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    Alright, karaoke post taking forever to be moderated. Gonna take DC's suggestion up and break up the links. Here goes...

    For your vomit inducing pleasure, I give to you KARAOKE GIF!

      Also, Dan giving his best emu impression to Sally

        And Freeze with Mrs. Freeze singing (?) (most probably in dedication to The Sack (as featured bottom right))

          Also I will take this time to apologise for drinking from the sac/any other of the numerous obnoxious things I did.

            For someone who complained so much about the taste of the sac you sure did spend a lot of time with your mouth on it.

              Awww really? I'm sorry, that was actually really obnoxious. I'm sorry guys :(

                Lol. It's all good. I don't think anyone was offended.

                  Every one likes a happy drinker too! Not a fist fight in sight! :P

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      Haha! That booth to the right was definitely the drunk guy booth. Nobs, Trjn and I just sat silently on the left side. :D

        Yeah I kind of felt bad dragging you guys to a place you obviously didnt want to go to. Its too bad there wasnt more of the old arcade machines at 2002 to enjoy before we went.

          Hells no, man. I'm glad I was invited, I felt bad for not participating properly. Haha! Definitely didn't regret the night at all. Was good seeing you guys so happy too.

            Ah well thats good! I did drunkely ramble with you about Anna's Quest, I remember that. And was totally tempted to just spill everything about the story caus I'm sick of carrying around on my own, I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE

              Haha! I was worried you felt obligated to talk Anna's Quest with me. Jimu kept me company most of the night. I wonder if he remembers. :P

              If you won't sell me a season pass, I'm happy to provide feedback on story if wanted. Or happy just to be spoiled if you just want to spill it.

              Well isn't that an incentive to get more episodes of it out? =P

                Im tryyyiiiiing! Working on it as we speak, but so much work...

                  Yeah I bet it is man. Props to you for being so devoted though =D

    Every time I post on page three, it takes me back to page two. There's evil here, I tells ya.

      Yeah this is now happening to me, what the hell D=

      We have a witch among us!

    So how 'bout that Movember/NaNoWriMo! (Always a conversation starter, right there. :P)

      Hit 11000 words (or their equivalent). Enjoying doing some work for Pez, partly because he's the most enthusiastic person I've ever made something for.

        I've been following that thread you linked to the other day. Sounds like it's all just a misunderstanding on definitions that keeps on escalating. Haha!

        Edit: Also, way to go on the word count! Hells yeah!

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          Yeah, I ended up getting quite a range of responses, which was nice, and a bunch of hits to my site, which was nicer :)

          Re: word count, I'm adding 1000 words for every page of comic art I do, which is kind of a fluff, but I don't really mind. Still done about 5000 words of longhand fiction.

          Edit: It's interesting - this is my normal routine. I'm not pushing myself at all this month. I think that creating sustainable routines ultimately makes you more productive than big pushes.

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      I've written a lot, but only about 2500 words of fiction.

      I'm cool with that, I'm not trying to hit some length/write a novel. I am stretching myself a bit though.

        I like how your stuff is done in a way that if you stumbled upon it, you'd question if it was real for a moment or so. I love that kind of stuff!

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      20,000 words. Just about to jump into writting another 2000.

        Wow, way to go, man. That's awesome!

    WALKING DEAD TALK (No Spoilers :P):
    After numerous crashes last night, I've decided to download the Windows version and start over. I'm not risking another corrupt save! I was hoping I'd be able to copy/paste the file that stores your story choices, which actually somewhat worked (just doesn't let you play the game once it's booted up). Eh, I'll just start over. Stopped caring at this point :P

    Don't forget! Today is the last day you can download Genesect!
    Also, my new in-game Tournament team of Jellicent (Nomura), Snorlax (Din-din) and Lucario (Spiky Lady) aren't going as well as I'd hoped. They rip up the lower tiered tournaments, but once you get to the stronger ones they keep falling over. Spoilers for one of the advanced tournaments (in case you don't want to know who you battle. Nothing to do with story or anything): V'ir orra cynlvat gur Xnagb Yrnqref Gbheanzrag naq vg vf nznmvatyl abfgnytvp! Vg'f cebonoyl bar bs zl snibhevgr cnegf bs gur tnzr fb sne. Gur er-qbar Xnagb onggyr gurzr vf njrfbzr gb urne naq vg'f terng gb frr nyy bs gur byq tlz yrnqref jvgu erinzcrq grnzf. Fb tbbq! Vg whfg fhpxf V unira'g orra noyr gb trg cnfg gur frpbaq ebhaq lrg :C


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      Hey, Pow. What were you playing Walking Dead on originally? Mac?

