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    Theatrythym? I've been calling it Threatrythym. Why didn't someone tell me? Oh, I've been making an idiot out of myself!

      Way to go Freeze. Make it a page get and draw even more attention to it. :S

        And it's still spelt wrong. Theatrythm.

          Also I was looking it up as part of Square trademarks the other day.

            Holy crap I just noticed he spelt it wrong again!

            (also Hi.)


              I mean, ahem, so.... how's it going?

                I was at Telstra at Chadstone but that's done, SO HA!

                  Dangit I had a feeling it was somewhere nearish! NEXT TIME.


                GAH! Even then it's wrong.

                That Final Fantasy game with the music on the 3DS.

                  What about that one where you play a conductor?

      It's okay, my son calls it "Final Fantasy: To The Rhythm". :P

    Last night I got a text from Pez.

    "Omg you are plainview. Omg. Omg omg. Omg WAT."

    I explained that I wasn't, but I'm not sure he's convinced.

      I'm still convinced its Rocketman sleep posting.

      Is he not convinced because you were being a lying liar that lies?

      Can someone please explain the Donald Plainview phenomenon to me?
      I have no idea what his deal is apart from him posting crazy stuff, I even started following him on twitter to try and understand but so far it feels like some big in-joke that I'm not getting :/

    I'm so hot, its like I've got a fever!
    Wait, I do...
    Bleh. I hate being sick. Panadol FTW.
    Also, I've been playing Tomb Raider Anniversary. Been enjoying it so far. I love seeing the locations from the original game updated. Although, I never finished the original, and now I've gotten to levels I never played in the original so no more nostalgia for me :( Also, I don't remember there being QTEs in the original :P

      I hope you get well soon :)

        Thanks :) I'll probably be sick (in one form or another) for the rest of the week, that's how long they usually last for me. Might be slightly longer because I'm having one of my "crashes". Basically I kinda overwork myself mentally, then I "crash" and am pretty much out of it, have little energy for a few days to a week. Used to happen a lot when I was younger but it's not as common these days. Not the best time to get sick though.

      Oh, man. I'm sorry to hear that. Feel better, man! I haven't been able to go back to Tomb Raider since playing Uncharted. I have high expectations for the next instalment, though!

        I don't have a PS3 so I don't have to worry about that. :P
        But yeah, really looking forward to the new Tomb Raider game. I think its the first game where I'm more really keen on the story rather than the gameplay. Gameplay's good too though. I just hope they fix the "running out of arrows when taking out your first deer because you didn't invert the controls and were horrible at aiming" bug I encountered when I tried it out. :P

    I was curious what I missed today, so I took a peek at Page 6. I think I'm trapped here now.

      But this is on page 8

      It's not too late. Spare yourself! :D

        Oh, what a relief! My messages are getting through! I may be stuck here on page 6 for some time. Please send chocolate!

          You're not enjoying it are you? Because my down vote finger is getting restless. :P

    Page must mean it's time for...

    TAY Secret Santa!

    Here's how it will work:

    Everyone who wishes to participate should send me:
    - Your TAY handle
    - Your address details
    - Gift preferences (specifically, things that you don't want / can't have for any reason, or hints if you wish - not everyone knows everyone that well)
    - Whether you would prefer a local TAYbie to send to (I will endeavour to pair up people locally to save shipping)
    - If you wish to purchase for a specific person, let me know. If there is someone you do not wish to buy for, please also let me know (I'll keep it a secret). Keep in mind that I won't allow you to buy for a specific person if it would result in doubling up or sending to someone who isn't participating.

    You will be given a semi-random TAYbie to send something to. Selection will be made by me, to pair up people who wish to be local. You should remain anonymous to this person if possible. Value limit of around $30 including postage. You may go under or over this limit if necessary but please keep it as a guideline. No perishable items eg food. It goes without saying, but please don't send anyone something illegal or which is not able to be mailed through Australia Post.

    Participation means you must commit to sending something to someone (and not just receiving).

    I will be coordinating the efforts but will not participate myself, as I will be choosing the assignment of people to each other and thus have a conflict of interest. In the event that someone has to pull out, I will step in to fill in the gap so that everyone still receives a gift, but I can only afford to do this as a once-off. If you agree to participate you must have the expectation you will be able to do so.

