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    Happy Friday!

    I think this is my first foray into TAY this week; being busy isn't so much fun.

    EDIT: Aw yeah, page get! This week's Friday Theme - getting you excited for the weekend!

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      Hey Mawt! Hope life's treating you good? :D

        Hey DC! Life is treating me pretty good. I have a job that gives me money dollars to spend on stuff, and I don't like to complain about being busy, since I could be so much worse off.

      Ducktale's Moon theme! So awesome!

    If you're feeling angry or just down, watch this and it will cheer you up. Trust me. I'm a doctor*

    We Love You - Iran & Israel

    *In the same way Dr pepper is a doctor...

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    So this last 2 weeks i have been working my way through Full Metal Alchemist, the first 30-35 episodes i was pretty much thinking was one of the best anime series i have ever seen. The characters were brilliantly done. The stories were really good and there is some genuinely emotive moments that i will admit i may have shed a manly tear at. So then on wednesday i go towards the ending. Now Blaghs and a few others had warned me it was gonna be dreadful. I had not prepared myself for exactly how horrid it was. It just seems like such a stupidly rushed ending that they wanted to make as much bullshit up as they could so that fans would be left pondering about stupid things. Now everyone informs me that brotherhood has a much much better ending and I am really hoping so because that ending really turned me off the show.

      FMA or FMA Brotherhood?


          Ever seen Brotherhood? I liked FMA when I first saw it but watched Brotherhood recently and it's so amazeballs.

            Do you guys like not read my posts and just skim. I MENTIONED IT IN MY POST GAWD. :P

              I read your post but the lack of caps meant that one little bit didn't stand out :P

              SOZ BRAH

              Haha I was just wondering the same thing with these replies :)

          Brotherhood was a lot better. FMA got ahead of the manga and started changing a lot of things. Brotherhood starts back at the beginning but was made after the manga finished and so it follows the story more faithfully. Which is good, as the Manga's story was infinitely better then what they ended up with in the first TV series.

            Especially the ending, which actually makes sense and is conclusive and wraps everything up nicely.

      I have seen about two-thirds of FMA. I loved it but never got around to watching more. Figured I'd just watch Brotherhood instead because everyone keeps saying it's better. Still haven't gotten around to that, either.


      Were you watching Full Metal Alchemist or Cowboy bebop?
      I'm sure you say in there somewhere but I was just skimming

        Think he was saying something about working for 2 weeks, not sure where you got all this anime from

          Something about an EB date and being hotross

      Anyone watch the FMA movies? Would you recommend them?

        I've seen the Brotherhood movie. It had a few moments, was useful in that it gave some "closure" over the series, but overall it wasn't fantastic.

        No ideas about the others.

          I think the other movie was based on the end of the original series.

          I won't bother with this then, I'm not coming across many positive opinions about it and the torrents don't have many seeds.

    @mythamphetamine It's a secret! :P

      I... wait, wat?!

      I'm so confused :S

        It's a response to a response of yours on a different page that I couldn't reply to because the reply chain was maxed out.

          But I want to know what this is about! :'(

          Could always reply above the maxed out one with @mytpahtaznoameaehtothiamine

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    Haha! Last time I'll post this, better to get them all out of the way first thing, though? *shrugs*

    FROM THE DESK OF NEGATIVE ZERO: (@negativezero)

    TAY Secret Santa again

    Here's how it will work:

    Everyone who wishes to participate should send me:
    - Your TAY handle
    - Your address details
    - Gift preferences (specifically, things that you don't want / can't have for any reason, or hints if you wish - not everyone knows everyone that well)
    - Whether you would prefer a local TAYbie to send to (I will endeavour to pair up people locally to save shipping)
    - If you wish to purchase for a specific person, let me know. If there is someone you do not wish to buy for, please also let me know (I'll keep it a secret). Keep in mind that I won't allow you to buy for a specific person if it would result in doubling up or sending to someone who isn't participating.

