Tell Us Dammit: Let's Talk SEGA

Today I found out something terrifying: the SEGA 32X is 18 years old. I vividly remember that monstrosity being released. Vividly. It got me thinking of old SEGA memories. The first time I saw Sonic the Hedgehog, 'borrowing' my friend's Game Gear, the Master System. Let's talk about SEGA consoles for a while...

My very first game console was a Master System. It came with a copy of Moonwalker. My friends were so hyped about Moonwalker that I convinced a friend to swap seven of his Master System games for a loan of it.

That was the power of Moonwalker.


    ...I really liked Binary Domain. I thought the variety of robots really kept it fresh.

      The story and themes of Binary Domain were really good. The gameplay was good, but personally I didn't find it great, Actually the game started really slowly and I thought I was about to hate it, but then it started getting enjoyable. Like a Vanquish without steroids.

        I thought the story and themes was stupid and cliche. I started calling out plot twists every hour. But then I realised something, the game was so cliche, stupid and predictable that I couldn't follow any one callout since there was so many of them. Then when the actual plot twist came I said, "That is one of the most stupidest things I have ever heard in a videogame.". But I'll admit, I didn't see it coming despite this game being full of cliches and actually respect them for having the balls do to it.

          Lol, we disagree. I really liked the story and themes.

      i discovered it by accident. totally hated the first few levels, it was reminiscent of an arcarde game. Then the world grew bigger and more characters were introduced and the game got really good

      it was cliched but the game kept throwing in new things for you to do and the environments kept changing, unlike your typical Mass effect or fps shooters.

      Best singleplayer experience ive had in years.

      I love the french robot

    The other day I was walking through the office and sang out "SAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY-GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH~" and one guy chuckled.

      I can't look at the Sega logo without saying that. It's some sort of primal compulsion.

        yep thats how you know you are awesome :D

      Yep. Even my partner says it. She has her own master system 2.

        With Alex the Kidd built-in! Awesome!!! That was my first console when i was about 9

      Leaving of an afternoon with a "Sega later" is a good way to knock off for the day too.

      Here, have an piece of gum :P

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    When is SEGA going to release a PROPER Phantasy Star game !!
    These current iterations do not appeal to me at all !
    PS IV is still one of the greatest RPG's I've ever played.

      Same here too. Phantasy Star 4 was the best game odd them all.
      I always wished they released that ps2 hd upgrade of the 2nd one too.

      Still waiting for ps5 after all these years

    I owned a Gamegear. That was great. Always wanted a Megadrive but never got one.

    Still got all my sega stuff - best investment though was a blazer plug and play megadrive that takes pal/ntsc cartridges. It has ports for original controllers and some built in games. $50 from kmart! It is just a bit larger than a mega drive cartridge.

    I remember when the SMS first came out. I was an NES boy at the time, but I had friends who bought Master Systems so I'd be playing games like Sonic, Transbot and Fantasy Zone at their place (I got to play all the cool systems through friends. I also had one with a C64, and one with an Atari 2600). At school there was this one guy who would bring his SMSII in and we'd all play games during the lunch hour (until the teacher stopped him). Got to see games like Altered Beast and Wonder Boy III: Dragon's Trap that way.

      Altered beast sucked. My vote goes to it for most overhyped game EVER. On MD anyway.

        Maybe so... but the developers went on to make Golden Axe and Golden Axe 2, and Altered Beast laid the groundwork.

    Always been a Nintendo guy, and from what I've seen can't really get into old Sega stuff like I can old Nintendo stuff. I hardly knew anyone with a Sega back in the day, I can only think of two primary school friends that had one, and I only played on one of their systems the one time I went to his place. Streets of Rage, I think it was. Actually wait, there was another family friend when I was even younger who had a... Master System, I guess? I remember playing some kind of Alex Kidd on that.

    Was a huge fan of recent Sega though, because they were being cool and publishing rad stuff like HotD Overkill and The Conduit. But then they lost favour by not picking up The Grinder, which I was massively looking forward to >:3

    alexx Kidd and wonderboy games will forever be those games that i remember with the most incredibly clear and fond of memories.

    I loved my Mega CD. Batman Returns had the best music ever. Silpheed was jaw dropping and Sonic CD... Great times.

    I sadly have lost track of my Master System and Megadrive from my childhood... so I bought another one second hand, now I have 100+ master system games :D

      Moonwalker included.

    Remember when the T-rex at the start of Jurassic Park roared SEGA. Rrreeygahhh!!! Followed by the awesome 16bit soundtrack and the 'chew chew' of lightning bolts. Those were the days...

    Spy vs Spy and Alex Kidd on the SMS was my first foray into the Sega Consoles. Then it was the Mega Drive and the Tower of Power.

    The most vivid memory was when my Sister and I was playing Sonic 2 co-op and finally finished the game, since we could never get to the end during our allocated gaming time. Good memories :)

    Total Sega fanboy. Became a super sonic the hedgehog fan, and as I've said here so many times, Dreamcast is best console.

    I remember getting mad at those pictures in Nintendo Power where kids would sent drawings of Mario beating up Sonic

      I've got a pile of sega megazone mags :-) . Good times.

        Holy shit - would you sell them? I've got an stack of Megazones, and been looking for more on ebay, with no luck... find me on ebay, 'retrosteven,' if you do. But if you don't, I understand - as I wouldn't sell them either ;)

          Sorry - not a chance. I even have the one and only issue of megacomp - the immediate forerunner to hyper!

