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    I had a first post once, it was horrifying.

    EDIT: I win the page get, Yay for me!

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      This is page 10. You missed Nostalgic Page Nine. You are no longer welcome. I will thank you to leave immediately.

        I'm sorry, I'll just sit in the corner, alone, by myself, with no one else

          Well, it seems like the nostalgia has spilled over, so I'll let you off this time, and take your place alone in the corner.

    So I've been on Kotaku since 2005 but only in TAY for one year and one month.

      Shieeeet that's long! I didn't even know Kotaku AU was around then.

      I think I started browsing Kotaku in 08 but then they forced it to redirect to the AU site in early 09 (which I didn't really like back then :P).

      My first ever Kotaku comment was in July 2010. My first TAY comment was on 21/11/2011.

      To put in perspective how much more I've posted since joining TAY, looking at my profile, I have 233 pages of comments. My first post in TAY is on page 223.
      10 pages in a year and a half, and now 223 pages in the past year :D

        260 pages starting from January this year, with my first TAY post on page 253.

        Oops :P

          936 pages total, first TAY post on 935.

            I wasn't sure who had more comments, you or Trjn. Both were like 12,000+ I believe...


              This email only has 11139(I guess 11140, now) posts. However(like Bunny) I also have my old/alternate email address, which apparently has 2892 comments on it.

                I know, I found it earlier :P


                (It was in the TAY number's linked to above)

            999 pages here - 14972 comments. lol

              shit son D:

                I know, right!?
                I used to post A LOT more.

                  I know! Back in my lurker days you were one of the names I recall popping up everywhere. Also you winning everything... jealous!

                  Apart from competitions and the odd article here and there I didn't post regularly until December last year. I'm already at 10,000+ comments!

                  Gosh Greenius, SHUT UP

    man i need a new HDD for my ps3... my 160gb is FULL of OSN Plus awesomeness

      No you don't! D:

      I know of this guy (SPOILERS: it's masha) who had the same problem but that's cause he hoarded up plenty of demos and games! :P

      Since I can always re-download games later, I don't download every PS+ title and I delete them when I'm finished. It was a bit harder when I had my 40GB PS3 but now I've got more space than I wish to fill on my 320GB Slim

      I had a 250GB that I gave to Masha as I thought my new PS3 was a 320GB.

      It wasn't.

        And 250GB still wasn't enough for that demo hoarder!

      Do you want a free 250gb hard drive? Freeze gave it to me sometime last year but I had to upgrade since I needed more space. You can have it if you want. Spread the TAYbie love :-)

    First Kotaku post... (Of course it's adventure game related. Haha!)

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      DC has consistent character development. Much appreciated.

    Onward! To page 18!

    When was the last time we actually reached page 18?

      We usually get to it the weekend, at least for the last few weeks we have. If you joined us for the Refresh game, you'd know this :P

      Loops has unfortunately become a punchline, when he's not available to post innuendo himself. :P

      Noooo, pls for the love of god dont do one of those 'lets get to pg 18 now for the sake of it'. I like coming to this place.

      EDIT: For those reading and giggling in delight of potentially doing this, I am dead serious.

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        Part of the reason I genuinely did not care for page six, actually. Haha!

          Sorry, dude, I went a little overboard I know, but it was a one-off, I promise. Kind of like sexy page 18 should have been.

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            Oh, don't get me wrong, man. I enjoyed down voting you. :P

              Yeah, but imagine it week after week :P

                Haha! I think I was mainly riled up at myself for sitting there refreshing all day instead of doing something else. :P

                  I know - I got absolutely nothing done yesterday except for jokes and upvoting :P

            It wa meant to be erotic page 18 damn it. Unfortunately some people don't understand the difference between erotic and perverted. :P

              Q: What's the difference between erotic and perverted?
              A: Erotic is light strokes with a feather. Perverted is using the whole damned chicken.

                Despite myself, I lol'd ... right here in the office. Damn you. :P

              Different strokes, etc.

