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    D.C. vs. The Spider: I saw a Huntsman sitting next to the door. I opened the door. The spider left. Fuck yeah. Pretty damn civil, I've gotta say!

      Did the spider tip his top hat to you before he left?

        I don't know, but I suspect it's recounting this story on Spider TAY too.

          Caps were doffed, and $20 was found and shared equally amongst the two most unusual friends.

        Oh man, this would have made the best comic

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          The triumphant return of Procrastoonation?

      Then spider called friends, came back and hunted D.C.

      But it hid whenever D.C. looked. An omnipresent being.

      Brisbane Meat planned for Saturday night after Supanova. Contact DAN! or Sughly for details. (Also? Help the man out getting votes for the SOYA competition! Here's the details!)

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        I love concept art! Hardcover book pls Sughly!

        In a week's time I'll be free and I'll finally get through the retail Anna's Quest :D. Anyone know if Beta saves carry over to the retail game?

          They wont, it will crash and say the code doesnt match :(

      That spider will grow and gather the army. The coming Spiderpocalypse will come and no mercy will be shown. Spiders feel no mercy, forgiveness or restraint. Only pure, unbridled malevolence.

        I'm fairly certain they're still planning a reprisal against SmurfyDog. Maybe that's where this one was going? One day when he forgets his troubles, they'll regroup. That'll be a dark day, my friends. A dark, dark day.

      If I saw a spider near the door, I'd be throwing molotovs at it.

    Oh man, we just drew the cup sweep at work. 3 horse each and I picked both mine and my wife's. Based on the odds I managed to get her 3 out of the top 10 favourites while my BEST was at 35/1.
    Even worse I told her what she got before I looked so now I can't even get away with switching them :)

    I can't seem to get replies working today... :( SO in reply to Shane's comments about when to upvote/down I think I will use it a bit actually because I read much more on here than I comment on, so it'll be my way of showing that I am still around. That and A bunch of you make me laugh so I really want to say that but often dont get the time to reply.

    Also while im in here, I got the Walking Dead on steam and OMG that is an awesome game. Im about to start ep 4 now and I can't want. So freaking awesome.. Are there any other games out like this that I may have missed???

      I really want to recommend you Telltale's Jurassic Park, but it's really a love-it or hate-it game. If you enjoyed the first JP movie though, it's a pretty good semi-sequel story. As long as you go in expecting an interactive movie and not an adventure game, it's definitely worth it in my opinion (maybe wait until it goes on sale though to be sure).

        Any demos for either game?

          I don't think so, unfortunately. Maybe try watching (the beginning of) a Let's Play to get an idea of the mechanics (just be careful not to spoil yourself :P)

            Not interested in Jurassic Park, seems kind of Back to the Future-like, except with QTE. The Walking Dead is where the hype's at!

            Last edited 05/11/12 5:08 pm

        I second this, playing through it at the moment. Just finished episode 3. It is enjoyable and very Jurassic parky

        But as pow says it isn't so much a game as a collection of QTE in an interactive movie. If you don't like the JP movie don't go near it; but if you enjoyed the movies, think DINOSAURS \o/ and know what you are getting into then it is worth it

        Spoiler alert
        Ohg tbq qnza vg, ubj pbhyq gurl xvyy Bfpne yvxr gung. *Funxrf svfg*


      Walking Dead is amazing.
      Very strong contender for my GOTY. It's just so damn emotive and powerful.

    The Butterfree that I've had for... 8 years(!) is finally, officially, level 100! I caught it on FireRed version in 2004 and have traded it with me through Diamond, SoulSilver, White and now White 2. It's certainly been a journey! Poor thing has been level 94 ever since SoulSilver so I thought I'd finish it off today. (Too bad I didn't know much about the metagame back then, so it doesn't have an ideal nature or stats, but it's still good!)

    How 'bout them vidja games?

      The highest I've had was a level 84 Blaziken. Had it all through Ruby and Diamond but then I restarted a new save file without realising.

        I had a level 100 Charizard in Red.

        Can you trade between different games? I had no idea.

          Well, not technically 'trading'. You can one-way transfer from Gen 3 > Gen 4 and Gen 4 > Gen 5, usually only after defeating the Elite Four.

            Sometimes it's not that easy though. If I recall trading from Gen 3 -> 4 put them in a Pokepark sort of thing and you still had to go capture them? I never tried it though :P

      I've never understood the meta game and I don't think I ever will but I really want to.

