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    Turns out that my office closes at 1pm for the Melbourne Cup. If only I got to take my lunch hour, then I'd be able to leave at midday. Oh woe is me!

      Seems like today's going to be slow all round. :'( Hooray for your half day, though!

        Have you ever tried to get anything done on Melbourne Cup day after the race? It doesn't happen.

        It gets called the race that stops a nation and it really does. Mainly because it's called the race that stops a nation, so a nation gets an excuse to not do anything for the rest of the day.

        I'm going to buck the trend! I'm going to do some grocery shopping!

          While I'll be standing guard here at TAY, someone's gotta! :P

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      I have never, and will never understand why the Melbourne Cup is such a big deal. Its just a horse race. I don't get it. And then I flick past it on the TV and hear some commentator saying "Its every Australians dream to win the Melbourne Cup." Sigh

        It's an excuse to wear silly hats for people that don't play TF2.

          Is that why they hold it on a Tuesday?

        The "Every Australian's dream" thing is just commentator hyperbole. But most people like it simply because it's an officially sanctioned day off while still being at work. When else do you get to drink beer and eat chips in the middle of a work day (and beyond)?

    Wooo! FINALLY figured out this part of a song that I've not been able to get the timing right for years. Which is good because the bit I always screwed up was right in the middle of my favourite part of the song :)

    2:03-2:07 is the bitch of a bit which I've now made my bitch.

    Playing Theatrhythm has got me all nostalgic and wanting to play previous FF games and it's also made me listen to their soundtracks again :P. Man, it was such a great series :'(

      A weaker man might be jealous of your piano playing skills. :'(


    Guess who a of next week is being transferred to a shitty shop triple the distance of my current one and where I have no chance of making any budget?

    This guy!


      What, Why?

        Because as I said yesterday, my area manager has an emotional maturity of a 3 year old. The state manager told him to cut it out so he's trying to "get even" as he sees it.


          I thought it might have been that but was hoping he would have more maturity then a 3 year old. I was wrong.

      I want you outta there! :'( When's the psych and fitness thing for the police, man?

      Your manager is a wanker.

      How far off till you're out of there, Constable Freeze?

        Few months I guess. I have my medical tomorrow, then they do all the background checks, psych interview and fitness test. Although I can do the fitness test whenever I want at a PCYC.

          Good to hear the end (start?) is in sight, at least!

      Hey guess what!
      Aleph has the best idea right now.

      Fuck 'em. Leave, or threaten to. They obviously need you there, which means they'll pay you.
      Or, they'll continue to piss you around and you'll be leaving anyway.
      Seriously, get the hell outta there /o\

      I can't wait to hear that you're undergoing the final examinations for the police thing man, you're gonna do great!

      This area manager, wow. What a piece of work.

    There's so many people complaining that light armour in War of the Roses is horribly unrealistic because "a sword should cut right through cloth".
    I think I'm the only person who understands what the name "Mail Gambeson" means.

      If the cloth is stretched tight and you hit it from the edge. Otherwise it's surprisingly hard to bash a blade through material.

        Eeyup. That was the whole point of wearing them. Plus the fact that there's mail underneath this one :P

      Yes, Gambit is male.
      Good work, Rize.
      You understand physical differences between men and women.

        Wow...couple of months in Canada and you've already forgotten how to spell English words. Maybe you should come back here.

    I was opining on this on twitter last night, but NFS most wanted on Android is pretty good- though you'll look like an idiot trying to drive your tablet on a train.

    Anyone else got it on any platform? I'd love to see how the Autolog works, apparently it tracks cross platform. Add my Origin account (redartifice) and I'll beat all your times

    Picked it ip last night and I can't wait to get home and play the greatest series featuring the guy in space armour who never takes his helmet off trope.


      Haha! That was an excellent game, I noticed you got Theme Hospital too. You're alright, Freeze. You're alright.

        If there was one thing Theme Hospital taught me it was I should never be allowed anywhere near a Hospital design commitee.

    ...there's big fake-article ads on the main page.

      We've always had those, haven't we?

        I've not seen one on Kotaku before, and I don't use any sort of ad-blocking software.

      Pretty sure we had stuff like this before.
      No big deal.

      So stupid.

