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    Nova's Mystery Not-Really-A-Question Fun Time (doesn't really have the same ring to it)

    I need a volunteer, capable of giving constructive criticism and also able to keep a secret project secret. Apply below

      This is my application to find out about said secret project but I may not be able to help (busy with exams at the moment)

      People have told me their secret projects before!

      I've got plenty of time, man! Criticism probably depends on what it actually is. If you've constructed an animatronic Pokemon, then I'm probably not the right guy. :P

      Awesome, thanks guys. Blaghs I already have yours, but if Greenius and DC want to shoot me their emails (whether here or on Twitter DM's) and I'll send you the details

      Keeping secrets, I'm good.
      How constructive my criticism is would depend entirely on the material I'm asked to review, and my knowlege of the subject.
      But I'm game.
      I believe you have my email.

      Hey! I volunteered first! Before you were even asking for volunteers. :P

    I'll post this one last time, just cause it's a new page and all that:

    Don't forget, Sughly needs us to help him out getting votes for his entry into the SOYA competition. Basically all you need to do is select each of the movies and pictures and click the "Love It" icon above one-by-one if you've got the time.

    Hotline Miami: Third time's a charm.
    So with a bit of a workaround controllers work now and I gotta say the game is made for it. Having a lot of fun with it now and haven't yet encountered any more bugs either.
    So a tentative thumbs up.

      Whew good to hear it's working out well! So it doesn't have controller support built-in? Another "PC 101" thing it seems to be missing :(

        It originally did I think but it broke so they removed it.
        The game has had New Vegas levels of day 1 bugs, most of which seem to have been fixed.

    Now the proud new owner of Dungeon Keeper 2, Sim City 2000, Theme Hospital and Crusader: No Remorse.

    All for under $10!

      Win! \o/

        I also just realised I already had a copy of Jagged Alliance 2 on I had no idea.

          I think they gave it away for free to all the subscribers a few months back!

    Just picked up Halo 4 than, anyone up for coop once I'm done installing these discs?

    I mentioned yesterday that I've started replaying Katawa shoujo. I realised this morning that even though I've not gotten to any new content yet (trying a new path) I’m enjoying it as much as I did the first time.

    This got me thinking about how rarely I that this is the case for games, being able to replay them months or years down the track and enjoy them just as much as the first time. There are many books I can quite happily re-read Frank Herbert’s Dune immediately comes to mind*. I guess it makes sense that I’d be enjoying Katawa Shoujo again since it’s probably closer to a book then a game but why the difference?

    I’m thinking it’s probably due to two things. I think with books the mind plays a large part of the story. The Author creates the story but the imagination of the reader fills in all the details. As we grow as a person our mental state and capacities change so you pick up on different things each time you go back to a book and in this way it’s like every time you read it It’s a different story. The first time I read Dune I didn't even realise that the Barron Harokonnen was gay. With games there is much less left to the imagination so It’s harder for thins to seem new again.

    The second reason is that the graphics in books probably don’t age as quick.

    * Also The Magician – Raymond E. Feist, Hornblower – C.S.Lewis, Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

      This is true. Nothing is as potent as the imagination, and nothing stimulates the imagination like entirely abstract representations of concepts (i.e. prose).

        I get kind of annoyed when there's a TV/movie version of books that doesn't quite synch with my imagination.
        When it does synch, though, it's fantastic. Such as Game of Thrones. Or LotR.

    Don't mind me I'm just testing out some things to help Ben and the team :)

    Last edited 06/11/12 8:35 am

      I will mind who and what I want. You're not my real dad!


          Testius ... Wait that just sounds wrong!

          The test came back positive. You ARE Nob's real dad!

            Wait! He's younger then me! I DONT UNDERSTAND!

              Son, I'll tell you one day when you're older. You're too young to understand.

    I logged into Minecraft last night to see what changes the Haloween patch brought and now I am regretting it. I will probably get addicted again. On the bright side clocks can now actually hang on walls! \o/


        Ugh, Squidius / Trollius / Creepius

          It's okay just ignore Helpius and Buildius and Materialius :'(

      I noticed You'd jumped onto my server at some point.

      That wall got a little crazy. Still not finished.

      Last edited 06/11/12 9:41 am

        Haha it's looks awesome man! I'm gonna try and expand my farm a bit. Maybe build a carrot / potatoe / wheat farm outside the wall.

