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    CS is a completely different game to TF2, BF and COD. Much more realistic* damage, and steeper learning curve. Seriously, the only similarity is that they're first person shooters.
    Having said that, it's a pretty great game and player vs bot matches are awesome fun and a great way to play without being slaughtered by people waaaaay better than you. Also, you shoulda tried CS:GO on the free weekend 2 days ago :P

    * realistic in that you can't take a hit, and headshots insta-kill 9 times out of 10.

      The skill disparity between players is WAY more pronounced in CS than it is in TF2.
      I think.

        Yup. Exactly why bot matches are great :P

          Zombie games are SO MUCH FUN!

          I played against my competitive mate (I think he's currently at 3800hrs?) once. I was cheering when I'd managed to STAY ALIVE for a minute. At that point I'd given up all hope of getting a kill, I was just focusing on staying alive

      Right! I'll keep an eye on it and if I see it cheap and/or it takes off in TAY, I'll be there!

        I saw it on Steam for $10 over the weekend, I think?

        I won't get it personally, but $10 seems a fair price (considering I paid $20 for CSS a few months ago :P)

        FYI the full price is $15, which was what it was on release.

        EDIT: Not saying you SHOULD buy it, but something to consider if you get interested.

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      The election scares me. :S Also, 'sup page nine? What's new?

    So, turns out I'm one of those people with 3 spare copies of Dota 2.

    Anybody who would actually play it and doesn't already have it want a copy?

    Super Mystery Question Fun Time:
    (thanks to Greenius!)

    Yes or No?


        Welp, fingers crossed \o/
        Aleph's goin' on a date Friday night!
        Not tonight because she's working :(

        But oh man. Little bit squee right now. Gah, I really love/hate this :P

          Did... I just technically ask some girl on a date for you? :P

            Technically you reaffirmed what I'd already done :P Best wingman/enabler ever!

            Originally asked her to dinner tonight, but she's working. Instead we're having a couple of drinks this evening, and going for dinner this weekend *bites nails*

              Well, if it goes well you have me to thank. If not? You're on your own, pal!

                I can live with that!
                I'll thank you either way. I look at it from an MMORPG standpoint. Anyone below me is a noob, anyone above me is a nolifer.
                If it works, awesome.
                If it doesn't, she was a crazy bitch that wasn't worth my time, or something*

                Well, full disclosure on the wing man front, I'm as awkward with the women folk as I am with every other aspect of my life. So good luck with that, man. :P

                  I drink to assuage my anxiety. An imperfect solution, to be sure.

                  Alcohol, the great social lubricator!
                  (This may be why I plan on having a drink with any/all drinking TAYbies. I might share a sandwich or something with the non-drinking TAYbies :D)

          Psssst, don't forget the C chord.

      The German pickup lines worked aye? =P

        I think it was the "fall from heaven" one that did the trick ;)

        Admittedly, I got all nervous and they kind of came out all at once in an unending string. Who knows WHAT did it :P

      I'm not answering because I feel there's a chance the question will be "Do I look fat in this" and there's is no way in getting myself backed into that corner again thank you very much.

        I've seen your wife...a baby could knock her over while blowing out birthday candles. I'm pretty sure your answer could never be "Yes, you look fat in that" and be truthful. :P

          Truth be told, I'll always say "yes" to that question.
          It's a nicety I can do without, and would much rather opt for "you look beautiful in that".

          Haha! I was gonna say something similar, but decided it was poor form to comment on another guys wife. :P

            Mrs. Freeze is awesome! She likes my meanius pictures :)

              Yeah, she's an awesome lady for sure! :D

    I have no words...

      The weather thing is odd, but no one has ever sat you down and explained what it was. You've got to actively read about these things and discover them. If you're not that tech inclined, I can see how such an 'obscure' topic could be misunderstood.

    So Ser Nobulus's tales are true - it seems that JB are going Oprah with the "pre-order" Halo posters. I just bought a copy of Halo 4 and they said "would you like a poster too?". And I said "Yes. Yes I would". Then they said "Here you go!".

    Long story short: I didn't find any sticky grenades.

      Yeah man! I never lie, except for the times that I do.


        I forgot your handle and kept calling you by your real name everywhere.

        Are you free/will be leaving Supanova on Saturday night for hang outs and shit?

      JB often throw pre-order stuff on day one purchases. They're (mostly) good people! :P

    What time do you guys eat dinner?

