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    You, yes you, reading this right now.

    Have you played The Walking Dead?

    No? Why's that? Well fair enough if you're waiting for a boxed copy, but if you're not? WHATCHU WAITING FOR?!

    Holey moley, will discuss choices soon!

      I have! I have made some terrible choices but I am living with them. I don't give myself time to think things through unless I can imagine the character doing so.

      I'm waiting for all the episodes/boxed copy to come out. I haven't read the comics, seen the show or heard anything about the game other than that it's apparently quite good so I'll hopefully remain completely unspoiled about the story, characters and setting until I can get my hands on the complete game and play it for myself.

        I saw the TV show until mid way through season 2 and stopped. Pilot was amazing but it really does go downhill from there with little bits of hope of it getting better only to get worse again. No idea what it's like now but I hear it's following the same pattern of getting worse, getting slightly better, getting worse again.

        I haven't read the comics but I plan to now. I think each compendium is $40 so it's cheaper to get it separately with the game.

        The game. I heard it was just good too, but let me tell you, it's bloody amazing. Just wow.

          Show recovers pretty well in season 3. So far, anyway.

        You'd be fine to watch the show or read the comics, fyi :D

          The TV Show/Comic are completely different stories to the game, right? No crossover characters/plot points? I don't want to know anything before playing Episode 5 :P

            From what I've seen, it's different. Main plot points are completely different.

            There's definitely one character in the game from the TV show (which I think follows the comics to an extent - but I know this character was also in the comics) and another character who I'm pretty sure was from the TV show (and possibly comics too).

            Glenn and Herschel (I think tht was his name? That old man at the farm)

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      Episode 2 Spoilers for The Walking Dead. Not going to specifically talk about Episode 1 but there'll probably be spoilers for that too


      First off... holy fucking shit! My heart was pumping throughout those ending scenes at the farm. Predicted the cannibal thing a while ago but it was still intense...
      I didn't chop the guy's leg off because I figured he's not going to do any better with a foot missing. Not really a choice but I decided to give the food to the two kids (they're kids) and Larry/Lily to help cool 'em down. I didn't shoot Jolene (the crazy lady). I didn't help kill Larry because I wanted to be sure he was 100% dead just like I wanted to be sure Duck wasn't 100% bit. Killed the first brother but stopped punching and let the other one live. Been through enough shit and felt bad when Clem saw me kill the first brother. Felt like the first one needed to die because he was fucking mental but the second one wasn't necessarily a threat by that point. I didn't steal the food from the car because Clem didn't want to and I figured I'm not going to suddenly die out of hunger. Which is why I also didn't keep the last piece of food for myself.

        Walking Dead Episode 2 Spoilers!
        How good was the scene after escaping the freezer room! I loved it. Especially the bit with Brenda in the house. The sound effects and lighting of the storm during that were amazing.

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          Literally felt my pulse going crazy in my neck during that scene. Seriously! So intense.

          Ah, what I remember was if you got clemintine to eat or not; unfortunately I said the wrong thing and she ended up taking a bite. Also, that scene with Brenda was definitely interesting; the minute you saw what's-his-face's corpse peek out of the corner, it went from 'wtf do I do' to 'oh shit this is gonna happen.'

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            I think NotoriousR did the same thing and felt horrible afterwards :(

            And yes, I wanted it to happen so bad and it's pretty obvious it would happen given the other options which were like just asking for bad stuff to happen.

        The cannibal thing was kind of telegraphed reasonably early, so I saw it coming a mile out. Even still, I wasn't expecting quite what I saw. Seeing the guy crawling around upstairs with no legs was freaky as fuck.

        Managed to stop Clem eating. Fortunately. I'm not sure how I would have felt if she'd eaten it.

        This game is amazing at playing with emotions. Very powerful.

        I also refused to finish of Larry - likewise, I wanted to be 100% certain he was dead before dropping a bloody cinder block on his head. Jesus, that was unexpectedly sudden and messy.

        Also didn't take anything from the car. The others seemed to have it all covered, and it's all about pleasing Clementine. That's how I try and base my choices - what's best for Clementine.

      Why yes, yes I have!
      That game is incredible.
      Still my Game of the Year so far.

        First it was Journey then Trials Evolution then Borderlands 2 and now Dishonored and The Walking Dead are very close behind. They might take over!

        The Walking Dead man... amazing!

