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    I went to Toyworld this morning. I saw this. I bought it, because I just had to.

      Oh, and I also got this. :D

        I also saw a Headcrab plush and a Companion Cube plush at EB Games. The companion cube was $30 or $40 though, waaaaay to expensive.

          I once purchased a figure in EB when I was around your age. Now it's all gone crazy and I have hundreds. Don't fall into the same trap!

          EDIT: Actually I should try and sell some of my older ones to make room for new ones.

          Last edited 11/11/12 2:37 pm

            Still got that big box pile? :P

            Sort of similar but when I went to Japan in 2010/11 some friends and I randomly bought Gundams cause they were cheap. They were fun... so I bought 7 more :/

            The only thing stopping me from going nuts with them is how expensive they are over here.

            The future is going to be interesting if 3D printers ever go mainstream :D

              It's grown, and I have larger scale figures that are still boxed up now too.

              3D Printers are one thing but you still need heaps of ability to paint them - or some kind of 3D painting system to paint the assembled model.

        I like the green one :-)

          Yeah that one looks really awesome for some reason.

            I like it a lot, because something I always admired about the chief was the blockiness of his armour- it's definitely futuristic, but it looks like it's properly cumbersome and heavy because of how blocky it is. Not that I don't like chief's newest armour, though.

            ... I mean.. er.. yeah, that guy looks familiar. >.>

    Photoshop CS5 get! \o/

      Oh, man. I'm not even that good at drawing and the like, but I fuckin' want it. Haha!

        That self portrait was amazing!

        Also legit Photoshop get? ;P

          :D I was wondering the same thing! Cause that would be expensive. :P

    So uh word is someone might be making a twitter account later.

      Head on over to TAYnames and follow away! Most people would follow back instantly. That's what most of us did anyway when we got Twitter accounts :)


      I must apologise! I accidentally deleted your text message and didn't have your number to respond!

      We only ended up confirming we had a spare ticket like 20mins before the show started too.

    Just had a squizz at one of the practice exams for my last unit and I'm feeling pretty good about it so far :D. I pretty much only spent this weekend learning the unit and I've done pretty well. It's strange (HI WEEKEND STRANGE!) how quickly stuff changes :P.

    Last semester the unit I knew nothing for during the semester became my highest one for the semester and when I was working out my grades, I would've got something like 90%+ on the exam to end up with the mark I got. It helped that it was my last exam and I had like 7 days to learn everything. This semester the unit I thought I'd do the best in, is probably going to be my worst and the unit I thought I'd do the worst in, is probably going to be one of my best.

    This last unit was probably my worst based on my low marks for the first assignment and I did not expect I'd get so low... Then when working out the other pieces of assessment (assignment 2 and 10 online weekly quizzes), it now turns out my average for it is now a HD :D.

    My overall units last semester was HDless (got HDs in individual assessments though) and I didn't get a HD this semester until my last 2 assignments. Feed me those tasty HDs! Nomonomnomnomnom

    My main problem with exams is how slowww I do stuff. There's a few exams I didn't finish... Hopefully I can finish this last unit and end up with a nice HD!

      Good luck, Greenius. So close to freeeeeedom. :P

        Man, I don't even know what I'm going to do. So much freedom in such little time!

    I kind of want to see the movie Two Little Boys... *shakes fist at Kotaku marketing*. I've enjoyed Bret and Hamish's work but I don't think it'll be very good, hopefully it's at least funny.

    FUN FACT: Hamish went to my school and I hear he got expelled for dealing drugs


      Aleph, my friend. How goes life on the Eylandt?

        Swell today, thank you sir!
        Have done a whole lot of nothin', and am feeling better for it :D

        How's your fine self today?

          I'm feeling a little down, but what you gonna do. *shrugs*

          Can you eat solids again? :D

          Last edited 11/11/12 3:47 pm

            I'm currently eating a bacon and egg sandwich after smearing the inside of my mouth with bonjella. Hurts, but it hurts so. Damned. Good.

            Why're you down man? Post-meat blues again?

              Eh, I dunno. Sort of feel like I embarrassed myself last night. Acting all weird. Post-meat blues too. Haha! Oh, man. That sounds so damn good. I had lasagna earlier. That was good eatin' as well.

              Last edited 11/11/12 3:50 pm

                How so? If it was due to your singing, I'm not sure anyone's going to hold it against you (they'll just bring earplugs next time!).

