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    I click upvote and nothing happens! Is this another Ad Blocker problem?

      Yes. It was happening for me, too.
      You can disable AdBlock on Kotaku without completely disabling it altogether, you just have to have it in the list of sites that aren't blocked .
      Just go to options, click "Show ads on a webpage or domain", and type in the Kotaku Australia address.
      Then voting should work! :D

        Yeah except sometimes that Need For Speed ad slows the page riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight down.

          I want to upvote, but I don't want to turn off Ad Blocker. Kotaku was the reason I installed it.

            Haha same! I didn't read this before posting but I basically just disabled it for the first time for Kotaku. Upvoting is fun though :)

    Why do my eyeballs hurt?

      Did you stab them recently or drip acid into them?
      If so, it might be that.

      If not, I'm gonna guess hayfever.

    I very much doubt this, but is anyone at all interested in the Idolmaster? Because I happen to have a pair of spare Nendoroid Petit figures from the series that I'd like to get rid of.


      What characters and how much? :D

        Mami and Miki. I'm happy to just throw them your way (they're spares and I have literally hundreds - I'm not exaggerating - of Nendos so any space saved is good). You have my email still right? Send me your details. :)

    So, how many people own CS:GO at this point? Also, how many people would be interested in some multi fun some time? It could be PvP, TAY only, TAY vs Bots...whatever's good.

      I have it installed, the most I have touched is playing Dust against bots, so I'm interested in playing with/against peoples.

      Yeah man, me and the wifey are down. Hit me on steam!

      Did someone say CS:GO? I need to validate my purchase of it!

      I would be interested man. Haven't actually played it yet but use to play CS:S a fair bit a couple of years ago.

    I'm still waiting for feedback on an assignment that my lecturer said would be up a week ago. I need that so that I can upload my edited submission on Friday. How fun. =D
    I'm also really stuck with another assignment right now. Anyone who says creative writing is easy is a damn liar! It can get pretty difficult at times.

      I totally find creative writing to be easy.

      Except that it takes effort, and I'm really, really, lazy.

      Do you have to write about anything in particular, or is it just whatever you feel like?

        For this assignment, we can write about anything so long as we apply some of the things we discussed at length through the semester (writing styles like postmodern, postcolonial, or feminism, for example). For the one I'm waiting on feedback for, we had to write to a theme which was chosen by the class, which happened to be my least favourite of the choices available to us and has meant that I've struggled to do anything good with it. D:

        I love writing, but it can be so frustrating sometimes.

          Actually, I wouldn't enjoy that assignment. Don't like being told what to write about, or what themes to include. I would probably struggle too.

      The thing with creative writing in Uni is I wanted to save my best ideas for post-uni projects. So made it ten times harder to write assignments. Same with group stuff for filming. :D

      Last edited 05/11/12 2:20 pm

      My years doing creative writing at uni were the best of my life and I breezed through them. I was lucky to be in a major state of flow and inspiration then. When things aren't flowing, though, there's not much that's harder to do than to write something of quality.

        I'm jealous. This semester I've really struggled to produce any creative works for uni that I've been really happy with. I get ideas that I like but really struggle to do anything interesting with them.

        Doesn't help that I edit as I write. :P

      Yeah, I'll second this.
      Especially with the longer word counts, they can be a real pain.

      Haha! I was in a writing class with another film guy. We both 'got' each others work, the others didn't. :'( Made the critiques always fun. :D

      Last edited 05/11/12 2:51 pm

    best thing about exams being over?

    D&D is back on!
    well, not traditional D&D, i DM a game called Gamma world, which is basically post apocalyptic D&D... BUT YEAH IT'S BACK IN POG FORM

      I would love to learn Gamma World, it looks really cool

    My son has been in bed for half an hour, but as soon as I sat back down at my computer I forgot he was in bed and now I've wasted half of my game-playing time. Damn you old-lady brain! :P

    And ads on Kotaku are back!

    Just as long as there's no giant background ads then it should be fine :)

    Upvoting is fun! You can also retract your vote by clicking up/down vote again which I find cool. You can also upvote yourself ;D

      We'll look into the adblock thing soon.

        I heard that having it on doesn't count pageviews which doesn't give revenue ...or something? I'm happy to leave it disabled if it benefits you guys.

