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    So I just saw this article.. If I read correctly these guys broke in to someones place to steal an AC/DC CD.. Not a vinyl or a rare something relating to the band, a CD.. What the hell New Zealand.

      Yeah New Zealand. You have a toothbrush fence (almost fifty brushes!), what more do you want?

    It's looking increasingly likely that I'm going to be flushing over $1000 down the toilet this weekend :(

      Jesus fucking christ man. That's not acceptable at all. Is there anything you can do? I mean anything..

      On what!?

        Hotel, dinner and a theatre show that are all booked and paid for over the weekend for a nice surprise for my wife's birthday. Work decided to cancel my ONE FREAKING DAY I asked for off so two people can go on leave. It's too late to get refunds on anything so it's going to be a waste.

        This job is so not worth this.

          Surely they can't cancel once it's been approved?
          Sounds like your employers need a paddlin' man, that's terrible :(

          It's little consolation, but you could always take Mrs. Freeze to the BoobAppraisal exhibition near your work? Because boobs, and convenient location.

          Just go, man. Don't show up for work. Like you said, it's not worth it.

          Sounds like they won't fire you, if the next best candidate for management is going to try to clean their fingernails with the key cutter and eat paste. And if you do, I still think you might be better off.

            Site won't let me edit :( I've come to depend on you EDIT BUTTON, why you let me down now?

            Anyway, EDIT: Most enterprise agreements have a clause that requires the employer to shoulder all costs associated with cancelling of annual leave (that includes reimbursing for arrangements the employee has made).

            My suggestion: you ring your boss and tell him you'll be calling the Ombudsman to find out exactly how much you'll be able to get. Hopefully the threat will be enough to change his mind. If not, go through with it - nothing to lose, etc.

          Fuck it call in sick...
          This is exactly what sick days are for

      Beat the boss over the head with something heavy.

      :'( I don't even know what to say, man. They screw you around on such a consistent basis.

      Hey Freeze, you look like you're coming down with something, might be contagious, if I were you I'd stay away from work mate, just to be safe.

      I don't know how many times I have just called in sick on a day off I was meant to have but was told last minute I couldn't take it off. Also helps that I'm a self entitled jerk who does things just for the principle of that matter.

      I want to dislike this but I don't want to downvote. WAT DO


    So who listened to our Season Finale for Potaku? That ep was so much fun to edit and is probably my favourite ep to date!

      I'm scared to. I almost don't want to find out how badly my side lost. Almost.

      I liked the Halloween one.
      Havent even listened to it, but that Jimu guy makes it good, I'm sure.

      I havent listened to the last ep yet, It wasnt on itunes last time i checked.

      also, why does your head hurt?

      I am also scared to.

      Probably doesn't help that I haven't even finished your first season. :P

        That opening was spectacular! :D

          I was hoping it didn't make the cut! :P
          Recorded it in a rush because my innards were telling me it was time to be sick again. :P

      Just finished then! Very fun episode. It needed more Doc participation; Every time you jumped in the discussion you pulled yourself back :-)

      Also: Cameo appearance by me as: " The owner of the SNES that Cracks played".

        Doc Discussion was cool, but he wanted to be 'impartial' (HA!).

          yeah, I had to keep biting my lip and try not to jump in.

          Especially when no one mentioned Zelda or the FX chip!

    Looks like Project Nova is all the way back to square 2. Not quite square 1, I kept a little bit of what I'd done. But after having a bit of time away from it I was really unhappy with what I'd come up with so far. In honour of my new found frustration, I'm having Shapes for lunch, and theres nothing anyone can do about it

      Maybe you could show it to me and I could tell you if you should be unhappy or not? :P

        "But past an hour
        the prospect's black
        Too late it's gone
        it won't come back"

    Well that was another fucking wasted trip to Uni...

    Went in with the intention to pick up this assignment I did and talk about what I did right or wrong with the Tutor. I get there and look through the box of marked assignments and I don't find mine... Weird, so I check again... and again... but don't find mine. I even see my friend's assignment and he got a 78% which means mine's higher since I gave him my assignment and he pretty much deleted some things and handed it in for himself.

