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    Am I the only one sans account?

    Or is Flu still strong with me?

    I went to register and I can't use my rad handle and I don't wanna think of a new one sooooooooooooo yeah.

      Now that's what I call a #DansTriumphantReturn worthy post.


        I jumped on the bandwagon, but I'm one of a dying breed regarding the editing of posts. Much like yourself, an addendum comment is still my favoured route.

        Screw those fancy comment editors!

      DAN! nice to see that while youre on holidays you dont post here, but first day back at work you're on. I approve of your work ethic, sir.

      & i think Flu caved & got himself an account.

      When you have an account your posts look something like this: DAN! @dkzeitgeist where the @thing is your unchangable account name, and the DAN! is your display name that you can change and set in your account after you register.


    WOW! just got my hard copy of the new Twelve Foot Ninja Album.

    God i am loving the art work they have used for this album. Artwork is something that is so often over looked with cd's now days. Really wish more people would take the time to appreciate albums as a full work. Not just a collection of tunes.

    I'll be adding TAYbies to my friends list tonight in preparation for Halo 4. Don't get creeped out! Get HYPE!

      i REALLY wish i was buying halo. But, with the cod being my crack, my money is going towards that next week. GOD DAMN MONTHLY PAY! lol

    *walks in*

    2 pages of unread TAY and I just woke up

    *walks out*

      Who's this guyirl?

        Weekday here is on a TAY-swap with Bish I believe. Sent Bish to Canada, got this guy in return.

    Dear Nerd Herd,

    How do I restrict a user's account so they have limited access to various drives on the server?
    (Windows Server 2003)

    Kind regards,

    Effluvium Boy

      Drives should have permissions just like normal share folders, Just keep Everyone on everything Deny and only the users you want to access with the permissions you desire.

      Edit: Start with right clicking the drive, and select Sharing and Security. Sharing is for when you want others to be able to access remotely from their own PC. Security is for users who log in to the server to access them locally via Remote Desktop

      Last edited 05/11/12 11:55 am

        Where do I find these options?

          Sorry I edited it to give a lower level view on how to do it :)

            I was trying to do it via Users, instead of drives.

              If it were easier for me I'd send you some screenshots too via email but at work so :( Sorry man

      Depends on how they're accessing the drives. If done via network shares, permissions are pretty easy to set up, including for a single user.

      +1 for the Chuck reference.
      Also I don't know the answer to your question.

    I've started paying Katawa Shoujo again this morning. I haven't gotten back up to actually making any decisions yet. Shizune and Rin are the only paths I haven't completed yet so I'll probably go after on e for them. I'm hoping that since it's been a while I won't have the feelings of guilt every time a girl from a path I've completed previously shows up.

    It got me thinking though that I keep meaning to give the interactive story medium a try. I keep hearing things about 999. Is that a good place to start? I'm thinking of putting it on my christmass list.

      Phoenix Wright is good too! I think Hotel Dusk also fits that genre but I haven't played it so can't comment on it. Definitely go 999 though, much easier than having to get 4+ games for the full experience.

        No, Phoenix Wright isnt good. PW is godly. PW is the reason to get a DS. PW is the pinnacle of interactive stories, and should be played by every living person on this planet.

          Well only reason I said it was good is that the games are hard to find now and we haven't got all the releases :(

      I've been meaning to go back and do some different paths as well. Its there sitting on my desktop teasing me, but so many other things to play as well...

      Not that I've played many interactive novel style games, but from what I understand 999 is... quite different. I'd almost say its more of an puzzle/adventure games, than a interactive story, but there are a lot of story sections in between. That said, its a great game just by itself. You should definitely consider picking it up

        From what I understand with Rin you have to not interest any of the other girls but not stuff up enough to get a bad end. There are flow charts that show you exactly what decision to make if you want to go that way. I don't think of that as cheating after my first play thought.

        Lily was my favourite so far. Emi's story was the most dramatice but I liked Lilly better. Frejyr has accused me of being in love with her.

          I've done Emi, Rin and Lily's arcs to the end, and I think I was halfway through Hanako's when I stopped playing. So far I think Emi was my favourite, although on first playthrough I was trying to get onto Hanako's story because I thought it would be the best. I will have to finish them and find out for sure

            So easy to accidentlay get snagged into Emi's path. I was trying to go either Hanako's or Lilly's path and then "do you want to die?"
            "Congratulations, you now love Emi!"