    You will be given a semi-random TAYbie to send something to. Selection will be made by me, to pair up people who wish to be local. You should remain anonymous to this person if possible. Value limit of around $30 including postage. You may go under or over this limit if necessary but please keep it as a guideline. No perishable items eg food. It goes without saying, but please don't send anyone something illegal or which is not able to be mailed through Australia Post.

    Participation means you must commit to sending something to someone (and not just receiving).

    I will be coordinating the efforts but will not participate myself, as I will be choosing the assignment of people to each other and thus have a conflict of interest. In the event that someone has to pull out, I will step in to fill in the gap so that everyone still receives a gift, but I can only afford to do this as a once-off. If you agree to participate you must have the expectation you will be able to do so.

    You will be revealing your personal address to only two people: myself and your Secret Santa. I will not leak this information to anyone else. By participating you agree that you will not misuse the address of the TAYbie you're buying for. By participating you also acknowledge the risk involved - if you are not willing to take this risk or share this information, please don't participate.

    Deadline for signing up shall be Midnight on the 19th of November, which is less than one week (HAPPY NOW SHANE) from now. This is to allow enough time for gifts to be purchased and mailed in time for Christmas.

    To sign up,
    email me: atomicstrawberry (at) gmail (dot) com
    twitter DM me: @atomstrawberry

    FROM THE DESK OF SHANE: (@shane)


    Dear TAY,

    I have been a participating member of this awesome group for slightly over two years, and I feel (like many, I suppose) that I have gotten a lot of out of it, more than I've put in. This is not only true from an emotional perspective, and because I don't want to get mushy, I won't be discussing this further.

    What I meant, for the purposes of this post, is that TAY has become a place where folks give each other games. I personally have received - just to name a few examples - Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, LA Noire and Assassin's Creed 3 for free from generous TAYbies. In return, I've only given out old crap.

    Want to get in on the fun of sharing games, but don't really feel like you have a budget to give, give, give? Me too. Want that awesome new game (Dishonoured or Sleeping Dogs for me) but your better half has already spent all your fun money for the next ten years? Me too. Did you ever wonder what all this COD stuff was about (or in DC's case, what is BLOPS), and want to try it out risk-free, but your local video store hasn't had a decent game selection since 1997? ME TOO /o\

    Despair not, my friends. We don't have to buy. We can LEND.

    It is with immeasurable something that I officially unleash upon an unsuspecting world (not counting those of you were expecting it) the TAYLEND program. Lend a game you aren't playing, get a game you didn't really want to pay full price for, etc, possibilities endless blah blah (I'm losing enthusiasm for the long post idea).

    Here's the link. Add your details to participate. Guidelines aren't set in stone - feedback welcome. I'm happy to act as administration if that suits everyone, or happy for someone else to do it. I don't mind.

    Thanks to:
    * Splicer for participating in the first doomed draft of this project
    * DC for reminding me it existed
    * Lambo for suggesting a working alternative to Google Docs.

    [Edit to add header, because this post is too frickin long to read, and even too long to edit down.]

    PS: Lending games is easy. You can send a normal DVD-sized case anywhere in Australia for ~$2. Can someone please sign up to this and validate my life's choices?

    Sincerely yours for now and the near future.
    Shane (aka Shane aka Le Funar)

    FINAL EDIT (for now): Contact me if you want to borrow one of my games. Might as well get this thing moving.

    FROM THE DESK OF FREEZE (@freezespreston)

    What? Freezes Waterfront BBQ Meat ft. Meat

    When? 1st December

    Where? My place of residence

    Who? Anyone who wishes to do so.

    Why? Because I can.

    How? Plane, train or automobile. If by train I am happy to act as a shuttle service from Varsity station. People are more than welcome to stay the night if they so wish. A BBQ shall be cooked with meat and alternative non meat substances if required.

    Let me know people if this can be a thing or not.


    Melbourne Meat on the 15th of December. Meet at Fed Square at 11am. Hooray.

