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    Howdy Tayberinos!

    I spent all my weekend recovering from tradeshow, which translates to stabbing redcoats. I also realised last night that due to a combination of socialising, being away from home, and being too tired to cook when I got back, I'd not eaten a home cooked meal in nine days.

    Hold your applause for my nutrition.

    So a Monday Morning Question (TM): What food from a game have you always wanted to try? I've always assumed that MGS rations must be really good for you, and I'd love a super-mushroom pizza. Yourselves?

      This looks pretty damn tasty!

        Does Jelly count as food? From the same site:
        All the jelly

      1-UP Mushroom


    Last night I was playing Theatrhythm (which, by the way, my son calls "Final Fantasy To The Rhythm") and said to myself "I'll just finish this song and then I'll go and make dinner". Gur fbat chg zr bire gra gubhfnaq juvpu fcehat n fhecevfr obff onggyr ba zr naq nsgre V qrsrngrq Punbf gur perqvgf ebyyrq.

    Needless to say, dinner was a little late. :P

    Also, Sir Greenius...I remembered that my answer to your question in old-TAY about amazing older games discovered this year is '999'.

      I was so annoyed with that! I tried to pause it but I COULDN'T PAUSE DURING IT!

      So it made me mess up :'(

    was too busy eating the finished product to tweet.. but posted a shot. My actual finiahed product was blurry so didn't work out well, so that one will have to do.

    It's an actual song.
    An awesome one.


    I hurt my arm over the weekend, so I've entered full on whinge mode. Feels like I've got a bruise on my shoulder or something. I didn't even do anything, either! I was just playing Pokémon very vigorously for like... 5 hours :P

    Also, my save file for The Walking Dead is corrupt D: Won't let me resume my progress at all. I'm very sad, now. I don't really want to have to start again, but at the same time I kind of do... Maybe I'll just wait until Episode 5 comes out and start over. Maybe this time instead of making decisions based on what I would do, I'll play a total asshole character "Oh? You want some food, Clementine? TOO BAD *snarfs it down*" (implying 'what I would do' isn't an asshole character already)

    Oh, and XCOM finally finished downloading at 1:30am last night. It only took 30+ hours to download :P

    I've got my second wind! I was pretty disappointed in the post-game story of White 2, but surprisingly enough the Medals are what encouraged me to keep going! I'm going to try and get all the medals for beating the Elite 4 with a single-typed team. Working on a Normal type team now in Clefable, Snorlax, Porygon-Z, Ambipom, Ursaring and Braviary. Also, if anybody wants a Porygon for no reason at all, I have 93 of them in my game... It took me that long to hatch a Modest Porygon :\

    Last edited 05/11/12 10:25 am

      Haha! Man, when Pow goes evil he really goes evil!

      Whoa wait what? Why is it that important to have a modest one?

        Because that's the one I wanted :P It's my strongest Special Attacker, so the Modest Special Attack boost will be handy!

    Cabin in the Woods observations:

    Definite spoilers, don't read unless you've seen the movie!

    -- Abar bs gur grrantref jrer cnffnoyr nf grrantref. Unun! V xabj gung'f nyzbfg gur cbvag, fngver bs ubeebe zbivrf naq gur yvxr. Whfg guebjvat vg bhg gurer!

    -- Fhpu n sernxva' terng pnfg. Oenqyrl Juvgsbeq sebz Gur Jrfg Jvat svgf vagb gur Jurqba 'ibvpr' cerggl qnza jryy. Pbby frrvat Evpuneq Wraxvaf sebz Fvk Srrg Haqre naq Nzl Npxre sebz Natry urer gbb.

    -- Qrsvavgryl abg gur xvaq bs zbivr gung arrqf n frdhry ng nyy, lrg bar gung unq gur zrnaf gb jvgu nyy gubfr penml gevaxrgf va gur onfrzrag. Boivbhfyl vg nva'g tbaan unccra, ohg gur yber bs nyy gubfr bowrpgf unf zr vagevthrq!