            It's a good thing she has a great story.

      999 is awesome. A bit tedious when you have the replay the same puzzles multiple times to see all the story and the talky bits go sooooooo slowly the first time you see them, but still compelling enough to be worth the tedium.

      I've tried to get Rin twice and I ended up dating Emi on my first try and Lilly on the second one.
      I should really give it another go...

        I think I accidentally replied to you under Nova.

      999 is more of an adventure game really, given the puzzle rooms. If you're wanting a visual novel style then you're wanting something more like Hotel Dusk or Last Window for DS. If you've got a PSP/PSV and a US PSN account and like a horror theme, Corpse Party is pretty good.

      The Phoenix Wright games are great but they're also more Adventure games than anything. But if that's what you want then go for them.

      Japan produces a lot of traditional-style Visual Novel stuff, which means the bulk of the good ones are on PC, many of them are untranslated (but there's quite a few with fan translation patches), and can be hard to obtain legitimately.

      1. 999 & Virtue's Last Reward
      2. Ace Attorney
      3. Hotel Dusk and... Secret of Cape West/Last Window/whatever it was called.

      That is how I rate them.
      999 is superbly written and leave you craving for more, which Virtue's Last Reward delivers on, despite being a more flawed game. Its mechanics (I feel) are better than Ace Attorney because too frequently AA falls into the 'combine random item' trap many Adventure games have, whereas 999 and VLR, there is seeable logic in what goes where even though sometimes (rarely) it is a little obscure.
      Although Ace Attorney is a much longer story and will occupy you for a long time, and there are some pretty spectacular bits.
      Hotel Dusk and its sequel are... okay. Decent story, but sometimes you'll just feel lost. It's not intuitive enough, I felt, and being lost in an adventure game is really really frustrating.

        I found with Ace Attorney that it can be hard to tell where exactly is the right place to make an objection etc. And sometimes you hit it right but it doesn't accept your evidence at that point in the trial because you're thinking too far ahead etc.

        I'm not finished with 999 yet but everything in it has made sense. Also it doesn't treat you like an idiot and hand-hold all the time. The puzzle rooms are often pretty hard and with minimal clues too, but you're always given enough to solve them if you look around.

        I agree on Hotel Dusk. It's good but hard to really get into. I think of the DS games by Cing before they folded, Another Code was the best of them.

        On the adventure games on DS angle, Ghost Trick is pretty good too.

      So far I'm leaning to putting both 999 and Phoenix Wright on the list and seeing what I get. There were a few others there I haven't heard much about and will have to look up when I get home.

        If you want some translated PC Visual Novel recommendations etc I can throw some your way, though it'll be up to you to track them down.

          (Can't edit at the moment as the UI's bugged: by 'track them down' I mean the original game, not the translation patches)

          If you can think of any you'd recommended I'll be sure to look them up.

    Bothered to double check the history of Torn Banner (Chivalry: Medieval Warfare). Didn't realise they were the group that did Age of Chivalry. It was a pretty good mod that suffered under lack of support (it was a mod, so I didn't hold it against it). I quite liked playing AoC, but dunno if I'd care to get back into what is essentially the same game.

      It does look fun but not different/better enough from WotR to justify it personally.

    Just started watching season 4 of Fringe. So far, not a fan.
    I loved the first 3 seasons, but I just have no interest in this one.
    Here's hoping it picks up in the second-half.

    Howdy howdy howdy TAYbies.

    I know you're all just waiting to hear about my weekend so I'll get right to it, Saturday was spent doing a bit of graphic design and cleaning the house and Sunday was me powering through Dishonoured in about 5 hours, Ended up with the low chaos ending and not murdering any of the primary targets ... that's not to say that I didn't load up another save and brutally murder them multiple times for the fun of it though. Because that happened and by the gods was it fun.

      I didn't know you could not murder the main targets. I thought the whole point of the game was that you were an assassin. I felt stupid afterwards when I found out.

        Yeah it was a bit weird that you're a knife happy stabatron 2000 but they gave you the option for a certain degree of mercy that ended up being worse than death anyway

        Here be spoilery things, rot13'd for your convenience.