        Yerp. I've got both OSX and Windows installed on this computer. Probably should have explained that :P

          Probably should have worked that out through the process of elimination. Not available in Aus for PS3/Xbox and I doubt you'd be able to copy your saves any way. And then there's the iPad version. :P

      Where is dis tournie? I finished the elite 4 but havent bothered exploring after that. Do you get to go to another region, do another 8 gyms? I have my hopes up but am assuming you dont

        Pokemon World Tournament ('PWT' on the map) is below Driftveil city. You should have went there as part of the story. Similar to the Battle Subway but an elimination tournament setup, rather than a win-seven-battles-in-a-row one. Gets pretty difficult in the upper levels!

      I'm so behind on my pokemaning. I only just beat the fourth gym in White 2.

        I think I just got the 4th or 5th Badge. I'm still only around 14ish hours. Haven't been playing it on a daily basis :(

    As PuppyLicks suggested on Page 1:
    #MondayNightHaloFights shall return!
    Load up you Halo 4 tonight, people!

      I'm up for some Halo action! Although I may be playing DOTA tonight, so put me down as a maybe!

    TAY Secret Santa!

    Here's how it will work:

    Everyone who wishes to participate should send me:
    - Your TAY handle
    - Your address details
    - Gift preferences (specifically, things that you don't want / can't have for any reason, or hints if you wish - not everyone knows everyone that well)
    - Whether you would prefer a local TAYbie to send to (I will endeavour to pair up people locally to save shipping)
    - If you wish to purchase for a specific person, let me know. If there is someone you do not wish to buy for, please also let me know (I'll keep it a secret). Keep in mind that I won't allow you to buy for a specific person if it would result in doubling up or sending to someone who isn't participating.

    You will be given a semi-random TAYbie to send something to. Selection will be made by me, to pair up people who wish to be local. You should remain anonymous to this person if possible. Value limit of around $30 including postage. You may go under or over this limit if necessary but please keep it as a guideline. No perishable items eg food. It goes without saying, but please don't send anyone something illegal or which is not able to be mailed through Australia Post.

    Participation means you must commit to sending something to someone (and not just receiving).

    I will be coordinating the efforts but will not participate myself, as I will be choosing the assignment of people to each other and thus have a conflict of interest. In the event that someone has to pull out, I will step in to fill in the gap so that everyone still receives a gift, but I can only afford to do this as a once-off. If you agree to participate you must have the expectation you will be able to do so.

    You will be revealing your personal address to only two people: myself and your Secret Santa. I will not leak this information to anyone else. By participating you agree that you will not misuse the address of the TAYbie you're buying for. By participating you also acknowledge the risk involved - if you are not willing to take this risk or share this information, please don't participate.

    Deadline for signing up shall be Midnight on the 19th of November, which is one week from now. This is to allow enough time for gifts to be purchased and mailed in time for Christmas.

    To sign up,
    email me: atomicstrawberry (at) gmail (dot) com
    twitter DM me: @atomstrawberry

      It begins... Good luck with it, man. I might opt out myself, but sounds like fun! :D

        WHY!? TELL US

        I won't be participating because I don't have that much money and I'm not sure who wants what :P.

        Great idea though Neg!

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      I'm gonna think about this. Though I suspect that I would be lazy and buy an ozgameshop voucher for the person.

        Why not your book?

          I think it might destroy the anonymity :P
          Also, every TAYbie owns it already, I'm sure!

            I might participate and send a compy of your book just to throw people off the scent

              Rule change. Everyone sends everyone a copy of The Lesser Evil, and the game is to figure out who sent your copy.

                Every one wins, especially Shane. :P


    So much free time that I don't know what to do!

    My job campaign ends this week. I was planning on asking my boss for details about signing up for new campaigns but she left the company and this new one sounds kind of shitty... like really shitty... zzzz...

    Bloody wind man! It's so damn windy today and my hayfever has gone nuts. I think I've used about 30 tissues already and my eyes are all itchy and nose hurts :P. DAMN U NATURE!

      Woooooooo \o/ \o/


        Okami HDashaius? :)

        You don't have to buy it now but since it's holidays and I'm kind of unemployed it's perfect conditions for gaming time!

        Did you download the stuff from my account yet? I haven't been on for a while so I never picked up Crysis 2 and All 4 One (was RE:5 and stuff before? I think I picked that up at least)

          Yes I downloaded all the PS+ stuff. You should be fine.

