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    Purchased a nexus 7 and it arrived last Friday. Let's just say I had an absolutely awesome weekend gaming. What a brilliant little piece of tech they are. Oh and check out any of Kairosofts games. They are brilliant little management sims.

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      I bought Pocket League story a while ago - i have finished it about 3 times now. I can't agree more. Such brilliant little titles - i really must get more of them :)

      Game Dev story is still one of the most brilliant games on mobile devices.

        Superbrothers Sword and Sworcery is pretty awesome too.

          Have not checked that one out yet. Been too obsessed with Dungeon Village and Epic Astro Story.

      Funny story, I tried to convince my dad to buy a Nexus 7 for $257. He bought a Pioneer Dreambook instead. The Sales dude at Harvey Norman convinced him the price slash to $199 from $399 was a good deal.

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      I give up.

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    I'm at work half and hour early to get a jump-start on all the crap i need to do.

    I think i'm Mondaying wrong....

      All wrong. Return home and try again in a few hours.

    Hey fronds!

    How was everyone's weekend?

      So very, very exhausting.
      4 Family birthdays... 4!!!

        4 birthdays? Over 2 days? That is commendable.

      I slept for 14 hours friday/saturday and finished borderlands 2 last night/this morning.

        Sleep + Borderlanda 2, sounds like a successful weekend!

      I have watched like, 10 hours of Tales of the Lane this weekend.
      They've just finished now and have Epic Sax Guy going.
      Pretty cool tournament if just for this moment.
      Oh also I guess Curse EU vs Eclipsia \game 3 was good too.
      But mostly Epic Sax Guy.

        Oh yeah, I watched some of those game. Most of the ones I saw it was horribly on sided! Don't think I got to listen to epic sax guy though. /o\

      Hey Nobs, what's new?

        Not much man! Spent most of Subday watching LoL tournaments and played a little Halo 4!

        How about you?

          Not much either. Psyched about finishing up Six Feet Under this week. That's about it. I have the most interesting stories. :P

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            THIS WEEK \o/
            Edit... I guess I'm interested!

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              After Six Feet Under finishes, we're gonna have nothing in common any more. Haha!

                Don't joke - I find myself agreeing with so much of what you say that I'm just about convinced that I'm a long-lost twin of yours (but disagree on enough, and channel just that extra little bit of grump, that I think I am the evil twin).

                  We should team up and solve mysteries then! That's what twins do best! Aw, man. You're the smart, insightful and well adjusted one. Haha! Got a discipline with the writing thing that makes me all kinds of jealous too. :P

                  Who's Solid Snake and who's Liquid Snake?

                  See what I mean? You are definitely the nice twin. Ya jerk.

    Hayfever SUCKS. I had it so bad on the weekend that I couldn't even leave the house on Sunday :(

    I've started playing AC3. Because I was expecting disaster, I don't think it's too bad just yet. I haven't got an OMG must-finish-this attitude, but I don't think it's too bad (in sequence 3 now).

      Yeah my mum and brother have just been sniffling away. Time to stock up on drugs! And by drugs I mean antihistamines. Or ecstasy. Either one will make you happy.

        I have Zyrtec. Can only imagine how bad things would be without it.
        It's been years since I got hit this bad by it.

        Anyone know where I can pick up some... no wait, I probably shouldn't be asking over the internet.

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        SOmetimes if my Hayfever got really bad, I took two Horseradish and garlic tablets, being the crazy drug-taking cat I am.

      There's been so much negativity around that game that I've lost of my enthusiasm for it. Considering I won't get mine for another 10 days, that's not so great.

        I'm gonna play it through, because I want to know what happens in the story. But unless I get blown away at some point, this will probably be my last AC game.

        It's by no means terrible, though... I just am not sure it measures up to the hype generated by the publisher over the last few months.

      That's too bad about the hayfever, man. And maybe all my AC3 whining was for your benefit, adjusting expectations and the like. Maybe I secretly loved it. :P

        Thanks everyone! I'll tell you later if it worked :)

    Me last night: You know what? I don't feel much like sleeping.

    that being said.. now I'm sleepy. G'night, taybies.

    Morning folks, hope this day finds you well?

    Morning. I don't really have anything to say other than that. Played some Halo 4 multi over the weekend. That was fun.

    Blops midnight launch! Then sleep this day is going to be a long one (exam then work)

    Man they really dropped the ball with Halo 4! Underwhelming campaign and they couldn't even add a local only search optin for multiplayer.