      They should do a decent marketing campaign instead of tricking people to click links. :S

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    TAY's too slow for my liking today, maybe this race thing should be disbanded. :P

      I liked an envelope and now my tounge feels weird / dry. That's basically all that I have done today.

    Penance can absolve sin, I hope.
    In an effort to combat my sacrilege last week, I'll be devouring TWO schnitzels this evening.

      Schnitzel guilt's a thing too?

        It's kinda like Catholicism, only more garlic.

          A true schnitzel believer doesn't have to add things to his schnitzel. He believes in the purity of the schnitzel.

          I'm calling you out, fraud!

            Sources tell me that on some Tuesdays he doesn't even consume schnitzel!

              Haha! You're trying to start an inquisition! :D

              The plot thickens.



      Good ol' fashioned cat racing is where the real action's at... except for the one time when beloved Sanspoof was killed by that majestic blimp. I hear he was in the lead too. :'(

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    Went to my parents' place for dinner on Saturday. My Journey art book was delivered there that morning.

    I spent most of the evening playing about with the AR stuff. It's really nifty. Definitely worth the price of admission. The rest of the books is pretty amazing too.

    Came with a free download code for the soundtrack, which I already have. Anyone want? EDIT: Aleph has claimed it in limerick form.

    Also have two copies of DOTA2 to get ride of. Steam seems to think I have friends that might want it. EDIT: Saturday has claimed one and Freeze t'other.

    Oh and what the hell, while I'm giving things away, I have Mirror's Edge sitting in my Steam inventory from the sales back in July.

    Seeing as I'm giving away a few things, might as well make it interesting. Tell me what you want and why in limerick form.

    Last edited 06/11/12 12:36 pm

      I'd be interested in that Journey soundtrack, but only if nobody else wants it. Happy to let somebody else take it, as I'd mainly want it for that glorious Apotheosis track...

        Not a limerick, disqualified!

          I saw 'who wants free stuff' and stopped reading there. :P I'm too busy to write a limerick, alas.

        I read this as a limerick and was disappointed.

      I'll take the Jouney soundtrack! o/

        Nope beaten to the punch fair and square. Enjoy Alex and pants


          Neither of you get it... yet!

            ... Penis now it's a dirty limerick, do I win!

      Journey O.S.T.
      And then I found ten dollars
      Haiku not lim'rick

        Beaten to the punch
        by hot quick-fingered TAYbies
        Better luck next time.

          Nobody has won,
          It's not really a challenge.
          Write a limerick.

      There once was a man named Trojan
      "Say it in limerick form!" he told'em
      They broke the rules because they're fools

        There once was a bunny named Bunny
        Kinda funny because Bunny.
        Aleph wrote a haiku, prolly 'cos his writing's quite poo,
        I'd really like the Journey OST if I could get it.

          There once was a game called Flower,
          And the taste it left, that was sour,
          Now Journey is new, is that dodgy too?
          *insert Journey lyrics here*

          Edit: Haven't played the game, so don't actually need the OST. :P

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              And they say that the road ain't no place to start a family,
              Right down the line it's been you and me,
              Loving a music man ain't always what it's supposed to be,
              Oh, girl. You stand by me. I'm forever yours. Faithfully.

            DO IT! It's gorgeous.
            Like... wow, amazeballs.

            But don't get hype. Not because it isn't good (it is) but high expectations ruin the best of experiences.

        I think you just claimed my fridge. That's a little awkward, I need for my foods.

          Your last sentence has broken grammar.

            Hush you.

      You know what, screw YOU
      To you sir, I say BOO
      I will not jump through your HOOPS
      you must think me as Fruit LOOPS
      I have better things to DO

      There once was a guy who wanted Dota 2
      although the times he'd play it would be far and few
      chances are he'd only play it when piss drunk
      and then proceed to rage quit in the first few minutes and cry in his bunk.

      Now if you want a dirty limerick I'd have to put some effort into it.

      Last edited 06/11/12 12:32 pm

        I believe the trick to a dirty limerick is using words that end in "enis" or "uck".

        Either way, add me on Steam and I'll send you DOTA2 tonight.

          well I wasn't aiming for a dirty limerick you see. And no, it doesn't have to end in enis or uck at all.

          There once was a woman from Ealing, who had a particular feeling, she laid on her back, opened- yeah, not gonna finish that, but you might be able to complete it using imiginatiiioonn. Or google. whichever suits you better.