    Hey TAYbies.

    I almost thought about getting BLOPS2 so I thought I could get on here and you would all talk me out of it... I have never played FPS before (competitive anyway, love bioshock/borderlands etc) but I got MW3 and Battlefield 3 and I have played a few hours of BF and about 50 hours of MW3. I enjoyed both games and never really had any bad experiences with douchey types online, these games just bring out the worst in me as a gamer. I find myself not enjoying the games and getting angry with the constant death/respawn. Not sure if it was the match making, or that others have had years of experience, but I just never enjoyed my attidude during competitive type MP games. I can stand sucking at a game like Trials where I feel my learning is rewarded but I just never got the hang of FPS... my issue is that many of my friends will get it and the reason I love gaming is the social interaction of it.. I really want to get this so I can join in with mates, but know that It will make me angry? I can't hate the COD types because I did get a kick out of playing with friends, but Im not sure I want to do this all again?

    Any advice for dealing with the frustration of sucking at games like this and just enjoying yorself?

    Also, I rarely cook so I decided to start a blog about cooking. Good Idea no? If you haven't seen, check out

    Stupid Idea that I had that I am too stubborn to let go of, so now im writing a blog about turning my favourite burgers into pizza's. :)

    Hope you are well and stuff.

      Laugh at your failures.

      I've been meaning to write up a blog post thingy about getting into playing Starcraft. How I was initially put off by how competitive the game is and how far behind I would be compared to everyone else.

      Now I'm playing ladder games regularly and loving it. I just accept that I'm bad and laugh it off, knowing that if I keep playing, I will steadily improve.

      I know that feeling :P. I got so angry in CoD because I was slightly laggy and had a severe disadvantage whenever I played online. Killcams were nothing like what happened on my screen and all my actions were delayed which led to some absolute bullshit :(.

      Best thing is to play with friends. I found it so much better whenever I played with a big group of my friends and I pretty much never played solo. If they don't mind, just kind of do stupid shit. My friends and I would all pick horrible guns and all of us would use the same gun for the match. We would do stuff like just stay in one area and all of us would be using thermal snipers or just using all shotguns no matter what (even in the big maps). Lots of fun comes from just doing stupid things and not taking it too seriously :).

      Zombies in Black Ops was amazingly fun too so I assume it's going to be even better in BLOPS2

      I'm *terrible* at FPS, and quite a lot of my initial aversion to it was playing public games, in which trash-talking is so damned prevalent.
      Playing with friends is an entirely different experience, and (for example) the only time I've enjoyed playing CounterStrike was when I was playing with a mate of mine, and a bunch of his friends. They're all competitive players (don't ask me what rank/league etc, iunno :P) and I got creamed, but it was a genuinely fun experience.

      My go-to FPS is TF2, and I love the team-based feel. Playing Halo MP and such, I never really got a kick out of it unless it was Team-Slayer mode. I just... Free-for-all isn't for me, I suppose.

      Neither's public matches, if I can help it!

      To avoid frustration just play the co-op modes. I always play the spec ops mode in MW3 with my cousin when I visit him. Blops 2 has a bigger zombie mode, a full campaign actually, and that should be a lot of fun.

        Yes this ^^^^
        I forgot to mention that. CO-OP stuff is the most fun I have in games.
        Sadly not many PC games offer co-op, or sometimes they are only limited to 2 people.
        The MW1 and MW2 co-op missions are amazing, like half of L4D is co-op. I'm sure there are lots of Taybies who would be happy to play more L4D co-op.
        The best thing about co-op is it doesn't matter how bad or new you are because you're playing WITH someone not against them. If you both suck - you'll have fun and laugh about it. If one of you suck, the other can carry you as you get more practice.

      If you want to get into FPS games try some free/cheap ones first like TF2, L4D, Counter Strike. Day of Defeat.
      They have varying levels of difficultly and are all different in some ways, but all of them will teach you things about FPS and the people who play them...
      Like counter strike, COD caters to fairly specific players.
      The other games I mentioned can be a lot more "forgiving".
      Battlefield is one of those games that gets a million times better when you're playing with a few friends. And it also gives to more variety. Do you suck with snipers? Try a tank instead... etc
      Where as COD and CS are considered twitch shooters, that rely heavily on quick reflexes, map knowledge and lots of experience.
      I played a lot of COD:MW2 multiplayer, but didn't really get into MW3 multiplayer for some reason.
      Battlefield 3 was great fun too but got very repetitive later on, when new unlocks took forever. I left it for a while, then came back when I had regular friends to play with. And when the expansions came out.
      At the end of the day you just have to find what works for you, it might be a specific weapon type, or class, it might just be that FPS games aren't for you, in which case stick to the single player stuff like bioshock, dishonoured, or the single player campaigns in COD.
      Playing against others takes a specific type of person. A lot of patience and an insatiable thirst for competitiveness.

