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    Best idea. Plug 3DS into new 7.2 surround system to play Threatrythym.

    It is amazing.

      Which songs are your favourites? :)

      Still working through Series mode on Beginner? Let me know when you hit Ultimate :D, I need more Ultimate buddies!

        The victory fanfare.

        Because its all I've played so far. Mrs. Freeze is at a staff meeting and kids won't cut me any slack :P


      I would so do this... if I had a 7.2 surround system :'(

    I wish I was rich so I could buy ALL the instruments :'(

    I randomly stumbled across some violin review on YouTube and now I want one (again). I've always wanted to play the drums and saxophone too so I want to buy them OH and I also want a grand piano OOOO and one of those hang drums would be cool...


      I wish I could play the piano. I used to play the flute but haven't since I left school

        I've learnt to play the guitar, piano and the recorder in my life. I suck at all three.

        Supernova had an Avengers guitar for $600 but I wasn't allowed to get it.

          I play/ed trumpet, guitar, keyboard, viola, violin, recorder and Ocarina.

        I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano. :'(

          Step 1: find piano.
          Step 2: thump fingers randomly on it
          Step 3: ???
          Step 4: profit

          Okay, you see the how the black notes are divided between groups of three, and groups of two?

          Put your thumb on the white note to the left of the pair, your index finger on the key to the right(or, for another description, place it to the right of the other, so that there's a gap of one white key between them), and your middle finger on the white key the same distance to the right of the previous key.

          Congratulations, you've played the C Major Chord, and that is all you need.

          Edit: Edited because I am really freakin' stupid.

          Last edited 12/11/12 7:54 pm

            Pick a white key
            Play the next white key either above or below
            Continue by playing the next one
            Keep going
            Congrats you've just played the C major or A minor scale!

            Pick a key
            Play the key directly next to it
            Keep going
            Congrats you've just played an everything chromatic scale!

              I was originally going to go with the C Major Scale, but then I remembered that the C Chord is all you ever need.

                C chords on guitar are more magical though.


            Okay, you see the how the black notes are divided between groups of three, and groups of two?

            Put your fingers on the three white notes that touch the black pair.

            Congratulations, you've played the C Major Chord, and that is all you need.

            A C major chord is C/E/G, not C/D/E? (I think I may have misunderstood your description?)

              You're right! His description was not clear enough. TAYbies are going around playing CDE thinking it's the C major chord. MADNESS

                Yeah, shit, totally wasn't paying attention. I do know how to play piano, I swear.

      I'm like that too. I have a couple of guitars, a banjo, bongos, a crappy Bass, and a cheap, nasty keyboard.
      I want a mandolin, a violin, a ukelele, a djembe, a better bass, a piano, a 12 string and a few other guitars. And one of those hang drums would indeed be cool!
      Oh - and a bigger house to hold it all.

        Ooo more things I forgot I wanted!

        I should pick up double bass again, that was pretty rad.

          The only double bass I ever played was one that my school had in one of the practice rooms.
          I had no idea what I was doing back then and it was waaayyy out of tune but it was still fun!

          Basic drum kit would be fun too. Kick, snare and Hi-hats would probably do me.
          And an accoustic bass. And a xylophone. Then I could be Violent Femmes!

            We had to learn an instrument in year 7. Even though I put the double bass as my first preference I got the Oboe... thanks school! I wasn't terrible on it but I wasn't enjoying it so I transferred to the double bass after a few months. Apparently they couldn't find enough people who wanted to do it...

            *shakes fist at school*

            I didn't know what I was doing either but it's a fun instrument. Standing on it is fun too :D

            Those electric drums are kind of cool since they're not noisy. I still get concerned that neighbours don't like my piano playing or if they can even hear it. It's fairly loud but no one has ever complained :P

            I totally forgot the xylophone existed :D

              The oboe is r

                Let's try that again. The oboe is ridiculously hard to play because of the double reed. I tried one at school. Just getting one note out gave me a headache

                  During that year 7 thing we went around trying out most of the instruments. I was able to pick up and play the oboe immediately. I thought the whole reed thing was interesting since it was the first woodwind instrument I played.

                  Although you have to take the reed out and put it in water which was kinda gross :P. Also woodwind instruments get absolutely covered in spit, ugh!

      I want a keytar. That would be pretty cool.

        Ooo speaking of weird piano thingy hybrids accordions would be cool!

        Shieeet there's so many cool instruments :(

          You can get those mini piano accordians for not too much. I've played one of those a few times. The full size ones cost a ton.
          Ooohhh - Piano melodica too! My Nana had one - wonder what happened to it?

      I wish I could play any instrument with competency. I took guitar lessons as a kid for a few years, but I was never any good. Recently I picked up a cheap guitar to try and get back into it and I was trying to learn a couple campfire songs but then the guitar started sounding out of tune so I tried to tune it and now it sounds really horrible.

        Tuning is fairly easy. I assume you'd want standard tuning so just look up a tuning video on YouTube. They should have each note playing individually so you can play each string and tune it until it sounds the same.

        Or you can get a tuner. They're pretty awesome and most of them will tell you whether to tune up or down.

          I tried tuning based on videos. I thought I had things sounding pretty good but then I played a couple chords and it was just ergh. I think I will have to pick up a tuner at some point.