    3 min till work is over, then 6 days off! Concluding in a drive to Sydney, 4 AM airport drop off, drive back to home on Wednesday. Have a good weekend everyone!

      You too!

      6 days off ftw \o/ (I'm on just over 3 months, ha!)

    You know what I find annoying? When someone tells you to do one thing, then a few weeks later comes back and tells you it's wrong or that you should be doing something else. I've had that happen to me twice this week. First time, for Tafe a few weeks ago my group had to fill out a report for an assignment. The teacher provided a template for us to use. At the end of the template was a glossary of terms. Many did not relate to what we were working on so we asked him if we should just remove that stuff from the glossary. The teacher said it was fine and to just leave the glossary as it was. On tuesday we got feedback on this assignment and it turns out we had lost marks for keeping in the glossary since many of the terms didn't relate to what we were working on.

    The second time was a few weeks ago another teacher showed me this online tutorial filled with all this code. He told me to read the tutorial, take all that code and then adapt it for my own program. I spent a few hours when I could over the next few weeks doing this. I was having some trouble with it since the tutorial wasn't that great and it was using all this stuff I was unfamiliar with. Today I saw that teacher again and asked for help (I don't see him every week which is why I hadn't got a chance to ask him before. I did email him but got no response) and he proceeds to tell me all the code I have is useless, shows me another online tutorial (this one was much easier to understand) and gives me a whole stack more of new code to try and adapt for my purposes. Luckily this stuff is a lot easier to understand than the old stuff and I got it working for the most part, but there's still a few issues with it. The teacher told me to email the stuff to him and he'd help me (it was the end of class so we were all leaving) but since he didn't respond to the last few emails I sent him about code I don't have much hope he'll get back to me in time. I have to have it ready by next week, I'm already running a bit overtime on it as is. If I can't get it done in time, I have the emergency plan of cutting that code and tweeking some other things so what I'm working on still works, but if I have to do that I'll probably lose a few marks. I could also keep it as is, because it still functions, but it's not working at its best at the moment and that would also lose me marks. It's a bit of a gamble over which would lose me the most marks.

    You may recall a few weeks ago that I was complaining about getting no grade for a certain class and how it could impact me getting my diploma for this course at the end of the year. The teacher got back to me on that I told me he had submitted the new grades. I checked and it still had me as no mark, so I emailed him back about it and he told me to wait another week and if it still hadn't gone through I should talk to the coordinator woman. It's been a week and it still hasn't changed so I was planning on talking to that woman today but she wasn't in. She wasn't in yesterday either. Because she spends the week going between multiple campuses and because my classes are split between two campuses I have no idea when I'll get a chance to talk to her about this. Hopefully I'll see her sometime next week. I also have to talk to her about another problem I have involving the diploma. To recieve a certificat or diploma or whatever after you've completed your course you have to sign up online to recieve it. I don't know if every Tafe or Uni is like this but it seems rather stupid to me. I actually just found out the other week I hadn't technically recieved a cert 4 from last year because of this, as they never told us that you had to sign up to recieve these things and I only found out because I saw another student doing it, but luckily I can still sign up to receive it even though it's from last year. The problem is that when I was signing up online I noticed my email was mispelled in my contact details. A quickly jumped in and fixed that but now I'm no longer able to sign up to graduate, so I can't get the cert 4 from last year or the diploma from this year.

    Though my post seems to imply otherwise, I'm not really upset or stressed or anything. I don't even expect anyone to take the time to read all of it. I just hadn't said anything today, though I've been lurking a bit, and just wanted to pop in to say hi but didn't want to have a one line post of me just saying hi.

      Sounds like at least one of your teachers is grossly incompetent.

      Hi! :D

      Hey DireWolf, I read it but can't offer any thing other than a standard hope every thing works out thing. :D

      Well I'm glad to hear that at least you're not letting it stress you out.
      Hi! :D

      Don't worry I read it! Hey! :)

      I hope everything works out for you man, I hate it when shit happens that's out of our control.

      Why'd you put that you didn't expect anyone to take the time to read it at the end? ALL THAT WORK FOR NOTHING!

      Sounds rather frustrating. It seems to me that most of it should be be fixable if you can ever get in contact with the right person to fix it (well the second half, lectures telling you things, forgetting about it and changing their minds I don't think can be fixed.) Especialy the part about not getting your certificates. If they have records of you having done the required courses (which the should have) you should be able to chase up and get the cert.

