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    There's a movie screening tonight.

      Not in my state :(

        Is it in Sydney??

          I think so, simultaneous Brisbane/Sydney meats. Melbourne once again proves to be anti-social. :P

          Yes! Are you on twitter? Talk to Doc What!

            Nope no twitters for me. Is it that zombie film??

              Kinda wanna go. Is it too late??

                Yeah, zombie film. I shouldn't think it's best too late. I'll let Doc know on twitter. He'll probably want your email to send the details through.

                  Shouldn't think it'd be too late* :P (autocorrect, amiright?)

                NOT TOO LATE! 6PM TONIGHT! Shoot me an email!

                  Sent one. Hope it got through

    Ok I think I'm all set. \o/
    Except for all the really important things like laptop, DS, phone charger etc, but I still all them today, so they can get thrown in tomorrow morning. It helps that the room is fully furnished so all I really need to pack is clothes.

    By the way, if anyone wants me to buy them a game on any big title on Steam to cut back on the Australia Tax and pay me back, give a yell.
    Rize floated the idea with me before, but I got Cakesmith AC3: fancy edition and it seemed to work out okay.

      I thought the idea was cool until I read "pay me back". I kid, I kid. :P
      Great idea Bish/Rize!

        This past day or so, Cakesmith has been gushing about me not accepting his money and being nice, so I figured I'd quash the rumours before it got out of hand.
        I have a reputation to keep.

      Is there anywhere to easily check the NA price? Bit hard to do it on Steam since it just defaults to the AU store but through some Googling I found the NA AC3 price which is a $20 mark-up (ouch). It shouldn't be too bad to Google just one game but come Steam sales when there's multiple titles :P...

      I know in the past certain sale games are significantly different in each region and they even had some stuff we didn't (like that Bethesda pack I believe?)
        Should give you the prices I see.

    I had a good sleep and I played P3P for a while and I'm still not awake.

      You can play games / post on TAY while you are sleeping? Impressive!

        I would give so much for this ability!

        All I got was immortality :(

          I meant that while I was awake, my mind wasn't. I'm still half asleep.

      Play the p3p on the ddv machine, with the vhs. I'm Dr Steve Brule, lets chunk it out!

        I know some of those acronyms and I still don't understand it.

    @greenius the green man
    in reply to your steam message, yes anarchy reigns is great, the singleplayer was alright, but the multiplayer is crazy fun. and i saw that zazzle link, that is an absolute steal.

    EDIT: oh yeah and i do have it on ps3

    Last edited 10/11/12 5:24 pm

      Only 24 hours late :P

      I pre-ordered it anyway :). I assume PS3 would be better than the Xbox version since that's what Japanese developers prefer but Xbox Bayonetta was better :P... I hope I made the right choice!

      I replied on the previous page but I might as well say it here, going to buy it again? $25 is reasonable. Smart move by them since their game prices drop quickly anyway.

        Sorry! i saw it earlier today but got distracted by shiny things and when i came back you were offline D:

        and yeah, you could get nearly every game by platinum for about $15 each, and i know for a fact this game won't sell well :(

          I dunno man! Pretty nice price point :)

          Oh wait... doesn't it come out around REvengengnegnancenance's release? :(

    So who wants 50% off Alan Wake Collectors Edition & 50% off Legend of Grimrock on Steam? I have coupons for both! So yeah.. Who ever wants them may have them.

      If I didn't already have legend of grimrock I'd jump all over that one! Highly recommend it to anyone who likes rpg's!! You wont regret it! :)

    Three guys walk into a bar. You'd think one of them would have seen it coming! ;P

      A guy walks into a bar.

        It's funny because he's an alcoholic, and it's destroying his family.

          That's depressing D=
          Also, if you like telling jokes you can win a copy of CTHCC by telling jokes on Nyu media's facebook page.
          I would link it, but I am lazy, sorry.

    Just for kicks, Gilbert Gottfried reads Fifty shades of Grey (NSFW):

    Wow, I actually think this is an awesome idea (if likely to end somewhat sadly for 1 or 2 cats.) I can imaging it making a big difference for people on the inside. Potentially make the guards lives a lot easier too.