        My Battlefield experience.

        1. Spawn
        2. Move forward a handful of steps
        3. Get shot in head by unseen sniper
        4. Repeat 1-3 for half hour until getting upset and not playing any more
        5. Repeat 1-4 5 more times
        6. Never play again

          I had that with insurgency. Played for about 20 minutes, died about 25 times and never SAW and enemy unit

          See that's what I like about it. It's not like COD where you run around like a superhuman beast absorbing whole clips of ammo into your chest.
          I think as with most FPS games there is a drastic learning curve when you jump in and play against other humans not poorly programmed AI... (for the record, BF3 single player campaign is one of the worst I've ever played.)

      I played a tonne of MW2 and what really got me into it was playing with friends (specifically on the same team). Win or lose, you could still have fun.
      Incidentally, if you're getting it on PC I probably will be, so I'd be happy to play with you.

      Did you want to be talked out of it? If so, I will begin by saying that I have little interest in it, and I'm always right about this sort of thing.

      Did that work?

      Ignore your K/D ratio or winning and just do the best you can.
      I find once I get to the point where I think I am good at the game, that is when I start to get frustrated at failure. But if I assume I am not very good then dying is no biggie and when I do well then it is especially rewarding.
      Also perhaps try to find a nemesis in each match and make it your goal to get revenge on him as much as possible before the match ends. Or try using only a pistol for the whole game just for funsies. Mix it up a little so you are not taking it too seriously.

      Last edited 12/11/12 3:20 pm

      To be good at CoD, you really only need two things, A decent connection and ,probably more important, is good knowledge of the map. Know what corners the campers get in, the high volume areas and choke points. Always get a few easy kills to get you on a roll.

      Good thing about blops2 is that it has combat training so you can go in and learn the maps a bit and just play bots for a while.

    Oh. I forgot to mention Potted Potter.

    You should go see it. It is brilliant. Two man straight man/goofball setup, running through all 7 Harry Potter books in 70 mins with the premise that the goofball hasn't read the books and spent all the set, costume and prop money on something stupid. Seriously. this is the entire set (note the Hogwarts Express).

    The guys are hilarious and are brilliant at making the whole thing seem ad libbed.

      Sounds good. What is it? A stage show of some sort? Is it coming to Canberra?

    One month.
    One more month, and then I'm FLYING AWAY TO SEE THE SIGHTS OF THE BIG SMOKE.
    And by 'big smoke' I mean Darwin.
    Then Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne \o/

    I am SO excite. So very, very excite!

      It's going to be good seeing you, man! (Even if I'll probably feel too scared to talk to you. Haha! Worst wingman evah!)

        Pretty sure Maverick was the worst wingman ever, you goose.

        Best wingman!
        We can sit silently, side-by-side, fidgeting awkwardly.

        It's a date ^.^

      I want to join :(

        It's odd reading the above replies and then reading Greenius' reply.


      You having a Melbourne meat sometime?
      If I am particularly bored I might come over.

        Way to make him feel special Jo :P
        Yes there will be, if nothing else me and Aleph are going to go out for duck pizza

          Hey I'm in Adelaide and antisocial.
          And lazy, can't forget that one.

          Last edited 12/11/12 3:44 pm

          So keen for anything and everything, ESPECIALLY duck pizza!




                Despite living and growing up in Melbourne I still don't know too much about it, especially stuff in and around the city since it's so far away from me :/

        You should. I think he's coming around mid Jan. Strange and Powalen are coming around that time too.

    Its Time for everybodies favourite segment of TAY
    Rocketman gets bored and writes about his life and worries because its only 2 o'clock on a Monday and i have nothing to do.

    So I finished TAFE for another week and only have one more week until it is all done and dusted and i will be trade qualified in a completely useless thing that serves no purpose except the fact that i can write it on paper. The trade i am doing Cert 3 in Instrumentation and control is usually accompanied with a restricted electrical license or at least that is what i was told when i signed up. But because my work doesn't have anybody with said restricted license it means that i can't be signed off for that part of instrumentation. Without the restricted license i can't touch any instrumentation by myself because of the restrictions placed on stuff. Now i am fine with that because i have come to terms with the fact that i am going to start anew in a new place and find my own path regardless of the qualifications i have now. However last week i was speaking to the apprenticeship advisor at TAFE and she said she could in fact get me signed off by only doing like one more competency.