    You will be revealing your personal address to only two people: myself and your Secret Santa. I will not leak this information to anyone else. By participating you agree that you will not misuse the address of the TAYbie you're buying for. By participating you also acknowledge the risk involved - if you are not willing to take this risk or share this information, please don't participate.

    Deadline for signing up shall be Midnight on the 19th of November, which is one week from now. This is to allow enough time for gifts to be purchased and mailed in time for Christmas.

    To sign up,
    email me: atomicstrawberry (at) gmail (dot) com
    twitter DM me: @atomstrawberry

      Can I just buy something and you give to the person who seems to like it?

      I'm having this big internal debate about whether I want to participate. I would participate but I want to get someone an awesome non gaming related present, but don't feel I necessarily know people well enough to do it...

        I'd join in, but I'm afraid people would buy me dresses/nailpolish/barbies/things like that...

          I think you can say stuff you don't want :P

          We all know you love TRON and STAR WARZ anyway :)

          @Farts - yeah I'm not really participating because I have no idea what to buy anyone :/


        Best just to keep it game-related, it's the common thread that binds us all here.
        That, and the Serrels stare watching all of us like the eye of Sauron...

      What if I want to get something for someone but don't want anything sent to me?

    Music Interlude!
    Foo Fighters - Live @ T in the Park, 2011 (Full Concert)

    Last edited 13/11/12 8:41 pm

    Back to watching talent/reality shows...


      Atleast your exams are over! :D

      No Talent & Non-Reality shows.. Oh Greenius, you have really sunk.

      Why not watch something enjoyable?
      Break out the DVDs/Blu-rays, and watch them like crazy....
      Or, you could watch a Foo Fighters concert...

        Exactly! There's so many good TV shows out there to watch. Just this year I burnt through, Six Feet Under (hi DC), Miami Vice, Alcatraz, Mad Men, Deadwood, Boardwalk Empire. Then there's the shows i've been watching for a few years; Burn Notice, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead.

        Last year I watched Monk, that was pretty good! I do watch 'reality' shows but I watch car fabricating shows like American Hotrod & Fast N' Loud, or documentary style shows like Moonshiners even if it was mostly staged lol. Then there's the gun shows like Sons of Guns & American Guns, both quite interesting, since they document the build process of jobs they get and what not.

          There's no clone wars in that list... :P
          Also, Tron Uprising is pretty awesome too.

            There isn't good observation Lambo! I've never seen either, well I have seen some of the Clone Wars, wasn't for me though =P

              The later seasons are a vaaaaast improvement on the first, but to each their own I guess. Actually, no. I'mma make you watch it all. Dunno how though. :P

                Note to self, avoid all future meats. =P

                I joke haha.

          Trust me I watch plenty of TV shows :P

          But I like seeing real people be happy :)

            You mean fake people be fake happy :P

            Those reality shows, man.. The sort of person you'd have to be to go on some of them, just eugh. No ethics at all.

            I get what you mean Greenius. I don't watch those talent shows, but I'm a sucker for the highlights on YouTube. Damn those onion-cutters!

              This guy gets it!

              So sad though when they don't get it :(

              All the feels.

      Maybe tomorrow I might actually get around to uploading me doing High School Musical.


        Then stop. That simple.

          Why would I stop?

          I just didn't realise I was watching it for so long since I was enjoying it : )

    So I got a bit further in my sewing. Not much, but better then nothing. I was trying to catch up on Korra at the same time, but my net is being screwy it seems

      \o/ Sewing!

      \o/ \o/ Korra is awesome!

        I'll have to stop watching it as it's taking forever to load

    That end-of-FFXIV CG video is amazing and makes me want to play the game. Square still know how to do a good CG cutscene if nothing else.

    So I finished Halo 4 over the weekend and I decided that I'm not buying AC3 until it goes on the cheap (for PC) after all the mixed reports around it. Which means that until Ni no Kuni in January, I have nothing to play except games off my pile. \o/

    But I don't know what game to play next /o\

      Define cheap?

      I had the same plan but saw it for $25 on PC and caved :P

        That would be about what I'd consider cheap I guess.