    Edit: It's possibly the main reason I like this so so I can think that, If I were to ever end up in prison, at least I'd have a cat.

    Last edited 10/11/12 9:59 pm

      Excellent article, thanks for sharing :). I don't usually read articles (especially not long ones) but I was compelled to keep going.

      I too think it's an awesome idea. Only problem is them being too attached to their cat. Someone was already killed over it and a hit put out on someone else. But I guess stuff like that is bound to happen anyway, just less likely now.

        Yeah, I wonder if it would actually reduce the number of murders though. They happen much more frequently in prisons then the population in general (for reasons that should be obvious.)

        If a prisoner loves his cat and would lose said cat for killing someone then he's probably less likely to kill someone. Also. Once word gets out that hurting someones cat is a sure way to get shivved then that'll probably reduce in frequency as well.

        I'm curious to see if there's been a study on this sort of thing now.

      Great article! Greenius already said everything I was going to say :)

      Reply to the edit:

      I've been to prison on a school excursion becuz im tuff and even though some of the better cells had some pretty decent things, I'm sure none of them would come close to having a pet. Prison seems incredibly boring (as it should be when your freedom is taken away) but a cat can give them that little glimmer of hope and happiness. From the article it really sounds like it's working and more places should implement it. And yes, if we ever end up in there, at least we'll have a cat.

    QTEs should not be allowed at the end of games. If you can't make it into actual gameplay, just show me a cutscene.

      Which game? :P

      EDIT: DERP Halo I guess :P

      Last edited 10/11/12 10:12 pm

        Off the top of my head:
        - Space Marine
        - Uncharted 3
        - Every CoD since 4
        - Darksiders II I think?
        - Fall of Cybertron. IIRC the first one did too.
        - Pretty sure Arkham City did

        It's a western 'cinematic' game trope that needs to die. There is nothing remotely fulfilling in the culmination of your entire game is a glorified cutscene where you have to press some random buttons to win. It doesn't add to the experience or make you feel like you're in control or anything.

        Compare it to the end of Portal 2, where *that* happens. Completely gameplay. Could have been a QTE but it wasn't. Developers should do that. The only game I can think of this year which I've finished which had a proper gameplay ending was sleeping dogs.

    Just to add to my post above,
    Gilbert Gottfried roasting Rosanne (Again, NSFW):

    Is.. anybody on?


    Also I'm too lazy to change my name now.



        That is what she said.

        And I'm so sorry for it. It's time for you to realize that you're in a abusive relationship, blagh.

    Yay second meat. Zombie film was fun got to meet more TAYfolk. The end.

      Good to finally meat you!

        I take it your staying the night.

          Considering how confused I got trying to catch the train here during daylight, it's probably for the best I didn't try and get home in the middle of the night haha

            Nonsense you would be 100% safe!

    Also Blagh is Explo-sion

      Ha ha, that was really good.
      Though, I was hoping at the end when the title card, EXPLOSION, came up the s-i-o-n would be crossed out and replaced with Sean to make Explo-SEAN.

        Nah, I was merely a deuteragonist, can't name a movie after them.

    Dead Kennedys - Buzzbomb from Pasadena
    Let 'er rip!


    Logitech G930 - Anyone have them (Beavwa)? How much did you pay for them and are they any good? (or G35 which seem to be the same just wired)

    SteelSeries Siberia V2 - Anyone have them? How much did you pay for them and are they any good?

    I don't know anything about headsets but I do like the idea of a universal headset that works on PC, PS3 and Xbox. I randomly stumbled across the Siberia which appears to do that but if anyone else knows of any other good $100ish headsets that do this (or just good ones in general) I'll happily take recommendations.

    But then the more I think about it, I already have the standard official Xbox/PS3 headsets and I barely use them so I might as well just stick to a plain PC one. The G930s seem good since it's #1 on Amazon but I'm not sure if it's decently priced. I think Beavwa picked one up on a sale a while ago so I just don't want to pay more than I need to :P. Being a cheapo, it hurts when I find the thing I bought is cheaper elsewhere...

    I'd be using it for the usual suspects: TeamSpeaks, gaming, music, movies/TV shows. I've never owned proper headphones and I just use my desktop speakers which are decent enough.