            There once was a lass from Iraq,
            Who spent most of her life on her back.
            She took a break for some DOTA,
            fell behind on her quota
            And now her pimp won't cut her any slack.

            Dirty and on topic!

      There once was a man from Paynuss
      Who had the last name of Eenus
      He needed Dota 2
      To soothe the pain of who
      Could not rhyme anything with Eenus.

        And that's the last DOTA2 code gone, add me on Steam and I'll send it tonight.

      There once was a fool boy named Pants
      And he read Trjn's post with a glance
      So he made a response
      What a moron he was
      And so, shamed, he decided to dance

      Well that was fun, at least.

        Hey, I just checked my emails and apparently I have extra copies of Dota 2 as well. How about that.


        You can have Mirror's Edge if you want it.

          Nah, I just wanted to write a limerick. But thanks!


    I just realised that if they started marketing the Melbourne Cup not as a horse race, but as a competition whereby horses vie to deliver midgets to a designated location I would probably start taking an interest in it.

      If they had random hat-filled crates dropping during the Melbourne Cup, I would go.

        If the apocalypse had hat drops I would cause it.

      I would be interested in it if it was horses riding and whipping people instead of the other way around. :P

    @ Freeze, read this

    @ Sughly, awesome work mate. A well-deserved review.

    @ Everyone, HELLO!

      Here's the link to Sughly's Adventure Gamers review for Anna's Quest, in case any one missed it. (Ain't a direct link, Kotaku has never let me link there for some reason. Haha!)


      Under the Fair Work Act 2009, an employer takes adverse action against an employee if it:
      prejudicially alters the employee's position; or
      Significantly, a reverse onus test applies in adverse action claims. This means that where an employee claims the employer took adverse action against the employee for an unlawful reason, the court must presume this to be the case unless the employer can prove otherwise.

        Unlawful reason here refers to discrimination against protected classes.

        I don't know if the law extends to bosses being dickbags simply because they're dickbags.

        When in doubt, chat to the ombudsman.

          It sounds like it's distinct to me:

          The general protections provisions provide that in addition to it being unlawful for an employer to take adverse action against an employee who has a workplace right, an employer must also not take adverse action against an employee (or prospective employee) because of the employee’s: sex/race/etc...

          It sounds to my non-lawyer ears that relocating you to an inconvenient store immediately after you stood up for your rights is definitely an adverse action.

          But yeah, talking to people with lawyer ears would be a better idea :)

            Missed that bit.

            But yes, it's illegal to punish a person for defending their rights at work. Otherwise unions would last about three minutes because all of their members would get the sack. The real trick is finding a way to fight against it.

            That's how I read it too, but this hasn't actually really been tested in court yet.

    Who's doing NaNoWriMo/Movember? Any updates? :D

      I'm combining a guesswork word-count from my handwritten commute prose, and adding 1000 words for every page of comic book art I produce in the month. My word count is utterly fraudulent, and I'm still about 3000 'words' 'behind' :P

        But you're fighting the good fight, man. I salute you! :D

          Actually, I'm just doing my normal writing routine. Doesn't feel like much of a fight.

          I've pushed myself hard in previous NaNoWriMos, because I've needed to encourage myself back into writing after a bit of a lapse. But all this year, I've had a pretty good routine and have been very productive, and I don't really want to mess with that.

          Last edited 06/11/12 1:52 pm

            Yeah, man. That sounds like the best plan. I'm finding it a little difficult for reasons unrelated to the writing itself. :'(

      Got a dirty little mo going on. Kind of 'cheating' since I haven't shaved since October 24th or so :P

        Haha! Pictures, Greenius. Pictures!

            And here I thought Greenius was of asian descent! :P

              Racial Profiling DC.

              (I was actually going to post this but I've already made an asian joke on this page, so I thought not haha)

                I said dirty little mo not a majestic thing of beauty.

      I've started some stuff, but I've been writing other blog stuff. Will crank out another short story or two

    Gotta love huge thunderstorms. Not only are they awesome but my previously very dirty, spiderweb laden car is now sparkling clean.
    Also Happy Birthday Cracks?
    Also if I asked people to come up with good reasons not to get Halo 4 would I even get any takers?

      Not owning an Xbox 360, not having anyone to play co-op campaign with or not having the ability to play co-op.