      Good luck with it all!

      Holy hell, that sounds like one big mess.
      Good luck sorting it out - don't lose your shit about it in front of these people, just stay polite and insistent and you should be fine.
      Also, hi!

    I was writing a reply to f4ction but it got me thinking...

    When playing a game with choices, how do you decide what choice to make?

    Do you pretend you're in their shoes and make choices you would normally make in their position? Do you come up with a backstory for your character and make them make choices that suits it? Constantly evil? Constantly good?

    I generally play making choices I'd normally make. But for games like Mass Effect where it says "this is a good choice" and "this is a bad choice" I generally go for what I'm going for (which is pretty much always good). I think it was Mass Effect 2, but I was kind of rushing through one of those choice games somewhat recently and I kept picking stupid decisions (on purpose) and it made me feel bad at how terrible I was being :(. I pretty much always go with the "good guy" option first because I'm Good Guy Greenius and I dunno... just feels better that way?

      I always imagine the characters I'm playing with in those games are there own characters and I sometimes come up with backstories and motivations for them, but the choices I make tend to be the ones I'd actually choose if I were in that situation.

      So I play a character who has the same morals and ethics as me, but who isn't me, if that makes sense.

      Sometimes I'll purposely try and play a character that's different. Choose the evil options and all that, but I rarely complete the game when I go down that path and normally don't get as much enjoyment from the story. I'm just no good at playing a jerk character. It's why I was never able to play a renegade Shepard in Mass Effect.

        Yep, makes sense! That's pretty much how I play. I never really get too involved with a character or try to make up a back story for them, especially in games where you can "create-your-own" character. I just don't bother getting too into it and much prefer if I'm just given a character to work with.

      For me, it really depends on the game. In the case of Mass Effect, I found I kept making choices based purely on what was "good" or "bad", sometimes thinking 'that really doesn't seem like something MY Shep would say". With The Walking Dead and other games that don't have an instant visible effect in any way, I go with what I would do in that situation and base it on how my character has been acting in the past.

      Or I drink a bit much and just go with random options!

      I almost always go with "all good" or "all bad" decisions on a playthrough. Most games reward you for sticking to one alignment so much more than mixing. There's almost never a decent reward for going "grey". My first playthrough tends to be a good guy. For games where there is really no difference in outcome based on your choice, like Spec Ops (for what I've played so far) I try and do what I would do in the situation. Granted Spec Ops make this insanely difficult, where I'd really rather make no choice at all, which is kinda the point I guess.

      Generally I'll make decisions based on how I feel the character would if it is a actual character ala Spec Ops but if a blank slate character ala Fallout I'll make them as myself.

        I'm also one for whom it depends on the game.
        Ones like Mass effect or Fable which tend to reward you for going all good or all evil I will generally do a all good play through and then an all evil one. This is my lest liked style of moral choice systems though as I don't think a game should offer you choices and then punish you for making them.

        In games where the 'correct' choice is less obvious I'll usually make decisions as I think that character would make if they were like me. It's not exactly making decisions I would make but ones I think I would make if I had that characters history. Kind of an alternate reality Gorzy.

          Tying rewards to the morality gets annoying quickly, as you make choices for the desired reward, rather than the desired outcome.

          I like how KotOR handled it - your alignment affected the force point cost of your powers (light side characters got cheap light side powers and expensive dark side powers, for example). While it never made it prohibitive to use powers against your alignment, it encouraged using particular sets of powers more frequently to match your character's morality.

      Depends on the game, and how they establish a character.
      Mostly, I'll try to make choices based on how the character should/would respond. For example, I consider Mass Effect to be Shepherd's stories, not mine, so I try to make Shepherd choices (usually Paragon, as I find Renegade Shep to be less genuine/canonical in terms of the desired outcomes of Shep's actions).

      In something like Walking Dead, though, it gets a bit harder. Lee is definitely a separate entity, with backstory and gently suggested preferences, but the game very much forces you to merge Lee's choices with your own choices, particularly through the immediacy of many of the choices - you don't get time to think, so you go with your gut. While I feel like I'm not getting to know Lee as a separate character as much through world building, I do feel that I am getting to know and understand him through the choices that I make - Lee is like me. He's not me, but he's like me. And that's a very powerful thing for Telltale to have constructed.

    To those who would like an excuse to hang out with some groovy people and maybe have a few drinks and whatnot while trying to find somewhere to sit in Flu's poorly furnished flat:

    It looks like Saturday 1st December is the date to aim for.