              ... yeah, I'll stick with that.

        I agree with Sughly. We should enjoy the annoying theme of each page along the way for as long as humanly possible first!

          Well then you won't be enjoying it...

          Because you're not human

          I'm so bad at this mean page 10 thing. I take it all back. I'm sorry. FORGIVE ME!!!!

          I don't think that's what he meant.

          I think it's more of a "Stop the nothing posts about shit" kinda deal.

            I need to start ":P"ing my posts that aren't serious.

            In actuality, and despite my behaviour yesterday, I do agree with Sughly.

        I do not advocate posting just to get to page 18. I haven't been around much so it was a genuine question on when we got there last.

      Will page 18 be made up of Shane making sexy Dad jokes Dad jokes that are sexy?

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        I'm pretty sure that if dad jokes are sexy, you get arrested. :P

          Unless its the corrected one where you're a sexy dad making jokes ie: me.

    Not sure what the response to my love of Parks & Rec season 2 was since thats like, page 2 or something ancient, but oh man season 2 is MILES better. Freakin. Hilarious.

      But to be fair, this moment from season 1 still is one of the best

        Season 2 Andy is my favourite.

          Ann finding Andy in the pit, Andy trying to hide inside the tent with transparent mesh walls.

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            When he goes to Ann's for dinner is one of the most amazing sequences of TV I've ever seen.

      I read miles as MILF. :S

        You read 'flap' as something else just two days ago... dude, you gotta lay off the porn a little. Just a little :P

        PS: Being at work, I'm not clicking on that link, because I'm sure nothing safe for work can come from the label 'MILF' :P

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          Haha! Just a clip from 30 Rock when NBC was airing a Survivor clone called MILF Island. Probably the best damn episode of that show!

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            Can't have a lemon party without old Dick!

            Shark farts.

            Those things stood out for me :P

              When that show was good, it was REALLY good. I loved how that ep had two contestants named Deborah, one pronounced Deb-ra the other Deb-or-a. Made me laugh every time.

                I wouldn't say REALLY good but I couldn't really get into it that much. I understand the humour and yes, when it was in it's prime it was quite good.

                Ever seen It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Now that was REALLY good when it was good. Louie is amazing too!

                  I know it's kind of the point not to like the characters, but I don't like them so much I can't watch. :P

                  What about Louie? It's got funny but also some seriously good film making stuff!

        Not sure I want to follow that link...

          Hey, it aired on U.S. commercial television. Can't be THAT bad. :P

    I missed reposting this on page 9. :(

    TAY Secret Santa!

    Here's how it will work:

    Everyone who wishes to participate should send me:
    - Your TAY handle
    - Your address details
    - Gift preferences (specifically, things that you don't want / can't have for any reason, or hints if you wish - not everyone knows everyone that well)
    - Whether you would prefer a local TAYbie to send to (I will endeavour to pair up people locally to save shipping)
    - If you wish to purchase for a specific person, let me know. If there is someone you do not wish to buy for, please also let me know (I'll keep it a secret). Keep in mind that I won't allow you to buy for a specific person if it would result in doubling up or sending to someone who isn't participating.

    You will be given a semi-random TAYbie to send something to. Selection will be made by me, to pair up people who wish to be local. You should remain anonymous to this person if possible. Value limit of around $30 including postage. You may go under or over this limit if necessary but please keep it as a guideline. No perishable items eg food. It goes without saying, but please don't send anyone something illegal or which is not able to be mailed through Australia Post.

    Participation means you must commit to sending something to someone (and not just receiving).

    I will be coordinating the efforts but will not participate myself, as I will be choosing the assignment of people to each other and thus have a conflict of interest. In the event that someone has to pull out, I will step in to fill in the gap so that everyone still receives a gift, but I can only afford to do this as a once-off. If you agree to participate you must have the expectation you will be able to do so.