    FROM THE DESK OF D.C. (@dc)

    Still. So. Damn. Proud.

    Formatting is a little screwy, that's the quote tags though. *shrugs*



      You decided you were sick of waiting for me to post it so you could upvote it? :V

    Speaking of anime, remember I bought that first episode of High School Of The Dead on PSN?
    Everything happened exactly as I predicted. I told Mr. Strange about it and why I didn't watch it. We watched it together that night, and when it finished he went online and bought the Blu-ray series. :P

      Holy Fanservice batman
      As a straight male i can't watch it seriously. I feel like the biggest creeper.

        It's so bad that I chose to laugh my way through it. I mean, Matrix Boobs.

        I don't even kind sorta believe you for the nanoest of seconds, rockets. Not at all.

      The man has taste! :P

      Actually, the manga while fan servicey has significantly less than the anime. Just throwing that out there.

      Is there any kind of anime in particular you're looking for?

        "Man" is not exactly what I'd call Mr. Strange, "Adolescent" would probably be closer. :P

        I'm not really looking, to be honest. I have so much anime here that I can't watch because Mr. Strange wants to watch it too but falls asleep and only wants to watch one episode at a time. It's so frustrating.

      Had no idea what that was, so I punched the name into google

    So it looks like a kickstarter project I'm backing is going to fail. I can kinda see why.

    Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption.

    The pitch is terrible, the game will be about what you'd expect of a $5 downloadable title.
    I grew up on the Sierra Quest games, the first Quest for Glory will always have a special place in my heart. I guess I backed the project more as a 'thank-you' for that than anything they'll produce now.

      QfG is about the only Sierra adventure series I never played, so there's no nostalgia there. Looking at the pitch as an outsider, the only thing that was exciting about it was the Dagger of Amon Ra in one of the concept art pictures.

      A game I was backing isn't going to reach its goal. It actually looks really amazing (think Dark Souls but in isometric view). Unfortunately because it doesn't have big names behind it, people aren't backing it. =(

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        What's the project? How close has it gotten?

          14 days left (there target is 150k and the have about 52k)

          Here's a link if you or anyone else wants to check it out.

            Two things are probably not helping them
            One is the name, to hard to pronounce and search for to spread the word
            The second is they are after money in pounds which always worries me. Only 10 pound, wait a minute how much is that in real money?

              I think it was Lifehacker that taught me but...


              x1.5 and round up for a rough estimate :O

            Whoooaaa this looks frakin pretty! Not something I'd play, but pretty nonetheless

        And you didn't even pimp it on TAY. Shame on you.

        ...until now :P

        Last edited 16/11/12 11:04 am

          I was going to but I don't know if people would get mad if I pimped a kickstarter on TAY. D=

            I remember the Broken Sword kickstarter was pimped. No one seemed to mind. Same with Republique and some of the other adventure game ones...

      Fail as in not reach its goal or fail as in it's reached its goal and has finished but is unlikely to go anywhere?

      For either case would you get your money back? I assume yes for the former but the latter seems unlikely :(

        Not reach the goal. 260k / 400k, 4 days to go.

      Remember in quest for glory 1 where you die by inserting the pick lock in your nose? That happened. A lot.

        Haha! "Take off clothes" was always crowd pleasing in Police Quest. Then the guy was kicked off the force. :D

      Quest for Glory was always a buggy mess whenever I tried to play the series. They were great games but would have been so much greater if they had worked right.

      The one I remember the most was... uh... 4 I think? It was all built around Slavic mythology and had a really dark tone, with a decent helping of Lovecraft in it as well (cultists resurrecting some ancient evil etc). Really liked that. Never finished it though. Bugs. :(

    Question Time:

    With discussion on global classification, it's conceivable through long jumps to conclusions and hyperbole that the Internet could end up being classified.

    What would you classify TAY?