    As mentioned earlier this week (I think), my dwelling is located within this general area.

    Just gauging interest at the moment. Once the ball is rolling I'll send emails with more detail.
    At the moment interested parties include:
    @harli (Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! It's like the Oscars, but better!)
    @alexpants (Kinda)
    @bish (Well, he voted for a date, so I'm interpreting that as a promise)
    @ruffleberg (That's how he rolls)
    Penciled (Penicled?):

    If you're not fond of the people listed above... well then it sucks to be you.

    Saturday 1st December. Will YOU be attending? Disregard.

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      Unfortunately I will be back from Orange that weekend, but I already have a friends 21st booked in :(

        I'm pretty sure 21st birthdays take precedence over all things excluding weddings and funerals.

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      Somebody wanna drive me there from sydney central station? no? dang.

      That being said I might be interested despite the fact I'd have to actually hitchhike my way there (I'm a bit outside Sydney myself, but at the opposite direction,) which I'm sure would be hilarious and/or life-threatening.

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        I imagine a bus stops nearby, as I think that's how Flu gets to the meats.

      FLU I have some furniture that I'll probably not be wanting in the next few months... would you be interested in it?

        I'm not too bad off for furniture, but what sort of stuff are you getting rid of?

    Last SIX FEET UNDER post for a while probably.


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      All I know with the final season of Six Feet Under is;

      DC Don't read this until after you see tonights episode, cause it might spoil it for you, I don't wanna do that.
      David dies, not sure how, but I know he dies.

        Finale was last night, man. Now it's me that doesn't want to spoil you. So I rot13'd up my post. :D How many eps do you have left?

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          Err, 20 or there abouts I think. Been going to bed too late, and been only able to watch my weekly shows D=

      I had no idea. Amazing. Thanks, dude.

    @strange @doc_what @shiggyninty

    "Hi, I'm the first lady and this is my favourite podcast on the Citadel"


    And yes... I'm ONLY up to there :'(. I listen when I'm on the exercise bike and I'm never on the bike anymore :/

      I'm always on TS so i can never listen to it =(

        oh might be on TS tonight. if the boss doesnt talk me into making cup cakes wiht her.

          Can I have some? :)

            you can have some TS....oh you meant cupcakes. she is making like 50 of them for her sisters engagement party. cray lady.

    Evening all. I just want to say a big thankyou to everyone for not being haters with my constant COD squeeing this week. Its nice to have a safe place where no one least not out loud.

    You are all awesome :)

      There was constant COD squeeing? *shakes fist*


      I'd judge you but the fact my shelf holds every CoD game might make a bit of a hypocrite o me :P

        i guess i am just grateful that everyone in here is different from the average comment poster on the main kotaku page.

          Rah rah rah, CoD is terrible, CoD is stagnant, Halo > CoD, you are a n00b f4g, my penis is bigger than yours, your mum is promiscuous, et cetera.

          That was actually frustrating to write. How do those people do it all the time?

      Eh, I don't like COD and they seem all the same to me. They appear to be overrated, but if you like it, then it's what you like and I'm not going to judge you for that.


        oh i agree pretty much every cod is the same. This one is a little different which is nice. It has made my " i think im nearly over cod" feeling go away for a little while. Though still not putting the same number of hours i would normally when a new cod has arrived.

        Enjoying people more than games at the moment.

          I would love to make a completely different shooter =P
          Just for the fun of it.

            but what could you do that was different? Though i think a remake of the old heretic game would work. That was pretty cool

              Captivating story, interesting characters and colourful enviroments. =D

                so like a mario FPS only with a better story than castle hopping looking for a silly princess?

                  Pretty much. Possibly about who the real enemies are in the story or something like that.

      I'm definitely judging you :P

      Nah, each to their own. If we were all the same, the world would be a boring place.
      But you're wrong

      Hey everyone. I watch Jersey Shore. Thanks for reserving judgement!


        I'd comdemn you, but I've watched Geordie Shore.
        What's worse is that my parents are Geordies.
        At least they aren't the douchebag Geordies though.
        Amusingly, Newcastle-upon-Tyne has one of (if not 'the') worst drinking cultures in all of England.

          Ha! I've seen that too.