      At dinner time =P

      Sometime around 6pm

      Haha! Weird question, I know, but genuinely curious! :P

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        I keep expecting you to edit your question to make us look silly. :P

          Not at all. I eat really early, it's just how my family always did it when I was a kid. Now I'm beginning to suspect it's why I eat so much snack foods in the evening. :D

          Whoaaaa thats an amazing idea :O

            Strange just inceptioned some trouble making ideas into a lot of brain pans!

      Generally between 6 and 7. Usually on the earlier side

      When cooking for family, 6-7, when doing a BBQ with family/friends 7-9
      When cooking for myself? Whenever I'm hungry 4pm-3am :P


      Breakfast depends on when I wake up, which can be 7-10ish and Lunch can be like 1-3 :P

      Between 8 & 10pm mostly

        Ditto, although this is new for me.
        Not enough hours in the day anymore.

          Yeah, even though i'm not exactly busy. I'm finding it hard to have more hours at the end of the day for everything :S

      With the kids, preferably 5:30/6pm. But it usually ends up an hour later than that. Hard to balance the optimal time for the kids' dinner with Mr. Strange's desire to have a workout as soon as he gets home from work. We're almost always finished eating by 7pm-ish though.

        Trying to do this (the first part), but usually fail to be home in time :(

        This. Sounds like we have the same kid dinner management. When Ash is at his mums, its whenever my stomach tells me to eat, whatever time that might be

      Whenever maaaaaan.

      Just go with the floooooooooooooow broooooooooooo.

    I was enjoying some ACIII multi, then I got dropped from Xbox Live. D: Stupid internet.

    Somebody else needs to finish this game so I can talk spoilers with them! Although nobody really seems to want to.

      From what I have been reading it seems like it's the other way around. The game is the one that doesn't want to be finished. =P

      I still need to finish Darksiders.
      I keep sitting down to power through it, but then get sidetracked by completionist urges.

      I've been playing it every chance I get. I'm determined to finish the pesky thing. :P

    D.C., the friendly up vote fairy! :)

      Not the most manliest of phrases. :S

      Note: This'll be the only conversation thread I'm going to abuse the upvote system on. Don't panic.

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        lol look @ dis loser self up voting himself hahrharhah!

          Whatever do you mean? :P

          Edit: Also, stop cancelling out your down votes. That's unethical.

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            But I haven't? :P

            I upvoted myself before you downvoted :)


              Edit: Alright, I'm stopping. I'm sorry. :D

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    I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Poké-Talk (ie. XCOMTALK):
    There isn't really any spoilers in this, but I'll put it in ROT13 just in case! (I've only played 2-3hrs :P)

    V whfg qvq zl svefg zvffvba jurer V rapbhagrerq gubfr mbzovr fcvqre nyvra guvatbf. Zna, qvq V trg naavuvyngrq. Nofbyhgr, gbgny qvfnfgre. Unys zl grnz qrnq, bar fhccbeg fbyqvre ena njnl va cnavp naq ershfrf gb zbir... yrnivat zl yriryyrq-hc favcre jub pna'g qb zhpu hc pybfr.

    Gunax tbq sbe znahny fnivat :C

      Oh, man. That mission added a whole lot of names onto the memorial wall! :'(

      It saddens me that the game creates random characters from a whole bunch of different countries, but the only voices you can give them are american accented. All they needed is one, maybe two, voices for each country! I wouldn't even care if they were horribly fake sounding!

      I am enjoying the game in any case. Though I don't really feel bad when one of my squadmembers dies... I can hire another for $10. I kinda wish that you only had a finite number of soldiers, but they were fleshed out with personalities and such (but then I guess we're moving away from the XCOM concept so it probably wouldn't work). Oh well. Just thoughts!

      ps. Fire Emblem. Now.

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    Why must people I associate with post stupid shit on Facebook like 'Yolo' I mean I know of a few people who came back from the dead more than once.. My grandfather was one heh.

    Umm... not sure if low cloud or nearby mountain is on fire... :/

    Anyways... can gaming headsets be used as headphones to listen to music on an iPhone (or similar device)? What about the headsets that are USB cabled, are they pretty much useless for these devices?

    Currently I use cheapo earphones but this apparently good set of headphones is on sale at Amazon and I'm thinking of just buying it. I'm planning to use it to listen to the music on my phone but I might also use it at the computer for when I play games, watch porn movies, TV shows etc. The only thing is, it doesn't have a microphone so if I ever want to game and chat I'd still need a proper headset. So if headsets can also be used for basic music things then it's sort of a two birds with one stone kinda thing (although it'll be incredibly weird if there's a prominent microphone sticking out).