            There are great free tuner apps for smart phones too.

              Yes! So handy. gStrings is the best one I could find for Android. I'm sure there's many more on iOS though :P

            You should ask Beavwa. He started learning guitar recently and tuned his guitar using videos as well.

              Tuner app or device is your friend. I had no idea trying to do it by video and ear.

            Oh - and if you can get the bottom E string right (the bottom string is the fattest one) then I find it easier to tune the rest of the strings based on that. If you can do that, then even if your guitar is not "in tune" it will be "in tune with its self" and chords will sound right.
            Countless videos will teach you how to do this.

            Last edited 12/11/12 8:54 pm

              Yeah exactly, there's some really easy ways to tune it just based on that lower E string.

              As long as the guitar is in tune with itself it'll still sound great.

      Handpans are amazingly gorgeous. They just... sing.
      I discovered them a week, maybe two ago, and tried to learn as much as I could about them. Seems impossible to fabricate one yourself without investing thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars :S
      On the other hand, it seems impossible to purchase one from a manufacturer ($1,000-$4,000) and instead they're available on auction sites for stoopid money ($12,000+).
      I'm on a mailing list now for the "Halo" which enlists me in their 'lotteries' (sound dodgy enough yet?!) they hold every time the release a new model of "Halo", as instead of a waiting-list, you're pooled into a collective lottery. The winners of the lottery are then asked to choose a number between X and Y, and the 1,000 or so picks closest to that number are then invited to purchase one.

      Needless to say, I'm currently willing to jump through those hoops, as stupid as it may seem. I REALLLLLLY want one :D

        Wow you get invited to purchase one! What the...

        I had no idea they were so expensive! Are you sure you can't get cheaper ones? Full on stoner friend has one and I don't think he's that rich (parents might be though).

          I had no idea either. I see stoners and hippie-types playing them here and there.
          The St. Andrews Saturday market sometimes has a hang drum (or hand pan) player in the drum circle that sits on the hill. I'll gladly spend an hour or so chilling out listening to the hippies do their thing. It makes me feel at peace. Deep down inside I suspect that I'm a hippie-type myself.

            I can be, for sure :D
            A drum circle will ALWAYS get me in the mood for hippy-shenanigans. Such as drum-circling :D

            There's a company called Bali Steel (I think?) which have pretty high availability, and they're far more affordable (I think I saw one on ebay for $300-$500ish?) although from what I've read, they're not tuned very well, and from what I've heard, they don't 'sing' at all, more a harsh note a la pan drums. They still sound good, they just don't... sing, or so it would seem. I could be talking out my arse here.

            There's also 'slit-drums' which can be had for much cheaper, they're made out of old propane tanks and such. Very different sound, though similar in form factor and function.
            I'd never been interested in percussion prior to being captivated by these hand pans :D

    Because of Halo 4 I recently got on Xbox Live for the first time in about a year. I realised I only had about three taybies on my friends list, so I just spent about 20 minutes adding about 40 more from the tayname docs. I wish there was a faster way to type on the 360.

      Smartglass! Lets you use your phone/tablet as a keyboard! Haven't actually tried it yet, though.

        I honestly haven't paid any attention to the smartglass stuff since I don't own a tablet and my phones not very good. Still, that's a pretty neat feature.

      You can add people from the computer, just go to :)

        I wish I knew this beforehand. I'll be sure to remember that next time I need to add dozens of people to my friends list.

      Fair warning, I haven't turned my Xbox on in months.

        But you finally got Trials Evolution and you don't even play it! PFFFFT

        Same here. I tried to ^ your comment but it doesn't work for me.

        Last edited 12/11/12 9:17 pm

    Damnit. Now I just want to play FFVII again. Stupid Threatrythym.

      Onto VIII. Ill probably want to play that soon.

      How annoying is it! (wanting to play the previous games, not Theatrhythm)

      Playing it made me want to go back and play a lot of older Final Fantasies and every time I got all nostalgic I get punched in the face when I think about the series now and... yeah... :'(

        XII onwards even though I don't particularly like them take nothing away from my enjoyment of VI-X

          They don't either but it just doesn't give me much hope for the future of the FF series. SE have been pretty terrible lately and whenever I look back at the good ole Final Fantasies and think about how great they are, I get sad knowing that nothing is going to come that close (except for Xenoblade).

          I don't know much about Bravely Default but the whole hand drawn background with 3D models running over it reminds me so much of the PSX era Final Fantasies that it's enough to warrant a purchase.

          XII's music is terrible for a rhythm game like Theatrhythm too. I mean, it's a great score, but it's very much a score. Doesn't really work well.

          Worst thing: FF7's 'Still More Fighting' (the boss battle theme with that crazy guitar riff, you know the one) is DLC. Not in the game :(

            YouTube link of Still More Fighting? :P

            I agree with the FFXII comment though. Hard to notate orchestral tracks...



                Ah, that one! It's so annoying when each song has 3 different names. Still More Fighting, Those Who Fight Further and Fight On!. At least they have Fighting/Those Who Fight/Let The Battles Begin and J-E-N-O-V-A which are also awesome battle themes.

              A bit disappointed that The Extreme from FF8 is also DLC. IMO it's one of the best final boss themes in the entire franchise.