          $33ish doesn't sound too bad. I'm not sure about shipping though and since I've never used them I can't really comment on them. I hear they're ok though :P

            Yeah not through wowhd, had really bad experiences with them before. They ship when they feel like it and it's not like they're doing it for you or anything, it's just that they had a spare copy they didn't want.

      Put it up to a mystery yes/no question!

        It isn't something I can state as a yes/no question. :(

        Maybe I need to make a short list. I kind of feel like an RPG I suppose. One that isn't Xenoblade, to preempt Xenobladius.

          Assign each game a number. Randomly pick a number via PC. Mystery question time! If Yes, play it, if No, pick again. Easy peasy! .. kinda :P

            I need to build the website I was going to build to help me bring down my Pile of Shame.

        THIS! We haven't had one of these in like, a day /o\


            SUPERLATE NO

              IT'S LATE.


                The question was should I do a Mystery Question Fun Time, but I asked one anyway (technically what I did was one) and I shaved my head anyway :P

                Didn't shave it all though since Virus was all "nuhz bro definately dun do it" in the last MQFT

      Actually I am a liar. Persona 4 Golden in a week or so. And then however long it takes Amazon to ship it to my Proxy shipper and then for them to ship it to me. :|

        I wonder how well FFIX holds up if played on a Vita... it's compatible right? I never finished it back in the day.

          It should be? You'd think all the big FF titles would be compatible.

          Is it safe to assume I'd need the game to be on the account linked to my Vita? If I'm using a PAL account on my Vita would I need to have purchased the content on it for it to work?

          Like the PS3 can play anything downloaded from any account on that system but since Vita only has the whole 1 account thing I figured it'll be locked. I have FFVII from a friend's account but I assume I wouldn't be able to play it on my Vita unless it's his account I link up to it, right?

          I have the original discs and don't really want to buy them again (only bought them a few years ago from eBay) and if I do buy them I was just thinking of getting them from the US store since they'll probably be cheaper and it's the better NTSC versions (faster loading times and whatnot) but yeah... best would be for the Vita to be hackable... :P

    Antinoms to Powalen.
    Because Gametraitor /o\

    Also I had schnitzel tonight, even though I thought I wasn't. I feel redeemed.

      Aint he the worst!

      Team Greenalen was awesome though ;D

        YOU'RE WORSE!
        Won't even reinstall it /o\

          My computer is all slow and keeps freezing and I don't know why /o\

          I just assumed it's cause I have too much crap on it so the more free space the better! :P

            Even though that's a total myth according to Lifehacker last week!

              But then some guy in the comments was all "shutup Lifehacker, I've done this for this long and your myths are wrong!"

                There's people like that in every article across the Allure sites. Some seem to just have it in for the editors which isn't really fair.

                Edit: Saying that though, a hard drive that is poorly fragmented is going to be slower because it is searching all over the hard disk for the data, especially as it gets more full, thus giving the illusion of your computer actually being slower, when it's not the computer per se, but the hard disks current limitations.

                Last edited 13/11/12 10:10 pm

                  To be fair - there would be similar comments on that article on any site.
                  People who have used computers for a long time have long memories, and they remember past solutions to problems and stick to them it's like gospel truth. And with very old systems and OSes, a lot of the myths described in the article hold true.
                  But, yeah, there are always some who just have it in for Luke and Angus.

                  Yeah, it annoys me when people obviously go out of their way to attack Angus, Luke or Mark. It's just not needed.

                  But yeah, people and their ways, tell me about it lol. I've given up helping some people because they believe this or that is the correct way to do things, when infact they're hurting their computer doing such.

      So currently there's Saturday and I 'playing' TF2.


    Here's Robin Williams hanging out with Koko the gorilla. All the day's stress just melted away when I watched it.

      That tickle face is pure joy!

      Last edited 13/11/12 10:53 pm

        Why you edit? o_O
        Nothing wrong with your original comment.

          I was reading more about it and it might've been fake! D:

          Didn't want to get people all interested in some phony thing :P. I still watched most of it anyway!

    Walking Dead is Awesome! (By which, I mean the game.)

      The show has been pretty good this season as well!