    Halo 4 Halo 4 Halo 4

      Gonna pick up a copy during my lunch break!

      Just under 2 hours until release over here.
      Gonna have a shower, some food, chill here for a bit, then HALO 4!

    So, Saints Row the Third.

    V'ir tbggra arneyl nyy gur crexf abj, vapyhqvat gbgny vaihyarenovyvgl gb nyy sbezf bs qnzntr. Ohg V unira'g pbzr pybfr gb svavfuvat gur znva fgbel lrg. Ol gur gvzr gur FGNT thlf fubjrq hc, gurl jrer hggreyl vapncnoyr bs uhegvat zr. V pna'g qrpvqr jurgure guvf vf tbbq be onq sbe zl rawblzrag bs gur tnzr.

    I'm at 94% completion, so nearly there. I'm definitely not hating it, so guess I'll just press forward regardless. :)

      I nearly had the same issue, but:
      V tenoorq ohyyrg vaihyarenovyvgl nf fbba nf V jnf noyr naq, nsgre ernyvfvat ubj vzcbffvoyr V jnf gb xvyy, V yrsg gur bgure vaihyaf nybar gvyy nsgre V svavfurq gur fgbel gb gel naq nqq n ovg bs qnatre gb iruvpyr svtugf.
      Sbeghangryl V jnf nobir 90% gbb fb vg qvqa'g ehva gur tnzr sbe zr ng nyy. Vg qbrf znxr fbzr bs gur fvqr zvffvbaf cerggl qnzarq hapunyyratvat gubhtu...

      Vg'f tbbq & onq va zl bcvavba. Rneyvre ba va gur tnzr jura V pbhyqa'g nssbeq fbzr hctenqrf gung jrer ninvynoyr (V zbq pnef gbb zhpu nyevtug yby) vg znqr vg n ovg uneqre naq V sbhaq zlfrys qlvat n ybg zber, yvxr jvgu gubfr qnza zbivr QYP zvffvbaf, gurl jrer n ovgpu!

      V srry gur arrq gb ercynl vg nyernql gbb, jnf n terng tnzr.

      V qba'g guvax V tbg nal bs gur vaivapvoyr barf hagvy nsgre V svavfurq gur tnzr. V qvqa'g qb zhpu va gur jnl bs fvqr zvffvbaf gubhtu. Crefbanyyl V sbhaq gung hctenqvat gur onfvp cvfgbyf znqr lbh vaivapvoyr naljnl. Fgvyy unq gbarf bs sha ba gung tnzr gubhtu.

    Did anyone else know this was going to have existed soon?

      I'm disappointed with myself that I still haven't seen the recent Muppets movie.

    I hate waking up too early, because I'm almost always incapable of going back to sleep.

      Those are the times you just need to go with it and get up and do something fun. Quite often if you wake up early and lay there for ages trying to go back to sleep you feel much worse than if you'd just gotten out of bed when you woke up.

    Good morning TAYbies, how is everyone this grand melbourne cup day. Fun fact, I had the general manager of the company I work for wake me up this morning with a phone call saying that I wouldn't be working from home as promised, so guess who's all alone in an office today?

    On the plus side, it should be a nice cruisey day on the help desk and then I shall retire and contemplate getting halo 4. How's things in the mulTAYverse this morning?

      It's just after 6am, and I'm tired.
      But, Halo 4!

      Bah, It sucks you are forced to go into work today! I am going pretty good. I will most likely grab Halo 4 today.

    To be honest, I'm still kind of nervous posting here.
    That's pretty much it.

      Morning scree, don't be nervous, there's absolutely no reason to.

      Hey Scree!

      You shouldn't be nervous. How's things with you? Any big plans today? =D

        I don't have anything planned, which is why I didn't respond.

          Play all the Video GAEMS! =P

            More likely I'll be doing other things like sewing.

              Yay sewing! More cushions?

      I don't see why you should be nervous. There was a spoiler problem, everyone dealt with you politely and a lot of people were very compassionate in their responses. You didn't even get yelled at. Just post as usual, nobody's mad at you or anything.

        When you tell me off Strange, it's like I'm being told off by my mother. It's kind of frightening ^^;;

          Haha, I think it's the same for everyone. After all Strange is the internet mum of TAY. =P

          Sorry. I held back, and everything. Usually I yell and swear at someone who spoils a game for me. :P

            Xenoblade is amazing.