      Wait, this is sarcasm, right?
      Because it's pretty much opposite of what I've heard from everyone else. The campaign part, anyway. Most people are saying the campaign is awesome.

        If they've never played a Halo game or any other game in the last ten years maybe. So much of the campaign was doing what I've already done.

      Classic Kaiser!

        What? I'm not the only person who thinks a multiplayer's success is determined by a good connection.

          something-something-LOCAL SEARCH-something-something-BROKEN GAME-something-something.

          As a catchphrase I give it 10/10.

      No local only search option? Well, the obvious thing to do would be to move to a deserted island in the middle of the ocean somewhere where there would be no local games anyway making the lack of a local only search option a moot point. Duh. :P

      It's probably a good thing we can't dislike posts multiple times, else you'd be sitting on -1000 right now.

        Wait, weren't you the one of the ones worrying about the dangers of the down vote button?

        Chill. It's his opinion. Maybe use it as an opening for discussion instead of just down voting and wishing you could downvote it multiple times. He didn't insult anyone, and he certainly didn't launch any personal attacks on anyone.


          Sure, it's the same tired argument but they weren't being a d-bag.

    Morning all! Hope everyone is well?

    @Chulloopa - man i got to teach you how to monday properly... i got to work 40min late and am now having a coffee break...

      Sounds like you are doing a pretty good job of Mondaying correctly

    My printer is taking passive aggressive to new extremes about me using non genuine cartridges. reminding me everytime I print something or turn my computer on about it and how bad it is and that I'm a monster.

    Hey HP, maybe I'd use the genuine ones if they weren't more than the printer is worth.

      But don't you want to pay like 10x the price for the same quality printer cartridges!?

      So I had a lecturer who used to work for... HP, I think it was. Maybe Canon. Anyway, he told all of us straight up that most domestic home printers sold, companies actually lose money on. The ink is where they make their money.

        As a former Canon CIPG technician, I can confirm this. The cost of some of the parts alone (logic board, purge unit) are worth more than the machines themselves.

      I haven't had a printer at home for more than two years. I just get into work early and do all my printing here :P

    From an EB Games customer survey:
    "18. How true do you find each of the following statements about your experience at this EB Games / GameStop location? 0 = Not at all true, 10 = Very true:"
    "It set the standard for what a game-shopping experience should be" Um, I just go in and buy games, so the exchange of currency for goods was what I expected.
    "Is a fun place to shop for a game" Er, sure. I like games. A game store is pretty cool I guess.
    "Felt more like an experience than just a transaction" Now you're just being super-wanky, EB Games.

      When I step into EB, I feel like I have truly returned home. I even like sleeping in the bargain bins.

        Sleep in them?
        Man, i have to have all of my 'special cuddles' in them.
        It's gotten to the point that i can't get off without a double-team from pre-owned copies of Fifa09 and Boom Blox rubbing against my gooch while i'm getting it on with mah laydeee

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            No really.
            It's gotten so bad i've stopped saying "who's your daddy" and started saying "would you like a game guarantee"
            Every time someone tells me about an upcoming game that i should "really preorder" i have to change my pants.

            EB has ruined me.

              ....i think it's time we had you neutered, boy....

        I honestly wish that had a text field for me to fill in so I could write something preposterously stupid.
        "My heart was set a-flutter as I stepped in front of the store. Here I was at last, after a tumultuous expedition twenty minutes down Highway 7, full of nerves and the fear that I would not arrive safely. A wave of relief flooded through me, not unlike that warm feeling when you urinate in your pants as a child, unlike that of when you are an adult, without that crushing sense of shame and embarassment of needing adult diapers for your weak bladder control.
        I stepped in, and it was like Nirvana, the place, not the band, since I imagine a shop solely for angsty teenage... angst would probably not be very accessible. I frolicked over to the shelf in delight, squealing with glee as I spot Just Dance 4 on the shelf; the smooth glossy cover, the beautiful rounded, clean white edges; I felt that I could lick it and absorb all the beauty and innocent joy in the world. Although, the some onlookers did not seem very pleased when I did lick the box, though I must admit, being dragged away by Security was also one of the highlights of my day.
        EB Games Canada: 3 thumbs up"

          You have just made my Tuesday!

      "It was an amazing experience being inside EB games, floating, free, not a care in the world, like being in the loving womb of an expectant mother... then again the LSD I had taken moments earlier might have influenced my EB experience somewhat. Might I suggest incorporating LSD into your standard EB Games customer experience in future endeavors?"