    You will be revealing your personal address to only two people: myself and your Secret Santa. I will not leak this information to anyone else. By participating you agree that you will not misuse the address of the TAYbie you're buying for. By participating you also acknowledge the risk involved - if you are not willing to take this risk or share this information, please don't participate.

    Deadline for signing up shall be Midnight on the 19th of November, which is one week from now. This is to allow enough time for gifts to be purchased and mailed in time for Christmas.

    To sign up,
    email me: atomicstrawberry (at) gmail (dot) com
    twitter DM me: @atomstrawberry

      The 19th isn't one week from now, anymore.

      Also, in case I'm too lazy to actually send an email by the deadline, I want in, so please consider me signed up. Don't care who I send to, or where they are :)

        Don't fight the copypasta. :(

        If I don't hear from you I'll harass you until you give me your address (otherwise no one can send you a gift)

    I need to get a bigger memory card for my Vita. Got a 16gb stick and I have 200mb free now (purchased FFIX)

      Question repost for Vita friends:

      Is it safe to assume I'd need a game to be on the account linked to my Vita? If I'm using a PAL account on my Vita would I need to have purchased the content on it for it to work?

      The PS3 can play anything downloaded from any account on that system but since Vita has the whole "1 account thing" I figured it'll be locked to content only from that account. I have FFVII from a friend's account but I assume I wouldn't be able to play it on my Vita unless it's his account I link up to it, right?

      Can anyone confirm this or give me additional info? Thanks!

      I have the original discs and don't really want to buy them again (only bought them a few years ago from eBay) and if I do buy them I was just thinking of getting them from the US store since they'll probably be cheaper and they'll be the better NTSC versions (faster loading times and whatnot).

      I don't have a Vita yet but if I do get one I'd like to get through FF7-9 again.

        I'm emulating my way through a bunch of old PSX/PS2 games at the moment. Currently completely legally, cause eveything I'm playing I still own.

          Portability is what I was after on the Vita. I was thinking about getting a new PSP (have an original fat crappy one) but I figured the Vita would be better for it if it ever gets hacked to play PSP games :P

        The load times were pretty negligible and that's with me playing them on the PSP. I too own all the original discs as well as the digital copies. So I say go for it.

        The games you can access on your Vita are limited to just the games purchased on that account on PSN, plus any games you own physical copies of (the physical copies are *not* region locked - I have a JP import Miku Hatsune Project Diva f copy that I run on my Australian Vita using a US PSN account)

        Also, US PSN prices for FF7-9 is $10 each.

          That's pretty reasonable but yeah. I kind of want to use my main AU account for the Vita.

          So what's the deal with Vita trophies? Vita games have them, right?

          I'm a bit of a trophy/cheevo whore :P


    My first post was on February 15, 2010 5:57 pm.
    I can't find when I first posted on tay as I have 509 pages to go through
    Found it on page 495. November 22, 2011 9:52 pm. Almost the 1 year anniversary.

    Last edited 14/11/12 11:39 am

      That's a scary amount of posts...

      I only have 31 pages

        I didn't realise it was so many. ^^;;

      I think it was about the same time as me and Pants. So if you really wanted to find it, just pick random pages until you find one around November 2011

      Estimates are bestimates!
      But yeah, I wouldn't want to go through all of it for the sake of a link either Scree.

      (BTW, loving Korra :D I may need to get S2 tonight :S)

        Glad to hear it. I still need to watch 9 onwards

        Bish, as always, responds with pure awesome.

          I never saw those responses because they changed to a new TAY. I didn't know how it worked then.

            Nostalgia uses NEW INFORMATION!
            Critical success.


    Hey guys!

    As some of you are already aware I will be in Melbourne next month from Wednesday the 12th to Tuesday the 18th for The Living End's Retrospective Tour! (All 6 albums live over 6 nights, going to be amazing!)