    -- Nyzbfg srryf yvxr vg'f na rkgrafvba bs gur Ohssl-irefr, jung jbhyq unccra vs nyy gur zlgubybtl jnf riraghnyyl pbagnvarq naq pbagebyyrq. Jnf ernyyl na njrfbzr cerzvfr.

    -- Gur Wncnarfr sbbgntr jnf nznmvat! V ybirq jura gurl inadhvfurq gur qrzba, ubyqvat unaqf naq fvatvat. V ynhturq. Nyy gur Wncnarfr ubeebe vzntrel jnf terng.

    -- Gur fgenvtug hc ubeebe fghss va gur jbbqf jnf nyy xvaqf bs sha gbb. V ernyyl yvxrq gur svar yvar vg jnyxrq orgjrra frevbhf naq shaal.

    -- Raqvat nyzbfg whzcrq gur funex whfg n yvggyr ovg. Abg rabhtu gb ehva gur zbivr, punbf jnf terng va n jnl, ohg pbhyq'ir orra n yvggyr zber haqrefgngrq. Unun!

    -- Fvtbhearl sernxva' Jrnire. Rabhtu fnvq!

    Last edited 05/11/12 10:32 am

      Lrnu V ernyyl yvxrq nyy gur qvssrerag zbafgref. V jbhyq'ir ybirq gb frr jung gur yvggyr onyyrevan tvey jbhyq'ir qbar gb gurz vs gurl yrg gung zhfvp obk cynl whfg n yvggyr ybatre unun

      Gurer jnf ehzbhef bs n Yrsg 4 Qrnq zbq/tnzr zbqr gung jnf onfrq ba Pnova va gur Jbbqf, ohg V qba'g guvax vg jrag naljurer. Gung jbhyq'ir orra nznmvat!

        V jnag gb frr gur nygreangr havirefr irefvba bs gur zbivr jvgu nyy gur qvssrerag zbafgre fpranevbf! :Q

        Ubyl penc V arire gubhtug nobhg gung hagvy abj ohg LRF Pnova va gur Jbbqf ARRQF n tnzr znqr nobhg vg.

          Jbhyq or na nznmvat jnl gb rkcrevzrag jvgu gur zbafgre glcrf, ohg zvtug nyfb qrfgebl gur fhogrkg ba ercynl. :'(

      You forgot Topher! Always awesome to see Fran Kranz.

        Oh yeah, and Jackson from Grey's Anatomy. He's funny because I don't think he knows how to do anything but a frowny face. Or maybe he knows his frowny face is super-sexy so he over-uses it. :P

          V yvxrq ubj gurl whfg fghpx n cnve bs tynffrf ba uvz naq ur jnf gur Fpubyne. :Q

        Haha! Being a socially awkward fool, I can always relate to that guy no matter the role! :D

        I love Fran Kranz. And he seems to fit perfectly into the roles of characters written by Joss Whedon.

      I also watched this on Saturday night.
      Terng pnfg, ernfbanoyl vagrerfgvat vqrn. Terng Fvtbhearl, ohg V nterr gung gur raqvat jnf nirentr. Gur zbafgref jrer terng naq bapr V ernyvfrq vg jnfa'g fhccbfrq gb or n pbzcyrgryl frevbhf ubeebe, V rawblrq vg n ybg zber.

        Unun! V guvax zl rkcrpngvbaf jrer nqwhfgrq nf fbba nf V fnj Jurqba'f anzr. Jnf arire tbaan or 100% frevbhf. :Q V yvxrq gur raqvat cebcre, gubhtu. Fzbxvat n wbvag, juvyr jnvgvat sbe gur varivgnoyr...

      Nal bar ernq gur pbzcnavba obbx gurl eryrnfrq? Qbrf vg qrgnvy nyy gur zbafgref?

      Gung fhtne-cyhz snvel jnf n ovt ont bs ABCR sbe zr, fb zrffrq hc.