        I work with the type advantages, and don't particularly bother beyond that.

      I've been progressing in BW2 finally. My team has stayed pretty consistent for the last few gyms. Currently it's:


      I've just gone through Reversal Mountain and I'm in Undella Town. I think that means Dragon Gym is up next. Vibrava already knows Dragonbreath and I can probably get it to level 45 before the gym to evolve into Flygon. Of course, having dragon typing, it'll take some heavy hits itself. I'm getting Growlithe to 43 before I evolve it to Arcanine, as it learns Outrage then and having a fast Outrage user that isn't weak to Dragon attacks will be a good alternative.

      I'm really enjoying BW2 more than BW. There's a much stronger feel of exploring Unova, and the mix of older generation Pokemon into the wild makes some of the more familiar routes feel fresh.

      I've completed episode 4 of Walking Dead now. I'm still of two minds on my opinion of the game. Some (a lot) of the puzzles are bad, some of the plot twists are obvious but the characters go along with them anyway, the voice acting remains pretty solid though. I understand my problems with story and characters has been levelled, by others, at both the TV show and the comic book already anyway, so maybe it's just the best result from the provided source material. I'll admit that I am intrigued as to how the story resolves in one episode.

        Spoiler alert:
        They all get eaten

          Everybody dies. I mean, maybe not straight away or anything... but you know, getting some entropy all up in this.

    Does anyone know of a decent landscaping application? I'm looking at redoing the front of my house (garden wise) and would like a relatively easy to use program to assist. I live on a corner block so I want to see virtually how it would look before I start digging up trees etc and paper plans just don't seem to be doing it for me...

      There's a whole bunch of free software for landscape design. I can't remember which one I used when we did my folks' place, but I think it was from one of the popular gardening magazines or TV shows.

    Is there a way to send stuff to a fax machine on a phone line over the Internet?

      pamfax is a digital fax program

        Cheers. That might work. Nice they have Australia as a Zone 1 cheapest rate country instead of lumping us in with the expensive options.

    American peoples on Twitter are really talking the latest Walking Dead episode up on Twitter. On the one hand...cautiously optimistic now for this episode
    On the other hand...what if it doesn't live up to the hype?

      Blame Virus for spoilering it.

        Hahaa...and now Jason Alexander is tweeting to people to be mindful to not spoilerise people. :D

          I think I followed him under false pretenses :P
          It's interesting seeing what he's doing now, but when all I imagine is George Constanza, I can't help but feel let down when he's waxing political :P

            And one more colonpee for good measure.

              Stop confusing me with your similar looking gravatars :(

              Also took me a bit too long to realise what "colonpee" was :P

      Is that the TV episode? (It gets so confusing when you can also refer to the game by episode haha)

      I should probably watch that series, actually. I've heard it's not as good as the game, but I'd still like to check it out. I might wait until after I've finished the game first though (or is the TV series a completely separate story?)

        Yeah, TV episode. I haven't played the game yet, waiting for the final (game) episode first. But I think the game is different to the show.

          Don't go onto IMDb. I just read a major plot point without looking for it. :S

            Yeah, I tend to stay away from IMDB because I've been burned before.

              I remember the very first time a cast member was killed off on Lost -- a mind blowing event at the time -- they posted spoilers on their front page within hours of broadcast.

                Wow really? :(

                I've been spoiled but not so obviously.

                For example I'll look up a show and see that a certain main actor/actress only appears for 13/26 episodes - meaning they're gone/dead at some point after the first season :(

                  The news section is half industry news, half gossip. I don't recommend it.

                  Track listing for "Qui-Gonn's Funeral" on the back of the Star Wars Epsiode 1 soundtrack, which was in stores at least month before the movie was in cinemas.

                  That's why I don't like listening to soundtracks before I play/watch stuff!

          Yup. Completely different story as far as I'm aware. I was also waiting for Ep 5 (of the game) to be out so I can get through them all in one go but it was only $12! :P

            I have a season pass thingy, but I'm waiting to start playing until Episode 5.

              Me too!

                Me three!

                I considered waiting for the boxed edition but it's cheaper to just buy the game digitally and buy the compendium separately.

        The consensus (or at least my opinion) is that the pilot is amazing but S1 quickly decreases in quality. S2 starts off a bit better but also decreases. I gave up mid-season but I hear it gets slightly better.