    I am now at a loss, i mean i don't want to stay here any longer but at the least i would need to stay at my current job for another 6 months to get my qualification to where it should be in the first place but at the same time it wont even matter when i move because the different states recognise qualifications differently. I just am really tired and i am sick of weird hurdles jumping in my way.

    On top of all that i started taking anti-anxiety medication because the doctor diagnosed me with depression and axiety. I have had a shit time recently and i am just sick of feeling so poorly.

      This is usually my favourite part of TAY, but this was a real downer :P

      Anything you need, man... [usual stuff goes here]

      Aw man, sorry to hear that :(. I know I joke around with you and stuff but I'd like to think we're buds and if you ever want to talk, just let me know. All the other TAYbies and I are here if you need us!

        Yeah i know. I just like to think i can sort stuff out without having a big sad attack shut up its a thing. I vent way too much as it is. I see myself as more of a burden on you guys then a positive influence.

          Nothing wrong with a vent every now and then, man. And although sometimes you need to deal with stuff yourself, it's not always the case. We're happy (or at least totally willing, if the subject matter isn't happy) to read it, and offer assistance if needed.

          Not at all man. I obviously can't speak on behalf of everyone but for me I don't see it like that at all. Everyone needs to vent.

      Hope the prescription is helping, man! You're a good guy who deserves to be happy! :)

      If you don't plan on using the qualification any way and it'll be made invalid, then there's nothing stopping you from going. (You can also do it again later, if you want to as well, right?)



          Ah, man. I could've vented for hours. :P

          I use my degree to impress the ladies. It doesnt work.


      If you want the qualification say and finish. I changed states halfway through my apprenticeship and it tacked on an extra year to the end of it.

      If its not a worry for you and you're going completely different direction than dont waste your time in a place you hate. I made that mistake far too many times (and still making it).

      Ladies & gentlemen! I present to you all : my only serious comment of the year.

      Rocketman, I am fucking proud of you. seriously. insetead of just living with it or ignoring it (like 90% of people do) you went & saw someone about your anxiety / depression & you're doing something about it. that is the first step & it helps (my brother is also on anti-anxiety medication, and it's worked wonders for him).

      stick at it & stay awesome.

        I understand why people live with it its kind of a funny circle
        you have anxiety so you dont want to be judged by a doctor so you ignore it.

        I don't know if they will help, i am hoping they will because as it stands now i could easily have done something very stupid a little while back.

          Pride's a bitch.

          It's good that you've done something about this. A lot of people won't admit that there's something wrong with them, it takes maturity and humility to know that you need help and to go out and get it.

            She is indeed a bitch.
            I don't think of myself as prideful but it stopped me from talking about it for a very very very long time. The worst part is on the days i wasn't feeling horrid i convinced myself that i was fine and that i was just having a bad day.

          the point is, you broke that circle. & if the meds dont work, go back & tak to your doc again. doctors dont judge. in fact, not judging is a sort of a job requirement for doctors.

          what I'm trying to say is, no doctor will pass judgement on you for asking for help. & I'm sure none of the people you talk to on here will either. in fact, I'd take a wild guess & say that everyone here (regardless of dumb jokes etc), as well as your family & many other people, want you to be happy & healthy & all good (mentally & physically) & would actively encourage you to do what you need to do to reamin that way.

          and I'm very happy that you didnt do anything stupid. & I really hope that you never do anything stupid. ever. coz stupidity is never the right answer to anything.

          You're stronger for not doing it, mate. I could wax poetic over all the idioms and cliches attached to meds of this sort. I'll say but one thing.
          They didn't help me.
          That's not to say that they won't help you, but different people react differently (also keep in mind we're talking very vague descriptions here, chances are we aren't/weren't on the same medication), and it turned out I was better off not taking it.

          Talking to a medical professional about it is a huge thing, and it's awesome to see/hear that you've done it :D
          Keep in mind if you're just starting the meds, it'll take a while before you balance out again (though I'm sure the doc would've said something along those lines).

          All the best man, glad to see you're soon to be on the up'n'up!

      Is it possible to complete your qualifications via correspondence? Here's hoping stuff starts sorting out for you man.