    Thanks in advance, I know nothing about these things :P. $120ish is still pretty expensive and I don't even know if they're good or worth it but I feel the need to upgrade to something proper.

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      ATK, or Audio Technica make amazing audio gear. Probably only second to Sennheisher in relation to audio headsets. Never cheap though sadly. Personally though I would suggest the ATH-AD700's over the ones you link, they;re currently 146 dollars off down to 104 :) They're awesome, I have had many friends own pairs and they last for years. Also epic sound quality.

      Also re: mic. Go to Dick Smith's & pick up a 10 dollar desktop microphone! They have great clarity, and they're cheap, so you're not out of pocket.

        But... that requires leaving the house D:

        I wouldn't mind switching between another decent headset for gaming but it's not something I want to pay extra for.

        Well shit... I just checked and the price increased to $146. Guess I'm not buying anything then! :P. I'm not fond of the AD700's look but thanks for suggestion :). Someone else in the comments mentioned they were good too (possibly better than the one I linked) but I'm used to Apple earphones and a cheapo Logitech one slightly above in sound quality so it'll be hard for me to tell :P

          You can order online from DSE kiddo. lol.

          What aren't you found about the 700's? They're so god damn comfy, I could wear them for hours with out fatiguing my ears!

            I'll even save you the hassle and link you to it!

              But shipping :(

              Also, it's 'free' if I can beg for one from the kind TAYbies (FREE STUFF PLS) :D

              My desktop speakers aren't amazing either so a proper mid-high end headset would not only have a decent mic but also let me hear stuff better too.

              Last edited 06/11/12 6:05 pm

                You're honestly better off going the route of separate mic & headphones, if you want quality headphones, most stuff they attach a microphone to is pretty good, but to get quality you spend way too much.

            Gold and purpley, bit fugly. I also don't like the bit that rests on your head and how it's a bit lower and there's the two wires hanging above :P.

            Obviously this is just based on looks and I've never worn either of them so no idea how comfy they would actually be :)

              They pretty much feel like you're not wearing them at all. Unlike some headphones are a right pain to wear. You could easily go to JB or somewhere and test out a pair by the way :)

                There's that whole 'outside' thing again!

                  Seriously you're missing out on a great deal, they're way more comfy than your standard headphones with just one band across the top. The metal across the top is for rigidity, and the soft foam is there for cushioning obviously but it's also adjustable. Also it's more of a red/maroon, not purple. That's just how they photograph. It's actually quite a nice colour.

                  They will easily last 5+ years if you take care of them.

                  Based on looks I still prefer other types. A solid black is nice.

                  I know there's a lot of hate for it but... Beats have an alright colour scheme where it's just a solid colour with another colour or two.

                  But looks aren't everything, these TDK ones I have look comfy, they are the total opposite. I barely wear them because of it, and they're the same design as to the design of the lot you linked. Also the 700's are open ear, so they allow air to freely move through the cups, meaning it won't get as hot around your ears and reduce sweating and all that crap.

        oh and also the ones your linked are studio monitor headphones, whilst they will give awesome sound, probably not suitable for what you want, they like studio monitor speakers will give a flat even sound, which is true to how the audio was recorded.

        UGH! I considered buying them so I read more about it but decided not to :P

        Still not a fan of the look (I am going to wear them in public) or the openness. Apparently with these open types you can hear outside noises (I like noise cancelling) AND they can hear your music (I like my privacy!).

        Once again thanks for the suggestion but screw you for nearly making me $100+ poorer :)

          If you want something for public might I suggest sony or sennheiser earbuds. You can pick up some pretty decent sounding ones for under 50 dollars, probably closer to 30-40 dollars.

            I want public and at home :P

            One of the comments I saw on it made me chuckle. It was about the openness of them and how other people can hear what you're listening too... including porn. Apparently they found out the hard way hah!

      I think the iPhone/iPod/iPad headphones are basically a headset anyway, as long as it has a headphones port it should be fine! (I think.) Can't help you on the USB front!

        They don't work on TS and such for some reason, also the quality wouldn't be too great. I currently have Beavwa's old cheapo headset but it's incredibly buzzy and Nob thinks I sound like I have a mouthful of bees (ALL THE NIGHTMARES)

          D= Beeius

    I've quilted flowers 8 times today. 3 different types of flowers a a few times each. I have one left to do. And then tomorrow I can start learning how to quilt feathery leaves. It's my first time following one of my online classes and doing everything in it instead of just watching and extracting snippets of information to help me on whatever other project I'm working on. It's kind of cool, but I'm not exactly a flower person. Can't wait until leaves tomorrow because GREEN. :P

      Green's an excellent colour, any one who claims otherwise is batshit crazy!

