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    Hey, the icons are working properly for me now. Looking pretty damn good!

    So I put adblock back in place and all the icons started working.. Coincidence? I think not!

      Actually, I'm pretty sure it was. :P

    Suddenly, icons!

    That Star Wars article on the main page is incorrect I think- I think the writer has conflated "Star Wars Film every 2-3 Years" With "2-3 Star Wars Films a year"

      Meh, same thing.

        And he's now waded into the comment section. a little curt I think, but whatever.

          Based on the abuse he has received from those people he was quite restrained


      Woah, wtf happened there???
      Anywho, what I was trying to say was;
      I can see the icons, but I cannot get them to work :(

        Hugo! You're able to reply now? :D

        Even if you can't mentions work now.

        Yay for TAY behaving for everyone! I really hope mobile TAY doesn't crash anymore. It is chugging a bit when the page is filling up though.

        Happyfuntimes all around! :D :D :D

    Yo Rocksteady!
    You told me to remind you of something.
    I am reminding you.

    Edit: @rocketman

    Last edited 15/11/12 3:07 pm

    I don't even know what to think of this. I mean yes the election didn't go the way you wanted no need to take your own life over it. People..

      i dont even know where to begin with this... obviously obama's re-election meant he's doing something right... I feel sorry for him to be honest, cant imagine how bad hed feel once he found out.

        Yeah exactly, and it's not like Obama barely scraped in with votes too. The reactions by the minority are quite disgusting and uncalled for.

      He should have just moved to Australia

        It would've ended the same way for him once he found out how "socialist" we are haha.

        But it seriously sounded like he needed help..

    @masha2932 Hey masha that 250gb HDD would be awesome man!

      Demo hoarders! >:P

      Hopefully my response yesterday answered your question. Feel free to ask more if I wasn't clear :)

      No problem, just send me your address details.

      Email is masha2932 [at] yahoo [dot] com

    Hey, TAY.
    Spoiler alert!

      Took me a few seconds to figure out what I was looking at. Then it clicked, and was forever ruined

    New page, new reminder. TAYLEND is a scheme to allow TAYbies to share their games with each other, reducing the economic burden of gaming for us all (or at least introducing a try-before-you-buy failsafe into the system - either way you want to look at it, really).

    Edit: Oh yeah, the link is to a spreadsheet. If you want in, just add details to the contact tab, the wishlist tab and/or the games available tab.

    Last edited 15/11/12 3:14 pm

      @Shane i notice you have two ps3 copies of Demon Souls? how did that happen?

        Strange gave me one, and then I bought a Deluxe edition from EBGames, because it was pretty.

          if you want to part ways with one i may be interested?

            Happy to lend at this stage, will let you know re: permanent home. They're both different special editions, so am kind of reluctant tbh

      can you put a link to that doc in taynames too? or maybe even combine them so it doesn't get lost when we move to next week's TAY?

    So... Fluwarming aka Smelly Meat:

    @harli and @alexpants have expressed interest.
    Others have expressed interest but their availability is scattered around 2013. I'm talking November/December.

    Anyone else in? State your name and availability.

    Gonna be a wild party with me and Pants (assuming Eats has to wash her cats or feed her hair or whatever)

      Sure, if you hold it sometime in the later half of 2013.
      Otherwise it's somewhat tentative.

      Saturday? I'm free Saturday.

        Pants isn't free this Saturday

          I know. The jerk. How dare he have family and things to do with them! @AlexPants

          ...he can't eat cheese

            I think everyone already understands I'm a horrible person, Caek.

              Wait, I thought you were a delightful young chap.. Apparently I am wrong /o\

      I am expressing interest in a reserved fashioned. Depends on the night and how I can get there. Just plan it and I'll worry about it later!

      Name: Zorine
      Availability: November 26th -> Dec 26th

      Also, I'm more a dog person. ;]

    So Kate Miller-Heidke's rendition of John Farnham's "The Voice" is... different. I think it may be the only song of hers that I had trouble listening to, though presumably due to preconceptions of what that particular song 'should' sound like.

      I haven't really gotten into her news stuff much. I liked her earlier things

        Today's soundtrack has been Villagers, Lisa Mitchell, Kate Miller-Heidke and now Little Birdy.
        Wonderful stuff :D

    Yay new features!

    Suggestion.... Friends list? for easy "mentioning"? Or some sort of user database search?
    We know each others names but maybe not the handles....
    Does that make sense?

      Yeah some of us aren't the same as our @ names but luckily if you do it wrong it doesn't count. Easy enough to go figure out most of them though but good idea!

      Try @benwhite @robhussey (I'm not abusing this am I? :P)

        Yeah, please @mention whenever you guys come across a bug or feature request (or if you just want to say hi) :) Much much much better chance of being seen!

      Would be really nice, but I don't know how feasible that'd be based on extra overhead etc.

      This was part of the initial spec, but was put off until later - ran out of time!
      It'll appear sometime in the future :)

    What? Freezes Waterfront BBQ Meat ft. Meat

    When? 1st December

    Where? My place of residence

    Who? Anyone who wishes to do so.