              FF8 has the best music.

                When I discovered it had DLC I went straight to buy FFVIII songs with the $3 NIntendo credit I had that I'd previously thought was going to stay there unspent for eternity.
                Bought The Extreme and one other 8 song.

                Pretty sure I played that in Dark Notes?

              I dont get you guys with the XII complaints! I dont think it fits as easily as the others, sure, but it feels fine for me. Not that different. There are the beats in the music, they are just a timing beat rather than an obvious one.

                Oh it's not that hard, Neg complains about it more :P

                The Four Fiends and The Battle on the Big Bridge are the hardest tracks for me.

    New page! Reposting:

    TAY Secret Santa!

    Here's how it will work:

    Everyone who wishes to participate should send me:
    - Your TAY handle
    - Your address details
    - Gift preferences (specifically, things that you don't want / can't have for any reason, or hints if you wish - not everyone knows everyone that well)
    - Whether you would prefer a local TAYbie to send to (I will endeavour to pair up people locally to save shipping)
    - If you wish to purchase for a specific person, let me know. If there is someone you do not wish to buy for, please also let me know (I'll keep it a secret). Keep in mind that I won't allow you to buy for a specific person if it would result in doubling up or sending to someone who isn't participating.

    You will be given a semi-random TAYbie to send something to. Selection will be made by me, to pair up people who wish to be local. You should remain anonymous to this person if possible. Value limit of around $30 including postage. You may go under or over this limit if necessary but please keep it as a guideline. No perishable items eg food. It goes without saying, but please don't send anyone something illegal or which is not able to be mailed through Australia Post.

    Participation means you must commit to sending something to someone (and not just receiving).

    I will be coordinating the efforts but will not participate myself, as I will be choosing the assignment of people to each other and thus have a conflict of interest. In the event that someone has to pull out, I will step in to fill in the gap so that everyone still receives a gift, but I can only afford to do this as a once-off. If you agree to participate you must have the expectation you will be able to do so.

    You will be revealing your personal address to only two people: myself and your Secret Santa. I will not leak this information to anyone else. By participating you agree that you will not misuse the address of the TAYbie you're buying for. By participating you also acknowledge the risk involved - if you are not willing to take this risk or share this information, please don't participate.

    Deadline for signing up shall be Midnight on the 19th of November, which is one week from now. This is to allow enough time for gifts to be purchased and mailed in time for Christmas.

    To sign up,
    email me: atomicstrawberry (at) gmail (dot) com
    twitter DM me: @atomstrawberry

      I kind of want to participate but at the same time I'd have no idea who to get anything for or what to get. Hm, I could trawl GT tomorrow and have a look.


          In response to your comment on page 8:

          It's based on whether or not you've viewed the page since the message was sent. If you refresh the page, it just assumes that you have seen it. As such, it's only practical for things on old pages.

            No no, not the little number, when you click your name and it shows who has replied to you, it doesn't say for some of them. Like Freeze, it's not showing he replied to me at all :S

            Might be because he's using his phone likewise Lambo maybe? I've no idea honestly. Everyone elses responses are there.

      " but please don't send anyone something illegal or which is not able to be mailed through Australia Post."

      But but.. My home made explosives are a real bang amongst my friends!

        Some things I have in mind would depend heavily on the receiver, and I'm not sure on the legality of posting them.
        Although I DO know that they're legal to possess, even in a restricted area such as this.

          WOW that sounds ominous.

          Umm, while still trying to keep it secret, please know that there's nothing untoward about this, it's all G!

            And by 'G' I don't mean Gamma Hydroxybutyrate...

            Oh man, I'ma just stop now /o\

          Look Aleph if you want to mail me stuff to help get rid of my neighbours i'm cool with that i'm also open to suggestions, I mean bunnings is only a 2 minute drive away and I can get stuff there to make uh.. rough & ready stuff, but we won't go into detail there lol.

          Though the fucken staff there think you wanna grow dope when you ask about ammonium nitrate... Seriously if I wanna grow dope I won't use chemical fertilisers i'll just nick the old mans worm castings & liquid, that makes plants thrive like no bodies business!

          Yeah I better stop..

    Went for a few beers with Cakesmith. I'm now incredibly sleepy.

    @ Greenius - How was the exam today? Was it your last one?

    @ Scree and other Melbourne TAYbies - any news on the Christmas meat? 1st or 8th December - has a date been decided?

    @ Aleph - I've been asked to cut back my leave application over Xmas and New Year. Bummer! But I still need a break from work, so I'm taking a week from Jan 6 - Jan 13, cos I have no other plans and I THINK this is your dates for Melbourne.
    PLEASE let me know it that's the wrong week.

      You guys should have the Christmas Meat when Virus__ is in town from December 12th - 18th ;) I hear he's a pretty cool chap and likes meeting new people.

        Sounds as good a reason as any to have a meat. I'll be free-ish on Friday or Saturday. Should definitely organise something if it's not in the works already!

          I'm busy in the evenings probably after 6ish or something, but i'm down Friday or Saturday for some meet ups!

          I tried in TAY last week but it got lost with Sughly & others being rude :P

          Edit: I will repost it tomorrow though :D

          Last edited 12/11/12 10:01 pm

            I'm sure something can be arranged.