          I haven't watched the series, but I'm surprised at the criticisms because of the Frank "Green Mile/Shawshank/Mist" Darabont connection. Looking forward to his new series L.A. Noir too. (Where have I heard that name before. :P)

          Last edited 05/11/12 5:17 pm

          The consensus (my opinion) is that the first episode of season 1 is balls to the wall awesome and at about episode 4 it slows down. Season 2 is just terrible, terrible dialogue, terrible plot, terrible acting, terrible direction, terrible humans, terrible zombies. Then season 3 is a massive apology for all the wrongs of the last season so hopefully they write one last wrong and DO THE BAD THING TO THE BAD PERSON.

          Edit: to save Powalen/ensure Lady Strange remains in love with me.

          Last edited 05/11/12 5:44 pm

            I love you and everything...but aren't we replying to Powalen? Who hasn't seen any of the show? In which case: YOU SPOILERISATOR!



                You're the bestest!

                Although...I do wish you'd ROT13'd instead of editing it out, it was a pretty hilarious sentence. #highmaintenance :P

              Great! Now I know a bad thing is going to happen to a bad person! Show ruined!

              (I have no idea what's going on, but thanks Strange/Hermguy!)

      Monday: Try and stay off Twitter all day because TV show spoilers
      Tuesday: Make up for being off twitter for most of the day by posting asinine, self-congratulatory crap all day
      Wednesday: continue until next Monday
      And so on and so forth.

      My life.

        Not enough mention of SCIENCE! or Billy Talent.

          Yeah, when there's no science mentioned I know it's a Scooby Doo-like imposter!

            To be honest, with the sadness of having potentially lost 8 months of work I got demotivated about science for a week or so there. I am back at work today and feel better, but still sorting through all my data.

              Hope it all works out, man. :(

              Oh man...I got a very sick feeling in the pit of my stomach for you just then. I can only imagine how bad it must have been for you. *hugasaurus*


    Hey buddy - sorry for the delayed reply.
    The new dread will indeed be bad-arse.

    As for Indipendant Chars - i love the mini's and would love the chance to paint some up when they come out, but when it comes to using them for games, i'm a little split, as they are usually quite expensive, but have some great abilities and wargear.
    As for the narative i get what you're saying, but there is always a reaon for these individuals to make the battle, aside from the Chapter Master.
    Using the Chapter Master in an especially large battle is fine. Same with a 'last stand' situation, such as the battle for Rynns world, which saw the last of the Crimson Fists taking on a vastly superior Ork force where Pedro Kantor was right there on the front lines (once he could reach them).
    Librarians are also something i think would be limited. SM forces don't deploy them everywhere as they are far too valued a commodity to waste, more so for the leaders of the libraium.

    Every other special character that isn't a Chapter Master is just an exceptional individual, so there is no reason for them to be left out. This is especially the case for Company Masters (captains) who will more often than not lead their men into battle themselves unless it is only a small scouting party, but even then they may sometimes accompany them for glory and morale.

    Also, there is the added narratives of grudges when a character may have a past with the enemy and sees it his personal duty to crush the foe him/herself.

      You can also reply to a post of his on an older page (either with this or just informing him that you have a reply), that way he'll get a notification :)

    Mystery question fun time!

    Yes or No?


        ...and I've just bought Tomb Raider on Steam despite never playing them (unless briefly playing that Angel one counts)

        You owe me $10.

          Lucky you found $10 at the end of that story, right?

          @Puppylicks psst, I got your back bro ;)

          Angel of Darkness is the series low point. It's so terrible!

          Anniverary is a good one, of this bundle it's definitely the best.

            I still haven't played it! Though I enjoyed Legend (which is apparently the worst of the 3?) so expectations are high for Underworld and Anniversary!

              I blame you too! Your impressions on the Trilogy coupled with Pant's recommendations wanted me to get it but I was waiting for it to drop in the $15ish range. Now that I'm master racing $10 is more than reasonable. Hopefully there's gamepad support :)

              Underworld starts good, ends bad. :P Anniversary is a pretty solid remake of the original game.

                The problem for Underworld at least is that it came out the same month as Uncharted IIRC, and it's also going head to head now with games like Assassin's Creed that do the whole platforming and stuff so much better.

                Which is why the series is getting a reboot.

      I hope you come back and do a sneaky edit on this one

        That's what Blagh suspected when I did my first mystery question funtime, but I'll be nice :)

      Follow your heart!

      You follow old Rafiki! He knows the way!

      I really like these MysteryQuestionFuntTimes :D

        So far they've gotten me out of studying and caused me to buy some new games.