    So I was wondering, would any of you like to meet the infamous Virus? Or not so infamous Virus as the case might turn out to be =O

    Now I can't do evening/night meats, since that's when i'll be occupied rockin' out to The Living End playing each of their albums live! So I was thinking something like an afternoon meat up on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

    I'll also probably be meeting up with my mates from the Pure Pwnage forums one of those days as well, so if anyone's interested let me know and we can organise something! Hit me up on here or Twitter! The sooner we can organise something the better, because i'd like to let Christine know what I am upto so she can plan around it with work and such!

    Would be cool to meet you guys and all that, and I don't know when i'll be in Melbourne next, since I probably won't get to make it down for PAX.

    Edit: I'll be staying out at Point Cook at my friends place if anyone wanted to know where I will be staying, like my nosy mate hahaha.

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      Sure, if I'm free and can scab a lift off someone else going :P

      I don't organise things so I'll leave it up to others


        I'd organise something, buuuuuut I don't know Melbourne :P I kinda wanna hit up the Mana Bar, even though I haven't been to the one here in Brisbane yet heh.

          Mana Bar is open from 3pm. It's in Fitzroy though which can be a bit of a pain to get parking for driving-type people. Tram from the city I guess.

            Oh damn it D= I'd prefer something easy for everyone! Don't wanna convenience peoples.

          Ha, I don't know Melbourne either :D

          I pretty much never venture out to the city since it's far away for me.

            Note to self, don't use Greenius as a tour guide for Melbourne, ever.

      Afternoon weekend meat is doable. Friday not so much.

        I am for the weekend! I was thinking Weekend would be preferable for peoples.

    Soo I need a new pool cleaner, and as I don't trust mexicans to clean my pool, I need to purchase a new automatic pool cleaner aka kreepy krawley (or some variant). My current cleaner is an Aquasphere (?) baracuda knock off, worked well enough, but I figure if I'm spending money, might as well spend it well informed.
    So, my question is, do any TAYbies have knowledge on the subject of pool cleaning apparatuses? So far, I'm looking at the Zodiac T3 as I can get a decent deal on it, and also a free leaf eater which I will sell to recoup costs. Has anyone got any others I should look out for?

      Ask Pants. He has one of them fancy water holes.

        I have a pool but that doesn't mean I understand it.

      I've come to clean ze pool *insert lots of guitar with wah-wah here*

        He said no Mexicans, but you're right, he didn't mention Russians.

    Somehow the volume on my computer has crept up from 20 to 100, along with the volume on VLC creeping up from 35 to 200...
    I swear this isn't my fault.

    And no-one else in the office can hear me, because I can't hear them. That's how it works, right?

    CoD hate is starting to crawl out of the woodworks in a lot of places, and I'm trying really hard to be civil to people on both sides of the argument, but I think I'm just going to stop reading anything about the games unless it's coming from someone I can expect to be rational.

    EDIT: This includes journalists.

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      Is it hate directed at the game itself, or at/from the playerbase?

        Probably all the above, because CoD is the in thing to hate every year, because yearly releases. Even though EA do the same thing with Battlefield & Medal of Honour. But no one really hates on those franchises.

          I dislike the whole subgenre of 'realistic FPS' (if that's even a thing. I'm trying to encompass CoD, MoH, BF etc) because they all seem so damned similar.
          Sure that may be because I've an untrained eye, and haven't picked up on the nuances between them, I won't discount that it could be the end user (IE: Me) at fault in that regard. If there were a distinct change in mechanics, sure, it might pique my interest. Perhaps they've take the genre as far as it can go in it's current form though.

          The other issue is the 'community'. It's terrible. Like... fucking horribad nightmare fuel. I never, ever want to meet those people, 'less I were to cause them grievous bodily harm.

          But hey, that's an opinion from a non FPS person (I realise that's slightly skewed by the fact I love TF2 :P).

            Yeah, I hear ya. They are all so a like, so why the hate? heh.

            I realised the other day I don't play much in the way of First Person Shooters. Probably the last one I played was Modern Warfare 2.. That was like 18 months ago, heh.