          Was working in a Telstra shop with Foxtel on display and one of the staff members came up and put on Geordie Shore. Titties and sex everywhere for all to see! :P

    Schoolies is starting soon? Have fun Brisbane TAYbies... You should have a Toolies Meat.

    I went to Coolum for my schoolies. Did not get up to much :P

      No surprise here, but I didn't go to mine. :P

        I didn't do schoolies either =P

      I did sweet fuck all, mostly because I was 17 and couldn't hang out with any of my mates. Though most went to Fiji for it..

        Haha yeah I was 17 during Schoolies as well. Didn't make a difference in the end. There was nothing on in Coolum anyway :P We just went to the beach/shops and played tennis for the week. (Basically everything you can do here, but in Queensland...)

        Can't say I had a bad time, though!

          Haha, that's the spirit man =D

          Like I went to Dreamworld for my 18th, I had loads of fun. I thought it beat getting blind drunk and all that shit.

      I'm not a bogan so I didn't go. Racist bogans are scary!

      Went Japan instead with some mates :P... TOOLIES MEAT!

      I was sick for two months straight at the end of my VCE. I ended up missing the last two weeks of school and everything that went along after it.

    Home brew cider get!

    It's noot bad, not overly sweet, not overly dry. It kind of tastes like apple juice & soda water more than a draught cider though. It's not bad, not overly carbonated either, unlike some commercial ciders i've had eugh.

    It sure feels like it has a higher ABV than most normal ciders, though.

      As in you are brewing your own cider? Details plz, I would love to do that.

        I didn't brew it, dad's mate who is the home brewer brewed it for me from the home brew syrup you can get at any home brew shop. It seemed pretty simple from what he said, basically same as brewing beer, just it took about twice as long to ferment to appropriate sage before being bottled.

      WE MUST TALK ABOUT THIS! i love cider, and have considered making some myself. hard easy, time consuming?

        Not too hard from what I gathered from dad's mate who is a keen home brewer. Just took about twice as long as your average brew for beer. But all pretty much the same, buy your home brew syrup from the brew supplies, follow direction on packet then lol. I think it's about a month or so's fermenting time before bottling.

    Mum's boyfriend was all "you should make a game about bikers!" which made me think of Full Throttle. Now I have to replay Full Throttle because it is full of throttles.

      They should re-release or update/enhance it and Day of the Tentacle and other classic Lucas adventures. I want to play them damnit!

      Tim did 'encourage' us to pirate them though (which I did a few years ago) but I'd rather have them in like Monkey Island remake style.

      "Whenever I smell asphalt, I think of Maureen."

      I want to play road rash.

        Such a cool game. Now I want to play it!

      Wasn't one of the GTAIV expansions about bikers?

      I think it was Ballad of Gay Tony.

    I'm hoping I have done the right thing

      Looks fine to me. Everything stayed civil, nothing insulting. Just a difference of opinion, like you said

    Just been informed my eldest daughter has a boyfriend.


      Now all you have to do is be a troll Dad.

      And don't worry, I had my first girlfriend when I was four years old, and nothing ever came of that!

        I love the troll dad scene on bad boys 2.

        "You ever make love to a man?"
        "No Sir..."
        "You want to?"

      I'm sorry, I thought you knew /o\

        Beyond creepy, Nova. :P

          Oh, right. You're the informer... never mind then. :P

            Umm, yeah sure.... we'll say its that :P

              Dude. She's 5.

                Well I feel like a jerk now. Sorry man, didn't know

                  Umm, no comment :P

                  Actually I honestly have no idea

                  Last edited 16/11/12 9:30 pm

                  Hmm... Name implies you may have been frozen and the revived at some point so I'm going to guess three ice ages!

                  Most of the Brisbane TAYbies are mid to late 20s! FACT! :P

                  Last edited 16/11/12 9:42 pm

                  OLD. OLD. OLD.

                  Also Nova I thought Mr. Freeze was mid 30s as well but apparently not!

      When I was 5 I was 'dating' twins. God-damn was I a pimp.

      In saying that, we used to hold hands while walking to the sandpit, after which the not-so-pretty sister would plonk herself down and eat sand.
      I, uhh... I don't know where I'm going with this.
      If she's five, I dare say there's little to worry about :)

      Still, sit him down and threaten to break his legs (neck) if he hurts your girl. It's your right (responsibility?) as a father!

    I'm the closest I've ever been to finishing one of my overly ambitious minecraft projects!

    I started a survival server on my home computer.