    EDIT: Bought the G35s... :P

    Last edited 11/11/12 8:19 am

      Sale on G930s was $99. The sound is great, but I'm still tweaking the settings to get around the occasional pop from the microphone due to wireless interference. Too many wireless things in one small room :(

        I got the G35s for $89 and I think it got as low as $79, so it wasn't too bad.

        I was considering the G930s for $95 from Amazon (not sure how much shipping was) but I heard that most people had a lot of problems with both models so didn't want to risk getting it from Amazon because of the lack of warranty.

        I forgot about the interference so hopefully the G35s don't have that problem.

      I use as Siberia v2, the USB powered one.

      The mic is a bit so-so but the sound quality is very good and they're incredibly comfortable. Seriously like head pillows.

        They work for PS3 and 360 too don't they?

        How much did you pay for them? They were $100 on the site I was looking at but that didn't really seem like a special price.

        Head pillows do sound nice though!

        Hopefully the G35s are good :P

          No idea consoles, could probably give them a try later today and I think they cost $110.

      I have a pair of Siberia v2s (one at home, one at work), but only for PC. They're pretty good. Make sure to buy online though, the only store I've seen them ever was JB and they've got about a 60% markup on them.

        I randomly stumbled across them on Catch of the Day mobile app but they mysteriously disappeared when I checked the normal desktop version. Too late now I guess, already impulse bought the G35s :P

    Melbourne Taybies!
    Feel like meating up on the the 1st of December for a christmas based meat?

      Sounds good to me, any idea on what to do?

        I say we just get something to eat and hang out.
        Do something Christmas like if we feel like it.

      I might be able to but might not, it depends what my friends & family are expecting of me as I am age++ that day.


    I'mma be spamming this for a while. But I'm done now. No more trailers or gifs.

    Last edited 11/11/12 9:29 am

    TAYfilm is amazing. Everyone go watch it now. Great work by all involved. Thanks to Pez for hosting us last night, and everyone else who was there. But now, I'm off to the wild wild west, also known as Orange. Next time you hear from me, I'll hopefully be all set up in a new house, in a new town.

    See you all on the other side

      Cya frond! Good Luck!

      Have a safe trip and good luck, this is just the start.

      Best of luck man! :D

      I'll help out with ProjectNova next week when my exams are done. Once you've moved and you're all set up I think it's FINALLY time for some good 'ole hard earned Xenos... ;D

      By "other side" do you mean other side of the world?
      Because I am totally there and can meet you!

      Here's hoping life treats you nicely, man. You're a good guy. All the best!

      Last edited 11/11/12 11:15 am

    Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle has a Rabbit Training Simulator.

      Hey Bosch, when buying games in Canadia are you getting them retail? Are they around the standard $60USD price with Wii/3DS being $40ish?

      Just wondering!

        Yes, sort of.
        Canada has a HST tax that comes in at 13% though, so $60CAD games are actually $68ish, $40 are $45ish.
        As I've said before, this RRP seems to be the norm, unfortunately.
        The only variation I can find is on Steam; currently $45 and $50 for Hitman Absolution and Far Cry 3 respectively (vanilla versions).
        Still cheaper than Australia though I guess.

          Oh, but Dishonored was $59.99 on Steam so I was all "Psch, might as well get it at EB for pre-order bonuses I will never use". These Tarot cards, man. What do I do with them.

          Tenkyew! I was going to buy Rabbit Training Simulator 3DS but waited so long that the sale ended. Got me thinking about game prices and whatnot.

    Yo, TAY!
    What's happening this fine Sunday? (Depending on the weather in your locale)

      Not a whole lot, Crazyguy. Not a whole lot. What about you?

        Watching cricket, trying to draw (and figuring out what to draw), and just sitting around...

    Together Wendy we can live with the sadness, I'll love you with all the madness in my soul.



    Spoilers: I'm quite tired. I don't know when I lost the ability to sleep in, but I don't like it.

      Brisbane meat write up. That is all.

      Last edited 11/11/12 1:34 pm

        Oh, we know about the Brisbane meat. You wild kids.

    Weekend TAY sucks. :P

      pfft at least you were doing something for half the day! What about poor old me, sitting here refreshing TAY and not finding any new comments :'(

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