      Before Six Feet Under starts there's a warning that the show contains "Themes"... always so damn vague it makes me laugh. That about sums TAY up too? :D


      I swear and make alot of innuendo
      i would rate it 15 +

      Realistically, I would say it contains (the unfitting title of) mature content, perhaps NSFW at times, although predominantly family-friendly. Going off the current ratings systems we have in place for film and print, I'd class TAY as PG/M.

      Personally, I hope that never happens. Perhaps I'm spoiled in the sense that I've grown up within an evolving medium, one that hasn't been restricted (in any grossly damaging manner) by enforcers, one which allows freedom of dis/information, speech, and more. Illegal or not, it's all got a place here, and I don't ever want that to change.
      That, and I highly doubt implementing a ratings system will be possible, let alone whether it will actually do anything.

      Just give it the standard online experience may change disclaimer.

        Would that work? As an extreme (and likely unfair) example, what if I were to run a children's online streaming service with a "experience may change without notice" and suddenly begin airing pornography?
        Is there terms for 'reasonable use' or similar that would forbid me from doing so, or does the disclaimer assuage any and all (potentially) criminal conduct?

          That's an interesting question. If you complied with all relevant laws regarding age verification, I can't see anything criminal about that.

            That's... really disturbing, from a moral viewpoint if nothing else. Good to know, but disturbing nonetheless.

              As an actual children's streaming service you would need to abide by different rules so you couldn't switch that without breaching them
              They also have all sorts of rules for this, I think you would find some pretty beefy looking officers on your doorstep with a list on online predator/grooming charges.

      Internet is rated G for general viewing.

      Your experience online may differ.

      Put it this way, I wouldn't want my daughter to hang around here until she's at least 17.
      And in general I just don't think this place is appropriate for people who can't at least see "MA" rated movies and play "MA" rated games. So I guess I would rate TAY "MA15+", but "R" for my daughter. :P


    Thought I'd try something new other than the usual sandwich, cereal, fruit, various snacks and/or nothing for breakfast. The plan was to have 4 cheesy hash browns put into some sort of mega toasted sandwich tower, but two of the slices of bread would have egg on them.

    I pretty much did everything using only a standard flat sandwich toaster thing because I'm lazy and have never used an oven :P. I didn't expect cooking hash browns on them would take so long and I think it was something like 20 minutes... twas so boring just waiting around :P. I took out 4 of them and then I put two eggs on slices of bread and waited for them to cook. Twas also boring and I got hungry waiting so I ended up eating 2 hash browns... oops! There wasn't really that much space on the toaster to put more plain toasted slices on, so I just went without them.

    Since I didn't have enough hash browns or bread to do the whole bread, hash brown, bread, hash brown, bread, hash brown etc. tower sandwich thing, I just put the two remaining ones in between my two eggy bread.

    Because I'm bored and on holidays with plenty of free time (FREEEEDOOMMM), I made a collage! Sorry they're not all instagrammy and filtered but since I just posted pics of my food, AM I ONE OF THE TAYBIES NOW?

    I've never done anything like this before so had no idea what it would taste like but... notbadobama.jpg

    Thanks for the suggestions peeps! Would probably make again.

    8/3 D.C.'s out of Shanes

      Nicely done, Greenius. I like my hash browns to be a lot more crispy than that, though. So crispy they routinely set off the fire alarm. Now I'm hungry! :D

        I got hungry waiting around so took them out when I could :(

      I have that exact grill...thingy.

      Also, despite just having a free morning tea, I'm hungry all over again.

        Yeah, what the heck are those things called?! Sunbeam grill thingy represent.

        Did my food make someone hungry!? I AM PART OF TAY NOW.

      I did very similar man, hashbrown/frenchtoast/MOUNTAINofcheese Tower.
      With bacon.
      So good. So, so good.

        French toast! One of my favourite things ever. Haven't had it in a long time, though. :(

      I had a sausage and egg mcmuffin and 2 hash browns from McDonalds.

      Because I can. Also lazy and woke up late.

      I had scrambled eggs with chopped spanish onion, chorizo and capsicum.