          Yeah, the impressions are not counted which isn't great, but I completely understand why you installed it in the first place :)

            Because we're a bunch of freeloading moochers?

        By the way, just wanted to say I think it was very smart to show who up/down votes the comments. Also...upvoting is fun. Thank you! :D

          I dunno.. I think it might turn awkward for some people. I'd prefer the option to remain anonymous when voting too tbh

            I just think the transparency means people will have to think twice before down-voting. And could reduce instances of people being ganged up on.

              Thats the idea! If it feels nasty to down vote, it probably is.

              The main thing that worries me is if I get downvoted by someone I know, I'll start getting thoughts that they don't like me in what I say? Should I keep quiet to not step on their toes since they're a regular? I'm not a fan of conflict (Funny that since I'm completely the opposite in a game :P)

                I downvoted, just to get you used to it. Nothing personal. :P

                  Then I took it back, because: too mean.

                  I'm not saying on behalf of myself, not completely anyway. It's just a concern I have that people could get scared off over a massive interpretation being blown way out of proportion cuz of a -1 from an active and respected TAYbie.

                I think I can safely announce that unless you're being rude...a down vote from me is a joke.
                (HI Aleph!) :P

                  HI STRANGE \o/
                  As much as the upvote/downvote thing is a cool feature, I'll be trying to take everything with a grain of salt anyway :D

                  Also, I have this niggling urge to get a TON of downvotes, although I need to figure out a way to do so without actually offending anyone, because that's not pleasant at all.

                Haha! Sounds like we have a similar thought process. :S

                If you ever get a down vote from me, it's probably because:
                a). You're stepping on the border of inappropriate (according to the community guidelines)
                b). You said nasty things about my mother

                  Is there a threshold of downvotes to get it removed like a reported comment or is it limitless?

                  Hey, don't get me started on your mother.

                  She is a classy, wonderful, lady.

                  Or you just dislike us, which I can accept =P

                No threshold, and down voting would never remove a comment (still need to report for that), but we'll be tweaking the style to make rubbish comments less prominent, and awesome ones stand out a little bit. We're also not going to change the order of comments. Comments will always stay threaded how they are now.

                  Excellent! I'd hate for Kotaku comments to turn into a popularity contest like Reddit :P

                  Is that because you wouldn't win?


                  (I'm kidding)

                  (but you still wouldn't win)

                  Downvoted Greenius for being mean to Powalen.

                  Now I feel mean.

        Thanks, Ben. The upvote system is awesome. What next? Private messaging? Holographic display? What a time to be alive!

          We've got a few more cool features and updates on the near horizon :)

            Since everyone else is suggesting things a spoiler thing has been mentioned a couple of times but I also have a new thing I just thought of...

            You know how when we reach the end of a reply chain we can't reply to that person and we have to reply to the one above? Is there a way to make it so that we can still add on to the reply chain (as if we replied to the last replyable person above) yet the person we can't reply to gets the notification?

            A bit hard to describe but I'll try to explain it with an example :P

            Like just above I wanted to reply to Powalen but couldn't (reply button was greyed out). So I replied to you, however, this means you'll get the notification and not him. So maybe if it was possible to click on "Reply" to Powalen and have it still appear as if I replied under you (so it doesn't mess with the order of the comments) yet he gets the notification?

            I hope that made sense :D. I'm too lazy to send an email and I'm bored enough to type all of this crap since I'm procrastinating and trying not to study. Really appreciate the good work you guys do around here and big thanks again! Upvoting is so fun! :D

              That's an interesting one, I'll add it to the list, although I'm doubtful at this stage.
              The main reason we disabled threading past 8 was so comments don't get too squishy - but also because of database limitations.

              I wonder if @mentions would help?

                Ah yes, true! Even better :)

                Only problem is that it might be confusing since some of us have different @ handles on TAY/Twitter but it shouldn't be too hard to adjust.

                You're applying different CSS styles to each comment to do the indentation. You could just allow unlimited threading but only apply styles to depth <= 8...

                  I that would pretty much be the equivalent of a TAY break :)
                  Also, databasez!

                  But then it'll be hard to find replies right inbetween or in the middle of long reply threads at the max indentation.

                  Got to cut it off at some point but @ mentions seems to be the best solution :)

                  Misstated. What I mean is you should apply the maximum indent CSS style to all depths beyond the max depth. Surely it can't be that hard, especially if you're already tracking comment depth to do what we currently have.