      If you stay and get the NREL, will it at all be recognised in other states? If not, how hard will it be to get it recognised in other states? Can you get the NREL that way (one competency thing) after you move?
      Also, are you intending on getting into any other electrical related career? Because if yes, having that qualification on your resume would be a huge advantage, even if it is not state relevant - it tells them you have the knowledge and competency.

      Also, manly bro-fist or something.

      Last edited 12/11/12 3:32 pm

        See i don't really know this stuff, i get reallywroked up that i have stuff up shit in someway and by asking questions doors that i think are open are closing.

        Also thanks jo

          More questions you ask the more you know and that's half the battle etc.

      I'm proud of you little buddy.

      And much love for you. I do hope things start to look up soon and regardless of what you decide to do, life will sometimes throw you funny curveballs that end up working out somehow.

    Anyone know when PS+ is meant to hit PSV?? It's sometime this month, yeah?

      Yeah, it is, but they've not said when this month.

      Yup, they said November a while ago but yeah... no date yet :(

      Anyone know why you would buy a PSV LOLOLOL

        Persona 4 in 8 days?

          I was looking up Metacritic yesterday and saw that Vita only had one game in the 90+ range which was Virtue's Last Reward (it was exactly 90). I thought there would be been better titles but then I remembered Persona 4. I had a few games that I was interested in when the Vita was first announced but if anything I think P4 is what's going to make me buy one!

          I wish it was hackable for PSP games though :P

            I wish that PSP games were still being localized. Never going to see FF Type-0 or Valkyria 3 or Grand Knights History or a bunch of others. :(

              :'( I want me some FF Type-0 and Valkyria!

              They can always have translation patches though can't they? But that would require downloaded copies, wouldn't it?

                And thus a hacked PSP or PSV, yes.


                Actually you know what? I think if the PSV was broken wide open tomorrow it'd probably start selling really well...

                  I know I'd buy one!

                  From what I've heard it's basically dying anyway :(

    Ok yeah whoever said season 2 of Parks & Rec was where its at was right. Only watched the first ep of it but it was best ep

      Gets worse though in later seasons when they focus too much on relationships... ugh!

      But at the moment (Season 5) it's getting good again :)

        Exactly what this guy said!


          But are you planning any roadtrips? : )?

            You must just on TS, frond! But yes. YES INDEED.

              I went on yesterday but you weren't there!

              What dates? :D

              I finished my last exam yesterday so I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

              I also bought a headset the other day so I can talk! (hasn't arrived yet though)

                Welp, it's for the NYE meat. So December 28 to Jan 2nd with camping and schtuff

                  Radical! I should be on TS more often as soon as I get the headset and it's still a while away but keep me in mind :)

                  I assume you don't mind me tagging along. Not sure how roadtrip meats work but I can pay for some of the expenses I guess! Just as long as it's relatively cheap.

    Also, only JUST got around to listening to the Potaku ep on DLC (trying to catch up now), but I have to say, there's a pretty optimistic view on how companies are treating DLC. I'm telling you, there is no chace in hell that any of them sit down POST release and start thinking about DLC. They would have all the DLC thought of and budgetted before the release, most definitely. No developer would be above that. I mean, it's just business. These guys are too big to sit around and do the things in the nice manner you guys thought up. I'm not saying there's anything good or bad about it, just that they're all in it for the same reasons. /rant

    TLDR all people doing DLC have profit intentions, noones doing it for the sake of doing something for the fans so to speak. I dont think its a bad thing necessarily, just being realistic.

      Amen. If nothing else, you want the cast to have recorded their lines for DLC at the same time as they record the original stuff, to save paying them twice. Presumably, the same holds true for coders and artists.

      I want Anna's Quest DLC, dammit.

      Mechromancer skin, NAO!

        Oh, yeah. The whole game from Winfriede's perspective! :D

          A play school cross over where big ted enters the animus and we see the game from Ted's perspective

            *Keanu Reeves whoa*

      My problem is people saying that the planning of DLC prior to release is evil(I know you weren't saying that, I just like to state my opinion).

      It's not. It's an essential part. Huge swathes of the problems large developers face is due to a complete lack of planning. Look at Valve, and in particular, Half Life 2. Great game, in the end. But there were man years worth of wasted time being made, since they were just sort of cobbling it together.

      Anyway, if a company plans their game, and says "let's remove this bit right here, and sell it as DLC later(I'm looking at you Assassin's Creed)" then it's bad. If a company is planning their game, and says "hey, how about once we're done with this, you know, the completed game, we add this onto it?" then it's a good practice.