        Not bad MQFT, not bad.

        Also "Funt" lol

          Oh man, I'm, terrible with the handkeyboardtype skills today T.T

            I find that the best strategy is to not use my hands, and simply type entirely using my nose.

              I don't think you've seen my nose. It may actually be far less feasible than previously anticipated :P

              Also, faceroll is bestroll. Even better than springroll.

                Look, it's a challenge initially, but once you're learned the skill, it will stick with you for life. It's like riding a bike, or scalping a hooker.

    I just pooped!

    It hurt.

    It's amazing how much work I can get done when no-one's talking sportsball in my earhole.

      Nothing says productivity like posting in TAY! :D

        Seriously man, I've managed to get so much more done in the last hour now that everyone else has gone home.

        Also productivity. And TAY. They go together like fishfingers and strawberry jam.

      I like the one when one side is trying to kick the ball and the other side is like 'HAI, THAT LOOKS LIKE FUN' and also tries to kick the ball.

        Occasionally they manage to kick the ball to the other side, and people cheer.
        Nothing like sharing the ball with your friends!

          It's nice isn't it?!

            We should kick a ball when I'm down your way. People could cheer when we manage to kick it to the other side!

            I like to think of the other side as a transitioning from one stage of life to the next. The ball does not go where I kick it, only where it pleases. That means that I am the ball and the foot is an adult because I do not follow the rules I only go where I want to go.
            When I grow up I want to be a ball.

              I'm going to give you a little advice. There's a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the ball.

    Hey TAY! things got a little busier at the end of the day, so didn't get to do the T amongst the Y much. Now im at home waiting for my dinner to cook and debating. Do i WOW, do i COD, do i FTL.

    Finished AssRev. Now to wait for the PC version of Ass3. :(

      There's other games you can play in the mean time :D

        ...there are other games?



            Xeno...blade, was it?

            Huh. I don't think I've ever heard of that one before.

              I'm pretty sure this is the first time I have ever heard Greenius mention it.

                Is it a boardgame or cardgame or something?

                  Not sure, but I believe it both slices AND dices!
                  Order now and recieve a second xenoblade absolutely free!

                  Xenoblade the board game would be pretty cool actually.

                  But not as cool as X-COM as a board game.

        Halo 4!

        Also I purchased another copy of Tales of Vesperia so I don't have to dig out my JP unit for it. I never finished the game. Got to toward the endgame (I got busy exploiting the casino area for unlimited gil), got sidetracked by something else, then the PS3 version got announced and I've been waiting (because Patty) and waiting but it never happened and it looks like the fan translation is stalled too. So going to start that over at some point and then reflect on how Yuri is the best JRPG protagonist.

          I should probably beat Symphonia and Vesperia while also starting (and beating) Graces f and Symphonia 2

          but... ceebs :P

            Graces f is making me want to play through Vesperia again.

            You can skip Symphonia 2, it's a pretty cynical cash-in on fan nostalgia and very much not a good game. Original was great at the time but I haven't played it since then and I don't know how it holds up, but I can say with certainty that Abyss and Vesperia are both better games. Graces f is probably about par with Symphonia, maybe a bit lower in plot but it has the best battle system of any Tales game. Where Symphonia 2 has the worst this side of Legendia (where the protagonist is an underpowered fist-fighter with no reach and weird combos)

    I'm at work after dark :S

    Just locked the office and everything else too, because it's starting to come alive outside...

      How far away do you live from your work?

      Come home safe!

        Made it all in one piece :D

        That's the last time I'm staying back late at the office though. Gives me the heebie jeebies!

      Just be thankful its not a full moon. Thats when the crazies really come out to play ʘ‿ʘ

        Crazy? CRAZY?!

        It happens whenever the sun goes down here man, regardless of the lunar cycle :P

    Hey there all you gorgeous people!
    How's things? What about stuff? Hope all is well.

      There's a new Up Vote, Down Vote system. Other then that, not a whole lot new on the TAY front. Hope you're well, man?

      What about us other people, you know, the hideously ugly ones?

        Man, I never thought the norms on TAY would've been so prejudiced against us mutants. :'(

        Last edited 05/11/12 8:09 pm

          What's normal? Who wants to be normal? Normal is boring. Normal is.... OH LOOK FIIIIRRRRRREEEEEEE!!!!! WAHAHAHA!!!!!

        I'd rather not sully myself with your sort.