            Sorry Strange.


            I did change it after D.C. posted the ROT13 link. But then to be told that I was being inconsiderate multiple times really upset me.

              You have to understand that nobody knew the others were doing the same thing. As you're typing a response to someone you have no idea what's going on while you're typing and when you finally click "Submit" on your comment, sometimes there's been an overlap and other people have posted similar things while you were typing.

                I know that. But it was still upsetting for me. Emotion and logic don't always go well together.

                  Exactly. Hence the amount of responses you got. It's not just you, everyone finds it difficult to be logical when they're emotional. Which is why you should never take it personally.

                  The amount of people responding to you didn't mean there was a bunch of people ganging up on you, it just meant there's a lot of people who feel strongly about being sensitive to others' need to not be spoiled for things.

                  I know. I thought most people had played RE4 so that wouldn't have been too much of an issue and I had a feeling the spoiler in RE:R was going to happen.
                  I'm not defending what I did. I know it was wrong. I just wanted to have a discussion on how Capcom likes killing off characters in the RE series.

    Latest episode of The Walking Dead:

    Fb nccneragyl crbcyr jrer ulcvat guvf bar hc. V pna frr jul. Tbbq gb svanyyl trg Ybev bhg bs gur cvpgher naq trg gung onol fghss fbegrq. Tbbq punenpgre zbzrag sbe Pney.

    Rirelguvat gung unccrarq va gur cevfba jnf n erfhyg bs Evpx'f vqvbpl. V'z snveyl fher gung thl jnf bar bs gur barf gurl sbhaq naq Evpx whfg nffhzrq ur jnf bhg bs gur cvpgher be fbzrguvat. Vafgrnq ur gbbx uvf eriratr ng gur bccbeghar zbzrag. Ba gur cyhf fvqr, jr unq fbzrguvat unccra gung jnf fvzcyl na vaqverpg erfhyg bs gur tebhc'f fghcvqvgl. N cyhf.

    Obahf cbvagf sbe gur Qnely peno jnyx whfg nsgre G-Qbt Zx VV fubg gur bgure qhqr. Juvpu erzvaqf zr, gurl whfg yrg nabgure oynpx thl vagb gur tebhc naq xvyy bs G-Qbt? Ernyyl? Gurl unir n yvzvg be fbzrguvat?

    Vg'f nyfb tbbq gung gurl'er qbvat gur Tbireabe fghss. Znvayl orpnhfr V'z cerggl fvpx bs gur tebhc nsgre frnfba 2. Guvf fubj unf n ceboyrz jurer vg xrrcf fubjvat cbgragvny naq gura qvfnccbvagvat zr. Vs V rkcrpg qvfnccbvagzrag abj, V zvtug or qvfnccbvagrq jura vg qbrfa'g qvfnccbvag.

      I agree with everything you said. Especially your last sentence. :D

    Movember log. Day 4.

    Its only been a few days since I shaved of my beloved beard in the hope of raising money for Movember.
    Last night, after getting a respectable level of stubble, I went for it; I shaved, leaving the beginnings of a mo...

    Its there. Its only a few days worth, but nevertheless - I definitely have a moustache.
    it looks disgusting. It feels horrible. but.... somehow... it's bringing something out in me. a late 19th century urge to fight bears & go outdoors, such as Teddy Roosevelt may have done (he fought bears, right? that what he's famous for, isn't it?)

    On a related note, I don't know if they still do it, but I read that police in India are paid slightly higher wages if they have a moustache. Because its seen as making a man appear more 'trustworthy.'

    I've gotta disagree with that. I wouldn't trust me for the next month.

    Edit: Here's the link to the team page. NEEDS MORE BAD PHOTOS OF MO'S GUYS

    Last edited 06/11/12 9:32 am

      Haha! When I shaved the other day, I saw what I looked like with a mo for the first time and had to end that particular brand of madness right there! Good luck with it, man.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Cracks!

    May the new Halo be the best ever. And may the Carth be with you. :P

      There's a birthday! I am so bad at knowing birthdays!

      Have a happy one anyway! I didn't get you anything.

      Happy Birthday Cracks!

      May all your sticky grenades stick to your opponents!

      Happy Halo day Cracks!

      I mean...

      Halo Halo Halo Halo!