      I nearly downvoted because the lack of runny egg yolk ruined it. :P

      In future, if you want runny eggyolk (and who wouldn't), crack the egg open and then tip it into the other half of the egg shell to get rid of some of the white before carefully placing the egg into your sammich(prepared by placing the bottom slice of bread with the other toppings on the grill, and making a slight indentation in the filling so the egg stays put) and placing the top piece of bread on, and cooking until the white is cooked but the yolk still oozes. Instant awesome.

        Was going for cooked this time but I'll keep that in mind for next time! :D

        Hopefully the egg shell doesn't explode in my hand like it sometimes does...

      Man that looks gross! *braces for downvotes*

        Only as gross as your pumpkin soap or roast chicken WHICH YOU DIDN'T POST A PICTURE OF

    I've been listening to the Ducktale's Moon Theme on loop for twenty minutes. *shakes fist at Mawt*

    Hi TAYbies.

    This is my first time checking in this week :-(. It turns out that a if you plan on handing in your PhD thesis within a fortnight of your upcoming wedding, you're going to have a STRESSFUL TIME!.

    On top of that, I had to urgently mark 800 exam papers this week, as the professor broke his collarbone. I'm so frigging tired: This morning I kept turning my lamp on and off to switch off my alarm. Thanks brain :-)

      Congrats with the wedding, man! And good luck with the thesis!

      Sounds like you need some good ol' fashioned sleep. :)

      Last edited 16/11/12 11:44 am

      Upvote for solidarity, best of luck mate and congrats on the wedding stuff :)

    That Gone Home article on the front page has BioShock spoilers towards the end. Great article and awesome sounding game, just thought I'd give a heads up!

    Last edited 16/11/12 11:26 am

      Thanks! If it's that 'twist', I already had that spoiled but I know nothing of 2 :).

      I should really play and finish that series...

      Last edited 16/11/12 12:00 pm

        Won't ruin the game or any thing, just a plot point that's better not knowing until you get there.

    Played some more Halo 4 last night,
    Spent most of the play session playing Oddball with my bro, I didn't play oddball much in Reach so I don't know if the throwing mechanic is new or not, but it is awesome. Nothing like having the ball, and being surrounded but the enemy team, so you go long and throw the ball a distance away, dispatch a few opponents and sprint up and catch the ball again.


      Yeh, the throwing is new to Halo 4. I haven't tried the oddball mode yet, but it sounds fun!

        It really opens the game to more team-focused strategies, also I'm keen to see how this affects Grifball too :)

          Sounds interesting, but isn't grifball a variant of the bomb gametype? Can you also throw the bomb? I haven't tried that either...

            Pretty sure Assault isn't in Halo 4. Which means Grifball is either an Oddball variant, or an entirely separate one.

      Loved doing that in UT2004's bombing run, even more so when I actually survived doing it :P

      Playing Oddball (rocket launchers only) with 7 other mates has to be the most fun I've ever had with Halo. The skull was bouncing around the map like a tennis ball.

      We should play some more on the weekend.
      And continue with #MondayNightHaloFights

    I keep putting off writing the little blog post article thingy about diving into the world of online multiplayer. I was also going to do something about my dislike of the hype train.

    I think my ramblings on Twitter covered the first subject well enough but I do want to write that damned online gaming one. Just need to play more Starcraft. Really get in there :p

    It's a great procrastination tool. I need to "research". Yes, that's it.

    I finish 2.5 hours earlier than my boss on a Friday.
    He and his wife invited themselves around for dinner and drinks tonight, which is about par for the course as far as weekly festivities goes.
    I informed them they ought not expect me to be wearing pants.

    ...they didn't seem to take it quite so well.

      What's this fascination with taking your pants off when you get home? I'd feel uncomfortable. :D

      Last edited 16/11/12 12:08 pm

        It's the exact opposite of uncomfortable and I wear rather comfortable pants.

        Don't knock it till you try it.