    Just started playing Halo 4, first impressions (after approx. 5 mins gameplay):

    Dhvpxgvzr riragf va zl Unyb? Rjjj...

      Lrnu, vg'f rira jbefr va pb-bc, orpnhfr bayl cynlre bar qbrf nalguvat. Cynlre 2 fvgf gurer yvzcyl.

      Gunaxshyyl gurl zber be yrff fgbc unccravat, sebz jung V'ir cynlrq.

      I was hoping AC3 might turn up today and Halo maybe tomorrow — the latter was sent out a bit early by ozgameshop. That new mechanic doesn't dull my enthusiasm, but I need to play before exams and studying and stuff. ;-;

      And the prices are good, but I don't understand how I can send stuff to the Netherlands and it'll turn up in 4 days 'n then stuff from the UK always takes more than a week. :|

      Last edited 06/11/12 7:22 pm

        It's more or less thanks to the perilous journey.

          Funnily enough, that could be true.

          Once I had a package sit in Botany for 27 days — UPS claimed to have tried to deliver on 5 occasions and were on the verge of sending it back saying no-one was ever home to collect. Half a dozen phone calls later, a woman from UPS was extremely helpful and apologised and promised to sort things out (she did! Turns out there's a contractor in my area who's known to be lazy). The next day a long-haired guy in a puffy Seinfeld-like pirate shirt rocked up to deliver a battered 'n deformed box. I excused the guy, thinking he was caught up in some pirate-related incident on the high seas... but maybe I'm not giving my package the parcel enough credit. Poor guy.

          Also, Sughly needs to make more comics. It's not like he has a fun 'n well-reviewed game to keep working on or anything.

            More comics, more of the time! Adventure games too! :D

        Obligatory "Who's this guy?" post :P

          I'd down-vote you, but I don't want people to know.

          ... be right back, creating an alternate account that I can trash people with — I'll even stage arguments with myself and no-one will ever suspect a thing.

          (It is nice to see a lot of familiar people still hanging around. I've sort of lurked and been reading articles without commenting for a long time, and that anyone remembers makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :P )

            Well I could hardly forget you. You were Tatooine in Kotaku Wars! :P
            Man, I can't believe that was (almost) 2 years ago I feel old...
            Also, also, I may (or may not) have my own secondary account, one that I sometimes use to talk to myself... *shifty eyes* :P

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      Qba'g jbeel, gurl bayl unccra guerr be sbhe gvzrf qhevat gur jubyr tnzr. Gurl'er nyy cerggl fvzcyr gbb, whfg bar ohggba cerff. V unir gb nqzvg gubhtu V snvyrq gurz n srj gvzrf orpnhfr V xrcg cerffvat gur jebat gevttref be ohzcref.


      Hey scree! What's new?

        Um, nothing.

          Haha! Same here. We both have the best stories! :D

            Completely. =D

              What about you SmurfyDog? Hey! Any new stories to tell?

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                It is a public holiday today in Melbourne. Some horse race or something. So I went to a friends house, and we all went to the Pub in the afternoon. Racing form-guides were consulted, we pretended we knew what we werre doing, bets were placed and fun times were had.
                Then I lost $9 :D

                  Damn you guys and your public holidays. Made for a quiet day here, for sure! :D

                  Sounds like a good day, though!

    South Park delayed....
    ...Now I'll have to freeze myself...

    Whatever happened to that XCOM FPS that was announced at E3 last year? was the game canned or something? I haven't heard anything in awhile.

      Last month there was a rumour that 2K are making it into a third person thing instead, might be a downloadable title like Alan Wake's American Nightmare and I Am Alive as well.

      Last edited 06/11/12 8:10 pm

        I wouldn't be surprised if they reduce the budget to a DLC release the title does seem like a big risk for a multi platform game.

        Hopefully we hear some confirmations eventually.

    Just finished Halo 4. It completely lived up to my hype. 343 Industries have done a great job. I love how they've managed to expand the series lore while at the same time respecting what was already there and what Bungi had already made. I love how they managed to give the Chief more personality while at the same time not really changing his character at all. It really felt like a game that was made by fans of the series. I haven't tried the multiplayer yet, that's next on my to do list. Hopefully it's also fun.