      Happy birthday, Cracks. Hope it's one for the freakin' ages!

      Thanks everyone! Stupid internet's been out all day, so couldn't thank you earlier!

    "TALES OF XILLIA is coming to Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific in five different languages!

    It has been confirmed today. We are proud our commitment to bring the Tales of Series to a broader audience with the addition of Spanish and Italian texts. German, French and English texts, already included since Tales of Graces f, will also be supported.

    Stay tuned for more news on Tales of Xillia, coming on PlayStation®3 in 2013."

    I'm not sure where this Tales love at Namco Bandai came from, but I like it and hope it stays forever!

      I'm not one who usually plays with Japanese audio but safe to assume that won't be included either? :(

      Xillia :D

      I haven't played any of the more recent Tales games. Which would be better for me to grab? Graces f or Xillia? Or both? :P

      There's actually not many games currently scheduled for release that I'm all that interested in so one or both of these games could fill in the gaps nicely.

        Which ones have you played?

        Graces has the best combat system of any of the Tales games bar none. Vesperia has probably got the best plot & characters overall (though I haven't played Xillia, I hear it was a bit rushed, not fleshed out to the same extent).

        Graces is out now. Xillia is some time next year. So that's your answer probably UNLESS you haven't played Vesperia in which case it's $50 on the X360 marketplace (physical copies are super rare)

          Oh yeah, I forgot about Vesperia. So Vesperia or Graces for now(or rather, after Dishonored and ACIII), and Xillia for later when it's released? The whole next year is fairly bare for me right now so that should work.

          I've only played one. Can't remember which one, it was ages ago which is why I wasn't specific. Old lady brain strikes again! :P

            Having played Symphonia, Vesperia and Graces, Vesperia is my favourite.
            Agree on Graces having a decent combat system.
            As far as physical copies go - Vesperia is on OzGameShop for $40 at the moment. Appears to be in stock.

              Really? I guess I'll go buy another copy then, always prefer physical copies. It's been out of print for ages, maybe Namco did another print run.

            Well after Xenoblade I'd suggest Vesperia or Abyss (for the 3DS). I'm a bit biased in that I prefer the art style of those games over the 'chibi' really anime type of Graces and the other portable titles.

            Vesperia and Abyss are easy enough to find now that they've been printed(?) again and Abyss is especially good for the portability.

              The art style isn't 'chibi'. That would mean they would all have tiny bodies and oversized heads. Graces has a pretty standard style to it really, but a soft pastel color palette. It looks different to the more well-known Tales games because the character designer is different, and Mutsumi Inomata's style has very large round eyes and a watercolor look to it.

                I know it's not exactly chibi which is why I used ' around it but I meant what you said, the whole big large round eyes. We've talked about it before but I forgot their names but I prefer ____'s art style compared to Inomata's.

                  Kosuke Fujishima is the other Tales designer. Phantasia, Symphonia, Abyss, Vesperia. Inomata was Destiny & Destiny 2, Eternia, Legendia, Rebirth, Innocence, Hearts, Graces. They both collaborated on Xillia - it has two protagonists, one designed by each of them.

                  Incidentally neither of them are the main designer in Symphonia 2 or Xillia, it's a third guy, Daigo Okumura, who's some art director or something at Namco.

                  Personally I prefer Fujishima's style as it appears in the games, but I like Inomata's original artwork more.

            If it was ages ago it would have been Symphonia on the Gamecube, Eternia on PSP or Phantasia on GBA, as those were the only ones released in Australia until Vesperia, and I think if you had imported one you'd remember what it was. :) My money is on Symphonia.

              Thank-you! Turns out it was Symphonia and Eternia. Don't think I finished either of them though.

                Eternia is awesome!

                  I still have it somewhere. I should dig it up and play it all the way through. :D

                  Eternia would be awesome if they hadn't cut all the skits out of it completely! The skits are the best part of Tales, they're where all the character interaction happens. :(

      I think the big thing is that Namdai finally settled on one platform, and also said platform's install base is big enough that they can turn a profit off the localizations.

      Plus they're the only JP publisher which is actually turning big profits still so they can probably afford to take the risk to keep their fans - and Tales has a really strong but undertapped English Language fanbase - happy.

      I think it's awesome and hope we also get Xillia 2. Wish we'd gotten Vesperia as well though. And wish Namco would put the JP audio track on the games instead of middling quality anime dub work.

