrible :\

                  I'll be chaining my 3DS to my hand until this accounts patch comes out. Don't you dare delay it, Nintendo!

        That's exactly what it is. I wrote it down for my DS because it was rubbing off, and I meant to do it for my 3DS just in case the same happened.

        I strongly recommend that anybody seeing this goes to take a photo of their 3DS serial number right now. Seriously. Not later. I was going to do it later. RIGHT NOW!! I should go tweet something to this effect.

          Mine's imported so I imagine if I do anything with it at all or need to get it fixed, Nintendo will fuck me.

          Hope someone cracks the system eventually. I want that region lock gone.

      Regarding the 3DS thing, is that even legal under consumer trade laws? For them not to offer any warranty for digital goods, I mean - obviously it's up to them to decide whether to let you move goods locked to one system to another.

      I mean does that mean if they released an update that bricked your system or broke your old games they wouldn't be held liable for that?

        If they bricked it, yes they would be liable and they'd probably set up some way for you to send it to them for repairs.

        But for everything else, I guess they're treating if like physical goods. You buy one copy and if you lose that copy in any way, it's gone. In the same way that if you lost a bag of 3DS cartridges it's not their fault. It's just that every other digital company in the world realises that you should embrace the added flexibility that downloads afford you to and provide ways to download freely in multiple locations.

        So Nintendo are being dinosaurs, but I doubt that I'd even have a leg to stand on with any consumer group. Best chance I'd have would be to raise some kind of public complaint and convince them to give me download codes for all the stuff I'd lost. Which I can't see happening any time soon.

      What? Really? I'm on my 3rd PS3 and 2nd PSP and the worst I've had to do is redownload everything. It sounds like a bit of a ridiculous system and pretty sure ill just stick to retail copies for my 3DS.

      Excuse for a new phone though? Bright side?

        That's because Sony, like Microsoft, Apple, or basically everyone that isn't Nintendo realised around about the turn of the millennium that it's a really good idea for all your customers to have digital accounts which they transfer between their devices and buy & use products from your ecosystem.

    ACIII gameplay spoilers ahead!

    Whfg yvorengrq zl svefg sbeg.
    Fb V envfr gur synt, gurer'f n phg fprar jurer nyy bs n fhqqra n mvyyvba Cngevbgf nccrne (frevbhfyl, jurer gur uryy jrer gurl jura V tbg fcbggrq naq unq gb svtug 20 thlf ol zlfrys!?)naq gnxr bire. Nsgre gur phgfprar svavfurf V'z abj fgnaqvat ba n yrqtr/enzcneg guvatl naq orsber V pna zbir bar bs gubfr Cngevbg thneqf jub V whfg sbhtug n ohapu bs Erqpbngf sbe jnyxf hc gb zr naq jvgubhg jneavat fubirf zr bss gur yrqtr jvgu gur ohgg bs uvf tha!

    Nyfb, V vzntvar vg jbhyq srry jnl orggre gb "yvorengr" gurfr sbegf vs V jnf na Nzrevpna. :F

      I had that happen. I pushed him back.

      Gura rirelbar va gur sbeg qvrq.

    I really hate doing engraving for teenagers. The spelling an grammar they ask for makes me twitch.

    Skol Out 4 Eva Luv Dyl. *shudder*

    Got told it was lame to do it properly. Kids these days.

      Some where that 'skol' failed 'em... :P

        OH... SCHOOL!

        I think it's a good thing I didn't know what it was :P

          Thank you for clarifying that, my brain started to hurt parsing the sentence and I couldn't figure out what the hell that was meant to mean.

      We should beat them up and take their money!

        Waaaaaaay ahead of you.

          Oh wait, you mean that article. HA HA. So did I. HA HA.

          *shifty look*

            Man, some jokes sound far better in your head. I wish they'd stay there sometimes. :S

              Now I feel bad for laughing? What does it mean if I found it funny? :'(

                I laughed too DC. I laughed too...

      Tell them you'll only engrave what they want if they can spell it correctly.

      Compelling arguments for eugenics / sterilization, engraved into metal so that subsequent generations will understand and sympathise with us.

      my gran used to use the word 'dill' as a synonym for 'bit of an idiot' or 'a silly person'

      so i think Dyl fits well in this context.

      & as someone who has just seen a group of highschoolers graduate, this does not surprise me & my hopes for the future are not high.

      Edit: also, they're gonna shit themselves when they realise that Uni / TAFE / actual work / real life is much much harder than high school.

      Last edited 09/11/12 4:12 pm

        I dunno... I'm finding Uni a whole lot easier :P

      Should have just engraved it properly, and then when they returned, said "You know, that old skol gibberish is like soooo 15 mins ago. Get in the loop girlfriend" *nuh-uh finger wave*

      If it helps at all, someone I know in Townsville got "Blessed by angles" tattooed on their arm.

        Are they symmetrical, atleast?

        Last edited 09/11/12 4:37 pm

        Clearly he is a Scientologist and that's referring to his thetans.

      You should keep a giant water pistol under the counter for requests like that and keep shooting them and yelling "Come back when you've learnt English!"


    You mentioned tweaking Dishonored's .ini files to fix some problems. Do you remember what you changed or thought about changing?

    Blaghs told me about the body disappearing .ini change so I think I'll do that as well as disable startup movies. If anyone else knows of some hawt .ini tweaks lemme know!

    kthx :D

      Select All

      Makes the game go into super secret graphics whore mode with the most amazing visuals ever and increases your PC's performance three fold.

        Don't forget to press alt-f4 to enable god mode!

    On mah way to meet peoples for an early dinner so before Raaaadioheeeeeeaaaaad :D :D :D

      Have fun, man! Sounds amazing!

        Thanks mang! So absolutely ridiculously excited

      My english, its good. Not used to phone taying yet :/

        Ur the best Sughly! Don't ever change! ahahh

    I finished eating the pavlova, I repeat, I've finished eating the pavlova.


    Do any TAYbies know where I can find Rise of the Triad?
    I'm dying to play it again.

      I can tell you where you can find Rise of the Turd if that helps?

      It's a "foreign" film.

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