      I'm not getting it because I'm not buying XBL Gold just to co-op one game.

      Some people aren't fond of FPS on consoles? :P

      Also: You already finished the fight, dammit!

    Wow, ACIII is really getting a bad rap...

      My sister absolutely loves it for what it's worth, she's hooked. I stopped midway through sequence five and haven't looked back...

      I enjoyed it, but the more I read about it the more problems I see with it.

        This happens to me all the time with games I'm really hyped for. LA Noire, for example :P

          When I played L.A. Noire I could see the problems, but it never wrecked the game for me.

            *high five* I actually liked LA Noire too!

            It gets a bad rap for failing to reach its lofty goals. If you go looking for the golden film reels, though, you'll get an idea for how much effort they really put into it. You'll be amazed by how much geography they created that you never go near in any of the missions. I was hitting whole regions with fully fleshed out structures that had no other role to play in the game. Not a wonder it cost so much money and took so damn long to make.

              Can't wait to see what they've got with Whore of the Orient. (Haha! Feels awkward to write. :D)

              That's my biggest problem with it. Such a waste of an incredible world and atmosphere.

        I think that's part of the problem.
        Everyone starts knocking something and the negativity feeds itself and perpetuates resulting in the product being dismissed entirely.

          Most certainly isn't the worst game ever, I know that, but it has frustrated me more than any game has in a long while. I bought it on launch day and hadn't heard a bad word about it!

          Happened with Brink.
          Happening with the Vita.
          Trying to think of other examples.

            Final Fantasy XIII?

              My experiences of FFXIII and ACIII are so similar, yet so different at the same time. I bought and played them both on launch day, very excited to see what experience they would immerse me in.

              Everyone was hating on FFXIII, but I was loving it. I could see what they were complaing about but for me linearity isn't a problem. I was having fun with the game and was completely invested in the world and its characters from the start.

              Everyone is hating on ACIII and I'm agreeing with a lot of it. Because the game is actively going out of its way to make it extremely difficult for me to become invested in the world and characters. You need that investment, and that sense of fun to be able to forgive flaws.

              None of my opinions of either game have been affected or coloured by others' opinions. I always make up my own mind based on my own tastes and experiences.

          I don't think it's been harshly dismissed, it's just that when the product promises so much people's expectation are high and rightly so. None of the criticisms I've read seem unreasonably harsh but then again I haven't played the full game.

            My criticisms are not due to being fooled by hype. I didn't even watch a trailer. The only thing I read about the game prior to playing was Serrels' climbing piece. I bought the game because I love the series and wanted to see how Desmond's story turned out.
            But the game is making it really difficult to love it. It may be mildly spoilery if you want to go in super-fresh but my comment on Serrels' time disprepect thing pretty much sums up what's wrong for me so far, and I didn't even mention the glitches or bugs.

      I want to ask why, but don't want spoilers. Still waiting on my PC copy.

        I think D.C. and Strange mentioned one of the problems being something like stupid design where there'd be 4 tasks for a mission and if you fail the fourth one you'd have to start it again FROM THE START :(

          Yeah, none of the missions felt fun either. Just busy work. I enjoyed roaming around between missions a whole lot more!

          Aren't all the AC games like that? Or are they much more prolonged missions?

      All aboard the post-hype hatemobile!

        I didn't get into the hype, so now I just get the happy snarky times where I get to say I was right!

          Ditto. I've been ignoring hype this last year or so and its working wonders. It allows you to see past the marketing and decide later whether the game is actually worth your time and (lesser amount of) money.

          That said, I'm seriously considering going out to buy Halo 4 in an hour or so. Curse you hype, you still have your wretched fingers around my wallet!!

      I'm still keen to play it but not right now.

      It looks like a crazy amount of game to start when I have so many others that I'm way more interested in.

      The one thing that does disappoint me though is all the talk of it's shitty new controls. Can you elaborate?

        One of the problems is you've spent four games learning an intricate control set and it's changed here. Change isn't bad, I suspect some of it is for the best too, but it doesn't stop the fact your muscle memory keeps going back to the old ways. :'( Also felt clunky and unituitive at times. If this was my only problem with the game, I'd press on, but it's the missions themselves unfortunately.