      The DLC may be crap, but at least they're not being evil about it.

      Well, the majority of DLC released shortly after launch was either cut out of the game to begin with or was certainly in the original design document.

      It's just another way to squeeze a few dollars out of a game before they have to move on.

      Back in the early days of DLC you could at least make the argument that developers genuinely wanted to add something meaningful to the game post-release. Fallout 3 DLC comes to mind. But those days are long gone. Now days we get unlockable weapons and an extra map or whatever bullshit passes for modern day DLC.

    Asked Bish about the posibility of getting a NA copy of BLOPSII from him via Steam and I could pay him back. Response was something along the lines of "I bought it and gifted you without confirming with you" :P
    So...BLOPSII get!


      Haha Blopsie :P

      Well I guess no more midnight launch for you and you can DOTA with your buds? :D

        I guess so...
        Funny story: Steam says it unlocks in one and a half days. PC players going to the midnight launch may be disappointed...

          Are unlocks global though? Wouldn't that be the unlock date for the NA version?

          Otherwise... oops sucks to be them!

      He did the same thing with me and Assassin's Creed 3 haha

    Interesting observation brought up by the show on the weekend.

    For a supposed "Chosen One" Harry Potter actually does very little. My first thought was nowai! Until I thought on it a bit more and when you do you realise he really doesn't. He just happens to be around when stuff happens.


      Maybe he causes that stuff too, for the attention!

      The chosen one never has to do much because they're the chosen one.
      The only thing they have to make sure of is that they don't screw it up.

      Last edited 12/11/12 3:29 pm

      It's true. Stacks of stuff happens around him, and even more stuff (usually bad stuff) happens because of his presence, but the actions he needs to take to foil plans are generally pretty minimal.

      He's famous cause he lived. He lived cause he had a mother.

      Not the best claim to fame.

        He wasn't extraordinary, his mother (Lily?) was.
        Some kid being chased by a noseless creep in -for lack of a better term- a Wonderland, seems to be ripping directly from another IP anyway.

      He's only the chosen one and plays a part in so many events because Voldermort, and everyone else for that matter, pays so much attention to him. He's just a normal guy trying to enjoy being a wizard but everyone keeps coming in and messing with his life.

      He was only revealed as the chosen one at the end of Order of the Phoenix. This then drove the plot of Half-Blood Prince where he prepared himself to fulfil the prophecy and then Deathly Hallows is where him being the chosen one actually means anything.

      All of the stuff about being "the boy who lived" wasn't him being the chosen one. Well, it was in the greater sense of the plot but it did not drive his in-universe fame that tended to make a fair few plot issues crop up.

      I remember reading a cracked article about 'heroes' that really should have stayed out of it.
      Trying to remember who was on the list. I know the inglorious bastards were there for almost ruining things with horrible accents,
      Also Nic PunchHisFace in con air

      I've read a lot of fanfiction which deals with this a lot. If you can find some decent stories, and avoid all the crap, then all of a sudden things start making more sense. Harry starts acting like he actually has a Dark Lord after his throat and responds accordingly. Having found quite a few really good stories, if I went back to reading the canon books I'd probably just get super frustrated.

    Hi everybody. Well I made it to Orange and I'm all settled in. My room/house is nice and my housemates seem good to. They both work at the hospital so at least I'm in good hands if Lambo ever comes to visit. Had to go and buy a USB internet stick since there's nothing set up here and I'm still trying to get it set up properly. It's a prepaid one so data is going to be in fairly short supply. I think my gaming is going to cut down :( And I had all these plans of burning through my pile of shame. Went into the Harvey World store and introduced myself and the team there seems good too.

    All in all things are going smoothly

      Good to hear! What games were you thinking of playing?


        That was one of them, but I didn't bring the Wii with me. And I don't think the tv works with games either. It's pretty ancient :(

      Congrats, man! The start of an adventure!

      Last edited 12/11/12 4:13 pm

      Grats on the move man, glad to hear it went smoothly!
      Make sure to keep us posted in the dark with regard to Project Nova, too :P

        Project Nova may have to put on hold for a while. Where I'm at kinda needs a lot of internet, decent connection and a boatload of data. I may be able to get everything I need when I visit home over the next couple of weekends though. Once I get everything I need I can work on it without the 'net so we'll see what happens

          I should be able to give you feedback soon! :D

            No rush. Like I said, can't work on it much at the moment but the feedback will be good

      How does it feel to have your zombified face on the main page of Kotaku?

      Also, glad the move went well!