    Now some rot13 stuff. I wouldn't recommend reading it unless you've finished the game (which at this point, I imagine would be very few of you, I'm still going to post it though) because it contains major spoilers.

    Cneg bs zr ernyyl, ernyyl jnagf gurz gb oevat Pbegnan onpx orpnhfr vg'f whfg abg Unyb jvgubhg ure. Znfgre Puvrs naq Pbegnan ner va zl bcvavba gur terngrfg tnzvat grnz hc naq V'q yvxr gung gb pbagvahr vagb shgher Unyb tnzrf. Ba gur bgure unaq, V fbeg bs qba'g jnag gurz gb oevat ure onpx orpnhfr vg pbhyq srry ernyyl purrfl naq cbbeyl qbar ohg nyfb orpnhfr V'z vagrerfgrq ubj gur Puvrs'f fgbel jvyy hasbyq jvgubhg ure.

    V qba'g guvax gurl'yy oevat ure onpx. V guvax ure qrngu naq gur jubyr guvat nobhg jurgure be abg gur Puvrs'f n znpuvar vf tbvat gb or gurve jnl bs ribyivat uvf punenpgre fb ur'f ab ybatre whfg n fbyqvre. V pna frr cebcre sevraqfuvcf jvgu uhzna punenpgref naq znlor rira ebznagvp eryngvbafuvcf va gur Puvrs'f shgher, gubhtu gur jubyr ebznapr guvat qbrfa'g znxr frafr sbe n Fcnegna 2 V vzntvar gurl'yy rvgure ergpba gung be pbzr hc jvgu fbzr jnl vg'f cbffvoyr.

    Nf sbe jung gur shgher pbasyvpgf jvyy or, V pna'g rira thrff. Guvf vf fhccbfrq gb or gur fgneg bs n gevybtl, ohg vg qvqa'g srry yvxr vg jnf frg hc sbe bar. Ng svefg V gubhtug gur jubyr gevybtl jbhyq raq hc gnxvat cynpr ba gung Sberehaare cynarg, ohg gura gurl tbg bss vg. Gura V gubhtug gur jubyr gevybtl jbhyq or nobhg gelvat gb fgbc gung rivy Sberehaare, gura gur Puvrs fgbccrq uvz. Abj V whfg qba'g xabj. V'q ernyyl yvxr na rkcynangvba sbe gur Pbiranagf orunivbhe va gur tnzr, fb znlor gung pbhyq or n sbphf sbe 5 naq 6. V'q ybir gb frr gur Neovgre ernccrne ng fbzr cbvag nf na nyyl.

    Nyfb ernyyl tynq gur Sybbq qvqa'g fubj hc. Sebz gur fperrafubg cbfgrq n juvyr ntb ba Xbgnxh V gubhtug gurl jbhyq, juvpu V qvqa'g ernyyl jnag ng nyy fvapr V fcrag guerr tnzrf trggvat evq bs gurz. V thrff gurl'yy or va zhygvcynlre bayl. Cneg bs vasrpgvba zbqr be fbzrguvat (V qba'g rira xabj vs Unyb 4 unf gung. 3 qvq naq vg jnf njrfbzr, fb ubcrshyyl 4 jvyy nf jryy. V pna'g erzrzore vs vg jnf n cneg bs Ernpu).

      You finished it already o.o

        I didn't intend to finish it today, but once I started playing I found I couldn't stop but for a couple 15 minute breaks to stretch and get some air. I was just having too much fun.

          Plus he didn't want to make a promise to a girl he couldn't keep.

            We all know that when he makes a promise.

            He keeps it.

            #Halo3 #ShootMyWayOutMixThingsUpALittle

          haha fair enough! Yeah I hear ya there man, gettin so involved in a game you're unaware of everything else. Feels good at times.

            When Portal 2 came out I played through the whole thing in one sitting. I didn't start playing until late in the evening and by the time I finished the game it was half way into the next day. I try and avoid doing stuff like that, take things in moderation and all that, but there are some games, and I'd also extend this to books, TV and movies, that you just get so absorbed in you can't bear to stop and you lose track of time. In moderation, these binges are rather enjoyable.

              Oh man when anyone says 'in moderation' all I can think about is Wil Andersons skit from the Montreal comedy festival where he mentions how Aussies would take the phrase 'drinking in moderation' as it's a new club in the city and we should go get pissed there!

              But yeah those binges are awesome, I only do them on occasions to, because they ain't always kind on the body.