    I played a decent amount of Starcraft 2 yesterday. Still planning on doing at least one blog post type thing about playing (probably not a whole series), but I want to play a little more first.

    It's funny. The first game is always the hardest. I really have to convince myself to start playing, which is why I've been going with the tried and tested approach of going on TeamSpeak and asking Blaghs if he wants to play twovies. It's a good way to get started.

    We played a few games, Gorzy and Blagh's friend joined in for a while too. One game went so well, I lost everything very early on and then spent the rest of the game microing Gorzy's Vikings because I was completely wiped out. Good times.

    Playing in Bronze league is a pretty interesting experience. I'm getting sick of Entombed Valley, seems to be the one map nobody vetoes, so it's the map every single game seems to be played on. That being said, the range of skill here is pretty interesting.

    You get one guy who pulled off a pretty serviceable blink Stalker build (which requires a fair bit of attention to what you're doing and a proper plan) to crush me and then you get other guys who don't build Warp Gate (which is pretty much the most important thing for a Protoss to do early game).

    I need to learn to defend. Most of the games I win, it's because I decide to go for an attack and my opponent just falls over. When I lose, it's the other way around. That seems to be the nature of Bronze league, if you have an army: go win.

      I think we all know I was the MVP. Garrisoning my SCVs in the command center whilst not under attack is BEST STRATTEGY.

        Your Vikings took out two mineral lines worth of drones, a handful of overlords and a few queens.

        Clearly you were MVP.

    Pioneering a new logo. Keen for feedback before I start adding it to everything. The grey background is coloured to match my website, but I don't anticipate keeping it for other things (like for example business cards)

    Keen for thoughts, if you have any. Thanks all!

      Very simple, yet still good. I like it!

      I'm not so sure about that font. The blood is cool, but it could send the wrong message. The blood looks like something you'd see on a vampire or zombie site and it also looks a bit unprofessional to have on things like business cards. Do you have any colour versions we can look at?

        It's actually meant to be splotches of ink... so black and white would be the only colour.

          It does actually look like bulletholes though. Great idea, but if you have to explain what something is, it's probably not working.

          Oh, okay. My mistake. That makes sense. Still, that I misinterpreted it as blood means others might. Maybe change the colour of the writting or background so it's clear that the splotches are meant to be black, because at the moment it seems like looking at a colour logo on a black and white TV. You should have multiple versions anyway. Different fonts, different colours, different position of the ink blotches, different sizes so you can see if it looks good on both a business card and a website etc. Then you can pick what looks best among them. Or have you already done that and this is the final result?

          I'm sounding a bit harsh here and I apologise, but my honest opinion is that it could use some work.

      Some of the letters look like they need some anti-aliasing. Looks good, though!

      Looks good! The only thing I would comment on is the aliasing of the text looks a little sloppy. It would look a lot cleaner with less pixel-y text.

      Thanks everyone. Great feedback. I will retool.

    Just hit 10,000 words for NaNoWriMo. Now to reward myself by going to pick up my copy of Halo 4.

      Looks like you're about on schedule. Well done. Don't slack off now.

    Is Kotaku appearing all screwing for anyone else? o_O. Last time this happened was right before they implemented the up/down voting.

    Mystery Question Fun Time:

    Yes or No?

    EDIT: I totally forgot what the mystery question was! :P

    It was either "Should I study Marketing now?" or "Should I study Business Modelling now?"

    It's a lose/lose situation since rejecting one meant I'd do the other but I'm pretty sure it was the first question :P. Time to do Business Modelling! zzzzz snorefest

    Last edited 06/11/12 10:48 am

      I choose option 3!

      Wait, you asked two questions. How are you supposed to know whether we're responding to your mystery question or not? :P

    Adventure Gamers gave Anna's Quest 4 out of 5! Gah! So freakin happy and excited right now guys, oh man...

      WOOO! Nice work man!

      Great review of that "great game with the great girl". :D

        That's still probably the best review ever! :D

      Incredible review, man. Been waiting ages for them to post something! Looks like it was worth the wait for sure. You must be so damn happy!

        Haha, I love that when I clicked the like button on it, a picture of your avatar comes up on facebook next to the link XD

          Pey'j is always watching, waiting.


      Look at this hot shot with his awesome game getting good reviews.

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