        Hey Ben, does the vote option have any impact on the positioning of the comments (can't see that working in terms of continuity on a chronological scale, personally) or a form of community-minded moderation (such as X> downvotes = comment deemed inappropriate)?

        Would be cool to see something such as that, although I suppose there's room for abuse there, and I'd rather think that no-one's comments are invalid/unworthy of attention and readership.

          Just covered that a few comments up :)

    Dear Shane,

    Thank you so much for submitting your comic series Triumviratus to Dark Horse. We have reviewed your submission, and we would like to enter into discussions with you regarding its publication by Dark Horse. Congratulations.

    Please find attached our pro forma publishing agreement, which contains among other things a delivery schedule for monthly scripts, and the page rate you will be entitled to. Please review the agreement and if you agree with the terms within, sign it and return it to us at your earliest convenience.

    Congratulations once again. We look forward to working with you on Triumviratus



    And then I woke up.
    I found $10, but it wasn’t the same.

    Last edited 05/11/12 2:55 pm

      I once had a dream that I was on a Whedon writing staff. I was so happy. :'(

        My TV writing dream is to be on the Sons of Anarchy writing staff. That team is switched on to seriously good writing. I can only imagine what it's like in a pitch meeting (wet dream). But hell, I know I'd settle for a Home and Away gig if it came up.

        Last edited 05/11/12 3:00 pm

          Was so real too. I was introduced to Jane Espenson! Haha! At the moment the best written show for me is Mad Men, but Weiner does most of it himself.

          Last edited 05/11/12 3:03 pm

      Wait, why were you sleeping at work?

      Also, my heart started racing in excitement for you...until your horrible punchline. :(

        Mine too. Was gonna down vote the mofo. :D

      Just want to add: sorry, everyone. I am exploiting the genuine care you have for my success for the sake of a cheap prank. I am a little bit ashamed of myself.

      ... what? No, I'm not taking it down.

      I upvoted this without finishing reading it. I could retract my upvote, but that would be cruel.


      Did you at least actually submit your idea to DH!?

    Keep hearing gunshots from the filming happening outside. Poor Squizzy is coping it

    Upvoting is completely bringing out my lazy side. I like things people say but can't be bothered responding so I'll just click a little button instead. :P

      I sometimes do that with twitter as well. I COULD respond to a mention, OR I could just favourite it and not have to say anything.

        Often I'll favourite/like something just so that the other person knows that I wasn't offended by the joke they made :P

          Like when I called you a fatty last night. Good times!

        I do this too! And then sometimes I will unfavourite it because it's not good enough to keep forever as a favourite, just long enough that the tweeter get the notification email. :P

        I do this as well, although normally because I am clicking in the blank space to focus on the browser window

    Guys guys! Need some votes! That SOYA comp I entered way back in the beginning of the year is running a peoples choice thing which I could still win! Because the nice folks never told me and I only just saw, voting ends TONIGHT, so need y'all to go vote asap.

    Here's my profile -
    You just open one of the portfolio pieces on the profile, like the video or the pics or something, and then it will bring up the piece with a 'Love It' heart button above it - click that to vote for me. Most votes wins! I think it counts all of them, so feel free to click the love it button on all my pieces :)

    Thanks in advance dudes and dudettes, hopefully I can pull this off even with short notice...

      Good luck, man. You deserve it.

      Loved every thing and commented again for what it's worth! :D

      Last edited 05/11/12 3:23 pm

      I'm voting as fast as I can, but the site hates IE7 /o\

      I clicked all the things \o/

      Also, I'm so jealous of you D=

      Thanks again, I love you guys! Please just spread the link to like facebook, twitter, distant relatives, and anyone you think of. Get grandma in on it. Need dem votes quick smart!

        When I get home, I'll do it again from another computer.

          I approve of this greatly :D

      Woah woah woah! Hold up a second! What is that "Spy Game" image from? THAT LOOKS AWESOME.

        Ha, yeah that was a tay community prject actually, we were throwing around ideas but it never got past that stage. I did my best to poke around and get people back but everyone just got too busy I guess :/
        I was always keen for it though, still am

    My Saturday off has now been approved \o/

    My area manger copped a talking to and is going to be a dick about it /o\

    The state manager followed up with me and told me never to hesitate about calling him, it's his job to fix these things. Haven't had much to do with him in the past but he is an awesome guy \o/

      Thank god man. Been catching up on TAY and it's went from total excitement about your weekend to utter disappointment and anger because of some absolute dickhead of a manager you seem to have. Really glad it's been sorted out (for now) and I really hope they get their shit together.