      Maybe I should kick start myself into the campaign if you think it is that good, I've been too busy deciding between DMR or the Battle Rifle for my preferred loadout.

        Maybe it's just the newness of it, but I think it's one of my favourite Halo campaigns. In terms of characterisation, I think it's better than any of Bungie's Halos.

          It's weird, I found the events in Halo 3/Reach to be more memorable, but the character interactions in 4 are so much better.

      Woah, finished already! How many hours did it take you?

        Around 7 - 8 playing on normal. Your mileage may vary depending on your own skill level and the difficulty you play on.

        Took me and HindenLagen about 6-7 hours co-op on Heroic. But then again, we've recently been practicing with Legendary runs with Iron skull, so it took us less time than it might take others. And we weren't exactly hunting for secrets, either.

      Does Master Chief talk? I can't remember if he does or not but I've only played Halo 2, 3 and ODST (I don't think he was even in this one?) and I recall him being mute.

      In this day and age silence protagonists just seem a bit... I dunno, dated and old?

        He talks. He's always talked. It's his face you never see. He wasn't in ODST and one of the characters you played as, the Rookie, didn't talk (from memory).

        Though he probably talks more in 4 than he does in any previous game.

        Last edited 06/11/12 8:51 pm

      Book spoilers below:
      Pbivr orunivbhe rkcynvarq va gur obbxf Tynffynaqf naq Guhefqnl Jne: onfvpnyyl, n ohapu bs ryvgrf ner qvffngvfsvrq jvgu gur Neovgre'f yrnqrefuvc naq uvf gerngl jvgu gur uhznaf, naq fb fgntrq n eroryyvba. Bar bs gurfr rfpncrq pncgher ol uhznaf, sbhaq gur ybpngvba bs Erdhvrz naq yrnearq bs n Sberehaare pnyyrq gur Qvqnpg jub qrfcvfrq uhznaf. Urapr, ur enyyvrq nyy gur onpxjngre lbxry Pbivrf jub fgvyy fnj gur Sberehaare nf tbqf, gbbx n wnhag gb Erdhvrz, naq wbvarq gur Qvqnpg.

        Figured it would be something like that. I really should get around to reading all the books. I've read three of them but that was years ago.

      It's sooooo freaking pretty, and everything sounds so beefy.

      I do have a few issues though...
      Ur'f orra tbar sbe 5 lrnef naq whfg npprcgf gur punatrf jvgubhg dhrfgvba?

      Yvxr, jub ner gurfr Fcnegna 4f... naq jurer qvq gurl pbzr sebz?
      Jung'f guvf oenaq arj zrpu gung V xabj ubj gb cvybg.
      Ubj pbzr gur syntfuvc bs gur HAFP syrrg qbrfa'g unir na NV?
      Ur qbrfa'g rira nfx nobhg gur bgure Fcnegna 2f... va gur obbxf gurer ner nobhg 5 yrsg enggyvat nebhaq, naq ur qbrfa'g rira jbaqre nobhg gurz?

        All good points, I guess if I had to come up with answers for them:

        Gb nafjre lbhe svefg dhrfgvba, gur fbeg bs crefba ur vf, jub ur jnf envfrq gb or, vf fbzrbar jub pna nqncg gb nal fvghngvba. Ur jbhyqa'g or zhpu bs n fbyqvre vs ur pbhyqa'g nqncg gb gur hacerqvpgnovyvgl bs gur onggyrsvryq nsgre nyy. Gurer'f nyfb gur snpg gung abg zhpu unf punatrq. Gurer'f n srj arj jrncbaf ur arrqf gb trg hfrq gb, ohg ur'f fgvyy svtugvat gur Pbiranag, fgvyy rkcybevat n fgenatr nyvra jbeyq. Ynfgyl, jura fcnpr geniry pbzrf vagb cynl gvzr fgnegf gb unir qvssrerag zrnavatf.

        Sbe lbhe arkg dhrfgvba, ur'q unir xabja sbe n juvyr gung gurer jrer bgure Fcnegna'f orra znqr nsgre gur 2f. Gur Fcnegna 3'f unq orra nebhaq sbe n juvyr nsgre nyy. Orpnhfr bs gung, V pna'g frr gur Fcnegna 4'f nf pbzvat nf gbb zhpu bs n fhecevfr.

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          Before I translate that, how spoilery is it... I think I'm only about half way through the campaign.

