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    Futsal World Cup final is on SBS Two right now, between Spain and Brazil!

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    Proudly brought to you by "This could kill a brown dog"

    Leftover soup with potato gem croutons

    Seriously guys, this looks like it came from Satan's anus. I took the week's leftovers (goulash, rendang and laksa being the main constituents), defrosted them and slopped it all together in one bowl. The consistency wasn't right, so I threw it in the blender, after which it was nice and smooth.
    And brown/black. Oh god, that colour will haunt me for years to come.
    Adding some potato gems to act as croutons gave a nice change in texture, although they quickly were assimilated into the seething black ooze that was the leftover soup.

    One slight addition; IT TASTES FREAKING AMAZING. Holy crap, this is possibly the best late-night snack I've ever made. I turned the light off so I didn't have to look at it, and man, it's pretty freakin' good. The rendang gives it a really nice punch, which is somewhat offset by the swirl of sour cream I put in there for the goulash. The seafood in the laksa didn't quite fit, but was not necessarily an unwelcome feature.

    All in all, I'd do it again, but only if blindfolded. That looked positively vile.
    9/5 Shiggys/Bishes.

      Started reading, saw "Satan's anus", decided to skip post but saw all caps "TASTES FREAKING AMAZING".


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