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    I want to get a new kitty.

      Awkward page get.

      It's on Page 18 too. D:

        Don't we all :P

          It's Loops time to shine!

          (Haha! Sorry, Loops. I know we've made you a punch line a couple of times. :D)

          I won't disagree.

          But I was actually talking about cats. I miss my cat. :(

            Wrote a paragraph describing how awesome cats are, but it all read like innuendo. :'(

              I was going to ask what his favoured breeds are, but now I don't want to.

                Page 18 ruins everything.

                Or makes it better. I forget which.

            Were you going to go to a shelter to get an abandoned cat? I think shelter animals are grateful for being saved.

            If anyone makes this dirty I will rip you a fucking new one.

              Our previous cat was an abandoned kitten. Not from a shelter though, we got her from the lady (who was a cat breeder) who had found her.

              I sort of maybe would consider it but I was actually leaning toward getting a pedigree animal. Specifically a Siberian because I love their look.

                I would suggest checking nearby shelters to see if there is one that's been abandoned. If not, get the pedigree. A lot of pure breeds have a lot of problems though.

                  Siberian is a super-healthy breed, it's the ancestor cat for basically all the longhair breeds.

                  Also pretty rare in Australia so I expect there's unlikely to be many in shelters.

                  That's fair enough then. You've obviously done your research. If it's a rare breed in Australia, it'll cost a lot. Do you know how much?

                  I don't know how much yet but I'm anticipating a fair bit. :( On the upside it'll probably be a wait for a kitten as well.

                  It'd be well worth the wait then. I hope it's not too much or too long. I think you could have the price lowered if you tell them you don't want the papers (used for cat shows).

                Try the Australian Myst! My cat was one of those and it was a great cat!

              I dunno, shelter animals? Aren't they a bit... dirty?

                they know what I mean

                  I'm sorry. I'm a terrible person.

                  You're not... I'm not sure why you'd think that...

                  He's questioning why you'd think that you're a terrible person.

                  I...Don't even remember typing that bit.

      Soft kitty, warm kitty,
      little ball of fur.

        Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
        Purrr purrr purrrrrrr

    So Motley Crue & KISS are headlining the Clipsal 500 next year in Adelaide.. If I had money that would be tempting as all hell! Well it still is but no money lol.

      I can't believe Dinosaur Jr went and announced a tour in aus just at the point where I can barely feed myself!!! BASTARDS!!!

        Exactly! Like Black Sabbath had the nerve 2 weeks back to announce an Aussie tour then put tickets out this week.. The universe obviously hates me!

    Dishonored is a sweet game!

    It's really one of those rare games where I'm taking my time with it. I'm not hugely fond of stealth games, don't love em, don't hate em but I was drawn to Dishonored for its art style and my-oh-my what an art style it has! I like how they keep some of the 'paint stroke' textures in and things really look like concept art come to life. SHWEEEET! :D

    At 9+ hours in, I've just finished the 2nd (which is really the first real) mission. No kills either!

    Usually when I'm rushing things I'd skip anything I can't be bothered doing and just give up and kill everything. The unconscious bodies keep getting discovered but hopefully that doesn't really affect anything.

    Go buy this game.

    EDIT: still a bit buggy though... It's a game about assassinating people and I FINALLY get up to the big moment of reaching my first assassination target and the game bugs out, EVERY TIME. I can still complete it but it makes certain tasks impossible because the game completely 100% of the time screws up in that moment. Oh well! Luckily it still gave me the result I was after but it would've sucked to have gone through 9 hours worth of stuff only to have it stuff up in the end :(

    Last edited 09/11/12 5:26 pm

      Related: I tweeted earlier about wondering if the main problem I have with ACIII is that the last game I played before it was Dishonored. And Harvey Smith (half of the head honchos at Arkane) tweeted me back. :D


        I hoarded 6 runes before I actually bought any new powers (first one I purchased was just the health upgrade and night vision) and OMG cool abilities are cool! :D

        Some of the ones I thought should be cool, weren't that great but I like the freedom in determining what works best for your play style.

    So Here's What You Missed On Potaku! The mobile version! Let's see how this goes. You know the site -
    Vita Updates haven't been going up lately. Dunno. But there's the season finale for the podcast, lots of Phoenix Wright music there!
    There's a competition to design the season 3 artwork.
    B-Funk's music article was on early Mario Karts.
    Another comic creator spotlight with Jimu! Chris Claremont? I think that's right...
    Shiggy made pumpkin soup!
    I reviewed Assassin's Creed III
    lastQuestion's wife has a strange phobia of platforming games
    Shiggy's friend PMD wrote about the anti-social gamer myth
    Shiggy has an opinion about opinions
    Redartifice coins the term Serrelsian in a look at Need for Speed
    I had a brain fart and forgot to do my weekly Greenlight thing.