      Awesome news!
      As for your area manager, forgive my language but fuck that asshole :)

      That's good to hear, I'm sure Mrs. Freeze will be all kinds of happy too! :D

      Good stuff man! As I said over there *points to previous page* you deserve some time off from your hectic job.

      Sub-Zero wins. Flawless victory.

      Man, that is awesome! Good work calling the state manager! \o/

      Awesome work man, now go out and treat Mrs. Freeze and yourself to a wonderful, all-expenses(already)paid evening!


    Last edited 05/11/12 3:29 pm

      Rot13 scree? :P

      Also I was expecting spoilers for RE:R and got spoilers for RE4 which I haven't finished. Luckily it's not that big of a deal for me since I don't care too much about the series (I still would've preferred to not have it spoiled though) but you have to consider others who might care a lot more.

      Last edited 05/11/12 3:22 pm

        Ah Sorry. It's not a huge deal because RE loves killing off characters except the main ones.

        Also, I don't really know how to use Rot13. It's scary ;_;

          Just go to and copy and paste what you either want converted or translated! :D

          It may not be a huge deal to you, but for others it is. Hence the word "spoilers". It spoils others' experience.

          And rot13 is easy. You type your spoilery stuff in the box, click the button and then copy/paste into your Kotaku comment. Easy peasy.

            Again, nevermind.

            Last edited 05/11/12 3:37 pm

              Yeah, what Strange said. I know it wasn't your intention to spoil things but you've got to consider someone who hasn't played or isn't familiar with the RE games. They might not know that main characters are often killed or other things that may seem like series staples to you.

              It's always safe to just rot 13 anything relating to discussion of the game. Even leaving some parts in not rot13 can give people hints to what will happen next. I've already played and finished RE:R but just by reading your comment it's easy to infer that something significant happens.

              Last edited 05/11/12 3:40 pm

            Now here's something that'd be cool for a future Kotaku update! Spoiler tags!

              Now that we have a like button, spoiler tags are the only thing left on my Kotaku Feature Wishlist! Everyone be good!

                I want an anti-Powalen cheat button.

                  Negated your down-vote! >:D

                  That's just the sort of sly Powalenesque move we'd expect from you!

          Go here ( and copy/paste what you typed into there and hit cypher. That's all. =)

        This might have helped me. For some reason my brain decided I wanted to start reading the spoiler sentence, even though I am yet to finish both RE4 and RE: Revelations.

        Thankfully, I'm terrible at remembering names, and didn't recognise the names of the people mentioned.

      Woah! Cannot unsee. That's...barely a spoiler warning at all. :(

      Use next time, please. Not cool.

        Yeah it's kind of just above. Rot 13 is the best but please make the spoiler warning a bit more noticeable like:



        As for using rot13, it's as easy as going to and typing what you want, clicking "Cypher" and then copy/pasting the gibberish.

        Rnfl nf cvr.

          It's fixed.

          Last edited 05/11/12 3:39 pm

            It's nothing personal too, scree. Don't stress too much about it, you'll know better next time. There's only good will going your way otherwise. :)

            By the time I posted this others already said the same thing. Like D.C. said don't take it personal it's just a heads up for next time. We know you didn't mean too! :(

              I will know better next time. I won't bother posting.

       could bother posting, just use ROT13 so people who don't like to be spoiled can stay safe, and people who've played can still join your discussion. :)

                thats just silly.
                nothing there was an attack against you, just a request to be mindful of others' stance on spoilers.

                You contribute good stuff to this place, so you'd better keep posting :)


    I have a question. Is there a difference in difficulty/levelling speed/Pokemon growth/etc between the different games? I've played 22 hours on Heartgold mostly grinding and have my party of six between 30-35. Mrs Freeze is playing Black, about 15 hours in and has a party of 6 all around 40.

    Or do I really have to admit Mrs. Freeze is a better Pokemoner than me?