    So I ask the tutor why mine isn't there and it turns out he had a pile of unmarked assignments he assumed were old and just didn't mark... What the flipping shit?! I directly handed my assignment to him, in the tutorial on the day it was due so bullshit like this wouldn't happen. My friend handed it into the tutor's pidgeon hole later in that day.

    Zzzzz I went all the way there causing me to waste 2 hours of my day which I could've spent studying for the 3 exams I have left...

    This means I would've got 0 for what otherwise would've been a HD, greatly affecting my mark for a unit I think I could've HD'd.

    This coupled with the bullshit that happened last time I went to Uni to pick up an assignment on Friday makes me one unhappy chappy.


    /rant. Complainius

      That's bullshit. So annoying when crap like that happens.

      Look at it this way, You went into uni to learn a valuable lesson... Always double check your results, tests and assignment marks. Always!

        Except they haven't been updated online so there literally would've been no way for me to easily check. I already check when it's checkable though :P.

        Freedom (for a few months) is only a week away... :'(

        Last edited 05/11/12 4:10 pm

    Earlier today I remember reading some comments and wishing I could "like" or "favourite" them. And now that I can upvote them I can't find them. :P

      It's going to be so good! So often I see posts that I like/agree with but have nothing to add to the conversation.

      Now I can downvote them with gusto!

      Now we know why Ben stuck his head in first thing this morning. It was "A Sign" and we all missed it

        Now every single time he comments I'll be expecting a great new feature within the next few hours. No pressure!

      Was it my comments?
      It was probably my comments.

      *twirls moustache*

    HALO 4!

      I'd need to get XBawks first.

        Yeah, this. Also I still have to play Halo 3. And Reach. And whatever other Halo games there are.

      I've never got the Halo series. Played 3, ODST & Reach, but yeah, I don't see the appeal.

      I'll stay on the platform, to allow for more room on the hype train for others.

        Ever played it system link multiplayer with friends in the same room on multiple TVs?

        Because if not, that'll be why you never got it.

          I played through 3 split screen with my flatmate & the hoard mode in Reach. It was better than playing it solo, but I wasn't sold.

          I did like the change of pace in ODST though. that game had a good atmosphere to it.

            Yeah 2-player co-op isn't the same. You haven't truly experienced Halo at its best unless it's system link multiplayer with 8+ people. Also the first one was the best for this, so I guess maybe it might be one of the ones where you had to be playing it when it was new and there was literally nothing else like it.

        Could be a nostalgia thing, people have a long standing connection with the series so the new installment is a nice mix of shiny graphics, solid gameplay and nostalgia, making for a DELICIOUS HYPE CAKE. I understand your view though, it's much like how I feel everytime a Zelda game is released because I never got onto it from the start.

      I don't get my copy until Wednesday. Should I avoid the internet tomorrow?

    I come back after a few hours and find two new pages of TAY and that we now have the ability to vote on comments. Note to self: never leave TAY again.

      Who is this guy?


      Or...leave TAY again. Who knows what wonders would be implemented next time? :P

        There's an idea. Leave for another hour and come back to find the site now offers video chat between users or something.

          Eek! Don't ever leave us...I don't want to have to get dressed just to hang out on TAY! :P

          My work computers have no webcams. So I am of course naked.

    Today I was walking around Toronto humming the STreetpass music and today I got 9 Streetpasses, so according to science, humming the Streetpass music as you walk the streets gives you more Streetpasses.

      By "walk the streets", I do not mean prostitution, FYI.

        Sure ya don't, Bishy.
        I hear that Canadian Bish is a slut.

        ahhaha i would totally upvote this except i cannot. but it made me lolz.

      How could you withhold this knowledge from batguy until he returned home. This could have spared him the crushing weight upon his sooul

    Hey buddy - sorry for the delayed reply.
    The new dread will indeed be bad-arse.