      Nyfb nsgre frrvat vg ba gur zbafgre-cbby yvfg rneyvre V fjrne V guvax V npghnyyl purrerq jura gur havpbea fubjrq hc :Q

        Zna, V'q whfg yvxr gb jnyx nebhaq gung frg naq ybbx ng nyy gur sernxva' qrgnvy bs gubfr bowrpgf.

      V syvccrq bhg n ovg jura V fnj Fvtbhearl jnf gur ovt onq qverpgbe. V unq gb ynhtu ng gur gubhtug bs Puevf Urzfjbegu orvat qrfgeblrq ol na ryrpgevp srapr orsber tbvat ba gb cynl Gube.

      V ybirq gur zbivr, vg jnf obgu n cynl ba gur fgrerbglcvpny ubeebe zbivrf bs byq naq fgvyy znantrq gb qb fbzr njrfbzr guvatf. V jnf univat n ovg bs n trrx bhg jura gur pnzren chyyrq onpx gb fubj nyy gur zbafgref naq V fnj n obbzre naq jvgpu sebz yrsg 4 qrnq, sernxvat prabolgrf, gur gjvaf sebz gur fuvavat, Serqql Xehrtre, jung ybbxrq yvxr gur nqqnzf snzvyl naq V'z cerggl fher V fnj gur Rivy Qrnq Arpebabzvpba ng bar cbvag. Vg'q or njrfbzr vs gurl qryirq vagb gur havirefr ntnva, fubjvat jung unccrarq jvgu fbzr bs gur cerivbhf rapbhagref

        Unun! Nccneragyl gurer jrer Erniref sebz Sversyl gbb! :Q

    that is all

      Yeah i saw this over the weekend. I was hoping they would be out before the end of the year, though :(

        That being said - i CAN'T WAIT to see the new Azreal model! :D

          I'm excited about the Mortis Pattern Dreadnoughts. 2 x twin linked lascannons.
          Lore wise, supposedly this pattern was unique to Dark Angels, but rules wise (apart from Forgeworld) it hasn't existed since 2nd edition.

          As a side discussion... What are your thoughts on special characters.
          I like that they exist, but I hate using them in games.
          Simply from a lore point of view, there is no way in hell a Chapter Master would run around in a 1000pt game.
          There are a few "lesser" characters such a special scout sergeant or something like that which makes more sense, but the majority of special characters are completely unique "special" beings that don't get out of bed unless they are commanding a full chapter across a whole solar system.

    Just on the stuff on the previous page, I have no freaking idea what to charge for it.

      Souls are THE currency of today.

        Shit, that reminds me - it's been AGES since I last updated my Dark Souls stories. Thanks, man.


            My scythe, I like to keep it where my heart used to be.

            I already had that link handy - someone on facebook mentioned getting a La Calavera Catrina tattoo, I said Manny would be better

      Depends on if you want to get rid of it or if you are after all the monies.
      If it is just taking up space and you just want to get rid of them just put it up with no reserve and let people tell you what they want to pay.
      If any of the taybies are interested they can make an offer.

      If you are after monies check ebay and google to see if you can find something similar

        I mean, it's one of the reasons

      Dustbuster - Start at $15 see how you go

      Mcdonalds stuff seems to go for about $5-$10 each if still packaged or $10 - $20 for an opened set
      Maybe start here

      Clippers not really worth much by the look of things, talk up the quality and reliability and you might get something for them. New available for around $20. Start at $10 and see would be my suggestion (unless you can see something like them that are more expensive)

      No idea on cardcaptors

    So, finally put in some effort to get to the end of XCOM yesterday. Made it up to what I suspect is the final fight in the last level and the game crashed...fortunately, based on previous experience, it should load up at that spot when I return.
    Oh, and MC-ing berserkers is still the greetest.

      Haven't played that in weeks. The stress of keeping all you guys alive was too much. Why'd I have to name them? :P

        Haha I have been the same way.
        I wiped a mission that I shouldn't have taken but was tired so just went to hell with it I'll see what happens. Then I was sad
        But up to the next main set battle and think I have full squad health so I'll have to do that.