                I lurrrrrv a good lasagne. Can't stand the premade throw-in-the-oven ones though :S
                DIY OR BUST!

                  Haha! Actually that's what I feel kind of weird about, by that point in the night I was finding it harder to talk to people. Awkwardness and all that. Every one was awesome and I couldn't have been around better people, but I still couldn't man up and talk properly. Then I just sat in silence. :'( Just mad at myself, I guess. Was a great night otherwise, though!

                  I get the deli ones from Woolworths. Can't complain!

                  Last edited 11/11/12 3:58 pm

                  Lol. I hardly think you were the embarrassing one. Not with Dan!, Sughly and myself there. :P

                  Or when Mrs. Freeze asked the pie face fellows if they were Chinese and started speaking Japanese to them when they said they were.

                  D.C. I wasn't even there but I know you're being silly :P!

                  Wow, Mrs. Troll S. Preston!

                  Wait... pie face fellows? What does that even mean? Haha!

                  Now it all makes sense. :D Was great seeing you, man. One of these days we're gonna talk properly!

                  Edit: Also? Kind of sad no one sang this:

                  Last edited 11/11/12 4:33 pm

      Aleph, buddy ol' pal, I have a dilemma. I want to buy peanuts to make my own peanut butter after seeing a lifehacker article. However, it is either this or a haircut. I don't really need a hair cut per se, but I suppose it is getting bad. I'm hitting the point where I'm pretty poor so that both are out of my reach.

      Help choose.

      Hint- I like peanut butter.

        Go the peanut butter mate, sustenance over sex appeal.
        Also the fact that I'm in the "needs a haircut" boat too. It's not so bad :P

        Also also, DIY peanut butter sounds fantastic. I'll have to check the article!

        Hint- Go with the peanut butter.


          Course, now I'll need to borrow a food processor. Ah well, baby steps.

            My god, it's that easy to make peanut butter?!
            I need to get me some peanuts, STAT!

              All you need is peanuts and a food processor. You want instructions? I'll spare ya reading the article.


              You may also add stuff. I'm thinking about throwing honey in there, but I have no imagination.

                I'd go with a bit of chili and dried ginger, but I guess it's up to the individual :D

                  CHILI? GINGER? Aleph, you are a man of sophisticated tastes. But in all honesty those two steps are what make up the recipe, so go to it, man. Tell me how it goes so I can have a test subj- I mean, a... a.. test subject. :P


                I just saw the article and it was all artistic with cool photos and now I want to try it! Man it looked mighty tasty. Too bad food processors are like $500... damn :/

        Hair cuts are for the weak. Peanut butter is for the strong.

        I'm not going to tell you what to do, but are you weak or strong? :P

          Blaghman must be super strong then!

            Also, shave your head over the sink Max Payne style. That's what I usually do! It's free!

              Well free if you already have a shaver/clipper thingy otherwise you've got to buy one :P.

                One time expense, my friend. One time expense! :D

      Hey Alephant. You should make a mini mockumentary of your trip and then screen it before next year's TAY film!

      Video camera/talent permitted.

        I also want more "see more of Angurugugu/Eyelandt/Aliensgula" videos!

          Looks like I need to invest in a multigraph recorder!
          What price range should I anticipate for simultaneous recordings of the visual world AND complimentary audible snippets? I dare say portability would be a necessity, too.

          Additionally, there is NO skill here ;P

    I finally managed to get the eraser opacity working in Photoshop after a month of nearly tearing my hair out trying to fix it. \o/

    So I went out and saw the recording of the Jesus Christ Superstar Arena tour thingy at the cinema today.

    Not bad, not bad at all. It had Sporty Spice as Mary, and Tim Minchin as Judas, and they were both really good.

    Jesus was good, but I don't actually know who he is.

      Son of God, you heathen! :P

        There's another lord?
        I may have to challenge him...

    Who is this other "God" you speak of?
    I may have to challenge him to a duel...
    Maybe a game of chess...

      Commenting system, next time you make a fool of me, I shall banish you to the deepest depths of R'lyeh!

    Holy crap guys! I had a crazily productive day!
    I mowed the lawn and put a fence up.
    I placed pins into the cushion so it's ready to sew.
    When I'm feeling less hot, I will probably start sewing it.


    So, I've played like the first hour of Dragon Age 2.

    What even? It's not grabbing me at all.