            Sorry for the late reply. It's not very spoilery at all. I don't really talk about Halo 4's plot, it's really just my speculation and interpretation to come up with answers to your questions.

    @ Greenius - re; the headphones question. Listen to Virus. Those Audio Technica headphones have a great reputation, and combined with a desktop mic for gaming/teamspeak, you couldn't ask for a better combo for twice the price.
    If I was still catching public transport, (only time I really use headphones outside the house) I'd jump on that deal right now.

      I did re-consider it but I dunno :P

      My main concern apart from them being actually good or not is whether they've been cheaper before. I hate knowing that I'm not paying relatively the best price I can for something.

      Also still not a fan of the design. Seems a bit big and I have a pretty small head :P

      Last edited 06/11/12 8:44 pm

        They may have been cheaper before, and they may be cheaper in future, but they're a great price right now, AND they provide an excellent solution to your problem.
        Doooo Eeeeeet ! :P

        Also if you're going to be using them in public, please get closed headphones! (ie. Headphones where people sitting next to you can't hear what you're listening too :P)

        Admittedly I'm not very educated in this area, but I do know that! I bought a pair of open headphones when they were cheap and I didn't know the difference. It was like I mounted speakers on the sides of my face! :P (Though now I have a relatively cheap Audio Technica pair, which are really cool looking. They're very shiny! Literally! A mirror!)

          Yeah! That's one of the things I don't like about it. I don't want to disturb other people just as I don't want to be disturbed by them and their loud music.

        That is the cheapest I have ever seen such a high quality pair of headphones. Their RRP here is around the same price as a pair of HD555's by Sennheiser which is around 220 bucks. So yeah, massive saving.

        But you don't really want headphones for public in my opinion, they're bulky, and you're more unaware of your surrounds with both ears covered up with noise cancelling phones. Which is not something I personally recommend for use in public, honestly. That's why I prefer ear buds, whilst private, they also let in some of the ambient noises from your surrounds. That's if you don't buy in ear/noise cancelling ones of course.


      Y U NO READ FINE PRINT! Can't be shipped outside the US :P

        Cause I never saw the fine print =(

        Always those shipping places that deal with that stuff who then send it to you from the states lol.

          Yeah not worth it when that other pair was $112 delivered :P

    So yeah, it's 164 bucks for general admission tickets for Black Sabbath, sure you get the new album with said purchase.. But do I really want to see Sabbath without Bill Ward or Vinny Appice on drums?

      Of course you do. It will be awesome!
      But $164 awesome? Not too sure. Only one way to find out.

    Mystery Question Fun Time:

    You know the drill!

    ...but this time... DOUBLE WHAMMY! Two mystery Yes/No questions!

    To be fair I'll take the first two proper answers and they can't come from the same person.

    Go forth minions!

    Last edited 06/11/12 9:23 pm


      I usually shave whenever I need to go out but since I grow facial hair slowly it's pretty much only a once a week thing. I haven't shaved for nearly 2 weeks now and it's getting pretty long. It's not a beard but I do have a bit of a mo going on with a bunch of random long strands here and there and a bunch on my chin, looks a bit silly but I've decided to keep it for a while. This is going to be interesting...

        Haha! Soon every damn guy on this site is gonna have a beard. It all links back to Shiggy... or Hellscream! :D

          It won't be a good beard, I can assure you of that!

            Same here, my stubble looks presentable for two weeks tops. Then, the unpleasentness begins. :P

          Nah my like for facial hair stems back to rockstars that have some bitchin' facial hair take ZZ Top for example, even the drummer who doesn't have a beard still technically does, since his last name is beard!

            Haha! Yeah, I've been doing the stubble thing for as long as I've been able to. Makes me look less like a twelve year old. :D

              Haha, I always think when I have some decent facial hair goin that i'll shave it into something more respectable like a goatee, I never do though.

              ...and more of a druggie!

              @Virus - I Googled ZZ Top :O

                haha! Gillette offered both Billy & Duty a million dollars each to shave their beards off..

            The fact that the only beardless member of ZZ Top is named Frank Beard has won me points in several trivia nights!

            I've sported a goatee since I was about 18, (many moons ago) but the full beard only came when I was about to get my motorbike lisence. Silly, I know. But now I have it I can't get rid of it.

              \o/ useless facts are great to know aren't they!

              When you got the bike license did you get tats, piercings & joined a local MC? haha. I joke. Beards are cool, can be itchy though.

              Random beard fact; It turns out that Costa from Gardening Australia is jealous of the beard sported by the property manager at my dads mate's property out at Leyburn. I found that quite funny.