          When Strange was taken down? That was the last straw. :'(

            I lost Saturday. He was with me from the start, 14 kills from 12 missions or something like that. Then flanked by a thin man and pow, just like that


    My caffeine from last night hasn't worn off yet.

      We could only imagine what cocaine or another stimulate like that would do to you if caffeine does this :P also MORNING BATGIRL!

      *joins in the dance, half heartedly waving arms around. Dance is more like a groaning, semi limb flailing sad spectacle*

    Virtue's Last Reward crashed/froze just before I got an escape password for a puzzle room.


      I am scared of this game now. You keep getting bugs that are really cruel. You playing on 3DS?

    This is so cool ;D

    Best song written for a game ever?

    I'm putting in a vote for Snake Eater. Also love Can't Say Goodbye To Yesterday.
    Love me some Metal Gear Solid music.

    Last edited 05/11/12 10:49 am

      Build That Wall (Zia's Theme) from Bastion is pretty amazing!

      Last edited 05/11/12 10:55 am

      I have a guilty liking for Eyes on Me from FF8.

      Here, take one of my man cards, I'M OBVIOUSLY NOT USING THEM

        Keep one, you might need it to wipe up your Nivea

          After I've finished playing tennis with my Prince racket
      Not saying its the best, because there are so many amazing songs made for games, right now this one is my motherflipping jam :)

      Everything on the Scott Pilgrim game ost XD

        They dont sing I guess... not reaaaally songs... but its from a proper band and stuff so whatevs, SCOTT PILGRIM

      The Halo theme
      The different themes for the past three Elder Scrolls games
      Every song in Donkey Kong Country
      Portal's Still Alive

      Im still big on Valkyrie Run from Space marine. If orchestral music is your bag, its just.....great.

      Tempted to post all the Barber Shop songs from CMI.

      "Once my old man spoke to good king Triton and asked, why all this senseless fightin'? Why can't us men express emotion, now I've got a friend in the ocean!"

      You mean like a theme song and not just songs from the soundtrack?


      although Exile Vilify suited portal very, very well.

      What? No love for 'The Best Is Yet To Come' from the first Metal Gear Solid?
      Yeah, I also have a guilty liking for Eyes On Me, FF8.

    Went in to Tafe today. Almost no one was there. Only one other guy in my class turned up, the teacher didn't even come in. Waited around for a while to see if anyone else was coming but it didn't look like it so we left. I just got home. I guess that's one way to waste three hours of your day. It's annoying because no one ever mentioned it. Last week the teacher implied there'd be a class today and there were no emails about it or anything.

    I've had the song Little Talks stuck in my head since yesterday after having heard it for the first time last week.

    Also, Halo 4! So hyped!

      Hey DireWolf! Hope you're well! Once at uni we had a course meeting, I was the only one from my degree to show up. I had to talk in front of a lot of people. Wasn't fun! :D

      Wow, that's pretty irresponsible of your teacher, especially if there was no reason for them not to show up. Even if one student shows up I thought they'd be required to show up and teach.. It was always like that when I was at TAFE..

        Yep, that teacher should be reported.

    Dear Santa...

    So I played WAY too much TF2 on the weekend. Finally managed to beat Wave 666, got an A rating as a Soda Popper scout. Brilliant, and quite strange when money becomes so trivial that it's used purely for your canteen and buy-backs upon death.
    Scouts should NEVER have 800+ health. That's just... wrong.

    I've also been practicing ( is further assisting with my broken knowledge of the language) my German in an effort to connect a little further with a German backpacker here. She knows conversational English and not much more, which is challenging when we're both drunk :P

    How was everyone else's weekend?

      Hey Aleph! Just say NIEN! whenever she talks! :P

        But I like talking to her! If I immediately respond with "no" I can't see anything coming of it :P

      She's backpacking pretty far afield. Good on her.

      But try this, just to be sure: Ich glaube, Sie verloren gehen könnten

        Hahaha! You smart arse :P

        (I didn't google that, I swear :S)

          Ich habe eine Karte in meinem Haus / pants

          Pants is the same in both languages. I hope it doesn't ruin the joke.