      I think Pokemons are closer to your level in B/W or she moved on to a better spot/trainers. There's also Audino who gives tons of EXP. Pretty sure levelling is the same but you said you didn't leave the first patch of grass until you were 20 or so. I'm pretty sure that first patch only has Pokemon around levels 1-3, so levelling is going to be much slower.

      It depends heavily on your levelling style as well, but if HeartGold is like Gold/Silver in levels, you're gunna hit the elite 4 at like 40-45(?), so it's lower level for that part.

      Yes, there is a massive difference. Black is MUCH easier to level up Pokemon in (and you have to if you hope to keep up). HGSS is held back because you've got another whole region to explore after the Elite Four, so you're expected to level up more slowly.

    Mannn it hurt.... :|

      I would ask why but Chuloopa.

        Because Noosa.
        As we all know i have always had a perfect triangle chest hairline
        See here for reference: (208 views?! Who's watching this crap!?)
        Unfortunately my man-nips got a little too manly, so Bee convinced to wax them so that i culd go back to triangular goodness. And not look weird.
        So yeah.. did that on the weekend. The initial tearing isn't all that bad, but shortly after a horrible burning sensation sets in. Oh my god.. so terrible...

        So yeah... but Chuloopa indeed!


      I upvoted because I wasn't sure how to respond and classic Chuloopa :)!

      Babby. :P

        Well how about we wax your...

        Hey hey hey, I... Yeah, let's not go there.
        All's I know is I'm never going near hot wax EVER again :S

      a) Because you're getting tattoo
      b) Because you, or your significant other, prefer the apperance of a hairless male chest
      c) Because of a dare
      d) Because you were bored
      e) Because peer presure
      f) Because you secretly dig the pain
      g) Because to win fabulous prizes
      h) Because Chuloopa
      i) Other __________________________________________

      Edit: added the options that I neglected.

      Last edited 05/11/12 3:54 pm

        to win a competition?

        I hear he does that a lot >:(

      Some guys would love to be manly and have a hairy chest, loops. Way to rub it in. :P

        Yeah and some hate having hair around the upper half (Excluding the head of course), like myself :(

        Haha! Actually you're right, sounds annoying. I just remember when I was younger that it was one of the things you needed to be considered a real man. :P

      Waxed nips? Ouch...
      Just be thankful it wasn't a power sander....

    Take that Third Ass! I managed to complete your stoopid no-detect mission even though one enemy had a glitch that made him stand in one spot and hop-skippety hop non-stop whilst facing me the whole time. :P

      That was apparently fixed in day-one patch, and now he hopscotches over that place where he previously Irish jigged.

      Or not so much fixed?

        Yeah, not so much fixed. I have the day one patch installed.

      Nothing about this game sounds fun.

      I'm so glad I haven't bought it.

        [Insert patented D.C. AC3 rant here.]

    Ryvita ad - "Same great taste"...


    They have a TASTE now? Or is cardboard considered great? I R CONFUSLED!

    So, upvoting. I'm yet to really think through the social implications of the system and develop a really watertight system of pro/con give/take dynamics that would ensure that we all apply rational and logical thought processes to each and every decision we make instead of clicky-clicky just because we can.

    So, here's my system.

    Read it, didn't make me cry: upvote.
    Read it, want to respond but have nothing to say: upvote.

    Read it, made me cry: walk away. No downvote.

    Didn't read it because it was TOO LONG WALL OF TEXT OMG USE A PARAGRAPH BREAK OR AT LEAST A FULL STOP: Downvote.

      what about stupid obvious trolls? thats pretty much the only circumstances I'd down vote.

      Upvoting, for me, is if I strongly agree with a comment, or find it funny.
      Edit: or awesome.

      Last edited 05/11/12 4:04 pm

        Yup pretty much this. Or a downvote to a friend as a joke if I know they can take it as a joke.


            I said friend.

              You'd be my gym chicken friend IF YOU WENT AND BOUGHT IT AND TRIED IT AND BE AMAZED BY IT

                IT'S A TRAP I KNOW IT. Cheap and tasty fried chicken in a gym!? Sounds too good to be true.

                  You are the worst, Green mang. TRY IT AND ENJOY IT BECAUSE YOU WILL ONLY BE AT UNI FOR A FINITE AMOUNT OF TIME




                Reply fail T__T

                Last edited 05/11/12 5:08 pm

                  Well played.