    I found a pretty looking valley with a waterfall and a river not too far from spawn and decided to make that my home. I've now built a large wall around the entire valley (follow the crests of the hills.) The highest point on the 4 outer hill each have massive towers reaching up to the sky.

    I now also have an emergency button that, when pressed, makes an emergency wall pop up to to block off one of the biggest vulnerabilities in the main wall. this emergency wall is self repairing as well. If you remove a block it'll automatically replace it!

    Now I just have to build a house inside the fort.

      I really think Minecraft needs to make a true survival mode where the monster spawn rate increases every night. Perhaps increase monster strength and toughness as time goes by too. And yes, keep permadeath.

        Now that I think of it. Make them more aggressive as time goes by too. So they can spot you from further away and so on.

        It does have the permadeath in hardcore mode. Not so much the getting harder to survive each night. I nearly always die once before the second night though.

          Yeah see hardcore doesn't do it for me. I can build enough to survive after the first night then expand out from there so after the first hour or so the game isn't a challenge. I would like a mode that makes zombies not burn in the sun as well as the previous mentioned bits. Also, I would like crops etc to have a chance a to die so you MAY have to venture out.

          Maybe I should code a mod :\

        That's actually a really good idea! Especially if they added more upgradable stuff to the game so you have to continually 'level up' your base.

    Hahah so if it's not some jerk trying to get my Twitter banned, it's now my Facebook. Wow some people are quite sensitive.

      Depends on what you're saying though man, some people say some pretty hurtful stuff and don't realize where general tolerance levels are.

      I won't ask you to repeat what you said :P

        I'm happy to repeat in gist what I said, because it wasn't racist, sexist, or hating on anyone in particular.

        I simply told the person to stop being an ass & to stop being rude to those who wished to respect the fallen on Remembrance Day. They were quite rude might I say, but I didn't report their comments or anything.

          So someone was being disrespectful to veterans, you called them out and YOU got in trouble?


          Time to go torch innernet peoples' homes!

            Yep. They took major offence to everyone jumping on their case as well. They didn't even apologise as well, they tried to play the racist card as well. No one called them anything racist. People amaze me man.

              That's messed up. They have the right to be called out. If you don't want to remember you don't have to, but don't be disrespectful.

    Wii U pre-ordered /o\

    I also want a Vita eventually...

    Man that's like all my work money gone. I need a new campaign/job quick!

      Work from home, earn 2000 dollars a week! All you need to do is help us, The Russian Mafia clean some money! 100% legal & you can keep any extra money you find! Plus we also include health cover, 9% super on top of your weekly earnings! But wait there's more! There is also plenty of room to move up in our empire, soon you could go from computer monkey to someone more important!

      I'll be 'round your place on launch day, then!

        Fun fact: a friend named Ben came around my house when I just got the Xbox 360 on launch.

        Bens are such moochers!

          Handsome, though.

            I dunno, this one was called ugly quite a bit lol...

            My friends are horrible people : )

    I feel like making a point and click adventure game. Something small, not too big. Something I could get done in a week maybe. Don't want to spend too long on it, I have a much larger, secret project I need to start on.
    Maybe I should just host my own 48 hour lambo-jam :P

      What's stopping you?

      Bear in mind the limited gameplay inherent in Adventure games means that they rely heavily on story, puzzles and art to be engaging. I would suggest it is harder to make a good short adventure game than a good short platformer. (Not that I've done either)
      That said, sure, have a go! I'd love go see it if you do go ahead with it. :)

        The only thing stopping me is this secret project I want to start on. It's got a lot of potential, could become pretty huge if I can get it work (hence why it's secret :P). Although, I suppose it can wait a week. Going to take me a while to make it anyway.
        I think a small adventure game would probably be the same difficulty to make as a small platformer, you just have different things to focus on. Like level design isn't something you have to focus on as much in an adventure game, or gameplay. So I suppose different types of people would find one genre easier to work with than the other.

          All good points. So take a week off your secret project and give it a go!
          Doing it will get this bug out of your system and allow you to better focus on your secret project when it's time to get stuck in. Even if you don't finish the adventure game, making it should help you get focused on your Secret Project, putting other distractions behind you.
          Best of luck mate whatever you decide to do!
          I wish I had your creativity and drive. :)

          Tell me your secret project! It'll bring you good luck, honest!