      Mindless fanboy sheep. The game needlessly panders to the unthinking majority, by extracting any enjoyment from its rock-like core is to prove yourself a moronic plebian.

      etc. etc.

      To be honest, I didn't even know Black Ops 2 existed until yesterday. Not my kind of game at all, but they're clearly not making it for me any way, so no point ranting. :D

        Wahhh!? How could you not know that! :P

        I know you haven't played a CoD title but CoD releases are some of the biggest game releases each year. They're always hyped and talked about :P

          Haha! I filter them out. :D

      It Happens with every popular game. It makes people feel better to hate something popular. because that makes them different and therefore better.

      Tall poppy syndrome, everybody loves the game, so instead of welcoming these new game enthusiasts to the demographic, hardcore gamerz hate the game because of it.

      Whatever, I have way more important things to do than stress about why some guy doesn't like a popular game.

      TL;DR version: Haters gonna hate

      I like how the haters complain about it being boring, unfun, poor mechanically and stupid storyline while pointing out they have not played a CoD game since CoD1/2/4.

      So how the hell do you know?

        Because shut up. That's why.
        Edit: #MeanPageTen

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      From my experience, this kind of thing comes from a kind of jealousy that one's own favourite IPs are in danger of not being continued or renewed (for example, those with low commercial success despite critical acclaim), while products of perceived mediocrity achieve massive commercial success despite a lukewarm critical response, and steal the business of those who could otherwise be supporting the flagging IPs. So it's a backlash attempt to undermine successful franchises in order to poach business for more 'deserving' products.

      Or maybe people are jerks.

      The CoD hate will pass once the stereotype of the pre-teen/CoD-only gamer passes, I think. It's kind of similar to Pokémon, in a way :P (with the exception of yearly releases anyway). It was cool to hate it during the 'this is for kids' stage, but now it gets a lot less because the original fans have grown up.

      (It's more complicated than that, but I just wanted to mention Pokémon).

    @Pants Why you reply to everyone on your sentimental post except me!? Whyyyy! :'(

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      He did, he just replied in invisible text & used his invisible posting skills!

      I love you and you just ignore me and dont want to see crystal castles with me. WHY ALL THE HATE SUGHLY WHY.

      I also have a favour to ask you if you have any free time. It might be too much but i will email you later today.

        Ermmm... okie doke! btw, you have no idea how badly I want to go to that concert still...

    Breakfast for lunch is incredible

      Dinner (which was actually breakfast) for breakfast is pretty damned good too :D

        That is true...
        My best breakfast would have to be cold leftover pizza

          I will take bacon and eggs and hashbrowns.... or pizza .... at any time of day and be deliriously happy about it.

      Dessert for breakfast is even better.
      Had raspberry pie for brekky once, blew my freakin' mind.

        When I was in Rome, the hotel had cake(typically a mud cake, some sort of fruit flan like thing, and then some other variant) available for breakfast, so I had that every day. You'd think I'd get sick of it, but somehow, it was always amazing.

        They also had Prosecco available, so I had that for breakfast on my last day. Best breakfast.

      What I don't understand is why people think there are 'breakfast' foods and 'other' foods.

      Bacon & Eggs is appropriate for any meal of the day.

        Even more so when they're together on a roll!

    Dear TAY
    I forgot to mention on Tuesday that Scree is a Hipster Horse.
    All messages or respones to her must regard her as such.



      Hipster... horse?

        Its quite simple
        Scree is a hipster
        and she takes medicine to make her not turn into a horse.

          Oh, man. One day I'll have an injoke with someone. :P

            Well Deese, you need to talk to people to get in jokes.

            I kid, I kid.


            Twin? :(
            I thought we had something special.

              I guess there's the whole nemesis thing too now. Heart breaking story, brothers torn apart by taste in comedy. :(

                Best in-joke is a heartbreaking story. I think that could be a decent in-joke!

      Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, comparing someone to a horse is probably not the most pleasant thing to say, Rocketman.