    As for Indipendant Chars - i love the mini's and would love the chance to paint some up when they come out, but when it comes to using them for games, i'm a little split, as they are usually quite expensive, but have some great abilities and wargear.
    As for the narative i get what you're saying, but there is always a reaon for these individuals to make the battle, aside from the Chapter Master.
    Using the Chapter Master in an especially large battle is fine. Same with a 'last stand' situation, such as the battle for Rynns world, which saw the last of the Crimson Fists taking on a vastly superior Ork force where Pedro Kantor was right there on the front lines (once he could reach them).
    Librarians are also something i think would be limited. SM forces don't deploy them everywhere as they are far too valued a commodity to waste, more so for the leaders of the libraium.

    Every other special character that isn't a Chapter Master is just an exceptional individual, so there is no reason for them to be left out. This is especially the case for Company Masters (captains) who will more often than not lead their men into battle themselves unless it is only a small scouting party, but even then they may sometimes accompany them for glory and morale.

    Also, there is the added narratives of grudges when a character may have a past with the enemy and sees it his personal duty to crush the foe him/herself.

      Yeah I agree,
      I'm all for the "special" circumstances where a "special" character makes sense. But for me at least, these have to be properly organised events with a back story or as part of a campaign. I hate going to a store or gaming club and having every army with one or 2 special characters. The majority of them are stupidly powerful.

      As for librarians - depends on the chapter I think. Yes they are rare, but some armies do use them more than others. In any case it's far more likely for a librarian to lead a small strike force than a chapter master. Maybe it's just Zahariel that's left me with a soft spot for librarians (I haven't read about the fall of Caliban yet so I don't know what happens to him later).

      Also - I can't wait to have Brother-Interrogators for every squad just like Wolf Guard do now. That's going to be sweet. Eat your heart out Death Company.

    Upvote / downvote appears to have destroyed the ability to edit.

    You win this time but next time Aleph, next time *shakes fist*

      What'd I do?!

      On the plus side, things are as they should be RE: editing (IE: there is none!) \o/

        You can't hide the fact your crusade against editing has born fruit with your innocent sounding question

    Haha! Now I feel bad that Sughly's reminder post is the last thing on the previous page. Here you go! :D

      Man, you're always on the ball DC. I dub thee Custodian of TAY, the keeper of the conversations and throneholder of "The Ball," in the hope that your descendants shall follow you in this sacred trust.

        What good is The Ball if someone lost The Oar to paddle it with? :'(

      How are people going to remember if they miss that post

      Question is - are you in Dan???

        There's a very real chance you're talking to the other, more terrifying Dan, but just in case you're talking to me... why not! :D

    @Aleph i think i found the whole thing.... 3 x 10min parts


    creepy as hell, reminds me of silent hill

    Body Remix Goldberg Variations

    Links Below:

      Part 1 - 10min

        Part 3 - 10min

    Hello all TAY-fronds!

    It is I, Pip, arisen from the dead, the blight of uni assignments almost at an end!

    I have only 7 actual days of classes to go... 7 long years and it comes down to this

    I have never been so excited for something to end in all my life!!! \o/

      Oh, man. That's so awesome! Way to go friend!

      Woah, 7 years! I was glad to see the end of my 4!

        Same. I was really over Uni after my 4th year.

      8 days, for me.
      Also 7 years, though technically I'll have only completed 5 years worth of stuff.


      \o\ \o/ /o/ \o/ \o\ \o/ /o/ \o/

      Awesome! I am also sitting at the tail-end of a 7 year stint. I, however, finish in January :-(

        Back to work! Mush!
        Or I'll send Thomas photos of tomorrow's endeavours!

    Part 2 - 10min

    I'm glad Bis didn't abandon us when Stevo licked him out of the country. He brings a level of class and shine that'd be hard to replace.

      hmm, I can't spell Bish. Also. When I click on edit the spacing on the page goes weird and collapses in on itself to the point where I can't see what I'm editing.


      Can't up/downvote own comments :(

      Anyone want to be my test subject? Free up/down vote!