        So has The Clone Wars!
        #spambomann007 :P

      It really is! I've pretty much caught up to where my corrupt save stopped, so I can't wait to finally continue the story.

    So i really want to keep watching Korra, but my internet is refusing to co-operate.

      Why not just 'rrent it?

        I'll have the same issue. It seems to be my net as a whole. But I might do so for the rest of the series

        Why not just 'rrent all five season of The Clone Wars, Virus? :P

          I'm so behind on The Clone Wars, I've only seen up to season 3. Are seasons 4 and 5 any good?

            Yes, plenty good. Stand out episodes from season 4 would have to be the 4 Umbara ones (those where rather dark), the slave trade ones and the continuation of Ventress' story (especially the ones with Darth Maul). Each season seems to always be better than the last.

    So people on Twitter earlier may have noticed I posted about some accidents I've had recently. I thought I would elaborate here because the more I think about, the more amusing it is.

    First accident was on Friday. My son had (unbeknownst to me) been playing with one of my large clear rectangular quilting rulers and left it in the middle of the kitchen floor. I got up to get him a snack and slipped on it on the way back, basically doing the splits and ending up on the floor. His snack also went flying. So while I was sitting on the floor sobbing in shock and pain, my son starts getting upset, whimpering "My biscuits! D: "(That's exactly what his face looked like). No thought for me, just his snack. I couldn't help it and laughed at him. :P

    Second accident was this afternoon. I was sitting around playing Assassin's Creed III in my skimpy nightdress because I hadn't bothered to get dressed when I spied the postman out of my window. He was getting off his bike which means he'd most likely want me to sign something. So I raced into the bedroom, running as fast as I could to try and throw some clothes with more coverage on when I felt a stabbing pain as I impaled my foot on the buckle of one of Mr. Strange's leather wristbands that had mysteriously been left on the floor. After that, there wasn't time to dress properly, so I still had to limp back to the front door and answer it to the Postman whilst wearing no bra and being barely covered.

    I think the moral of this story is that kids are dangerous. Oh, and get dressed when you get out bed, people. You never know when you might have to answer the door half-nekkid. :P

      ...we're not unknowingly related somehow, are we? :P
      Also, that sounds painful. Good thing you can laugh about it though!

      D= hope you're alright Strange. Sounds like you need to be a bit more careful =P

      Did your son get more biscuits, though? Also it wasn't Sughly's postman? Important questions!

      (Also, glad you're okay, Strange. Take care of yourself! :S)

        Ha...I made him pick the ones off the floor up. Worst Mum. :P

        And eeek! I hope it wasn't Sughly's Postman....

      Ouch! Hope you're all good now!

      I always hear stories of "stepping on Lego" but I don't recall ever doing it. I know what the pain would be like though :/

        Stepping on a piece of Lego in the small hours of the morning heading to the toilet while half asleep is the worst thing bar none.

          Nah, the worst thing is stubbing an ingrown toe whilst you try to turn off your alarm.
          Happened to me earlier this year.
          I freaked out when it started to bleed...

            Eugh THIS. Such a horrible pain. Also so much blood Q_Q I have not experienced anything worse, it's horrible when the pain lasts for several minutes as well.

      There's a joke about the postman there but there is really no tasteful way to phrase it :P

      I just don't answer the door...


      Damn you and your moral to the story! I never get properly dressed unless I plan to leave the house. I'll spend the next two weekend mornings looking over my shoulder all jumpy. :P

      Also - sorry to hear that you hurt yourself. That buckle-to-the-foot injury sounds about as nasty as my extension-cord-to-the-foot injury. My house is usually pretty tidy, but I've taken to wearing sandals indoors since that little run-in. :O

        Let me guess you stepped on the pins that go into the power socket? If so I feel you pain D=

    Eugh, I don't seem to be getting notifications everytime someone replies to a post of mine! Just noticed Lambo replied to a post of mine, there's no notification in my profile of it at all. Anyone else having this issue?

      Have you checked your settings?

        Yeah, there's nothing there stopping it from even coming up in my profile saying who replied to me, tis weird S: Only happens a few times a week though.

      Don't worry. It's not as if I had anything important to say. :P

        It's right, you didn't.