        She called herself that.

      A famous comedian is sharp witted

        Doesn't happen as often as you might think :P

          I was watching The Good Wife last night. Christina Ricci guest starred. She's a fuckin' amazing actress, but she was playing a comedic role. Had absolutely no comic timing. Was insanely off-putting. Now after typing this I realize it has nothing to do with Trjn's comment. :P

          I was reading a article about Mitch Hedberg and this quote really stuck out

          “Hey, there’s the comedian. He doesn’t seem funny.” No shit. Because I’m trippin’ out, man. Here you are surrounded by those you know well. And here I am, fish outta water struggling to breathe. Tell you what…you be funny now. I’ll be quiet. A quiet guy is not necessarily unfunny. Think of Charlie Chaplin. The space shuttle soars through space. But most of the time it’s parked. Maybe on a launch pad. It is still the space shuttle. You can’t dis it because it’s resting. I’m on my launch pad. Soon the countdown will begin. I love funny people. I was funny in social situations. Still am. But when I turned that into my job, I eased off it in everyday situations. Tonight I’ll go onstage and make people laugh for 45 minutes. And I bet the funniest person you know, if you added up the amount of time in one day that they had people cracking up still wouldn’t add up to 45 minutes. “He doesn’t seem funny.”

    Can someone please explain to me how PS Plus works? Specifically the games included in the subscription. It seems like there's some games that are available for several months and some that are only for a given month. Do you have a limit on how many you can grab? I understand once you download them you can continue to play as long as you have PS Plus, but do they stay attached to your account for re-download for as long as you're subscribed? Or once they get rotated off the service can you not re-download?

      Ok, big comment coming up (placeholder)

      I reckon I'll get ninja'd though...

      You an redownload whenever you like. They deactivate when your subscription does but if you resub they reactivate. No limit on the games. I have almost every free one except for what I already have. The big releases rotate every 6-8 weeks but the smaller minis and indie games are every month.

      Some games like inFamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2 and Motorstorm have been there since the start and will not swap out for another few months. Others will usually swap out after a couple of months and it just depends on how long they say each one will stay. Each game will stay for at least a month though to give you enough time to 'buy' it. It's not necessarily a month cycle eg. 1st November to 1st December but it just depends on when they want content to swap out, they'll state what game will swap out and when, whenever it's first announced (they do this on the playstation blog site).

      It's usually 2 titles but one month we had 4 or so. Sometimes they'll all swap out on the same date and othertimes there will be a few games swapping out at different times during the month. I think games swapped out on October 2nd and 12th and the latest one (where everything swapped) was November 7th or so. I think at any given time you'll have 10 games available.

      What do you mean by limit? You're not limited on which games you can get and I've got every game that they've offered, even if I don't want them or already have them on another platform. You just need to add it to the cart and checkout. You don't have to download it but you do have to 'buy' it so it'll always be in your download list. Once the game swaps out you can just re-download it from that list but if you never bought it when it was available then you missed out. You can play them for the duration of your PS+ and it'll lock out after it. I think you can always re-download them or just keep them on your PS3 but you won't be able to play them. If you re-sub you can use it again though.

      Cloud saves get deleted 6 months after not renewing your sub I believe but they will stay there for 6 months incase you decide to resub again. I don't think you can access or use them though for this period.

      If you have any more questions feel free to ask. I was just trying to be broad, hopefully it helped.

        I thought the point of a placeholder comment was so that you can edit in your long answer later :P

        So effectively I can get digital copies of my physical games (that are offered on the service) as long as I have PS Plus? Sweet.

        Now to get another $50 US card...

          Yeah it's a pretty good system I think, even though I'm too cheap to keep up a subscription :P Something that Microsoft/Nintendo should be doing!


          So feel free to trade in your physical copies I guess :P

          Oh I forgot to mention if you purchase something that's discounted with a PS+ discount you can keep it and use it, even when the sub ends*. Themes and pics obtained will stay too.