        - Lbh pna unir gur craqyrgba gjvaf trg gurve gbathrf phg bhg naq frag gb jbex va gur zvarf gurl bja jurer gurl'yy trg gb fcraq gur erfg bs gurve yvirf vaunyvat qveg naq yvivat nf fynirf vs lbh qb n zvffvba sbe FynpxWnj

        - Lbh pna oenaq gur uvtu birefrref snpr naq znxr vg fb gung abar va gur pvgl jvyy uryc uvz be gnxr uvz va fb ur vf yrsg gb jnaqre gur vasrpgrq fgerrgf nf n cnevnu

        - Lbh pna qeht Ynql Oblyr naq unaq ure bire gb n enaqbz znfxrq zna ng gur cnegl naq gurl yrnir ba jung V'z sberire tbvat gb pnyy gur encr ensg nf vg jnf whfg n fznyy obng jvgu n znggerff gb ubyq ure hapbafpvbhf obql ba nf gurl nofpbaqrq bss gb fgneg n arj yvsr gbtrgure ntnvafg ure jvyy.

        - Lbh pna teno n erpbeqvat bs gur Ybeq Ertrag cebpynvzvat uvf qrrqf naq cynl gurz bire gur pvgl jvqr oebnqpnfg flfgrz naq ur'f juvfxrq njnl gb cevfba gb or unatrq naq lbh pna whfg xabpx bhg Unirybpx naq gur bgure yblnyvfgf vafgrnq bs zheqrevat gurz.

        V'ir nyjnlf gevrq gb cynl gur tbbql gjb fubrf va tnzrf jvgu ovanel zbeny pubvprf

          That is awesome, but some of those fates are worse than death. Haha! (Like you said!)

          Last edited 05/11/12 2:39 pm

    I'm back baby! Yay!

    Here's my review of Australia:
    - Seeing my family again.
    - Having a phone with 3G access speeds again.
    - Using colourful money again.
    - Not having to tip everybody I deal with.
    - A three week backlog of quality ABC programming on my Play TV.
    - Awesome accents.

    - 30 degree weather.
    - Being back at work.
    - Jetlag.
    - Having the same awesome accent as everybody around me.

    On the whole, I would say that Australia is a must buy.

      Also cricket starts this week. How is good is cricket, right?

        Test & One Day cricket is awesome. The other versions (20/20) seems like they're for the ones with short attention span. (I don't mean to offend anyone, that's just how it seems to me) Though to be fair I haven't really followed cricket for sometime now.

          Not offending me. T20 is trying to ruin cricket for the sake of people who don't actually care about the game, and will eventually lose interest and move on to something else. One day cricket is dull at times too. Test cricket is where it's at, and anybody who says it's boring *is* boring.

            I like T20. It will never replace the real games, but it's a nice bit of spectacle.

      Welcome back, man! I've missed you so damn much. :'(

        It's not like it makes that much difference to my TAY interactions! If anything, I'll probably be talking less now that I'm back on a regular work schedule. But the appreciation is appreciated :)

      the number 1 thing i hated in the states was the money. The having to actually look at the number on it. The tipping, the 18% gratuity for being in a large group every time we went to dinner.

        Yeah, I understand why you tip, but it was just an added layer of stress. Especially if you're not used to it. I didn't know who to tip and when. :S

        And 1 cent coins. Fuck 1 cent coins.

          and fuck the imperial system right?

            I can deal with that. It's hard to change when there's several hundred million people who are used to it. And I can translate feet, miles, pounds and (to a degree (ha!)) fahrenheit in my head. Ounces still confuse me but food/drink packaging usually has metric on it somewhere.

              Yeah, that's true enough. Spose since Australia made the change when we only had under 10 million people it made the adoption of metric easier in a way.

              All I know is 1 ounce is 28 grams and a troy ounce is 31 grams.. That's about my extended knowledge with weight from imperial to metric. Also the US gallon is smaller than the British gallon, it's quite confusing, the same with horse power, the US measurement is smaller as opposed to the British. Why must they do this D= haha


            There's a crackpot theory that states that pennies are kept in circulation just so the government can collect DNA and fingerprints without alerting the citizenry.

            I dismissed it at first, but was unable to come up with an alternate theory for their existence, so I think it must be true.

              What about notes?

                They're used to buy things, usually. Or get you out of class/work, depending on the type of note.

      I thought we were North American bros for life.

        Sorry mang. I was going to be a East coast North American bro for an extra week, but hurricane Sandy put an end to that. We will always have those last few weeks, though. *fist-bump*

        Last edited 05/11/12 12:28 pm

    Sooo finally started watching Parks and Recreation. In all honesty, it's generally funny and has a few great moments, but overall its not really that great. I dont get the hype. Its just The Office basically, but in another workplace.