      Anyways, I'm gonna stop bad mouthing the game. Haha! There's plenty to like and I sincerely hope you do like it too, man. Just an acquired taste, one that's not for me!

        Some parts of it really is just questionable game design. It's a fantastic idea and world, just rather poorly executed. Someone mentioned somewhere on the Internet that Assassins Creed is sinking into interactive movie territory and that sums up exactly how I feel about the games.

        I would watch the shizz out of an Assassins Creed movie series.

    So considering it's Tuesday, how many people are keen on CS:GO tonight rather than TF2uesday?

      For someone who has never played CS before, how different is it to TF2? :P Should I look into it?

        Very different. No respawns for one. You only get one life per round, and despite the Bomb or hostage objectives, its basically last man standing. Damage is based on location, headshots will pretty much oneshot you. Chest shots do more damage than limb shots etc.

        *Disclaimer - based on only a few hours of CS:S, haven't played CS:GO

        Think CoD/MoH/BF3 with smaller maps and no story.
        Scratch the story part, none of the others have it either.

        CS *is* a good game, there's a reason it's still popular :D
        I'm just terrible at it, and much prefer TF2 :P

          That really didn't answer anything.
          Graphically, vastly different. TF2 has the 'cartoony' thing going for it, whereas CS goes for 'realism'.
          Hitzones are super important.
          There's only one class, everyone's got the same movement speed, the same health, the same options for weapons/armour etc.

          You run faster with a knife equipped.

            You forgot the important bit: buying.

            You earn money buy getting kills, completing objectives and whatnot. You use that money to buy your weapons, grenades and armour. If you survive the round, you keep what you had, and you can loot from other people.

            Managing your money (and stealing good guns from people you kill) is pretty important.

            Controlling sections of the map take a lot less people in CS. It's smaller and less chaotic than TF2.

        The only thing they share is the viewpoint and the fact you shoot guns at people.

        Everything else is a different game.

        Also, TF2 fanatics can't touch the level of crazy CS fanatics bring to they table.


          But yeah, I've got a mate who's put thousands of hours into CS1.6
          I... I really don't know how.

        Right. Thanks guys! I was under the impression it was basically a more realistic version of TF2 :P If it starts to get popular around here I'll look into it a bit more!


    I went to JB today and jokingly asked "do you guys have iPhone 5 cables?". Surprisingly THEY HAD 2 MORE INSTOCK! I then bought Halo 4 while I was there and got a free poster (you get for pre-ordering) because they has excess of them.

    Then I found 10 sticky grenades.

      I find your story highly questionable. Free posters? Really?

        Can a poster really be free?

        Or is it just another cog in the marketing machine?

          totally takes me back to I think it was economics where there is a whole section on the 'cost' of free parking.

            As long as you don't land on the "Go to Jail" space!

          I got an Alan Wake poster for free. Just walked into GAME, and they gave it to me without having to purchase anything. And because I never hung it up anywhere or displayed it, there's no residual marketing fallout to offset the freeness.

    Did I mention Im getting a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. Not sure but damn im so excited for this little guy. such amazing tech in such a small package (insert.. (get it INSERT) small package joke).

    No idea why but I've been keen to get some more video editing projects but never was inspired to get any footage. Now I have all types of projects lined up and I couldn't be happier.

    Check it out if you haven't seen them, they're pretty damn cool.

    Im getting it shipped from GoPro in the states so wont be here until the end of the month, then I have to pretend I dont have it until Xmas :( I have a QLD trip and then a Fiji trip planned in Jan so it'll get a good work out.

    Any of you guys got a GoPro, or had a play around with them?

    Last edited 06/11/12 2:15 pm

      'sup Shady? Hope you're well!

        Yeah man. All good. Im on twitter a bit so im still talking /hearing from most of you but not on here that much these days.Came off a massive project that lasted about 6 months that I ended up being the PM (Project manager) and tester and the analyst and a mentor for others on the team... all while doing my actual job so that kinda smashed me at work. I find that my Kotaku time is my work time where i need a break and that just didnt happen.

        But now Im getting back to normal. Walking dead is amazing, I got a Samsung S3. Im getting a new video camera. I started a blog where i make burgers into pizza and im getting two free games posted to me this week (Ghost recon and AC3). Also getting FC3 when that comes out too... as payment for the work I did at EBEXPO. So yeah man, very good actually.