      I'm wondering whether they can go into the negatives or it just goes back to 0.

        It goes into negatives. And if you upvote a -1 it becomes a +1. Not sure if that makes any sense mathswise. :P

          If you change your vote, it would give a two-vote swing, hence the -1 -> +1 thing.

            I didn't change my vote though. It was already on -1, I upvoted it and it became 1.

              If you revoke you -1 it would go from -1 to 0. And then if you add a +1, it would go from 0 to +1.

              Two stage process, one button. Maths-wise, it works. :)

                Ye Gods, I miss being able to edit. Grammar failure :\

                No no...I only ever voted once. So my vote should have taken the -1 to 0. But it went from -1 to 1 instead.

                  Check who else voted by clicking the number - maybe someone else ninja'ed in a vote?

        I can't seem to up/down vote anyone! I think AdBlock is interfering with this...

        I'm liking that I can change my mind and take my vote back!


      Also, I can't edit comments anymore o_o, it gets all stuffy, anyone else having this?

    "Employers cannot unreasonably refuse to authorise the taking of annual leave, or unreasonably revoke an authorisation.

    The definition of reasonable is up for grabs, I think, but there's basis in law for an objection at least.

    Give your lovely wife a lovely birthday.

      Also, if I was defining it, I would say that waiting until the last minute to cancel leave that has been approved for three months fits the definition of "unreasonable"

    Potaku plug. I have to do it!

    Why? Because competition! Prizes! Everybody likes prizes! And if you don't, that's just sad.

    I'm eager to see Greenius bust out his mad Paint skills.

      What about Fled's awesome paint adventures from Remember This?

        Whose Slime Is This? is forever imprinted in my brain.


        Looks like she'll have to take a leap of Faith.


        Sorry Dire :P

        I thought about entering as (*insert prize here*) sounds pretty tempting but I'll leave it to the people with tablets and actual drawing programz

          Change my mind I'll enter after exams (if it's still open) ;D

    So, I'm giving Simraceway a try.
    Basically, it's a free online racing service with additional tracks and cars included that can be purchased, much like iRacing.
    Unlike iRacing however, you don't have to pay for a subscription.
    It looks like it may use the same game engine as rFactor and GTR 2, so this should be interesting.

    Can't... stop... laughing...

    So the area manager called me saying my leave was definitely cancelled. I cracked the shots and said it was bullshit and now I'm out of pocket a stupid amount. He then told me its not his problem and started making veiled threats against my job.

    SO, that's when I hung up on him and called the state manager. Explained to him what the situation was. He was surprisingly understanding an said he would sort it out for me. Also said it was pretty unacceptable to be making threats like that.

    Only problem now is that I've probably made my life a lot more difficult having to work under this guy. He doesn't handle complaints very maturely.

      Maybe your boss should...chill....

        I imagine that joke is cold comfort given the situation.

        Sorry Freeze. Hope everything gets sorted.

      High five for you. Awesome work, man. I upvoted this, and now wish I could do it twice.

        Also, I wouldn't worry too much about your area manager. If he does something stupid, stay calm and report him again. Enough strikes, and he'll either get the message or he'll be turfed out and you can have his job! Win.

          No edit button. What is this, the third world?

          Anyway, I meant to add that it sounds like your state manager has a much better handle on "best practice" management, and your company's legal obligations to its employees. They know the value in looking after staff, and the costs associated with inappropriate corporate conduct (in PR and potential court costs)

      Sounds like you've got more power than you think, if you're the go to guy for covering everyone else.

      Well, he can learn to respond to them like an adult, can't he?

      Here's hoping it all works out easily for you man!

      So I checked who upvoted because this is the most upvoted comment so far(see, we do love you, Freeze!) and on the right where the downvote column is it says "Rad! No down votes." Oh dear. :P

        Dev copy gets left in production code from time to time - sometimes because it gets forgotten about, and sometimes because it ends up having a bit of personality :) This one was more the later than the former :)

      Hope it works out in your favour man, you're deserving of a little time away from that hectic job of yours.

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