                THAT guy can be jealous of someone else's beard!?

                  Yep haha. Timbsy has a badass beard, possibly on par or better than what the members of ZZ Top have.

    I've managed to play a lot of Starcraft lately. It's actually pretty weird how I keep putting off playing despite the fact that I really enjoy it.

    Part of it seems to be that I just laugh it off when things go wrong. I'm bad at this game, no denying it. No point getting mad. Better to laugh at the derpy shit that beats me.

      Hey, Trjn. In case you missed it, Saturday's meat is back at Cyber City instead of Hellscream's place! Competitive Starcraft would probably break my spirit. Haha!

      Last edited 06/11/12 10:09 pm

        I didn't know it was changed from Cyber City.

    Weird animation Blaghsy saying things thing, feel free to ignore:

    So it clicked today one of the things I always found so off with lip synching and facial animation in games. Now, there are a few exceptions, but in general, models seem not to have lips. They will have these lips just sort of... painted on to their face. I want you to go watch the firsts Toy Story. No, no, I've got time. But while you do, watch everyone's mouths. They have this weird resemblance to Gary's Mod animations. Their mouths are just sort of going through the motions, and they have no lip depth to speak of(this one's noticeable since they fixed it for 2 and 3). Obviously, this is a limit of the technology, but while playing Halo 4 today, I noticed that the characters actually seemed to have lips that do lip things.

    They do them a little wrong, and when it's not a cutscene they're normal game levels of dodgy, but it really stood out to me that their mouths moved so much more like mouths than anything I've played at all recently.

    Since this is rather long, and is about some element that I doubt anyone else cares about, have a picture of an adorable kitten.

    Edit: Alright, now I feel bad. So I've got a picture of a baby Aye Aye(they're a type of Lemur, native to Madagascar).

    Last edited 06/11/12 11:44 pm

      That picture made me flinch for real. Just for that I'm going to ignore your post. (And wait for you to change it so I look foolish. :P)

      Blaghman! You tricked me!

      Also, I actively try to not look at the technological shortcomings of my favourite movies. Ignorance is bliss and all that. I like my rose-tinted world, dammit!

      Read post. Clicked on picture as a reward. Read D.C.'s comment first though. Was still surprised. Conclusion: monstrosity.

        The filename also kinda hinted that it wasn't going to be an adorable kitten :P

          Blagh earned some street cred, stuff like that didn't have to be vetted...

          Everything I thought I knew about him was a lie, alas.

            I have a long and storied history with that image.

            I first used it in 2008, while in year 11. I was doing a presentation on Climate Change(and the class itself was simply something that I had to pass, it didn't have grades), and I filled it with pictures of cute animals.

            I put a picture of a friend of mine in there(with an annotation requesting that nobody ask about the picture), and that image. A few people in the class actually cringed.

              Aw, it's just a bad photo! Poor thing just needs some more flattering lighting!

      Well, that's...uh...nice....

      Last edited 07/11/12 12:02 am

    Hey, TAY.
    Do you have something that you're into the other people would find obscure?

      ADVENTURE GAMES! THEME PARKS! (I've been to Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Orlando, Islands of Adventure, Six Flags: Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm, Dreamworld and Movie World. :D)

      FanFiction - specifically Harry potter, although I've read a bit from other fandoms as well. In the last couple of years I've gotten into it in a big way. I have a huge pile of shame for books that I haven't touched simply because I've found so many great fanfic stories to read. I've given up trying to explain the appeal to most people. Mum's ok, but she's always been the most understanding of my "nerdy" pastimes. Trying to explain it to my dad, sister or friends is just a waste of breath

        Even mapped out the ideas for a story of my own but haven't done anything further on it. (Definitely not Project Nova) The only creative writing I've ever done is the stuff you're forced to do through high school English classes and it was always pretty terrible.

      I like to collect abstract pieces of art of Pope John Paul the Second, and I keep them all in a shoebox.

      Okay, no, not really. I am a really, really, boring person. Like, super boring.

        Thank god, I was wondering who kept buying those pieces at auction.

        Also, I am quite possibly more boring.

      I'd say my taste in music alienates myself from the people around me more than anything.
      The thing is, I don't listen to it so I can alienate myself. It's something to be shared.

      Aside from that, videogames, to be perfectly honest.
      I guess mileage may vary depending on the surrounding social climate.

      I'm a big fan of the Worms games and Resident Evil. Sometimes I feel so alone...

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