        But I suppose I hope all is well with you too, you know, from a safe distance :P


      I think we all wanted to make sure that you knew it wasn't personal in the slightest.

      We all mess up from time-to-time. Glad you're back! :)

      So I noticed what happened on the last page.
      Don't beat yourself up about it. Mistakes are made, we learn, and we move on.
      And certainly don't take any rebuke too hard - we know you mean well.
      Chin up.

    HALO 4.



    It turns out that if you combine peanut butter and nutella, you get salty, crunchy nutella. Not terrible.

      I think the trick is not to use crunchy peanut butter if you don't want crunchyness.

      But hey, that's a good word. Crunchy.

      More fun with Nutella - smash up a Maltesers or a Crunchy bar and mix it into nutella.
      This is especially good on crumpets, pancakes, waffles or croissants.
      You can thank me later :P

        Oh wow, that sounds amazing. If I had any Nutella, Maltesers or Crunchies in the house I would definitely be trying that. (My house sounds so sad....)

    I'm a terrible friend.
    Sorry Beav and Pip. And potentially Jordi as well

      You... killed them?

      Last edited 05/11/12 8:32 pm

        I may have left them to face the horrors of a pub and trivia alone

          A fate worse than death...

            Oh, that's a bit dramatic. :P

            Worst case scenario, go badly at the trivia and just focus on the 'pub' side of things.

            Things will turn out better than expected!

            I think the last time I did a trivia night, my table ended up writing names of beers for all our answers because there was 0 chance of us winning anyway. We randomly got free pints for it!

            Totally, that's a terrible thing.

            Edit: after seeing The Cracks' reply below

            Last edited 05/11/12 8:55 pm

              Dammit, Fled! I was trying to make Tigs feel bad! Well, not really, but whatever.

              EDIT: Testing...
              EDIT EDIT: Success!
              Well done, Fled.

              Last edited 05/11/12 8:59 pm

                Trust me I feel bad enough. Beav being such a gentleman about it just made me feel even worse

                  Was going to say something vaguely empathetic and supportive, but I can't seem to say it in a way that can't easily be misconstrued.

                  Seriously, no big deal.
                  We didn't even lose. Otherwise we would have gotten chocolates.

                  Looking forward to next week.

    So... Greenius caught me lurking away in an old TAY earlier, but I managed to resist his friendly 'come-talk-in-new-TAY' charm and all was well.

    Then Strange done gone 'n caught me talking elsewhere too — I think I'm now legally bound to post something here and say hello:


      You! I remember you!
      Long time no see!
      How are you?
      Also, don't leave. Or Strange and Greenius will find you.

        Also, don't leave. Or Strange and Stalkius will find you


          Also, don’t leave. Or Strange and Creepius will find you


            Not my fault I read old TAY up to a reasonable point before letting it slip away into the void :)

      Hey, man. I'm D.C.! Want some rye? Course ya do!

      Hey Ambrose!

      Don't make me steam stalk you some more!

    Not entirely sure how I feel about this new upvote/downvote thingy.
    I've seen things like this destroy previously strong online communities before.

    The way it has been implemented here on Kotaku gives me some reassurance that this won't be the case, with votes not contributing to an accumlative 'kudos' score or changing how comments are displayed, but then I'm left with the question of why have it at all?

    I suppose it can be a measure of how many people agree/disagree with a comment (and who) but again, what does that matter?

    Hmmmm..... Still not sure this is a good thing.

      I agree mostly. The dev guys don't seem to want to take the website in that direction though, so I wouldn't be too worried.

      I actually think that the downvote button should just be replaced with the report button. There's a need for a upvote/favourite/like button, but I don't really see the same need for the downvote button.

      EDIT: Maybe that's not the best way of putting it. I sort of meant that maybe 'upvote' and 'downvote' are the wrong names/button icons we should be using. Especially considering they're not going to alter the order of comments. Like and Dislike would probably be better in that regard.

      Last edited 05/11/12 10:32 pm

        Yeah that was my main concern too but at least they'll show who downvoted who which will discourage most people from doing it.

      I'm liking it. Adds that extra level to the refresh game... "OOO THIS COMMENT HAS A NEW VOTE" :P

      Also the fact that it shows who up/down voted what. You're going to need a pretty solid reason to do either and it shows. And it seems like a good prevention against random downvote fairies for no reason.

