Tell Us Dammit: Best Video Game President?

So Barack Obama has just been voted into a second term as President of the United States. Phew. But during the course of the election someone asked me an interesting question, a question I will now ask you: which video game character would make the best President?

It's got to be Haggar from Final Fight. Surely. The man already has stateman status. He has the experience and the integrity to become leader of the free world.

Vote Haggar.


    Bowser. While I don't agree with his princess kidnapping policies, the Mushroom Kingdom is obviously prosperous- they have GOLD just hanging in the air!

      Bowser was democratically elected?

        One man, one vote. He's the man, he got the vote

      There's so much of it laying around though, it's obviously become worthless as a commodity. The Mushroom Kingdom's probably facing economic ruin.

        Yeah, that kind of hyperinflation is a sign of atrocious economic mismanagement. Bowser has obviously just kept on printing coins in an attempt to spend his way out of an economic crisis of his own making. In fact I'd question just how much actual gold is still in those coins these days. I'd be surprised if it's more than 5%.

          Well, the goombas do mill around aimlessly and attack tradesmen- perhaps they're unemployed and desperate

            Those guys are all on the public teat. It's like Europe - too much welfare, too many public servants. The deficit has to be huge, and Bowser lacks the political will to make the hard decisions necessary to right the ship.

      Actually you raise an important question: who is in charge in the Mushroom Kingdom? It's not Mario, he's just a plumber. Presumably it's not Bowser since he wouldn't be kidnapping princesses all the time if he was, and it can't be Peach because she's just a princess. Where's the King / Queen? Who is running the show?

        Given Bowser is King Koopa, I kind of assumed he was Princess Peach's old man. He is kidnapping her, but mostly because he wants his daughter to date someone with the right breeding, not a tubby plumber.

        It's Toad. He's the brains behind everything. Bowser is just a pawn that he uses to kidnap the princess from time to time to distract the kingdom from more important issues. Mario is the hero he needs to get the people to unite. Peach is not even a real princess and Mario's not a real plumber. He kidnapped them from the human world then used his hallucinogenic mushroom powers to control them.

      Which is why they buy everything with mushrooms.

    I vote 1 Mike Haggar.

    His stance on crime is fair. Beat the living shit out of it with a lead pipe, taking a thug and a ninja along with him for company.

    Then later on he brought the cast of Streetfighter... what a guy!

    Bartlett... should've been in a video game... somehow...

    George Sears!

    Michael Wilson from Metal Wolf Chaos, 'nuff said.

      +1 He should team up with Mike Hagar tho

    No contest. The best video game president is me! (or you) I remember playing "Shadow President" way back when:

    Best Video Game President?
    Certainly not the one in Bad Dudes - if he was any good he wouldn't have allowed himself to get kidnapped by ninjas.
    I'll assume @bagmup is referring to Abe Lincoln from Sam & Max. That's the only other president I can think of off the top of my head.

    As for which video game character would be best suited for bridging the gap between fiction and reality and actually becoming the President of the United States, that requires a little more thought. Since one of the restrictions on holding office is an American birth certificate (don't we all know it), that tends to narrow the list down from "all video game characters" a little. Next I considered that they need to be smart and cunning, likeable yet stern, willing to dispatch their opposition by whatever means necessary yet able to convince others to do it for them - so as not to sully their own hands. The answer then, is clear. The Video Game President would be:

    The Administrator.

    I guess she'd actually work better as the Vice President, as it's a position that doesn't attract nearly enough attention, and she'd have to take office if the President was to fall victim to a terrible accident.

    Best video game president ever was me in Balance Of Power. Kept those damn commies in their place without turning the world into a nuclear wasteland.

    Udina in ME3! Cause when he stepped out of line, you got to shoot him :P

    The President in NBA 2k12 the man himself Barack Obama surely he wins or is this too real?

    Nigel West Dickens, the snake oil salesman from Red Dead Redemption. For obvious reasons.

    President Hasselhoff from Red Alert 3.

    Pretty sure I remember a game from 2-3 years ago where you played the President of the USA in a mech?

    Pretty sure there was also that eroge, "My girlfriend is the president." She'd likely win cutest president at least :P

    Michael Wilson from Metal Wolf Chaos, hands down. He knows how to defend FREEDOM.

    GOing on from Mawt's latter observation, Saxton Hale should be President. No American birth certificate? He'd just punch the sissies running the Certification Office.

    I dunno, maybe some of the cowardly, corrupt, booze baron dictators who bought the election from my games of Tropico would be a nice change

    Yuri from RA2. We don't need any more idiotic democratic leaders - we need an all powerful overlord with the power to bring everyone into his fold and unify the world into peace and prosperity... or at least for those who survive the unification process.

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