            The joke about new direction/nude erection might lose something in translation, but if she knows some English, you can improvise.

            Last edited 05/11/12 11:13 am


              I can't believe I'm married either :\

                It's alright man, if she didn't snatch you up, it would only be a matter of time!

      Attempting to charm a german backpacker?
      Easy, just woo her with Rammstien lyrics!

      I can just imagine you typing pickup lines into google translator and practising them in front of a mirror. =P

        HAHA! Pickup lines are NOT my forte :P

        "Does this rag smell like chloroform?" and "did you fall from heaven? 'Cos that'd explain your face" don't really get me favourable audiences!

          See above for a suggestion ^

          Also, suggesting that a 80,000 foot drop to the ground might explain someone's face is not as complimentary as you might think :P

          Last edited 05/11/12 11:10 am

            Is Heaven only that far up? :P

              I was actually pondering that exact question last night.

              Saw an argument that went along the lines of "Heaven has a higher ambient temperature than Hell" (using the baseline of around 444°C for Hell, just below boiling point for sulfur apparently) and went on to take super-literal understandings of particular quotes here and there in the Holy book. Heaven worked out to be around 500+°C

              It was rather interesting, and the only thing that WASN'T covered was the distance from Heaven to Earth, if indeed they're sharing the same area. I guess you could work it out by matching the ambient temperature of the planets closer to the sun, and use them as reference points? Either way, I'd wager it's far further than 80,000ft

              I'll try to find the particular discussion to which I'm referring at some point today :D

                I think the temperature calculation of heaven was based on being bathed in the glow of 1000 suns or something like that

              Whatever. It was a random number you guys. My point stands that it's definitely not a compliment to have been exiled from heaven and plummeted face first into the ground from there. :P

    Watching the MLG Starcraft 2 finals, they just had a crowd shot between games. Front and center were a bunch of guys in red hoodies, the Aussies from Nv. They must be loving this, it's a Zerg vs Zerg and they're pretty much all Zergs :p

      I miss my kind.

        I should call you Skarner.

    Just finished manually creating 100 invoices in just under 2 hours. I AM GOD. Now that what is probably my only work for the day is completed, i think its time to play some iphone games. Should i finish phoenix wright today?

    Has the front page of Kotaku gone all screwy for anyone else? It looks like this for me:

      It's the new design. Don't you like it?

      Looks like the normal version temporarily became the mobile version, all stretched out.

    As much as I really want and am interested in seeing the AC3 story unfold I think I'd rather watch someone else do it :S

    At no point have I actually felt like I'm actually playing a game. More just nudging the story occasionally.

      I hear it opens up after Memory 6 or something. I don't know, I'm avoiding spoilers.

      Herp. I just posted that and went to the main site. Should have payed there I guess.

    So seeing as noone is taking the Bris meat suggestion from twitter to TAY yet, I'll freakin do it! Ummmm... so I reckon, along with Dan, that we should do sumtin in Bris this weekend. Now I got Radiohead (woo!) on Friday, so I prefer Sat myself. and I took it over here so Sat it is! What should we do folks? I think we should drink somewhere, because we never drink and I like drink. I liek drink. What are other Brisbaniteses thoughts?

      Not to say it is exclusively drinking either. Just, would be nice to be somewhere where drinking is available and or encouraged

      Definitely Saturday night is the only possibility for me. Got a kid-free weekend and we're going out for dinner on Friday night, and at Supanova on Saturday. So if I'm allowed to go, then Saturday night's the time for me.

      SATURDAY NIGHT MAKES ME FEEL ALL RIGHT!!! Also, yes to the beer.

      I'll chitty-chat to Salty tonight and see if my place is kk. If not, are there other residences we could hang?

      I'm interested in attending some festivities.