              Yeah, me to, I have faith in everyone \o/ well apart from Timmy, but we don't speak about Timmy.

            I replied with an @Virus__ on a later page but you didn't see it :'(

              Sorry dude! Maybe I did and forgot to reply? D=

        Nah I hear he's a dirty rang!

          What the hell is a rang? Oh Greenius.

            Assuming it's a contraction of the colloquialism "Ranga" which seems sporadic in geographical usage.
            He's alluding to your red beard, carrot-top :P

              Carrot-tops are green.

              What a strange attempt at an insult.

                HOLY SHIT YOU NINJA'D ME!

                Downvote out of spite!

                Last edited 12/11/12 10:12 pm

                  Get that downvote outta here sir, you were 4 minutes late.

                  Worst reasoning for a downvote EVER.

                  Make that 2 minutes.
                  Consider the previous statement rescinded, with apologies.

                  Holy shit I was just about to post a comment correcting your incorrectness BUT YOU WOULD'VE NINJA'D ME AGAIN!

                  12 minutes this time though :/. I don't think that counts...

                  But last time I was typing that comment and by the time I posted some schmuck (you!) had Ninja'd me.

              I'll have him know the red in my beard comes from my grandmother (dad's mum) who was a relation to the Kelly family! Yes the Kelly family as in Ned Kelly.


              Also technically carrot's tops are green. A friend's dirty rang brother told me that once.


      Hey Smurfy!
      6th-13th is indeed the dates I'm in Melbourne!

      Don't organise it around me though man, the last thing I want is to impose (too much :P) on all you fine folk. How come they asked you to cut it back? That sucks, man :S

        Asked to cut back because other people who applied for leave after mine was approved had better reasons for leave. I only applied for leave because it seemed like a good time to take a break. I'll still get all the public holidays off and I'm not bothered about working.

        You won't be imposing at all. I really don't have the space at my place for you to impose ;D
        And as I said, I have no other plans, so booking my leave to fit your Melbourne dates gives me something to do for at least some of that time. \o/
        I'm happy to play tour-guide if you need it.

          Tour guide would be most appreciated, sir!
          Mostly to watering holes and feeding grounds of notable interest :D
          Also pretty much whatever you want to do, because I'm more than happy to tag along!

            I'll tag along too! We can all ride in Smurfy's Peugeot thing! (not a car person :P)

            Smurfy lives in the mountains which is pretty cool!

          Make sure you leave the 12th of January open!

            12th of Jan is my last day in Melb, of course I want to spend it with errywun!

            I'm not sure when I leave though, it's either the night of the 12th, or the morning of the 13th.

      Yeah wasn't too bad. A lot of stuff caught me off guard because it was some theory based question which was like never mentioned throughout the semester. We were told that most of the theory stuff is very rarely tested but a significant portion of the exam was on it. Definitely passed though but that wasn't my concern, I want them tasty HDs! :D

      And yes, twas the last one... FREEEEEEEEEEEDOMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

        Wooo Hooo! \o/\o/\o/


          Haha legit hit a point today where I thought to myself "I'm bored"

          Holiday boredom is going to kick in soon :). Technically out of work too at the moment (the campaign I was working on ends this week and I don't have shifts) so I'll need to find something new. My dad's friend said they had something that was doing stuff in a cooling room or something but it's from 4am to 4pm, 7 days of the week... WHAT! Terrible, terrible hours.

            That sounds like a shitty job, but I'll bet the money's brilliant!
            Still, you've just earned your freedom and probably don't want to blow it all just yet.
            Good luck mate!

              Yeah it was just an offer though, definitely not doing it with those horrible hours :P


    Char Siu Fan for dinner tonight. It was amazing.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

      And by Scee, I mean Scree, and not Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.
      I doubt they could cook much of anything, to be honest.

    Hitman is out in EIGHT DAYS.


      HI FARTS!

      I finally bought a headset! You probably forgot you offered me yours but thanks anyway! :D

      I considered buying Hitman but... I dunno! Never played the previous games and I think I've had my fair share of Assassy/Stealth games with Dishonored and AC


    When I eat fast food after a while I can sort of like feel the oil 'ooze' out of my skin. My face and fingers feel oily and stuff :P

    I dunno... is it just me or do other people have this too?

    I don't recall always having this feeling though!


    EDIT: I think eating KFC used to make my heart hurt!

    Last edited 12/11/12 10:26 pm

      Get some vegetables up ya.

        Oh I eat fruit and veggies every day as well :P

        I did say I'm healthy!

      I got sick of being a lardy fatman recently and started eating just veggies & fresh fruit and meats. So getting most of my energy from fats instead of sugars.

      This means bacon & eggs for breakfast \o/

      Also, almonds stuffed into dates then wrapped in bacon. The greatest snack.

    So I was thinking... THQ are basically fucked right? But they have some damned awesome development studios and IPs under their belt. The Warhammer 40k license plus Relic, who have never made a bad game. Volition, with Red Faction and Saints Row. Vigil, with Darksiders (even though DS II underperformed and I think it was their final roll of the dice). A few others too.