        'Sometimes I struggle to get through the day to day, knowing that life could be better in an EB store. I often cant complete work because I daydream about the next time I will be able visit once again, and have my purpose in life renewed'

      I stepped into an EB Games for the first time in about a year the other week when I went to pick up my copy of Halo 4. It was surprisingly cool, what with all the gaming paraphernalia around the place, and the staff were pretty nice. It was a place I wanted to shop at. Now if only they could do something about the price of games I'd have a reason to step in there more than once a year.

      This represents everything that makes me feel shitty for walking into an EB

      Question 19. I am not at all bothered by survey questions that appear to be leading, because as we all know, surveys like this are not a PR exercise in futility, they hold real benefit for a business and its customers.

    Why no Supanova posts on kotaku this weekend? was an awesome event and some incredible cosplay... most importantly tho, i got to meet John Dimaggio :D

      I didn't end up going. :'( Did everyone make him do the Bender voice? :D

        LOL im not sure ey, but the line for signatures was incredibly long, i felt bad for billy west, both sitting next to each other and out of like 200 people in the line in front of me, only about 20 wanted billy's sig, you could see the guy getting frustrated at john getting all the fan attention.

          Wait? I thought it'd be the other way round! Ren & Stimpy! Fry! I like all of these guys more than Bender. Haha! You would think they'd get their own signing tables.

            I think most people were more Adventure time Fans, Myself i think John is the best joker, and hilarious as Aquaman.
            It was strange, the lineup for those 2 was massive compared to the lineups for anyone else, an hour and a half in line i waited.

              Damn you, Adventure Time. (I've never watched it, but stop stealing Billy's spot light. :D)


    Should just have a couple more hours with this essay. THAN VIDEO GAMES...for an hour and then studying. OH, GOD. I'M GOING TO PLAY POKEMON. Who wants a Pokemon named after them?!

    But still

      I want to be a pokeman.

        You can be a pokemon! And you can be a pokemon! And you can be a pokemon!

        I'm the Oprah of the Pokemon world.

        Also, I'd just call them all dickbutt otherwise.

      I've never been a Pokeman before.... then again, my vote also goes for calling them all Dickbutt.

    Reposted from yesterday, because it was just too damn insightful not to:

    Brisbane meat write up. That is all.


      Who likes to rock the party?
      They like to rock the party!

        Well to be fair, Freeze was taking some down time from partying. I never started. :P

        Last edited 12/11/12 9:23 am

          Also, you went to another meat? Go you hi-5! o/

      It's cool. I haver permanent bitch face. LET'S ALL LOOK MISERABLE TOGETHER.

      I like your unimpressed-ness.
      We should hang out at Meats.

      So did every one else already know that Jimu wasn't Asian? That made for an awkward train station search! :P

      Ariel! Stop talking crazy!

      -doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo-

        I thought you guys vowed not to do Disney songs at the start? What happened!?! :D

          Er, pretty sure we vowed to ONLY do Disney songs

            Oh, man. If only I knew! Haha!

    My weekend did not turn out as planned.
    But hey, I did eat a few great meals, get a bunch of Streetpasses (Dark Notes! \o/), buy a new awesome TV, watch Dredd and Snow White And The Huntsman, as well as get followed around by a Weeping Angel. Oh and I got some quilting done. So yeah, despite the bad things that happened and not being able to go to the CyberCity drunken Meat, on balance I think you could still call it a good weekend. :D

      Aw, man. New TV is a thing of beauty. First game I played on my LG 55" after having a SDTV was Uncharted 2. The part where the stream was going through the city. Was so beautiful. Almost too beautiful. Spiffy new TV is a good incentive to replay your old games, makes every thing seem new. You were missed at the meat, Strange. :'(

      Last edited 12/11/12 9:24 am

        We already had a HDTV. 46". So we're upgrading to a 55" 3D.
        Our current TV has a delamination line going up the middle of it which gets in the way, especially when playing Dark Souls. It's been like it all year but every time we were about to go and buy a new one, something else broke (vacuum cleaner, washing machine) or other financial woes happened.
        I still can't believe we're getting a new one delivered in the next few days. I'm going to play ALL the Dark Souls. :D

        I'm also looking forward to seeing what Assassin's Creed III will be like in 3D, as well as the Ico/SotC collection. Should be fun!

      You planned a better weekend than that? Aiming high!

      Wii! Good to know you still had an awesome weekend! Are your kids still sick?

        Wii? Well I guess that can work instead of Woo!