    Anyway, good weekend ahead. Should be seeing some of you Sydney TAYbies tomorrow night!

      Thanks, Alex. Have a damn good weekend.

        And you!

      If I were to draw a picture with the three of youse with one on the left (facing left), one in the middle (facing towards us) and one on the right (facing right), who SHOULD be in each position?

      Or two people on the left and right facing and angled forward and left/right but then where do I put Mr. Pants?

      Or I should just not draw anything ;D

        I am not allowed to give feedback on ideas. Probably. I dunno man! Listen to your heart!

      Hi Pants! I sent you an email. Just as a heads up.

      Please read it. Oh god, please.

      You know, if you want to. No pressure.


        Will read tonight! Thanks Blaghs!

          No. Thank You.

          *Stares at you for an uncomfortably long period of time*

      don't forget quality echo effects in the podcast, IT WAS LIKE I WAS ACTUALLY THERE

      #7 should read thelastQuestion is a terrible person

    I am kid-free as of this very minute until Sunday night. Freedom! Oh..uh...I mean, aww man, I'll miss the little rascals. :P

        Hahahaa...I totally should have done that. I only had 5 minutes of complete freedom before Mr. Strange got home from work so that would have been the most efficient use of my alone time. :D

      Can't wait to see you tomorrow at the meat! :D

        Uh, yeah...about that. I've decided not to go because you are too intimidating....


          But- but- I CAN CHANGE! :P

            But- but- you're the winner of the double-whammy Kudos! Intimidating! :P

              Sympathy noms, every last one. :P

                We're all too mean to bother sympathy-nomming someone. Well I am, at least. :P

                  I'm at least twice as mean as Strange, so her point stands.

                Yep pretty much. I take pity on you and your awesomeness.

      Hahaha, I know this feeling, its ok

      I just had a mental image of you crashing the set of Braveheart

      "They can take our lives, but they'll never take our FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!"

      "You've never had kids have you?"

    I bought a copy of Age Of Empires 3 at my local JB for $10 and they left out the CD key. The guy at the counter told me he was missing a portion of the packaging and i specifically asked if the CD key was on it.

    I have the best luck.

      Isn't that the most important part?
      They shouldn't be able to sell it *unless* you really want the game case.

        It is the most important part if you intend on actually playing the game. Right now i have a pretty AOE3 box to look at.

        Knew i should have just got it on steam

          Take it back and get the money back. Tell them that you can buy 10 DVD cases for $10. Without the game it's only worth a dollar at least.
          Plus you know, most places would give you the game case for free.

            I have this odd inability to take games back, even if it's their fault that i can't play it. AOE3 will just sit on my shelf for about 6 months before i can get around to downloading a crack of just finding a random CD key that works online.

              But that makes no sense.
              I suggest just downloading the crack straight away.

                Yea, that is probably the smart thing to do. Then again I've never been the smartest guy in the world.

                Plus I've been in a weird game buying mood as of late. I dropped a few hundred dollars worth of PS3 games on ozgameshop just this week. So i'll have plenty to play.

                  That's fair enough. At least you'll have plenty to keep you occupied.

    I have nothing to say except ladders are a pain in the bum.

      You're not meant to sit on them.

        I mean trying to find one that I can bring home without forking out $200

          Well you could always follow a tradie around until he's (or she's) not paying attention. Though that would both be mean and illegal.

            And I would still have to get it home somehow

    Just closed my shop that I built up and got how I wanted it for the last time.
    Have until Tuesday off then start at a dive of a shop that's been plagued by problems since it opened.


    A tad depressing. And annoying that I managed to get this shop up to a point where people were coming to see me because of positive word of mouth only for someone else to benefit from it from here on.

      That's too bad, Freeze. Here's hoping the police thing isn't too far away atleast.

      Is it far? If you're lucky, they might come there anyway. You'd be amazed how far people will go for good service.

        15-20 minute drive from there.

          I'm sure they'll come to you then.

    So after channel 7 teasing us with ads of Grimm, I decided to download the first epsidoe to see if it was worth watching. Mum and I both liked it.
    Channel 7 is still teasing everyone by saying "coming soon" but if it's like Once Upon a time, we probably won't see it until next year.
    Also, the US has season 2 already. And they wonder why people torrent?

      yeah, i believe foxtel has had grimm for a while now

        Yeah, they actually air it the day after it airs in the US, iirc (surprisingly quick!)