    Why? Because I can.

    How? Plane, train or automobile. If by train I am happy to act as a shuttle service from Varsity station. People are more than welcome to stay the night if they so wish. A BBQ shall be cooked with meat and alternative non meat substances if required.

    Let me know people if this can be a thing or not.

      I'm up for that! I wanted to have a BBQ with my other friends that weekend, buuut some of them are off to some music festival or something, something I don't have an interest in.

      I can make a potato salad or a dip or something else \o/

      Would you be willing to pick me up from Sydney Central Station? Cool.

        Or South-East Melbourne burbs?


          if someone is picking you up they can pick me up too :P

            Or you could drive us ;D

              sadly, the boss (re wife) has her work xmas do on that night. and im being dragged along lol.

                Heh, oh well :(

                There's a Melbourne one on December 15th though.


        Sorry, man. My head is stuck in a feedback loop at the moment. Will get back to you later. :)

      zomg yes! Will be there with bells on, or something. Actually no I wont have bells, I cant keep that lie up.

      Aww..I'd love to, but it's the weekend before Mr. Strange has to sit a certification exam so he'll be too busy studying. :(

    I've finally found the song that sums up my feelings of everyone here. (NSFW)
    Because you truly are. :D

    Also, Episode 5 of The Walking Dead game is out next week! \o/

    Last edited 15/11/12 3:43 pm

    TAY Secret Santa again

    Here's how it will work:

    Everyone who wishes to participate should send me:
    - Your TAY handle
    - Your address details
    - Gift preferences (specifically, things that you don't want / can't have for any reason, or hints if you wish - not everyone knows everyone that well)
    - Whether you would prefer a local TAYbie to send to (I will endeavour to pair up people locally to save shipping)
    - If you wish to purchase for a specific person, let me know. If there is someone you do not wish to buy for, please also let me know (I'll keep it a secret). Keep in mind that I won't allow you to buy for a specific person if it would result in doubling up or sending to someone who isn't participating.

    You will be given a semi-random TAYbie to send something to. Selection will be made by me, to pair up people who wish to be local. You should remain anonymous to this person if possible. Value limit of around $30 including postage. You may go under or over this limit if necessary but please keep it as a guideline. No perishable items eg food. It goes without saying, but please don't send anyone something illegal or which is not able to be mailed through Australia Post.

    Participation means you must commit to sending something to someone (and not just receiving).

    I will be coordinating the efforts but will not participate myself, as I will be choosing the assignment of people to each other and thus have a conflict of interest. In the event that someone has to pull out, I will step in to fill in the gap so that everyone still receives a gift, but I can only afford to do this as a once-off. If you agree to participate you must have the expectation you will be able to do so.

    You will be revealing your personal address to only two people: myself and your Secret Santa. I will not leak this information to anyone else. By participating you agree that you will not misuse the address of the TAYbie you're buying for. By participating you also acknowledge the risk involved - if you are not willing to take this risk or share this information, please don't participate.

    Deadline for signing up shall be Midnight on the 19th of November, which is less than one week (HAPPY NOW SHANE) from now. This is to allow enough time for gifts to be purchased and mailed in time for Christmas.

    To sign up,
    email me: atomicstrawberry (at) gmail (dot) com
    twitter DM me: @atomstrawberry

    @benwhite @robhussey

    Also just noticed you can attach Steam/Xbox/PSN profiles to an account. Nice!

    Last edited 15/11/12 4:22 pm

    Just for anyone who's playing the Walking Dead (If you're not past episode four, don't click the spoiler tag):
    Considering that Ben said in episode two that the bite isn't what causes people to turn, is there a chance that Lee could survive?

      Walking Dead Episode 4 spoilers:

      It's a bit ambiguous. The game and comics are canon and the show is a spin off, but in both, if bitten they either die eventually, get eaten alive or amputate the limb. But everyone is already infected and they turn when they die, so does the bite actually matter? No idea. I guess we'll just see how it plays out. I think people are making a case for it go either way.

        More Walking Dead Episode 4 spoilers! (Pretty major ones in this whole conversation!)
        I'm thinking he'll survive it. It's basically only a scrape. But yeah, I could totally see the story going either way at this point. What I'm really hoping for in episode 5 is Ben redeeming himself! He's completely failed me THREE TIMES and I still saved him/brought him with me. Just one heroic moment from him would be amazing.

        Last edited 15/11/12 4:54 pm

          BEN IS DEAD (don't judge me)

            Spoilers, obviously.
            BEN IS DEAD FOR ME TOO. What an asshat. But then I felt really bad for letting go. Stupid game, playing with my emotions...


    Just jumped on the work laptop (terrible person that I am, what are they paying me for) and only the first comment up there showed up. Once I logged in the rest of the comments appeared without refreshing anything?

    Is TAY a secret members only thing now?

      Haha no, we just ended up being hyper agressive with the cache. I'm toning it back down right now :)

        I get the feeling that this means there was another super secret club hidden in TAY and Freeze stumbled across it.

        Now you're just trying to cover your tracks. For shame!

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