      That's what I felt when I tried to watch it.

      Apparently the second season is where it gets good. I didn't get that far.

        Yeah I'm only 3 eps in, wondering if I'll go on or not

        Your both jerks.

        Season 2 is amazing.

        And the subsequent seasons.

        But I agree, 1 is a little bit 'meh'

      Raising Hope is about the only sitcom I watch these days. I like the warped My Name is Earl kind of humour! Weird seeing the dad in Looper, though! :D

      Last edited 05/11/12 12:00 pm

        Found one called The League which I'm really liking. It's got some crass male humour in places, but overall it's pretty damn funny. Found it because Mark Duplass, who is my current man-love.

          Haha! I looked at his IMDb and don't think I've seen him in any thing!

            Your Sister's Sister, Humpday, Safety Not Gauranteed, all really good. Also he's directed some really interesting films, Jeff who lives at home, and Cyrus. Both of them pretty well written, honest films.

              Safety Not Gauranteed has me at the one sentence synopsis! :D

                Is unexpectedly heartfelt, really well written and acted. Funny stuff too, funny and heartwarming, cant go wrong

        When he turned up I almost yelled "Woo! Dillahunt!"

          He does some diverse stuff, huh? I remember when he was on The Sarah Connor Chronicles too.

        It's always sunny in Philadelphia is where it is at!

        Raising Hope is funny as though.

        In regards to Parks and Rec, give it time, Season 2/Season 3 is where it hits its stride, first season is a bit meh, Amy Phoeler can get annoying at times too, which doesn't help.

        Raising Hope is inconsistent...but when it's on, it's one of the funniest things ever. The parents are two of the most amusing character actors I've ever seen, and totally nail the roles, stealing every scene they're in.

          Season one was almost flawless, but the second season was pretty hit-and-miss. Third has picked up a bit, though. I love Sabrina. How she's seemingly so well adjusted, but fits into the family perfectly. I was pretty much convinced I'd love it when they sang Danny's Song in the pilot. Amazing goose bump kind of moment!

            Actually you're right. Season one was spectacular, and then dropped off. SAME AS EARL :-(

      I've found it like any other NBC sitcom. Starts off okay, peaks around season 2-3 then slowly starts to decrease in quality. Still watchable though unlike The Office which got pretty horrid (had to give up mid-season because it was so bad :/)

    It's 9am over here. And 3 pages into TAY.
    You people are insane.

      Well we do live on the east coast, what did you expect. Us to be normal and shit? Pfft!

      If any one wants to talk Cabin in the Woods, I'm happy to oblige? Any one? Page two is where it's at! Edit: Also, hey man! :P

      Last edited 05/11/12 12:07 pm

      Wait, I'm ahead of someone?!

        About 55 years ahead, in fact.
        Oh ho ho ho.

          Damn you, Bish.

            You see, the joke is that Western Australia is still stuck in the 1950s, in case that wasn't clear.

              I'm... not so sure it stands up in this case.
              Although, if it's the 1950s, I'm still ahead by a good 10 years!

              Sorry, I don't understand your futuristic linguistic stylings.

        Yeah.. You're only like half an hour behind Queensland & an hour behind South Australia.

    Every reply is a reply fail today... I blame IE. This is a reply to Sughly but It just loaded up the default comment again :(

      Haha, so what was good then? The eternal mystery

    Wife and I started watching season one of Heroes recently. We enjoyed Touch (Tim Kring's more recent effort), so decided to dive into our DVD pile of shame for his previous work.

    By god, is it frustrating. The pilot was SO GOOD that we're committed to seeing out this season, but it feels like nothing interesting has happened since then, and some of the characters are downright annoying all. the. time.

    I hear seasons 2-4 are even worse, so we won't be touching those :P

    Edit: Here is my question that taps into your experience. You see a pilot. You love the shit out of it. You commit to watching a show, and you end up disappointed. WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS SHOW?

    Last edited 05/11/12 12:07 pm

      Stop at season one, man. For the love of God!

        We will be, don't worry. We've already decided this, even if the show picks up. Thanks for the confirmation though :)

      I really liked the entirety of season 1.

      But man, that Hollywood writers strike. Hilarious(I watched it until the end, it was funny how desperate they were getting).

      Season 1? Eh. Season 2? Not bad. First part of season 3? Also not bad. The rest? urgh.