    Should I stick with it? I probably will because stabbing but it's just so eh.

      Eh, hard to say. I wasn't hooked either, but I liked it eventually. Still never gets as good as Origins, though. :'(

      I was the same, and never really got into it. Sank way too much time into that game, and got disappointingly little back.

    PhotogTAYbies, halp! /o\

    I'm looking for a video camera for the upcoming trip + snippets of life on the eylandt, and have been recommended the Go(at)Pro(stitute) although I searched up on it and wow. That's... a lot of options and jargon and dollars and it's all esoteric and Aleph is scared.

    Ideally I'd like to spend no more than $150, but could be swayed (as is always the case with anything wherein a budget is set) for a little more either way PROVIDED it's worth the extra dosh/saving. At the moment though, I've no idea what I'm looking at, what I SHOULD be looking at, and what I should be avoiding /o\


      Also TF2 talk;
      Rize and I were able to play as the robots in MvM mode this afternoon. Very interesting. It'd be better with an impartial server admin, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
      Seemingly random spawns as any particular robot, from a scout up to a Giant Uber Heavy, and the Sentry Buster too!

      Definitely turns it into hardmode for the RED team, as quite a lot of the tactics used in MvM manipulate the (at times) terrible AI from the robots.
      Lots of potential were it hosted on a proper server!

        Also also food. I started eating solids and tasty stuff again today (WOOOOOO) and am currently attempting to decide what to cook tonight.



            A most excellent suggestion.

            I have no testicles I am willing to sacrifice nor consume at this moment, unfortunately :P

              So I guess "penismonkey" is also off the menu?

                If ever a monkey had a spare penis, and it were prepared appropriately, I'd give it a shot, sure.

      Can't really help :P Go ask the film TAYbies on twitter!


    Greenius here, reporting for duty!

      D.C.'s here. D.C.'s always here.

        Except when he's out partyin' at meats.

          Probably for the best I don't have a smartphone, otherwise I'd totally still be here. :P

            Ah, so that explains the blackouts whenever you're at a Meat! I just thought you were having SUCH a good time that you didn't bother checking your phone!

              Well there's that too. I tend to play with my phone when I'm nervous, though, believe me... I was nervous.

                Hopefully you're not so nervous anymore? :D

                Before attending my first meat I don't think I've never had to meet and talk to new people in a group since I started high school back in 2005 (babby). I'm generally a quiet guy, even when I'm with close friends, I'll just sit there chillin, doing my own thing :P. I used to be super social and not-quiet and hermity and stuff but it changed for some reason, not sure why!

                I'll probably explode at PAX when there's so many new people all in one place at a nerd convention which I've never experienced before... definitely going to be out of my comfort zone!

                  I feel like I can talk to people one-on-one now, but when the group's all talking at once I kind of shy away. :'(

                  You're going to explode in a puff of Meat Overload.

                  Yeah one-on-one is easy peasy but the only real group situations I've been in other than meats were like when you have new classes and the stupid teacher is all "EVERYONE GO INTRODUCE YOURSELVES" lolfuckoff

                  @Greenius I'm flying down all by my lonesome self to PAX (Hopefully with some TAYbies though if we organise a TAYbie share house). Waaaaaay out of my comfort zone.

                  @D.C. You're doing better than me. I'm not much good at talking one-on-one or to a group.

                  I still need to meet you and TheL4stQuestion! :D

                  Last edited 11/11/12 10:26 pm

                  But you've met most of them before!

                  It's alright I'll be your buddy :) (if I'm still alive by the time PAX comes around - it's so far away, who knows what will happen!)

                Oh, there's a lot of phone fiddling at every Meat ever. It's an established tradition.

      Damnit D.C. you're friggen quick on the up/down votes!

        Not the manliest of phrases. :S

        Wait, that doesn't fit here. :P

          "that doesn't fit here"
          That's what they all say, D.C.

            Classic Loops... uh... Crazyguy! :P

      So I've been watching talent show auditions and performances this past hour +...

      I just watch one and I need to see their next performance or I see something interesting on the side AND IT JUST DOESN'T END!

      Sometimes people cut onions infront of me. How inconsiderate of them.

        You've fallen down the YouTube/Wikipedia rabbit hole. :'(

          I hear that happens with TVtropes too but I can safely say I haven't had it or the Wikipedia fever yet. Probably because they have lots of words and involve... READING *DUN DUN DUNNNNN!*


            Farrrrrkkkkk youuuuu!