        Only some jibber jabber about Clone Wars and Tron :)

    Commence the head shaving!

      Pics or it didn't happen!

      (I feel dirty just typing those words)

      Grabbs popcorn!

      Edit: Urgh! And can't spell!

      Last edited 13/11/12 11:18 pm


      I know this gets old but there are millions of words to add ius to.

    Signing up for a trial weekend on Guild Wars 2:

    That password is not available. Either you've used it before, someone else has used it before, or it's known to have been hacked from another game or web site.

    Someone else is using my password? Does it have to be unique across every user?

    Well, that sure didn't take long. I submitted my little game to the Windows 8 appstore last Saturday night (a more polished version of my Ludum Dare entry), said it would take up to 7 days to be certified. Just got an email saying it had passed and that it should be up on the store by tomorrow morning, our time. :D
    So I'll probably be spending tomorrow emailing various mobile game sites (like Exciting! :D

      That's awesome, man. Congrats! :D

      That's great news!
      Here's hoping you get come positive reviews. Got my fingers crossed for you Lambo.
      In fact, I have everything crossed for you.

        Crossing your legs is usually a sign you need to go to the toilet though :P

      Wait, nevermind. It's out now. I repeat, it is out right now!

        I shall make sure I purchase it when I get my Surface in December.

    Sleep time. Good night, folks! :D You guys are all kinds of awesome!

      Good morning, DC. Hope you enjoy the notification awaiting you.

        Morning Shane, I hope you enjoy this notification.

          I did, very very much, thank you. I hope you enjoy this notification, and the good morning that will follow hot on the heels of this increasingly unnecessarily long sentence.

          Good morning.

            Thank you. I did indeed enjoy the good morning that followed hot on the heels of that increasingly unnecessarily long sentence that followed my probably unnecessary reply to your statement of good morrows and notifications to that pretty swell chap known as D.C..

    BACON! \o/

    Insane high fives to Shiggy and Pez.

      Wow. This is awesome :)

      Last edited 14/11/12 8:53 am

    Anyone get any super powers from that eclipse?

    That show had such potential, it's a shame the writers strike had to happen.

      We just watched the "5 years in the future" episode near the end of season 1. That was a surprisingly good episode, almost rivalling the excellent pilot, and rising above an otherwise kind of meh season. #MyUnpopularOpinion

      I'm unclear on whether the eclipse causes powers - I don't think it does, does it? Because in the flashback episode, they all had their powers.

      Last edited 14/11/12 8:52 am

        It's been a while since I watched it, but I think there was one episode where an eclipse took away all their powers, so maybe it doesn't actually cause them but serves as some sort of activate/deactivate button.

          Weird. I don't even know why that would work for a genetic condition... but thanks, good to know.

      Nope but I had two separate dreams last night about the world ending.
      One was a zombie apocalypse scenario and the other was as if the universe just shut off the lights, like somebody ending a house party.

      I suspect the eclipse is related somehow...

      I don't know... maybe? What can I do to be sure?

        Jump off a building. It's what Peter did, and he ended up being okay.


            Then you probably shouldn't follow my advice. That's okay - just bend time and space and go back to prevent the jump.

    I think tomorrow night I shall go into the Telstra shop nearest me, and order the Lumia 920 on a $130.00 a month plan

    $130.00 only because of unlimited phone and text, and 3gig of data

    I would order online but I don't really want a JBL speaker, I would rather have a cheaper wireless charge pad

      130 a month, that seems a bit steep for a phone, right?

        Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. I'm on $10 month plan, so I can't comment with authority :P

        Is it possible to buy this phone outright, and then go on a $15 plan with someone like TPG (who offer 2GB of data in that plan) and just pay for your calls and texts? I don't know.

        Either way, you'll end up with the phone you want, so good luck dude! Hope it works out.

          Thanks Puppylicks and Shane

          Yeah I guess it is a bit steep

          But if you aren't Telstra where I live then you have no reception and become a hermit

          I text much more than I call anyone, but with unlimited I would start to call people more

            Not a criticism, dude, just wanted to make sure it was the right plan for you, that's all! :)
            Enjoy the phone.