        Thanks Powalen and Greenius for putting my mind at rest. I can see the points you both make in favour for the upvote but I still don't see the need. The downvote however leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

        Perhaps others will feel the same and the downvote just won't be used. I certainly don't forsee it ever being used in TAY. I guess I'll reserve judgement until I see how it pans out over the next few weeks.

          Oh it's already been used plenty of times but only as a joke :P.

      I don't think it's something we've got to worry about in TAY atleast. I know we're all here for the people and not the popularity. Haha! Might be of concern on the main site, though.

        Wait, you guys aren't here for the popularity?

        I guess I'd better re-evaluate... good was this?


      I have so many questions.

        And how was this connected to the Pokemon the Movie soundtrack?

        Why was it in there?

        That's what she said.

      That song would be buried deep in my brain were it not for the fact that I'm listening to The Smashing Pumpkins right now.

    Man, spoke too soon on my 'fixed my Walking Dead save file' thing :P It only fixed Episode 2, so now when I finish that episode and try to move onto Episode 3, it doesn't remember any of my choices :(

    Oh well, it's not the end of the world. I'll wait until the last instalment comes out later this month (I think) and replay the entire thing. Time to give XCOM a go, I suppose!

      That sucks. Hope you manage to get it fixed, because the game is damn well worth playing to completion.

    Don't forget, Sughly needs us to help him out getting votes for his entry into the SOYA competition. Basically all you need to do is select each of the movies and pictures and click the "Love It" icon above one-by-one if you've got the time.

    Last edited 05/11/12 10:27 pm

      I went to the site to a couple of hours ago and it allowed me to 'like' Sughly's work but didn't seem to count my votes. Also the main site says voting is closed for the peoples choice awards :/

      Edit: Just checked the site again and it appears votes are still accruing as "love it" numbers are higher than they were a few hours ago.

      Last edited 05/11/12 10:53 pm

        Oh, true! Here's hoping we all fought the good fight then! Good luck, Sughly! :D

        Edit: People's Choice might be seperate from the main competition.

        Last edited 05/11/12 10:55 pm

          I hope so. It's all a bit confusing, but Sughly is an awesome artist and I really love what I've seen of his games. I bought Anna's Quest after loving the demo, but am yet to play it. Egress looks great too from what I've seen.
          It's so awesome to see new adventure games with such polished artwork and story!
          Could Soughly be the next Benoit Sokal? (my personal benchmark for adventure games) It's possible.

            Jane Jensen is my bench mark. Sughly seems to have a LucasArts-style, Tim Schafer maybe? :D Sokal leaves me cold. Haha!

            Last edited 05/11/12 11:11 pm

              Here's to the next Tim Schafer!

              I understand what you mean about Sokal leaving you cold though. You're not the only one.
              But I love his work, and and the worlds he creates. For me, he is the only game-maker I will blindly buy any game from.

                Sokal's worlds are freakin' amazing, it's the disconnect between the audience and the character, though. (For me atleast, really subjective I guess. Haha!) The lack of hotspots, the inability to hear what they think. I don't know, you can't question the artistry, though. He's in a league of his own!

                Last edited 05/11/12 11:30 pm

    Man, Six Feet Under is kind of depressing me right now. It's extremely good, but makes me feel all weird. :S

      D= I will prolly finish it by the end of the month if I start watching it again tomorrow night =P

      I'm still watching season 2. This show is sooo good!
      Thanks again to all who recommended it!

        Oh, man. I'm glad to hear that! Stays good the whole way through!

      Where you up to? Started the fifth yet? That is a balls-to-the-wall awesome season. All my favourite eps are in that season.

        Three eps into season five:

        Gur Trbetr/Ehgu fghss vf ernyyl pbasebagvat va n fubj gung'f nyy nobhg pbasebangngvba. Gur grafvba vf nyzbfg gbb zhpu.

        I really love it, though. Just the tone is getting to me slightly. (In the best kind of way!)

          The next episode is my all-time favourite ever (if you don't count the finale). I love it.

          Edit: And yeah, it's pretty much impossible to avoid being affected by the show. Some of it is so real that it is unbelievably painful to watch.

          Edit #2: Apparently, James Cromwell objected bitterly and loudly to this particular plot for his character, and even tried to get out of his contract over it. I think it's a tremendous arc, though, and to his credit, he plays it well.

          Last edited 06/11/12 7:33 am

            Aw, man. That's not good to hear. I hate it when there's behind-the-scenes cast drama. Haha!

            Saw the next ep though, it was so damn good too!

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