      Or- or you could simply watch only the Hiro scenes, which are obviously the best.

        In season one maybe, but he became the worst character in the entire run. Basically just repeating his season one arc over-and-over again.

          As soon as we finish season one, I need to wikipedia the rest. Just because I must know how bad it gets. What I've heard is that there are truly no words for how bad it gets.

            There's usually atleast one redeeming story arc in a season, but it's such a huge ensemble it barely gets screen time. Always. :'(

              One episode we watched recently only dealt with two or three storylines, and it flowed so well that we noticed and said, "Looks like they've FINALLY sorted out the structure of this mess"

              Alas, next episode had everyone in it again. There are too many damn characters in that show. I find it hard to believe (at this stage) that they'll all have a meaningful impact in the finale. I think that at least some of them will just be doing unnecessary busy work.

            ... Once it shoehorns the lesbian relationship in, you know it's lost the plot.

            Also, they ruin Peter, and Sylar, Nathan becomes horrendously annoying, they bring back one actress using the excuse of "twins." Then later it's like "did we say twins? We meant triplets!" And uhh, yeah. I could go on.

            Like when it's all "we're gotten rid of this character for good!" But then they bring him back.

            Only to kill him again.

              Also, that sounds pretty bad. In fact, that sounds really, really unforgivably bad. So bad that I'm considering not watching season two of Touch now, just in case it's hurting this bad for ideas...

                Since I'm not naming anyone, I decided not to ROT13 it. I figure that nobody will ever bother to watch the later seasons, so it's not ruining anything.

                That's my logic, and I'm sticking with it(and don't worry, I doubt any show will go downhill as badly as Heroes did).

                  I know, I'm just kidding re: spoilers. Unless I actually get really mad with a long, verbose rant with not enough swears about why the world is in steep decline, you can assume I'm joke.

                  Yeah, I thought your probably were, but I was genuinely unsure when I posted it. Not unsure enough to think "better to be safe," but still. Thus the justification.

          Yeah, and even so Hiro's scenes are consistently the most amusing, unfortunately.

      Name of the show: Firefly.
      Reason for disappointment: There aren't more of them.

        That'll do it.

        I wonder though if the show would have slipped into mediocrity if it continued. I'd much rather have a single season of something that is spectacular than many seasons of average meh (Dexter should have stopped after one season, Dead Like Me should have stopped after one season, thank God Wonderfalls stopped after one season, even [and don't kill me, Jossites] Angel's best season was its first)

          I loved how Angel came into its own in seasons 2-3, seperated itself from Buffy. Season 5 was pretty good too. I know I keep bringing up Six Feet Under, but that's stayed amazing its entire run, so it can be done!

          Last edited 05/11/12 12:25 pm

      So Far: The Newsroom. Hasn't lived up to its promise.

        It has enough of what I loved about The West Wing to keep me watching, but yeah, I keep waiting for it to get as good.

          My issue is it's a bit too self righteous, and the way Sorkin writes women is a bit terrible. Mackenzie especially- how that woman survived in Afghanistan I don't know

            I don't mind the writing itself, it's always how flawless the team is, though. They're always on the right side of an issue and never screw up. That's the danger of writing something based on real world news.

      Terra Nova!

      The pilot/pre-release trailers looked SO GOOD, but then it morphed into a generic 'us vs them' drama with a few dinosaurs thrown in when they felt like it. I'm really not surprised it wasn't renewed for a second season.

      Similarly, V (the 2009 one). It started off really cool but then got drawn out forever to make the smallest of plot points (I don't think we even saw what the aliens actually looked like for the entire two seasons?). I should really watch the original because I keep getting told it's much better.

      Hmm. Can't think of anything, there's been a number of shows which had so much potential which were shit from the start,

      Boardwalk Empire. The Martin Scorsese directed pilot was fantastic, the next four episodes made me give up.

    IMPULSE SPENDING. I saw on Kotaku that the Tomb Raider games are on sale on steam. I then remembered I had $4 in my bank account. So I bought Anniversary. The end.

      And they all lived happily ever after

    Listening to Elvenking for the first time ever - 'The Scythe' album. Why did no one tell me these guys are soooo awesome!?!?