              Nah I know it wasn't dude, I just appreciate the input, why else would I put it up here? :P

                To make Shane jelly!

                  I have a phone with a four-colour screen and no text predict. I'm frickin jealous of everybody! :P

              Pretty much this, not having a go, it's just that $130 seems way too steep, even for a telstra plan. I'm sure you could get a plan that suits you for about half that.

              But hey it's your phone so it's choice to make :P

          Jeez, I'm on '$50 a month' (I won't rant about the bs value from telco's) and think it's steep :P I barely get close to my usage allowance or my innernet cap. You guys are crazy.

            You are correct sir!

            Crazy is the name of the game

            I may obviously go lower, but I really intend to use the phone as more of a phone with a better

            The one under $130.00 gives you like $900.00 of value in calls

              Oh god, I can feel myself going there... mumble... no you get $130 of value in calls, they just call it $900.... Gah. I'll stop /o\

                Dude, it's ok

                No need to stop

                Inform me :)

                I can't even remember the last time I was on a plan

                The dole was a horrible time, and happily a time that has been passed for over a year, so now I am thinking plan

                  What he means is that for these plans, they often inflate the cost of a call (the per minute rate) so that they can say $900 worth, when really if you look at 'typical' per-minute costs, the value is actually much lower. Worth looking into.

                  Shane, that is why I would go the seemingly "Unlimited" path

                  Or maybe even one with Free Calls on nights and weekends

                  I don't get home from work till about 6:40pm anyway and their "Night" is from 7pm to 7am

                Also if I paid $130.00 a month it would be "Unlimited Calls/MMS" instead of say "$900.00 value"

                Because if there is no "roof" *note the quotations* on my cap, then I don't have to worry about going over

                since the other night I was on the phone to a friend of mine for an hour and a half, and that would probably happen every day


        Seems like the highest one available :P

        Why not get a lower one with extra data? I think Telstra plans go 60, 80, 100, 130 + handset costs.

        But I can already hear lambo squeeing with joy that someone is going to get the Lumia :)

          I think if you go higher the handset costs go away

          It is really more about the calling and texting

          As it is on my $60.00 worth of credit *I still buy credit!!* I get 3 gig of data and don't use it all ever

          Yup, Lambo squeeing for the new Lumia

          What do you reckon Greenius? a white one?

            GREEN ONE OBVIOUSLY D: (do they even come in green?)

            But if it doesn't then I have no idea man, go with your heart :D

            Yeah, the higher it is, the lower the handset costs. Some handsets are even free on the higher plans.


              No green man, no green

              So close!

              But yeah I am thinking white

              My Lumia 800 came with a cheap case for the phone in the box, and I don't need to show my love for "Insert movie franchise or sports team here" on my phone case

                White sounds good, just set the background to be green ;D

                I've also been a fan of plain cases rather than the expressing my love for "_______" on my phone case :). Black case for my black iPhone with a green background image (obviously!) and white case for my current white iPhone.

                Enjoy the phone man! I hear it's good.

                  I hear good things too

                  I will enjoy it, thank you very much

                  Green? Greenius I can see you love green, but I am a purple man

                  Purple accents :D

      Woah, that's freakin' expensive!
      You should be able to get a better unlimited plan for around $100. Obviously depends where you live.
      Stupid Telstra and their coverage.

        Yup dude

        I live in a place called Chain Valley Bay

        Which is seriously a bay and in a valley

        The name is an apt descriptor of the geograpy of the area

        So mobile reception is horrible unless you are Telstra

    So Pyrean and I played The War Z alpha for a large number of hours last night. It was actually a lot of fun (and very polished for an alpha). They're still rolling out a lot of features but yeah. You seem to get hungry very quickly, which I like. It meant we spent a lot of time searching for food... to the point we would risk our lives in the bigger cities for the chance to find some. And the net code is good!

    That said, zombies seem somewhat rare at the moment and my god does it take a long time to get from one place to the next (vehicles haven't been patched in yet and there's no telling how long it will take to get one working).

      Hmm, interesting. Might hold out for the standalone Day Z game hopefully someone will do a comparison of the two.

        I will have both \o/ If only for Day Z's whole "enter pretty much every single building" bizzo

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