          Just ask the people who have told me about their secret projects. I'd tell you who but it's a secret.

    still playing cod. this is an.....interesting single player. very.....chaotic....kinda hard to follow iwth the back and forth in time and the strike missions really dont help

    Been reading through the articles and is it just me or is there an actual increase in the amount of negative and aggressive comments popping up on Kotaku?

    Granted it does seem to be from the same group of people but it seems to be getting more common, which is irritating me a bit.

      If left unchecked, it'll fester (likely as you've described it).
      I've contributed more often than I'd like with snide remarks, both towards editors (there's some regulars that TAY itself appears to enjoy digging at) and commenters alike.

      I stick to TAY now, in the hopes that "if you've nothing nice to say, don't say anything" will lend a decline in negativity, if not a rise in positivity.

      Seems to be roughly the same level of unconstructive BS to me.
      It's why I rarely comment on articles. Too many (I'm strugling to find an appropriate word here)

      Last edited 16/11/12 11:53 pm

        It's more the sneering elitism and personal attacks that are bothering me. Trolls and idiots are easy to roll your eyes at and move on.

      I just ignore the general idiocy, but I will actively report any bullshit. There's no need for some of the vitriol that occasionally rears its head.

      Seems to ebb and flow, I think. We've had a few quiet months up till now, but I remember it being pretty bad for some time before that...

      The time of year does seem to make a big difference too.
      Any time around holidays always seems to get worse. The difference now is that you can stalk anyone with an account to see if they're always a jerk or not.

    Evening, fellow nightowls!
    Normally, I'd be asleep, but I slept from 7:30 til 10, so I'm wide awake at the moment.

      Crazy guy being crazy! :D

      I intended to stop Dishonored at 11pmish and go to bed but I kept playing and playing... :D

        My internet dropped out, so, being stuck offline, I decided to play Nascar Racing 2003 season.
        I did an 8 lap race at Infineon Raceway, crashed on the first lap, repaired the damage , then got into the lead around lap six. I went wide on the second last corner on the second last lap, then spent 95% of the final lap trying to make an aggressive pass on the leader, only to spin on the final corner and ended up finishing fifth.
        Still, it was damn exciting.

      Hahaha! I slept from about 5:00 til 8, so also wide awake.
      But I'm off now to watch some shows. With a bit of luck I'll be in bed before too long. (Who am I kidding?)

    I only just finished the 2nd assassination in Dishonored and I'm at 16 hours. Going sloowwwww but I'm really enjoying it! Thank god for the master race and how quickly and easily it is to save and reload. If I got this on consoles I would've just rushed through it killing everything.

    Still going strong on my no-kill run :D. Woo!

    @dc is that about the same time you were around that point? I know you took it slow too and you're the only one of my friend's list with a decent amount of time and it's significantly higher than those who I know beat the game but didn't do it slowly like we did.

    I don't think I'm even 1/4 of the way through the game :P

      I was playing slowly, being careful, doing side missions, all that jazz, and it only took me 18 hours. Weird.

        Did you explore everywhere, talk to everyone fully, listen to all the heart comments?

        I think that's where most of my time comes from, that and failing a fair bit :P (doing a no kills run)

          I explored, I talked to everyone fully, but yeah, I missed the heart comments, which would certainly account for some of the time.

          And I attempted a no kills run(dirty game cheated me out of it somehow), so there was a lot of reloading.

            I have no idea how far I am into the game but I'm assuming there's still a decent amount for me to go. Of course my 'long' time would be irrelevant if I'm right near the end :P

      @greenius My play time on Steam is a little deceptive, my sister played the game on my account after I had finished so not accurate at all. I finished my playthrough after 18 or so hours. I thought that was going slow. :P

      Last edited 17/11/12 9:56 am

    I have a ranty thing about my marriage to get off my chest but I'm putting it in spoilertags so you don't have to be exposed to it if you don't click. :)

    I broke down and told my husband I couldn't cope with stuff and don't feel the support or encouragement I would expect from my partner who supposedly loves me but practically ignores me whenever we're together, and when I got up to blow my nose from all the crying, he went off to bed. I mean, what the hell?! Way to prove my point. What on earth am I supposed to think about that?!

      My life is full of things to be thankful about, so I really shouldn't complain. I'm just quite often really miserable. I am constantly thankful for you guys and your awesome company, though. Thanks again, everyone. :)

        Don't feel bad about complaining, it's good to get stuff off your chest and in this case it's understandable. Your feelings and mental health are really important.