      It is a great show.

      With your mums ghost affinity there is probably a good chance she'll like it. Lots of scary things.

        Mum does seem to like it. She enjoyed the first episode

      The first half of the first season is pretty bad, but it picks up by the end. We've been watching it and I now look forward to each new episode as it airs.

        You mean it gets better? I'll get it then.

    Fist time I've fired up my Xbox 360 since the housewarming last night.

    Apparently if there is a problem with your network the 360 won't let you into network settings. Made trying to fix it a world of fun (pain.)

      Awww, poor gorzy. Yeah, sometimes the Xbox is uncooperative.

        Poor Freya having to listen to me swear on TS all night.


    Yes or No?

    This one is going to be interesting...

      Definitely no.

        Aww but I wanted to shave my head :(

          You have to do it Greenius!
          All the best green dudes are bald. Kermit, Caterpie, Shreck... the list goes on.

            I'll do it anyway but leave the top long :P. Unless I don't like it, then I'll shave the rest off anyway. Short hair is so much easier :P (hint hint BLAGHMAN)

    Snacktaku News Flash!

    Amazing news! Egg Flip Big M is back!
    And, (with thanks to Strange from a couple of weeks ago), Mars Ice-cream bars!
    (Also - exclamation points!)

      Hold on a minute! Mars Ice Cream Bars!? Why have I not heard of these before?

      Actually I remember they used to have Kit Kat ice creams. Whatever happened to them...

    So South Park has been rather terrible these past few years (sorry Crazy and Freeze!) but this week's Morgan Freeman Freckle episode wasn't too bad. For me it was probably the 2nd best one over these past few years behind that zipline episode earlier this easier which is easily THE BEST the show has been these past few seasons.

      I dunno, I thought "Butterballs" and "Cartman Finds Love" were much better than the zipline episode.
      But you're right about this weeks episode.
      Although it took a second watching of it to get laughs from me, just because it wasn't making much sense on the first viewing.

    I just watched Tomorrow When The War Began on TV. It was surprisingly good, and by far the most impressive Aussie film I've seen in a long, long time. I was nervous going in, because I grew up on the novels, know them backwards and have a fierce loyalty to them (and an inherent distrust of adaptations), but I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

    Shame the sequel will probably never happen.

      You crazy future folk, still on right now here.

        You crazy past folk!

          Oh, man. You've contaminated the timeline!

      I also have read those books so many times (everyone should read them at least once, so good) and while I found the movie ok, I still feel they cast it badly. These are supposed to be farm kids, rural kids, to me they looked too clean (as weird as that sounds). Like I could never imagine them working on a farm, dealing with sheep and cattle and such.

      And I always pictured Fi being shorter, but that ones probably just my personal bias

        fun fact

        those books got banned from my primary school library because one kids parents found out it had sex scenes in it... we felt bad for the kid, but were also not too pleased as well..

      Wait why do you say that? I just assumed that they would be doing them, why is this not so /o\

    Dear Shane,

    You have the right of it.
    I feel like a simple plate of green vegetables in a Chinese meal is underappreciated. Chinese food is typically so heavy; heavily marinated or laden with sauces, salty, spicey, what have you. Even if it doesn't turn out greasy, they usually use a lot of oil in cooking.
    Simply fried Gai-lan is a good way to cleanse the palette; it's crispy, it can be a little bit bitter, and it's refreshing. If it's good produce, choi in general can be a little bit sweet, so it doesn't need soy sauce or oyster sauce to go with.
    It's good stuff.

    Kind regards,


    I got some numbers from numbers, but I don't appear to be whitelisted.
    Handle is Beavwa.

      Hmm, I thought I added it. I'll be home in about 30 min to see why it's not working.

      Oh, I just remembered I think it's caps sensitive. Do you remember if you used a capital B in mine craft or not?


    In AC3 you can somewhat block if you hold down B and are moving. Its a parry but w/e

    I only just found out Potaku has its own sight.

      So long as it doesn't gain sentience, we should be fine.

        All my belongings eventually gain sentience. Its kind of a bother.

        Last edited 10/11/12 1:31 am

          I HATE when my pen talks back at me. The audacity!
          I mean really...

            It's even worse when the house hold appliances get the nerve to leave the house on an epic journey...

    TAY refresh game commences now!

      You mean the rest of the morning has just been a warm up? Blast

    Aww man, Just read the article where Silicon Knights were ordered to destroy all retail copies of their games. Nooooo! Need to buy a copy of Too Human!