    So they'd be a prime target now for a buyout right? That seems to be what they're up to - they've ditched their mobile and social stuff, ditched the kids stuff, ditched some wrestling stuff... just got really hardcore games left.

    Imagine if Square Enix bought them. Combined with Eidos they'd probably be one of if not the strongest western developer in terms of talent and number of solid IPs. That would be fucking weird.

      What ever happens, I hope Saints Row games keep getting made. I'm not normally one for those whacky, over the top type games, but damn was Saints Row 3 fun.

        I would say the same for Darksiders but... uh I dunno

        2 didn't really impress me, I think I'm done with the series :'(. Pity though, it had potential...

          I've never played Darksiders. It was one of those game I always intended to play, but I just never got around to it.

      Hasn't Square Enix pretty much been bleeding money the last couple of years? I can't see them having the cash to buy out a big name company like THQ

      Just Cause 2 + Red Faction Guerrilla with a bit of Saints Row 3 thrown in there= A game I want.

        any open world game with Guerrilla's destruction physics is a game I want.

      As long as nothing else happens to the South Park game, I'll be happy.
      That being said, if Square Enix did buy them out, it would be very interesting...

      Sadfais. Relic, Volition and Vigil are awesome and I hope something can be worked out so they can keep doing what they do best.

    Dear MondayNightHaloFight peeps, I'm going to edit together a video of awesome kills n skills n such from our games tonight. If you can look through your clips, save and upload some short clips you want included, that would be awesome. Also, if you can recommend them, they'll be easier for me to find. :D

      Awesome mate, I'll have a look through.
      Shame the fileshare is still being funny-buggers, once it's fixed I'll start taking Monday Night Halo Fights screenshots again too :)

      Thanks for the game last night lads, was good.

      Except for getting owned by warthog turrets. You could make a vid of me getting shot like 63 times in a row.

    Hi everyone, I am at work, but wishing otherwise. My hayfever is bugging me badly this morning, and I'm all bruised and battered from basketball last night.

    On the subject of the latter, does anyone have any advice for dealing with recurring injury? Every time I get slammed during a game and bump my elbow (which is every week, usually), a lump appears above the joint about the size of a gobstopper, is nice and painful for a day or two, and then goes away. I fractured that bone many years ago, so am thinking it could be that coming up again, but it doesn't impede movement or anything.

    Edit: Oh, and that GTA article reminded me: I pre-ordered GTAV from OzGameShop yesterday. You get bonus player points (5000 of them - equivalent of $5 voucher when redeemed) if you pre-order during November.

    Last edited 13/11/12 8:28 am

      Ouch, man. I'm sorry to hear that. I've got no advice, alas. :'( Hope you feel better on both fronts!

        Thanks. See above re GTA edit. I feel better :)

          Are you in a team for basketball, btw? (Or just something you do with friends?)

            It's a social comp, but it's a real team.

              Man, you are the well adjusted twin. Haha!


                  Haha! Yesterday you were saying you were the evil twin. I said you were the well adjusted twin. This is proof, I could never man up and interact with strangers like that.

                  Except you totally have when you met internet strangers on TWO occasions!

                  They didn't feel like strangers, though. I had stuff to talk about straight away!

                  Ahh. They're mostly not strangers. I met a few while working at McScottishFastFood, and have been playing sports all my life. And tbh, I rarely interact with them socially :)

    Got my Windows Surface, it is amazing

    Still playing AC3, despite the reviews there is something about running on buildings and violently ending peoples lives with tomahawks

      Still waiting on the chance to check out the Pro before making any decisions. In the mean time I'm playing around with Windows 8 on a laptop and I keep wanting to poke the LCD.

        I can understand the wait for the Pro

        But for a tablet, you know, so you can sit on the lounge, muck about on Facebook, maybe watch some Youtube videos, it functions really well

        It has TuneIn Radio *which was a must for me*

        And I drag dropped some tv shows onto it

        I couldn't be any happier with it

        Despite its "limitations"

      I'm still playing ACIII. Although I've spent my last two sessions with it just running around the frontier doing whatever I want and deliberately avoiding any main mission stuff. It's made it a whole lot more fun. The Frontiersmen quests, in particular have been fun.

        ^ This

        Best review I have read of the game so far

      Sorry to hijack the comment but I was just wondering whether you AC3 folk could answer a question :P

      So I've only played AC1 and 2 but I remember most of the action being in the cities and everything else in between was just kinda... I dunno, bare bones? There was just nothing to do in all those connecting areas except for getting a collectable here and there.

      Does AC3's 'connecting areas' have more things to do? I figured since it's more wilderness, there would be more to do.

        You can hunt animals for furs and pelts and organs which sell for a hefty price depending on the cleanness of your kill

        You can do missions for Frontiersmen, you can do missions to upgrade your Homestead

        You can run amongst the trees *omg the joyous feeling that brings is awesome*

        You can do your typical climbing to get viewpoints, you can also collect treasures

        I think they have done a good job this time round

        It seems smaller, the inbetween areas, mostly I think because if it is too big it's all too spread out and therefor not as fun

          Excellent! Yeah I felt like the inbetween areas were just too large and filled with nothing in previous games. I'm not sure if they addressed it in Bro or Revs (never played them) but the whole wilderness concept got me really interested in AC3.