        We are thankful for you as well Strange. :-)

        don't feel bad about talking about it. Sometimes if you've got no one to talk to about it, this can be your best bet.
        Seriously sucks to hear you feel that way though :( *hug*
        Having come from a failed marriage, I probably don't really have anything useful to offer, but I'd say don't push things too far too quick. Give him some time to think before pushing for an answer. Hastiness isn't always a good thing.
        At least you are still able to see the good side of things though. Perhaps think about the other ways he shows he loves you. Talk to him about those a bit maybe. It can be hard to talk about these things, but talking about the good things will probably help ease in to it a bit.
        Hope everything will come cool again :) *hug*

      Oh man, sorry to hear that Strange. I'm not married but it was brave of you to confront him. Many people would have just kept quiet and suffered in silence. I'd suggest you talk to him again about it and explain your feelings in detail. If you guys can't sort it out maybe consider couple's counselling.

      Hopefully you don't edit this by morning and some of the people on TAY who are married/in long term relationships can offer better advice.

      Have a goodnight/morning (Whenever you read this :-))

      I'm sorry to hear that Strange. I can't really offer any advice or help but I wish you all the best and I hope everything works out between you two. We're all here if you need us whether it's just for advice, support or just someone to hugasaurusrex with :)

      I'm sorry I'm not much help, but I hope things get better soon and that he does give you the love and support that you deserve.

      Don't feel bad about ranting to us about anything Strange, we're your friends here & we care for your well being!

      I hope it all improves for you Strange =( We're all here for you though.

      I have 2 friends in this same situation, he's my best mate but damn I wish he would be more human towards his girlfriend, it's getting to the point where I feel I going to have to tell him to straighten up and give her attention. She pretty much had the same break down to him the other week, but instead she stormed out and went home and he continued gaming...

    @benwhite @robhussey

    Is it possible to move the Report/Permalink to the right of the up/down vote rather than below on mobile TAY?

    I just tried to upvote and my stubby finger hit report instead. I cancelled it but I could see this being a problem :P

    Not sure if you know, but Virus__ found out that if you go to someone's profile and try to view their comments you can't see anything. We tested it our on mobile TAY (Safari on iOS), Chrome, Firefox and IE and it happened in all of them.

    Not being picky just thought you'd want to know of any bugs. We really appreciate the work you guys do, thanks!

    Last edited 17/11/12 8:22 am

      Oh and permalinks and viewing comments from notifications don't work on mobile (for me anyway). It'll go to the page but not the specific comment.

        Sorry if I'm being picky/abusing the bat signal! D:

          This is good use of the bat signal.
          We'll be releasing a fix for the missing profile comments soon.

          Permalinks - Could you please confirm whether permalinks for comments on pages 2+ work.
          I've noticed permalinks on comment page 1 don't work for me. Also what device are you using?

          Mobile notification links - I'll look into this.

          As for the layout of the voting and report comment buttons, we can't display these next to each other due to space issues when displaying the options within a comment that is 8 replies deep.
          Maybe a little more vertical padding will help?

            Safari on iPhone 4S, iOS 5

            I can get permalinks/notifications but when I click on them (on mobile) it doesn't take me straight to the comment, just the page.

            I just checked my notifications on mobile (tried by clicking on this one and another in new TAY page 1) and clicking on them will take me to the page but the url doesn't have the permalinked comment. It would display instead of the same url with "#comment-879177" at the end. I can confirm that it used to show the permalinked comment url but it just wouldn't take me straight to it and load the top of the page.

            Notifications/permalinks work fine on desktop/PC though.

            As for the report/voting I guess that would help but that problem has only happened once for me and I doubt it's a common thing people run into. It's fine as it is and I should probably just be more careful :P

            Mobile TAY also gets really slow and chugs as the page fills up. It didn't used to do this but it did crash, which it doesn't now, so at least I can read stuff! Just makes it hard when permalinking doesn't work or I refresh and I have to scroll through the page.

            Once again, thanks!

      ME \o/

      I did tag Ben in that chain of posts! But thanks for pointing it out again green man!

    @Shane where's this Ozgameshop deal you mentioned? Something about pre-ordering a game and you'd get a $10 voucher? Can't seem to find it :P. Was it only eligible for GTAV?

      Nah dude, I had a $10 voucher in my account. Pre-ordering GTAV gives you 5000 extra player points, but you have to pay the full price :P

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