      You might be able to get it pretty cheap if you look for it now

        Yeah, still only around $20 on eBay, time to save an extremely underrated game! =P

      Pretty sure it only applies to unsold copies, so there's bound to be used copies around that you could find

        yeah, but this news means they will only get rarer / more expensive.

      I wonder what the legal status of pirating it would be now? Not that I'm interested in doing that, just wondering what happens in cases like this.

      I bought it new for $10 a few years ago. Only played it for an hour or so but it was surprisingly good. I thought it was pretty interesting that attacking was done with the analog sticks! A friend wanted to borrow it so I lent it to him years ago...

      ...and he still has it :P

      I do hate bad game design though and every time you die there's like a minute long cutscene you HAVE to watch. UGH!

    Looks like today will be spent packing up my life in preparation for moving tomorrow. Hoooh, this is gonna be harder than I thought...

      So are you coming to the movie screening tonight? If not, GOOD LUCK!

        I'll be there. Specifically put off moving till tomorrow so I could go :)

      Nah, it's fine.
      Just remember to pack less clothes and more games.


      Moving suuuuuuuuucks baaaaaaaalls. Going to have to do it myself next month. Feck.

      Oh, man. Have fun some how? :P

    Today's been a stay-in-bed-day, and I've no intentions of stopping now.
    Except hungry. But can't eat. May as well stay in bed.

      :( Should make up some mashed potato and gravy. Not the same as your injury obviously, but it was the only thing I could eat when I got my wisdom teeth out.

        Oh man, mashed taters might be on!
        I remember having oral surgery when I was younger, lived off Boost Juice for a week and a half. Damn near cried when I ate mashed potato and melted cheese for the first time after :P

      HOW WAZ UR D8!?

        Let's not speak about that. :'(

        HAHA! Yeah, I was the 3rd wheel for an hour, then bought a bottle of scotch and went home.

          Aw man sorry to hear that :(

          *shakes fist at Germans*

            I'm sure the Germans are immune to that by now :P

              Angry fist shaking single handedly won the war, don't you know!

                But since then, I'm sure the Germans have recognised that weakness and acted accordingly

    I really want to do a whole "I WON'T BUY ANY NEW GAMES" thing for a few months but Steam sales will destroy me. I can't pass up a bargain :P

    I was contemplating getting the new Layton as well for $33ish but didn't realise it was a brief sale so now it's back up to $45 or so, d'oh!


      I hear the game is good but given that it's by Platinum Games, I'm sure it will be! And only $23ish!


        but really, i love that damn game

      That's what I should ask for, for Christmas. Money for teh Steam sales! and Rocksmith.

      I have so far managed to stick to my no new games restriction AND managed to get new games anyway \o/

      Must admit the not buying Assassin's Creed 3 thing is hard though.

        Is it no "new" games as in not buying any games at all, or no "new" games as in not buying new releases? I'm going to assume the latter since you can't really stick to your restriction and still get new games (unless they're free :P!).

        Your restriction was one of the ones that made me want to do mine but bargainssss! I usually don't buy new games because they're pricey so I wait for a price drop. Usually when that price drop comes I'm ready to play them but nowadays I just buy them when they're cheap even if I don't play them :/

        /o\ you guys are such bad influences!

    D.C. did you sleep last night? :P. No more meat fears I hope!

    I'm not sure what your (or others') TAY refresh game system is but I refresh and see if there's any new comments and then I FIND THEM AND READ THEM. Just saw how quickly you up voted Mr.Cascade D:

    I figured with the meats on today(?) TAY would be extra quiet but you didn't drop the ball. Well done D.C. and other weekend recruits in the TAY refresh brigade!

      I slept last night, but I'm extra strength nervous right now, I've got to tell you. :S Haven't met Jimu and DAN! before, so kind of frightened...

      Haha! Yeah, I might spend entirely too much time here. :'(

        Jimu is easy to get along with, even easier if he's drinking :P

        Dan, well. He's Dan, he's quite energetic. You'll be right.

        Don't worry, DAN! is like a puppy. An excitable, loud, puppy.

        I have no idea about what Jimu is like in real life.


      Not sure where I'm meant to look for these notification things that come with having an account.

        They pop up next to your name on the top right of the page, however, the notification only appears if you haven't viewed the page it is on since receiving the reply, so it's mostly only for things on previous pages.

        I shall reply to an older comment of yours on a previous page...


        Last edited 10/11/12 2:03 pm

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