          Still got to wait a few weeks for it though :P

            I mean, ok on the Frontier it can still feel a bit empty, but running along, climbing trees, being jumped at by a wolf *Killing it requires a bit of quick time eventing* stumbling upon treasure or perhaps a British Occupied fort *think Borgia Tower*

            Despite the fact you have a horse I will often just run

            You can Examine clues, which will tell you a rabbit ate some flowers, you can then set a snare at that feeding ground, and come back for a caught rabbit, or hide in some grass and drop bait, and kill whatever comes running

            I am just a random user from Kotaku who took his username from Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job! so this review of mine is biased to the enjoyment I had

            But I appreciate you reading it, maybe do further research :)

            I wouldn't say it was money wasted from my P.O.V though

            Also, I do not bother with Multiplayer

              Thanks man :)

              Haha it's ok I already bought it (only $25 on PC!) but I've been hearing and seeing a lot of mixed reactions to it. It sounds like hunting was well thought out though rather than just "random animal appears, you kill said animal". Climbing and derping around is pretty fun in the AC series and I'm sure I'll love climbing trees and cliffs.

              I guess since I haven't played Bro or Revs I may like it more. I just hope it isn't terrible on PC. Played AC on Xbox, AC2 on PS3 (which was a pretty bad port) and now this on PC. Although $25 compared to $60+ is a bargain :)

                I just got sick of playing an Italian Plumber *Ezio*

                It is good to be a new character

                In a more modern setting

                Old church climbing was fun, but now I can climb trees and hang soldiers with rope darts

                Also, Boston does have old churches, but they aren't so Dome-y

    Watched Symbol again last night. Such a great movie. am I the only looney who's seen it?

    I just want this work day to end so I can get into some BLOPS2. i dont know wether to play some campaign or jump straight into MP.

      My guess is MP servers will be PACKED and will be hard to get into. Having never played a MP shooter, I can only go by what I've read in the news, but day 1 MP lag seems to be a near-guaranteed thing.

        You make a good point, will be interesting to see if the local only search based on ping and latency makes much defference in the lag. Personally I thought there was less lag in the original BLOPS than MW3 and 2.

        Why no MP shooters? just not your thing?

          I don't have Gold subscription, and until very recently, didn't have internet access for my console.

          Also, it's not my fave genre of game. But mainly the first two reasons.

      I always go through the campaign before playing multi. No real reason for it, it just seems...right?

        Get used to the mechanics before entering into competition? Makes sense to me

      Heh, BLOPS....

      I will rock the campaign first myself, I enjoyed the Campaign of BLOPS 1 mostly because of the setting, cold war stuff is good.

      I am just sick of all enemies being terrorists, and I am kinda hoping for some new weaponary

      Maybe imagined guns, nothing like a plasma rifle, but something more than an M4 with Holo Sights and a Heartbeat Sensor

      At least BF3 has the bad guys as Russia to change it up from terrorism *It's ok Russia, I still love you!*

        Campaign wise I'm looking forward to flying that jet that was in the demo, and the new (forget what its called) mode looks good, where you take control of bots or people on the battlefield. Whilst mildly corny, I like the blops campaign too.

        Terrorist dont faze me, terrorist, russian, african, covenant also long as they shot at me i shoot back.

        I think they will be similar, just some speccy scopes on them.

          It's not that terrorists annoy me

          It is just so played out

          Variety is the spice of life man :)

          And when they always make it some middle eastern people, and always give them AK's it just feels so played out

          Imagine a game from the other P.O.V

          Be it Russian or Covenant

            TBH thats why i think halo 2 was so good. Playing as the elite. Should be more of it

              There really should be man

              It just changes it up

              They do it sometimes with Multiplayer *Dead Space 2 let you play as the aliens*

                Have a look at Rainbow six ; patriots. Looks like it has the potential to go in a direction, where the "bad guy" isnt really a bad guy. Looks interesting so far.

    Three episodes of Six Feet Under left. I'm really, really looking forward to talking about last nights ep, but at the same time I want to see how the rest of the season plays out too. Not long now, but damn, if I had the episodes available to watch I'd be marathoning them for sure. Finished watching Gravity Falls too. Sughly suggested it and it was damn good. Probably the best animated series I've seen in years. Better than most live action stuff too actually. I want more episodes. Luckily there will be more episodes. Just have to play the waiting game. :'(

    Also, good morning! :D

      Which one was it? If you want to ROT13, I'll play!

        Rpbgbar. Angr qvrq. :|

          No spoilers for what's coming

          Qvqa'g frr vg pbzvat, qvq lbh? Vgf varivgnovyvgl jnf pbzcyrgryl zvgvtngrq ol gur snpg gung vg unccrarq guerr rcvfbqrf rneyvre guna nalbar rkcrpgrq. :P

          Ubg qnza, gung vf n fgryyne rcvfbqr. Gur jubyr guvat vf whfg fb qrfcrengryl enj naq hapbzsbegnoyr gb jngpu. V guvax bs nyy punenpgre qrnguf ba GI, guvf bar fgehpx zr nf bar bs gur (boivbhfyl) zbfg erny, ohg nyfb bar bs gur orfg.