    Also - Watched Marley and Me when it was on TV for the first time ever.
    Holy shit... talk about a full on ending. Bee cried.... and i cried even more. I blubbered like a freaking baby. Not ashamed to admit it. It's ok to cry when it's about an animal.
    What made it worse is that it was making me think of my dog who died some 6 or so years ago, but it just bought everything back for some reason. Boy did i feel like a schmuck as i sobbed like a child thing... Damn you, dad movies! Why did you disguise yourself as a feel good movie before kicking us all in the nuts like that?!

      It's like Turner and Hooch. Super sad.

        Damn movies where they use animals to fuck with our feelings!

        Hooch is CRAAAAAAAZEEE
        No wait, that's Scrubs.

      Red Dog.
      Right in the feels, holy shit.

        See i have never watched red dog because i KNOW there needs to be something STUPID SAD.
        I heard Marley and Me was also sad at the end.. but i was not ready for that amount of sad.

      Jennifer Aniston was a deal breaker. Haha! I find her difficult to watch in any thing!

        So what you're saying is that you want her naked? She gets naked in this.
        You don't see anything, though.

          Haha! Man, I guess that's one way to interpret my post. Couldn't hurt, though. :P

        I used to be a bit that way, but she's done some interesting stuff. Office Space is the obvious one, but Friends With Money and Good Girl were both pretty good

      Frankenweenie does a pretty amazing job of representing dog love


    I am officially creeped out....


    Last edited 05/11/12 12:31 pm

      If this is what I think it is...
      I've been looking for more than 30sec clips for MONTHS now.

        what clip are you refering to?

          I assume the pelvic thrusting pole hitting one

          THIS ONE D:

          is it even from the same thing?

          EDIT: damnit just read below and you already talked about it :P

          Last edited 05/11/12 2:57 pm

      I have seen a could of short clips for this.
      I really, really can't stand this form of art.. it's just so... stupid... Completely there for shock value more than anything.

      That being said, those ladies are STUPIDLY good looking. Plus also the whole creepy thing keeps you watching for a short while.
      But still... i just don't know why people do that sometimes.
      Then again, i'd be more likely to sit through that than a traditional ballet, which replaces "wtf" with "Zzzzzzz...."

      OHMIGOD IT IS. You freaking legend.
      I had a quick glance (saw the crutches attached to foreheads) and knew straight away. Is it a full-length thing, or just a snippet like everything else?

      For research purposes. Also to freak the hell out of facebook people.

        wait are you reffering to the clip of the dude that has a crutch strapped to his er...crotch and is wacking the pole above him?

        thats the clip i was looking for to send to a mate, if you got a link, share one!

        also i think this runs for about 10 or so mins.

          The first clip I ever saw was a couple minutes in length, although I can't for the life of me find it again.
          The crutchcrotch clip is titled something along the lines of "WTF performance", though probably not verbatim. It's only about a minute in length.

    Guys... GUYS! I fixed my corrupt Walking Dead save file! I CAN PLAY AGAIN!

    I lost a good hour or two of progress that I'll have to replay through, but it's better than having to start completely over. \o/ Looks like XCOM will have to wait even longer to be played, now! /o\

    Link for the curious

    ps. Pokémon.

      Man, that's good to hear! :D

      It's funny. The thing that I HATE about PC gaming (having to look through all the game files to fix problems) is also the thing that I LOVE (because I'm certain if I had this issue on console, I wouldn't've been able to fix it at all...)

    We have an up & down vote system now?!

      Damn it, can't down vote my own comment...

        Wait maybe it is adblock plus doing this.. Time to disable it and venture into the unknown.

          Hmm had to disable the addon all together, just allowing Kotaku didn't work =/

      Oh man! I'm gonna give Strange and Shane posts so many up votes! :D



      and it tells you who down & up votes what. Hahaha.

      Gonna be so much trollage.

        I agree. But it should show what the community thinks of some people's postings.

      When did this happen? I totally didn't notice it till you pointed it out
      Have an up vote =)

        About when I noticed, refreshed TAY and BAM! There it was!


    Kotaku is acting so weird for me today. I had a 300 word post up there about region restricting on videos on the Internet and it published the first 2 letters /o\

    Just try and upvote this,
    I dare you. :D

      Trying to edit my comment only results in it disappearing until I refresh.

      Maybe he's having a heart attack there, I could upvote that..

      Why it's really simple. Just press the button with the up arrow on it.
      Trolololol :7

    You guys are jerks!

      What's Cybercity? Some kind of dystopian cyber punk future?

        Yes. No its half Chinese restaurant/bar thing, half arcade games and pool and karaoke. In other words, amazing place to go Sat night

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