          *There have been some complications with it though. I think this is what happened with The Walking Dead. Ep.1 + 2 were offered in the US so if you got them as part of PS+ and purchased Ep.3, if your sub ran out (meaning you can't play 1 and 2) you weren't able to play 3 since it requires episode 1 to play. Bit silly but that was the only case I can think of. Not too sure about it though but I remember reading something like that in the comments.

          As for the store differences. I reckon the PAL one has got better deals and the blog is more organised and updates more frequently on games. I think the whole deal for the US was "12 games but they swap out less frequently" while PAL has "10 games that swap out more frequently". The games I was interested in originally from the US list have eventually come to PAL and PAL games have gone to US. Each region still has some exclusive ones though but I think PAL has the better pick.

    I just got a legitimate email that started with:
    "HI! I hope this email find you well"

    It was only that I saw the domain it was sent from that I gave it more than a glance. Whoa.

      People say that, really? Amazing. Time to drag it back into my lexicon.

      I hope this post find you well.

        Holy crap, the post was a reply, so it really did seek him out pretty well!

        They were after payment for services rendered.
        I asked them for their full name, address, bank details and identification. I'm unsure who's the phisher now :S

    It's that time again because I have nothing better to do:
    Pixel's cute Puppy Pic of the day

    I came home sick on Monday and it nice to know there's someone o snuggle with at all times:

    We watched Alien together, it was awesome

    I hit the skin between my thumb and forefinger with a hammer rather hard.

    Forgive me but IT FUCKING HURTS.

    All gone purple with an angry looking red line through the middle.

      Ice that mofo to reduce swelling. feel better pal.

    So apparently Square Enix are no longer producing retail copies of PC games in North America because it's not worth the money or something.

    Whilst I embrace some forms of digital distribution, being forced into this one is a bit arse. I might have liked a physical copy of Hitman Absolution Professional edition, which probably would have been $70 or $80 here. Artbook would have been cool.


      Freyr was getting all antsy cause she thought she saw a review that said hitman was bad.

      Now onto the topic at hand. Square enix are jerks and we should fight them so the release a sequel to The world ends with You.

    Hey guys can I get some criticism? Have a look at the argument in the comments section of the following article:

    I am not asking for people to jump in or tell me how great I am (I already know this), I am just wanting to find out if anyone finds me genuinely patronising based on this particular conversation or in general? Usually I would brush off comments like these, but it's not the first time someone had said this to me. Please note that I really don't intend as coming across as patronising...

      Man, this phlaiman guy is pretty great.

        Seriously though, no.
        I remember reading your comments before accounts, before you were "phlaiman" (though I cannot remember for the life of me what your old username was even though you have said it), and I don't ever think you've been particularly condescending or patronising to anyone in a fair argument.
        As Freeze said, not really how you would use the term "patronising" in that little comment of yours. Also, disagreeing with his tone is not making a "derogatory comment", and being offended by someone not liking your tone... is perhaps being a tad oversensitive.

          Ok this is good to hear

          BTW it was the creative name of "Azza". I struggled with thinking up new usernames beyond the embarrassing names you think up when you were a teenager.

      Not entirely sure he understands what patronising means.

      Uhh... that guy totally overacted. Yes it's not a tablet and yes the guy said it was "essentially one" (it's not). I highly doubt anyone is going to believe it actually is one and he got quite angry over it. Your points are more than valid :)

      He's deliberately trying to get a rise from people. Ignore it man, your time is better spent here anyway :P

      In no way were you patronising. Your final post, while defensive, was rightly so.

    Michel Ancel needs to prioritize. :'(


      I'm pretty sure it's not going to do well and Beyond Good & Evil will be dead. Ubisoft have money making machines with the AC titles and they also have FC and Rayman.

      I want more Beyond Good & Evil damnit!

        I'd love to fly the Beluga from planet-to-planet, going on missions and the like Mass Effect style. Jade, Pey'j, Double-H and maybe the dog too.

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