        Yeah I got nothing to complain about really. Hows you (and by way of this post, everyone else on this site?)

          Oh wow, man. Sounds like there's lots of good things coming your way! I'm decent enough. :D

      I've got a GoPro.

      They're amazingly handy and the Black's looks insane. (4K!?!?!) Only downside (if you can even call it that) is sound can be a bit shit.

      What mount set are you getting?

      I got the vehicle mounts which are great but I really wanna get a helmet & chest mount.

        Oh man those mounts.....

        Im getting head strap, the chest one eventually, the suction cup and the bike seat/pole mount... wow that all sounds kinda sexual???

        My cousin is getting a few of these so we may just share them rather than buying them twice.

    As I have not yet done this in TAY;
    *coughs, clearing throat*


    Just a little excited for this.

      Is it just me or is "Dragonborn" a bit of an unimaginative name for Skyrim DLC :P

        I don't think creativity and originality is something The Elder Scrolls could really be accused of :P

          Oooh. SKYRIM DRAGONBURN!

            Gentleman, I am writing to officially advise you, that your heretical comments have been noted and that this blasphemy will be seen too.
            Prepare to be CLUBBYED... er, CLUBBERED.... um, CLUBBYFIED....
            Your both poopyheads

            Ha that'll learn em!

      I concur.

      Seriously, if Dawnguard was Knights of the Nine, this is Skyrim's equivalent to Shivering Isles.

    Just got the stupidest glitch in ACIII. Was sneaking along following someone when all of a sudden my character was launched up into the air like when the giants clubbed you in Skyrim. Which caused me to be desynchronised because "you must stay in reach of your target".

      Then why did you jump so high? Seems like a silly thing to do.

        Yeah, not very stealthy, Strange. You're playing it wrong! :P

        I have to agree, that seemed a bit silly.

      Dammit guys, stop making me laugh, I'm mad. :D

      For the record...I didn't jump. I didn't press anything, I'd been holding the left stick in a forward position for a while to make the guy move, but there was no jumping. If it wasn't so maddening it would have been amusing because he was launched into the stratosphere in a standing-up position. Like Superman but without the wanky fist-in-the-air. :P

        Maybe he saw a spider and was all
        and flew away, as people frequently tend to do.

        The fist in the air is the real source of his powers. Not this yellow sun nonsense, it's the fist raising.

        Maybe his planet needed him.

          Lol. Her game glitches to the true end of Assassin Creed.

    Aw, man. The new BSG web series trailer looks so damn good. Too bad it didn't get picked up as a proper series. I love the attention to detail, when the Viper is being lowered into position. You see crew on different decks, looks amazing. Also seems to capture the tone of BSG better than Caprica. (Something I actually liked.) The alternate theme song? Awesome!

      Still need to watch the Blu-Ray collection I got for Christmas last year too. :D

      I absolutely adored the BSG series (as unrelentingly depressing as it was) but Caprica bored the bejesus out of me.

        I think I liked the world building of Caprica. Getting to see the sights and sounds. It also got insanely good towards the end, but took a while to get there. Really slow burn.

        Edit: Plus it had patented Bear McCreary music, which is always incredible!

        Last edited 06/11/12 3:24 pm


    My essay extensions ended as of a week and a half I just read the emails wrong /o\


    *sobs loudly*


    I broke my brain.

      Hope you're alright, batgirl. I can't really tell. :S

        I'm like at that stage where everything is going so wrong you just have to laugh.


            It's cool. I handed one in today and talked to my tutor who's marking it and she told me not to panic that she has her own deduction system and she knows I'm not a drop kick student.

            The other one I'll be losing about 20% for so I'll need to get at least 65 to pass.

            ...someone double check my maths.

              Here's hoping it all works out! :)

      Oh Margie, you came and you found me a turkey, on my vacation away from work-y

    Sweet. $160 richer.

      \o/ MONEY!

        Lazy $20 on Dunaden to win paying $8.20.


        You think Xenoblade is only worth $40? For shame :P

    Saw this on Twitter, got me more excited for a fresh team for Star Wars.


      Jesus Eugenics Development Institute?

      An it says the piece was written after Empire? I think the writer left the cinema before the movie was completely over...

        I like how he keeps arguing that Vader can't be Luke's father.


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