          I seriously think my Catholic upbringing messed me up on matters of being comfortable with my body. Haha! :P

          Last edited 16/11/12 12:22 pm

    Soooo why are we still rot13ing when we have spoiler tags? Rot13 pretty much means skip this convo when browsing on the mobile version :(

      Yeah, that's why my reply to the mass of ROT13 on the other page was to reply with things in spoiler tags.

      Because spoiler tags are totally radical

      I like using ciphers. Espionage, Sughly! Good point, though.

      Two types of people:
      1. Those who want to be extra sure just in case there's still bugs with the spoiler tags.
      2. Those who don't like change.

    So I'm just not getting any work done today.

    EDIT: I swear I'm just going to pull out my 3DS and start playing Theatrhythm.

    Last edited 16/11/12 12:28 pm


      (Theatrhythm Freeze, not any of the other variants you have :P)

        Final Fantasy: To The Rhythm! :P

        I've only just realised that Bosses in Dark Notes drop shards to get characters so I'm going back over the ones I've played to see what Boss gives what shards in what Notes. Finally unlocked a character and got all excited but it was only Ashe from XII. :(

          I love her! What's wrong with her? Awesome character, one of the stronger female characters from memory.

            For a strong female character you need personality, not just a sword.


              Well I loved her and use her in theatrhythm :'(

                But she's boring! Granted, she's kind of pretty, so I can see why you'd like to use her in Theatrhythm. But boring! :(

                  Yeah maybe... I dont know. To be honest my memory of FFXII is a bit vague, so youre probably most likely right. Maybe I have blinders to the pretty! Which... completely contradicts my call for strong female character :/

        Thanks to not knowing about SS/SSS before hand, now having to go through all the challenges again. Did beginners, nearly done with experts now. Managed to even SSS a couple of experts! Pretty pleased with myself. Kind of am missing the Dark Notes now though, challenge mode feels repetitive pretty quickly.


    Mobile phone bill dispute Update.

    So wasn't on hold for virgin mobile for too long, and got onto a lovely gentleman.

    I explained the issues with the bill and the previous calls, and the bizzare 3.4gb data usage in a single day, he agreed thats a bit "whack"

    He couldn't apologise enough that no one had called me back as promised, and actually cut the bill pretty much down to my normal price, as well giving me a free upgrade on my included data and calls. He had to do the usual "things to be careful of" speal, which fair enough, even if i am very aware of how i use my phone.

    Goes to prove that some times you can get a nice person at a telco who is happy to help. yay for not having to pay gigantic ridiculous bill!

      Glad it worked out, man! :D

      You got a helpful person at a Telco and resolved a billing dispute? WITCHCRAFT!

        I will admit, im wondering what payment the universe will extract from me for this miracle .

      Hehe, you got onto a lovely gentleman. I hope you bought him flowers after.

    Hi, everyone.
    Can't believe it's the afternoon already...

      Someone's having a barebcue downstairs. If I wasn't so snowed under (wow, that's a terrible term to use in the N.T.) I'd abandon my post and scab a snag sanger.

        Haha - in true Australian form, @hindenlagen and I managed to reduce the syllable count and further the slang for 'sausage sandwich' - started with the normal 'snag sanger', and progressed to 'snang'.
        So, sausage sandwiches are hereby known as 'snangs'.

          ... that sounds pretty nice.

          I have not consumed a wheat, grain or cereal-based product in nearly two weeks. :(

    It constantly surprises me the amount of journalism experts that don't seem to have much better to do than lurk around the comments section of Kotaku.

    Just wanted to say thanks again to the TAYbies. You guys are like, a lifeline x999921132451273210

      I feel kind of bad for responding in an unrelated joke-y way.

      But maybe it's kay because I am a surly jerk who never says anything nice about anyone.
      Except for Strange.

        We love you just the way you are Bish!

    Oi scrubs, stop working and watch the DotA 2 International 2012 documentary. Because reasons.

      Already watched it!!! It's amazing and inspiring. Can't wait for the full behind the scenes doco!

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