            I was pretty much done and then I stumbled across this and I already have another tab open with another video. DAMNIT SMURFY I HAVE AN EXAM TOMORROW!

              It got you off the talent show / sliced onions cycle didn't it?

              Edited to say - Sorry Greenius. I didn't realise you had an exam tomorrow. Was just trying to help. :(

              Last edited 11/11/12 10:20 pm

                Haha yeah, was watching Louis CK winning Emmys.

                It's fine man I thought about putting an extra line in at the end but I took it out anyway :P. It was something like


                "but I've studied enough for it and I think I know enough, so I wouldn't have studied now anyway!"

    Any one doing NaNoWriMo/Movember? Updates!

      Dirty, dirty moustache with long strands on my neck, chin and areas of my face. Disgusting...

      But Imma keep it anyway ;D

        Haha! Outstanding, Greenius. I shaved tonight. Once again, shavers remorse. :'(

          I had a bad dream last week that I stuffed up when trimming my beard. I kept trying to make it better, eventually ending up totally clean shaven, and I hated it. Then it started growing back really fast which was great, but it was different colours and all patchy! Then a Doctor told me I'd have to shave twice a day for the rest of my life, or just look like a freak!

          Bearded folk will understand how disturbing this dream was.

      Mine's orange with a hint of blonde in it.. Been thinking about shaping it into something more respectable (the beard that is)

        Orange beard? Dirty rang!

          It's the Irish side of my family showing through. My facial hair starts out dark and turns orange as it gets longer heh & as a child my hair was blonde. I'm now a light brown.

      I'm not doing NaNoWriMo but seeing the awesome job other TAYBies did with the zombie Film and the other short films encouraged me to write a script for a series of shorts. I've already written one 2-3 min short and I'm hoping to write three more. Hopefully I can manage to get it done then get some people to help me film it.

      I need to write part three of my arcology thingo...

    For all you classy lurkers out there in TAYland, I present, for your listening pleasure;
    Jazz Sundays

    So grab a martini, take a seat and melt away into the sometimes sultry, occasionally off-kilter, permanently perfect Thelonius Monk.
    Life, is good. And this, my friends, is the beauty of music.

      Glorious! I love me some Jazz


      Personally I prefer video and with other instruments :)

      Last edited 11/11/12 11:20 pm

        Oh yes indeed!
        Check out John Zorn (in particular, his Masada project) if you haven't already. Those two names have shown me so, so much.

      "The content owner has not made this video available on mobile" :l

        SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A NOKI-wait, I don't think that's right.

        Get to a computer, friend :)
        This is some wonderful stuff right here!

    I woke up and was all "yay freedom!" but forgot I still have an exam thos morning :P

    I also randomly woke up at 4:50am for some reason anf haven't been able to get back to sleep :'(. Stupid noisy wind!

    *wwoooooooshhh* SHHHHH!

      Open window, yell at wind like grumpy old man. Only reasonable thing to do.

      Also, good luck with your exam. "Freedom" is a hell of a incentive to pass.

        Yey! Freedom! then you'll realise you're still a slave to the $

        Apparently I'm an evil dream crusher.
        I mean yey, freedom!

    Wow, I've been trying to get myself into shape again recently. Been doing resistance training for a while but only started doing serious cardio in the last month or so. Today was the first time I've ever come close to having my legs collapse underneath me.

    I was a little disappointed as I stopped running a significant distance before my last run but when my legs threatened to give way going up the stairs at the end of my course I figured at least I pushed as hard as I could today.

    The stairs are the really old sandstone ones that were probably put down by convicts. Walking back up them after the run is often harder than the run itself as they are so ridiculously uneven.

      Oh man, uneven stairs are the worst!

      Ever been or seen The Great Wall of China? So uneven but it's understandable since that thing is oooooold :P

        I've never been there but I imagine it's like the ones I was on today *a billion stairs and many years.

        I can't help but wonder if the stairs were originally that bad or if it's mostly the ground shifting combined with a bit of uneven erosion on the stairs themselves.

          It can't be that bad, surely. I mean, this is the GREAT wall of China, which held back hordes of barbarians- and having a bunch of soldiers go "OK GUYS THAT PART OVER THERE IS BEING ATTACKED LET'S GO-WHOOPS FELL ON MY FACE" wouldn't make for a solid defence, I think.

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