        Nope. Turns out he was pretty much fine after throwing up a couple times in one hour. But my parents' urgent-seeming text messages had apparently been just to keep us "updated" and not to make us come get the kids. So they kept the kids still, but ruined our fun. Yay? :P

        To be honest, I'm not really sure how else I was supposed to interpret "Your son is being sick and wants to go home". :S

          Yeah, that's definitely code for "Come and get him"

          Last edited 12/11/12 9:30 am

            Code? Seems pretty direct to me.

              Grandparents don't do terribly subtle code.

                Ever since the Enigma got cracked, that generation has pretty much given up on codes.

            Except apparently not. We left SupaNova after only being there for an hour-ish to go get him and when we called to say we were on our way we were told "Oh no, we were just keeping you updated. You go and have fun". Between that and the news that their cat was in excruciating pain and had to be put to sleep, there was not really any more fun to be had that day.

              My parents do that too. Except that it's obvious that they panicked and sent the message before realising that things actually weren't that bad after all. I don't know if this is the same.

          I thought vomiting was how kids expressed love?

          Because, you know, Rocketman.

            Stop talking about me with such affection in your voice ya little scamp. You love me.


    So, #mondaynighthalofights anyone?

      I'm Keen, whats the go?

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        Halo 4 tonight after 8. Thats about it :)

          Whats your gamertag? or send me a friend request; darth phikl

          Always keen for some Halo MP. I like to play the objectives like CTF KOTH, but get annoyed when im the opnly one on my team actually playing the objectives.

            Heya, in case he doesn't see this I think he's "Swift Robot" just Google "TAYnames" for a Google doc :)

            Depending on who's in the party we'll either be doing big team playlists or some custom games.
            You tried out dominion yet? Quite fond of that mode :)

              Is that the one with the bases that build themselves? If so, I have only played a few games. I'm pretty easy about the game types. etc.

    Morning all,
    Another Monday, another new week....
    I worked all weekend too, but at least I started playing XCOM.

      Warhammer 40K?!


          No, Bad Neo

            Privateer Press will be Games Workshops downfall! >:]

              Games Workshop just need to listen to the fans some more and re-assess their prices (especially here in OZ) and they will do great.
              When you make expensive shit that people don't like.... that's when your brand dies.
              I'm thinking maybe a change in upper management is required over at GW.

                Actually, not only is it more expensive, but they're reducing the amount of content in their packages.

        Oh yeah... there's been some more Dark Angels rumours. I can't wait.
        Now if I only had the time to paint all my stuff....

          Yeah, but not until bloody April still!

            I've now heard, Nov, Jan, Feb. I think Nov isn't going to happen.
            I haven't heard anything regarding a time frame as far away as April....

              I heard April on a forum somewhere.
              I'm personally hoping Jan will be the date, now.

    Dear Monday workers,

    I have today off to play video games.

    Smugly Yours

      I'd be jealous, but I wouldn't otherwise want your job.

      Edit: Erm, the point of the above is: enjoy the day. You deserve it.

      Last edited 12/11/12 9:50 am

      You deserve it man, and I'm more than happy to have it rubbed into my face.

      Do it again, and watch yourself...

      Otherwise, ENJOY! \o/

    US PSN account users: where do you get your PSN point cards now that Best Buy doesn't seem to sell them any more?

      I get mine from PCGameSupply. They charge an activation fee for the cards but other than having a friend buy them for you in the states, it's the cheapest option I've found.

      For a $50 PSN Card they charge $6.99
      For a $20 PSN Card they charge $4.99
      For a $10 PSN Card they charge $2.99

      Of course it would be better without the activation fee but I usually tell myself that even with the activation fee the games are still much cheaper than the AU.

      You get your code in about 30min at most and I haven't had any issues so far. Btw, if you decide to join up they will ask for your number and you will get a confirmation call. Kind of weird but it's only for the first time you sign up.

      Hope that helps. If you find anything cheaper let me know.

        I've bought from them before - used to buy there before I discovered the Best Buy deal - but wanted mainly to see if anyone had seen cheaper prices around.

    Someone needs to hurry up and jailbreak Apple TV 3...

      Agreed, I'd love to put Plex on one of those. Though they're still a bit too underpowered to play a lot of the media I have :(

    @Bish and Freeze

    My Housemate and I actually worked out it was cheaper for us to keep buying $40 B&W laser printers than to replace the toner in them. we're on our second printer.

      Companies have smartened up to that these days.
      New printers usually come with "demo" cartridges which are like 20% full compared to a new cartridge.
      Printer ink is expensive whether is in a new printer or a new cartridge.

        We worked out that it was still cheaper- the toner in the new printer was good for 9500 sheets.

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