          Rqvg: Gurer'f fbzrguvat qrrcyl gentvp naq xvaq bs ornhgvshy nobhg gur riragf gung yrnq gb uvf qrngu. Gung ur sbhaq Znttvr gbb yngr, gung gurl'yy arire xabj vs gurve pbaarpgvba jnf trahvar be jurgure vg jnf qrfgvarq gb or syrrgvat ertneqyrff. Gung ur bayl ernyyl sbhaq vaare crnpr juvyr ba uvf qrnguorq (gubhtu ur qvqa'g xabj vg jnf uvf qrnguorq). Vs lbh tbggn tb, lbh jnag gung crnpr (be ng yrnfg V qb).

          Last edited 13/11/12 9:20 am

            V sryg yvxr vg jnfa'g gur xvaq bs fubj gung jbhyq qb n snxr bhg. Rira jura ur jbxr sebz gur pbzn, gurer jnf na bzvabhf srry va gur nve. Jura ur zragvbarq 'rpbgbar' gb Evpb, gjb rpb flfgrzf pbyyvqvat V jnf cerggl fher fbzrguvat onq jnf tbvat gb tb qbja. (Rfcrpvnyyl jvgu gur unyyhpvangvbaf naq gur yvxr.) V jnfa'g fher, gubhtu. Gur gehgu vf, gur NIZ fghss V unq npprcgrq nf orvat erfbyirq. Gung fprar ng gur raq bs gur cerivbhf rcvfbqr jnf cebonoyl zber fubpxvat guna gur qrngu vgfrys. V srry ernyyl onq sbe Ehgu. :'( Ernyyl gebhoyvat fghss. Nyy gung fghss Angr unq chg uvzfrys guebhtu. Jung jnf gur cbvag? (V guvax gung'f nyzbfg gur cbvag bs gur nep gbb. Unun!)

            Unir lbh frra gur Ohssl gur Inzcver Fynlre rcvfbqr 'Gur Obql', abj gurer'f na hapbzsbegnoyr ubhe. :F

              Yeah, I've seen that Buffy episode. To be honest, it kind of bugs me. I thought it was really quite effective until monsters starting appearing :P

              Edit: I know the monsters in that show are metaphors, but honestly, when you've got the body there already, you've got the emotion flowing, you don't really need the metaphor - it's already laid out there pretty clearly :P

              Last edited 13/11/12 9:25 am

                We'll definitely be talking on Friday though, after the final! I'm gonna miss it. :S

                  Interesting point: On the boxset of the show, which I own, it says "Rest in peace. You will be missed" and the inscription is for Six Feet Under 2001-2005 :D

                  It is so apt, and even though I didn't much care for it the first time I saw that there, the more I see it, the more I appreciate its truth.

                  Last edited 13/11/12 9:31 am

              Frr, V svaq gung pbzzrag vagrerfgvat. "Jung'f gur cbvag?" Sbe zr, V guvax gur cbvag jnf gung Angr jnf svanyyl ng crnpr jura ur qvrq, naq ur unq gb tb guebhtu n ybg bs fuvg gb trg gurer. Ohg gur oevyyvnapr bs guvf fubj vf gung obgu ernqvatf ner pbzcyrgryl inyvq, naq orpnhfr gurl ner fb gvtugyl gvrq vagb gur ernyvgvrf bs yvsr (ab znggre jung jr qb, jr qvr naljnl), rnpu crefba vf tbvat gb oevat nyy gurve bja onttntr naq srnef vagb gur fubj naq lbh'yy cebonoyl trg n zvyyvba qvssrerag ernqvatf bs gung rcvfbqr sbe rirel zvyyvba ivrjref.

                That's a good point, man!

                V yvxrq gur flzobyvfz jvgu gur ina ng gur raq, qevivat gb gur ornpu naq fjvzzvat va gur bprna. (Fbzrguvat gurl qvq va gur frnfba gjb cerzvrer V guvax jura ur jnf qrnyvat jvgu gur NIZ fghss.) Nyfb gur fhogyr pbaarpgvba gb Yvfn'f qrngu gbb. V nyzbfg tbg gur srryvat gung zvqjnl guebhtu vg punatrq sebz orvat Angr'f unyyhpvangvba gb Qnivq'f qernz. Jr'yy arire xabj!

                  Gung'f ubj V fnj vg gbb. N funerq qernz. Ohg ntnva, gurl yrsg vg bcra gb vagrecergngvba, juvpu vf whfg oevyyvnag. :D

                Npghnyyl V tbg gur srryvat gung Znttvr jbhyq'ir raqrq hc nf nabgure Yvfn be Oeraqn qbja gur yvar. V guvax Oeraqn unq n cbvag gung Angr jnf vapncnoyr bs pbzzvggvat. Ur zvtug'ir unq crnpr va gung zbzrag, ohg jbhyq vg unir ynfgrq? *fuehtf*

                  V jbaqre gur fnzr guvat. Ohg, frr, zber zhygvcyr ernqvatf! Ebznagvpf cebonoyl nccebnpu gung va n jubyr bgure jnl! :)

                  :Q Tbbq cbvag. V fhccbfr vg qbrfa'g rira znggre nyy gung zhpu abj. Gur snpg vf ur jnf unccl jura vg pbhagrq!

        You know what show is good? Six Feet Under! :P

          Yeah, but it leaves you dead inside...