      Yessss, alright starting to get numbers here, this is good! Well, my place is fine, but its a little ways out, southside, Moorooka. If noone minds that, then my residence is also available. Right next to a train station at least. Just throwing it out there, since someone elses might be more convenient. Or just meeting somewhere near Supanova? ie That Cybercity 2002 place in the valley or something


        Yes. Love it,

        My joint is a bit further (Mt Ommaney) and it's near no public transport sooooo yeah.

        How 'bout Cybercity?

        I can host, and I'm about four bus stops away from the RNA Showgrounds. The Lutwyche bus station is on the same block as our apartment, and Wooloowin train station is about 10 minutes away. I'm a big stuck, cos my cousins are coming down from Maryborough just to go to Supanova that weekend, so I can't actually go anywhere myself. But I'm totes happy to have people over. With drinkies, of course.

    what just happened to kotaku main page? ? ?

    Edit, never mind, seems to have corrected itself. But that was odd.

    Last edited 05/11/12 11:12 am

    Thought I'd try using the full site on my mobile. No can do. That NFS ad makes sure its front and center filling 75% of my screen no matter where I scroll or zoom.

    So, does anyone here have Chivalry: Medieval Warfare? I'm trying to find out more about it online (love medieval combat games), partially in relation to War of the Roses, but all I can find are "COD vs BF" style arguments, full of idiots.

      Episode 37, War of the Roses review.
      Sums it up pretty well.

      Edit, wait... you're asking about Chivalry not WotR. Disregard.

      Last edited 05/11/12 11:30 am

        In that review, my boss is attacking Bajo for most of it :P

      I would also be interested in the differences. I was going to pick one of them up but as far as I can tell they are both exactly the same.

        Based on being able to multi with friends, WotR. Cake, Jo and myself all have it.

      What I've seen in vids it looks faster pace; armour not really a thing, combat less skill intensive than WotR. Seems like not much customisation but more varied game modes.
      So perhaps more arcady than WotR. Also first person.

        Yeah, initial impression looks like it'd be fun, but I think I'd get bored with it due to lack of character progression and lack of character customisation.
        I may buy it once I'm sick of WotR, I guess...but that won't happen for a while :D

    last night, about 9pm, I figured I'd give XCOM another go. I'd previously been having trouble with the game locking up in the menus & losing the progress I'd made. that sucked.

    Last night, however, there was no such trouble. And after finally being able to get into the game & play a few mission uninterrupted, I've gotta say, it's damn good.

    Before I knew it, it was 1am. so yeah... its one of those things that suck you in & is a nice time sink.

    And Okami HD. I love that game. Never finished it back in the day, but I'm rather happy this got a re-release. So pretty. AND THERES A DEDICATED 'BARK' BUTTON. GOTY.

    Also Journey. Never played it before & did a run through in a few hours. Holy Hell, that is a great experience. The soundtrack, the visuals, the atmosphere... it can only be described as beautiful.

    In other news, all you victorians are bastards. not really, you understand, but you get a day off tomorrow, & I am jealous.

    8 Days til Radiohead! this is a good thing. Especially since last time they toured, I had tickets, but the show was cancelled & its taken them 7(?) years to get back here...
    then Harvest Festival. Sigur Ros. thats all I'm really going for. & The Black Angels, actually. might go & see what this Erotic Fanfiction thing on one of the smaller stages is all about as well, coz that just sounds horrible.

    how was your weekends & stuff?

      Mwahahaha! Good to be a Victorian!

      I spent Saturday watching all of Cat Planet Cuties, and most, if not all, of Sunday trawling through Gran Turismo 2.

      Last edited 05/11/12 11:30 am

        see the above comment about you being a bastard, but not really :p

    Gahhhh, if someone asked me a month or 2 ago about Halo 4 I would have said "I don't care" but now I am hyped to get it. Microsoft use Hype.
    It's super effective!
    Wallet faints.

      Don't feel too bad.
      People could ask me about Halo 4 until they turned blue in the face, and I still wouldn't care.

        I'd be interested if I could get people over to play through the campaign co-operatively. That's literally the only interest I have and I don't have XBL Gold anymore.

      I am also in this category. bankbalancefeelsbadman.jpg

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