        Say what!? I must investigate this

    Wait, afternoon. I've been playing a whole bunch of persona 3 and sleeping.
    Best day. Aside from feeling crappy.

      Hey scree! Hope life's treating you good! I intended to sleep in today and woke up at 7am. :'(

        Aw man, i have to get up early tomorrow. Just remembered.

      Oh scree, I found a copy of P3 FES(?) edition on PS2 cheap so I bought it. The bonus disc is a continuation of the end of P3 right?

        Oops, sorry. I should also add, How are you going?

          That's what is not important here. =P

            Sorry! How come you are sick? Is that cold still hanging around?

              Wait, that made no sense. The first sentence should read "How come you are feeling crappy". Words, they hard!

              Yeah, still sick. i just can't seem to shift it.


                Maybe you need more P3P =P

                  I've clocked over 20 hours on it already =P

                  That's a good start =P

                  I'll keep going, don't worry. I'm only 3 months in, in the game


                  Simultaneous post!

        Pretty much. The extra disk is called "the answer" and picks up I think a month after the main game finishes

        The 'main' disc is an updated version of Persona 3 as well, it has more content in it.

          Ohhh, cool. I won't really notice as this is my first Persona game. Still nice to know though!

            One of the extras is battle outfits that consists of bikinis for the female characters


              Then again it is a game from Japan so that is a pretty standard thing.

                Well it was an added feature and not in the original game.

    I'm throwing this out here for reasons I cannot comprehend, but I had the most horrific thought in the car on the way home.
    This vision was of a video, and I just wanna say right now, that if this video ever does make an appearance in this earthly realm of ours, I am in no way responsible for it's production.
    In my mind, I was thinking about streaming videos etc, and what abut them I find useful, and also their shortcomings etc. So this is all playing out in my head, (not so surprisingly) as an image in my head watching a documentary style tube vid.
    It's just my thoughts being broadcast, and I'm mulling things over, and had that feeling I was about to come up with a perfect embodiment to group everything and sum it up nicely, when all of a sudden, my brain gets RickRolled right out of left field.
    Suddenly my brain goes in to overdrive thinking, "How the hell did that happen?" and trying to link it back to its last known occurrance, and then BAM! Smack in the middle of the RickRolling comes up BLOODY Gangnam Style, and a big ass flashing PSY-CHE! ARRRRRRRR I almost crashed the car in the horror of it all, but thankfully I managed to compose myself and bring the car to a safe stop.
    But damn.. I hope I never have to re-live that moment again. Was almost too much for me.

      Dude. Whatever drugs they have got you on I want.

        lol that's just the natural magic of my brain my friend. It's forever doing surpremely braindead fucked up retarded things like this to me. This one just threw me a little! Still no idea what the hell brought it all on. Stupid memes

      I... have no idea what I just read.

      Assuming you're speaking of something along the lines of a PsyRoll (God, I hope that doesn't exist).

      Also, posting in a PsyDuckRoll thread without being rolled.

      Also meme. Eww.

        Yes it was along the lines of that. Cept it wasn't a psyroll.. my rickroll got PSYched! :| God that's fuckin terrible! :P

      Glad you didn't crash dude, that funeral would have been embarrassing for you

      We are gathered here today to farewell welbot, his last thoughts were never gonna give you up and gangnam style.

        hahaha yeah.. I just hope it doesn't become the next big meme. Every time I have a weird flash like this, or a great idea about a new product, they always seem to pop up somewhere a couple of weeks later, and someone else is getting rich off my idea ;) Hope like hell this doesn't become the next big thing.

    Woo! Threatrythym arrived! \o/

    Side note: Why hasn't anyone just banned Señor Smack yet? It's just not necessary.

      PRO TIP: Remove all items and abilities for the best ranks!

        Pro-tip: It's not as fun without your items because you don't get summons and the like.

          I find it so much more fun without because sometimes it's hard to see notes in the Feature Zones and summons puts everything into one line and makes also it harder to see :(

          Also EMS are shorter without :D. Damn EMS!


          Last edited 12/11/12 6:01 pm

    I'm not usually one for meaningful posts on TAY but you guys are awesome. Seriously.

    A year ago today I lost a friend in a car accident and you guys helped me get through it so much. Like more than you even know. So thank you.

      I hope today's not too tough for you, man. :'(

      There's never any appropriate words here so I'm skipping straight to the hug:

      But what would we do without someone to smith our cakes?

    I, Effluvium Boy, hereby declare NotoriousR a legend among men.