          Wait, this isn't page 6.

      has nate done that thing yet? you'll know which thing I mean if he has.

        I'm on Season Five, I thought you said on twitter that you hadn't seen that one, so I don't wanna say any thing too specific. Haha!

          I've seen about 3/4 of the series, but I know what happens. so feel free to get specific.

            Watch them all, man! :D

              I will!
              I got really close to the end about 7 years ago & i dont know why, but I just stopped. If I do watch it again, I might have to start from the beginning.
              ...or just jump in & watch the last series again.
              ...or just the last few episodes I missed.

              Edit: I know why I stopped. My mum borrowed the DVDs from me & didnt return em for 2 years...

              Last edited 13/11/12 9:18 am

                I'd watch it again from the start, man! I'm kind of glad I didn't watch it when it was originally on now. I feel like it would've been wasted on teenage D.C. a little. Haha!

    Hi, my name is Pixel, I've heard there's some awesome people on here and hopes I could possibly be part of this cool group... So how is everyone?

      Sorry, this is a closed community.

        Naaaaw... Pixel Dallas multipass?

          I would have also accepted cash. Welcome aboard.

      Pixel, my friend! Hope life's treating you well!

        Yeah awesome actually, insanely busy as usual but other then that having an awesome time! How's yourself DC?

          That's good to hear! I'm decent, man. Been to two meats now! Madness right there!

            Yeah I thought I saw something in my lurkings! Should come to Melbourne... Because reasons

      We don't take kindly to your type 'round here!
      \o Hi Pixel

        HI F4CTION o/
        How's everything going for yourself?

      Hi Pixel, nice to meet yo...


        MEEP MEEP
        *disappears in a dust cloud*

          The Ferret Viking is easily startled but they'll soon be back, and in greater numbers.

    So played around with Wordpress yesterday at work and then again at home in the evening.
    I got it installed on my hosting service (and thus using my domain name), turns out that's the whole point... who would have thunk it?

    So the interface is pretty easy to use. I tried playing around with the theme the @shane uses coz I like it. Everything was going quite well. I started delving a bit deeper, changing fonts and stuff like that. One time (at about 1am) I clicked save on an edited piece of code, only to be thrown into the wordpress login screen...
    Ok so I go to login and I cant. After a few attempts it redirects me back to my domain where I am greeted by a blank white page with the words "hacked by hacker". Well Fuck.

    I cleared everything and reinstalled wordpress, and did virus scans and installed a bunch of security plugins for WP. Hopefully everything will be ok now. Thankfully I didn't lose much, I was just stuffing around with it, but it was annoying and I got to bed at 2:30am.
    Now I'm tired and still confused as to what the hell actually happened.

    Also @shane I got some antivirus plugin that said there were fishy things in that "boldy" theme. So I think I'm going to avoid it for now till I know more.

      Now I am worried... sorry, man. I hope that doesn't blow up to something. I haven't had any problems that I'm aware of yet, but I think I'm going to go and investigate... *runs*

      Edit: Just ran some checks, and nothing came up as problematic... not sure what's going on with yours, sorry...

      Last edited 13/11/12 9:48 am

        Well it's good that you scanned it. Maybe the version of the theme I got was corrupt or a dodgy one. It sucks coz I really like the theme.
        Make sure you go an install all the recommend security plugins. I think I'll be doing lots of back ups from now on.

      Man, that sucks. That sort of hacking isn't too common though. I've only had it happen 2 or 3 times over many years. Just make sure to keep regular backups of both your wordpress files and database. Unlucky that it happened so soon for you, though it's probably better now than later!

    It's a hundred and six miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses.

    Hey all!

    So anyone jumping on the BLOPS2 bandwagon? This is probably the first COD game I've been excited about for years now... I pre-ordered the hardened edition because i wasnt sure which one i wanted, but comparing price of $109 (hardened) to a JB Price matched $79 (standard) there doesnt seem to be anything special about it considering they both come with nuketown maps etc...

    anyway the guy at the store suggested i preorder the hardened, at least that way they will have one for me if i do want it, but i can change to the standard as theyre going to have plenty of copies left...

    I'll be grabbing the PS3 version, how about you guys? Anyone attending the midnight launch?

      I thought I was done with COD (skipped MW3) but now I kind of want it >:P. My mates and I had so much fun in Zombies in BO and I reckon I probably spent hundreds of hours in that alone...

      The only thing stopping me is the online lag I have. I'd like to think I'd have so much more fun if it was fair :D

    PS3 friends!

    Anyone have Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One or is a PS+ member (it's free for them)? Me and buMasha are going to play through and since it's 4 player co-op we wouldn't mind the extra players :), the more the merrier!

    Pew pew pew

      yes oh yes! i cant do tuesdays and thursdays though cause of after hours programming course (finishes next week thursday!)

        Groovy! We'll start today (probably during the day when productive people are working :P) but let us know on Wednesday what time suits you :). I doubt we'd be done with it in one playthrough.

        If you don't already have us on PS3 we're on TAYnames, I don't think we're following each other on Twitter either so add us there too :)

      Yell at me on steam to go download it later


        Also add me on PSN. Get it ASAP so you can join us today since all 3 of us will be available during the day.

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