            All good. Eventually I'll be scanning all classic mags I have, too, and posting them on RetroGamingAus. I have nearly an complete collection of Hyper.. from issue 3 too :) check out this link, you may be interested The more we save of Australian Gaming history the better!

              Hey, apparently megacomp was actually the forerunner to Megazone - so you have something more rare than you think ;) Or maybe they published an legacy compilation mag of Megacomp, before Megazone shut down - you should check the dates, I'd be very interested to find out!

              "Megazone started as Megacomp, a short bi-monthly magazine in 1989, covering popular computer formats of the day such as the Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad, Commodore 64 and IBM PC. Gradually, the magazine expanded to include the console formats of the day, including the Sega Master System, Mega Drive, Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo, changing names to Megazone in the process". (extract from )

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                Sorry. Been OS. Yeah I think you are right. Ill look through what I have. I too contacted RGA about scans but didn't really get a decent reply and the numbers on the site are not very inspiring. I actually just found some earlier aussie stuff with type in listings which should be preserved so maybe I need to go thru everything I have. I also have micro computerspot newsletters and ozi soft catalogues that need archiving too. IMO.

                  Yeah the site is pretty quiet, but it's the only Australian site Ive found with an game magazine scanning project - if you know of any others, post the links.

          hi Mate I Noticed u were keen on some sega megazone mags a couple of years ago I have a heap in awesome condition, would u be able to help me with value ? Or be interested in buying them ? Thanks

    I still have vivid memories of playing all of the Sonic Games on the Mega Drive (except Spinball. . . repressed the hell out of that) Loved playing Wonder Boy in Monster World, Sparkster, Streets of Rage and Gunstar Heroes (which I still believe was the best game on the system)

    My first sega was the master system 2, followed by the game gear. Sadly i was never lucky enough to enter into the "megadrive" era. However, the master system did me very well for many years, and wonder boy 2 and 3 are STILL in my top 10 games.

    In May, i set up my master system for a "retro games party" for my 30th, and it was the best thing i have done. I still on the odd occasion venture into the garage, and plonk my old ass into a bean bag infront of my old CRT tv to relive my youth, and remind myself what it was that made me fall in love with games.

    Seriously, games were so much harder back then. Wonderboy in monsterland is still a game i have never completed, and having gone back i remember why. Games were hard, even if you knew them back to front, final bosses could undo your hours of work in a couple of minutes no mater how much practice you had.

    alex kidd, enduro racer, road rash, wonder boy, sonic, columns, ghouls and ghosts, ecco, fantasy zone, micro machine, mortal kombat, out run, psycho fox, r type, space harrier, super monaco gp, taz mania, streets of rage,....

    is why sega will always be better than nintendo <3

    and the dreamcast I actually had one of those in australia! ecco was mad on it... crazy taxi!

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    First system I ever got was a Master System II right around the time the Mega-drive was just coming out.

    Alex Kidd built in & some other game... Taito Chase HQ maybe?

    When I finally got Sonic I used to tell my little brother that the spikes were needles filled with medicine so he'd jump on them and die so I'd get a turn.

      omg taito chase HQ thanx for reminding me LOL!!!

    I feel this thread needs this:

    It would have been posted eventually regardless. . . I miss the old 'up yours' style video game ads from the 90's. . .

    Man the Game Gear was awesome but that thing took like 8 batteries and went through them in about a day. And how are there not more people who remember Kid Chameleon as one of the best Mega Drive games??

      Try 6 batteries in 2 hours. Damn power hungry machine. Damn it was awesome though.

    I remember having Cloud Master on the original Sega, and sucking at it as a kid. And then Strider on the mega system, it was rad! Still sucked as a kid, but good times haha


    Master System II and Mega Drive were the bee's knees.
    Alex Kidd, R-Type, Enduro Racer, Golvelius, Rastan, Sonic, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Wonder Boy, Strider, Aerial Assault, Dynamite Dux...
    Man, so many reasons why i had zero interest in Nintendo consoles.

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    Hey mark, im in the same boat first console was a master system.... but let me pose the following question to you regarding the 32x monstrosity..... "Did you ever own one???"

    i bought mine towards the end of its cycle, to be honest i had never seen it for sale here in australia.... i had read about them in the Sega Power UK magazine, and had a review of Virtua Fighter 32X pinned up on my bedroom wall for AGES.... then i see a catalogue from big w... 32X with free game $50.... i rang them and asked if they had virtua fighter... the only game they had was fred couples golf. i asked them to put it aside for me. my mum drove my 13 year old self to the shop to pick it up, and the lady looks at me with a sad look "im so sorry, someone accidently sold the golf game! ... but we have this one?"


    and thus the existense of the 32x is justified through the existence of some AWESOME games like:
    After Burner Complete
    Star Wars Arcade
    Virtua Fighter 32X
    Night Trap

    I miss the Sega days... and i still havent learnt my lesson.... if another Sega console were to see the light of day, i'd be all over it...

      Those are all fantastic titles.

      I got Virtua Racing Deluxe with mine. Oh the awesome memories!

    I was a huge Sega fan. Master System, Mega Drive, 32X, Saturn and Dreamcast. My fondest gaming memories are playing Alex Kidd in Miracle World as an 8 year old. I remember calling up the Sega hotline (which was a 0055 number!) when my game froze towards the end. As if they could have done anything to fix it, but such was my desperation.

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