                  Well, it would be well played if YOU TRIED IT

      Or alternatively I suck at the refresh game

      Last edited 05/11/12 4:11 pm

      Except some of Freeze's posts made me so mad! I wanted to downvote his boss :/

    I saw this on Facebook and loved it. Must share here. Celebrity Lullaby.

      That chorus!! :D


    Anyone know where I can get/watch episodes of The Gruen Transfer/Planet/Nation for free?

    I caught an ep or two years ago but didn't start watching it until a few days ago. I managed to get a majority of the episodes from S3-5 from the YARGHH! Bay but since it's a relatively old Australian show, the rest of the episodes on the site don't have any seeders so I'm missing a chunk of eps. I just watch and delete them which is practically the same as streaming but the ABC site only has the latest two episodes :(.

    I wish I discovered this show earlier! It's so amazing and genuinely makes me laugh-out-loud. Kind of makes me want to do Marketing again but yeah... I hate essays :(. Got to write 4 for my Marketing exam on Friday derp!

    Thanks in advance!

    Last edited 05/11/12 4:34 pm

      ABC iview?

        Oh cool, wasn't aware this was a thing but unfortunately it only has the latest two episodes (9 and 10). I don't have 9 so it helps me on that front but I also don't have 5-8 :(.

        Thanks though :D

        What do you mean I didn't read your first sentence, lies I say lies
        It is a really good show, and they chose the 2 lead panelists well. I love when either of them goes on a big speech about blah blah and then at the end the other one looks and them and goes, what a load of rubbish.
        And it happens both ways

          I knew someone would link their store so I went back and put "free" before submitting the comment :). I also found it on iTunes but... money :/

          I agree on the panellist choice though. I've only seen one guest one which I didn't really like but all were genuinely awesome and funny. Turns out Russell did Marketing at Monash, quite possibly the same degree I was doing!

          Damnit why do I have to like so many things!? It's so hard picking subjects :/

          EDIT: forgot to say thanks again! Derp

          Last edited 05/11/12 4:33 pm

      the abc site itself has a back catalogue of episodes available for a while after they air.

      I may have downloaded (legally & everything!) the first series from there when it first aired.
      If I still have them, I could stick em in a dropbox thing for you to d/l?

      Edit: also, I love that show :)

      Edit #2: yeah, I've got the first 8 episodes sitting on my PC here. I think thats the whole first series...

      Last edited 05/11/12 4:21 pm

        Sweet, that'll be great :)

        I haven't seen any of Season 1/2 apart from whatever random episode(s) I happened to watch in school a few years ago. I've seen the majority of season 3, half of 4 and I'll see half of 5. I've seen one ep of Nation and I've got all parts of Sweat so working through it.

        A friend suggested it might help with my marketing 'study' and it definitely does :). I'm at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to examples since I don't watch TV (downloading shows ftw!) so I'm not familiar with a lot of recent ads.

        EDIT: My, my forgot to say thanks!

        Last edited 05/11/12 4:33 pm

          no worries. It might take a while, because dropbox is silly & slow, but I'll send you a link via twitter when its done.

            No problem mate, there's no rush. I should have enough episodes until Friday to help with the Marketing 'study' :P

        I think one of the best episodes I saw was part of gruen nation.
        Had a special with somebody who does a lot of olympic advertising and she basically listed what the next 6 weeks of news stories were going to be leading up to the olympics

    Wow that NFS ad is almost as bad as the Telstra one.

    I find it rather amusing that the ads for high speed related things cause the slowest performance.

      NFS: So fast it even makes the internet seem slow
      NFS: We've taken all the speed and put it in the game

    I got addicted to watching V-Sauce video's today... My god... so much edutainment...

      Oo I did a bit of that yesterday! I'm tempted to go back and watch more but... I'm already procrastinating enough :P

    The newsagent kiosk next to me has not had less than 15 people lining up in front of it all day. The lotto people will be raking in FAR more than the $100 million just in ticket sales.

    They got $40 out of me.

      I betcha you'll win and still NOT buy Xenoblade.


      Also just noticed you've dropped the S. Preston Icequire. Change D:

      Last edited 05/11/12 4:37 pm

      We've done a syndicate at work, so we're ready to all retire on Wednesday

      I lost last week.. still wondering whether i should pick up a ticket this week.

      I dropped $15, figure if your number is up then it is up. No point spending huge amounts.

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