Tell Us Dammit: Star Wars

Star Wars. They're making new ones. Well, Disney is making a new one to be specific. In today's Tell Us Dammit I'd like to ask you guys and girls what you'd like to see from the new movies? Who would you like to direct, where would you like the story to head?

I think it's easy to be cynical about the fact Disney will be in charge of re-creating Star Wars, but I'm actually quite excited by the news. The Star Wars universe is massive and untapped. These stories could go in any direction.

Personally, I've always wanted to see Steven Spielberg direct a Star Wars movie. I remember reading somewhere that George Lucas had initially intended Spielberg to direct Episode 3, but changed his mind and did the job himself. I'm a massive Spielberg fan, and I can't think of anyone who could do a better job of shaping the Star Wars franchise.

In addition — I think I would prefer if the story moved in a completely different direction from the original trilogy. But I think I'm probably in the minority with that one!

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


    Darth maul vs Asajj Ventress vs Mace Windu vs Yoda

    I want some more space combat... like the stuff we got in Jedi.

      Would love to see some A/B/X/Y-Wings back on the big screen again.

      Then you want them to follow the X-wing series by Michael Stackpole. IMO this series along with Zahn's stuff are the only worthy options. The story is brilliant and does not mess around with any ridiculous universe threatening weapons or other nonsense. It focuses on characters first and foremost as Wedge Antilles builds a new Rogue Squadron to pull down the remains of the empire. In a perfect world I would have this made into a big budget live action tv series by the guys doing Game of Thrones

        Yeah... I've read them.

        I think I've still got them around here somewhere.

        The books in that series by Aaron Alliston are also quite good.

          Wraith Squadron trilogy is probably my favourite trilogy of Star Wars novels next to the novelisation of the original trilogy. Timothy Zahn's trilogy is also excellent.

    Minimise George Lucas' presence.

    Beyond this, I trust Disney to turn out an immaculate product.

      Forget yourself sir. Lucasarts also owned the IP to the best game ever created and Disney should take it upon themselves to make a movie of it.

        If you're talking about Monkey Island, they already did, it's called Pirates of the Caribbean.

        If you're talking about Grim Fandango, or Day of the Tentacle, or even Full Throttle, then I say "Hell yes!"

          Come on, Monkey Island? I'm talking about The Dig.

        Labyrinth movie already exists. Unless u mean another game is their best but i cant think of a better lucasart game than labyrinth

    I was really not big on the last 3 movies. I dont know why, but i watched episode 1, and i could take it or leave it. episode 2 annoyed the hell out of me. think i only watched 5 mins of episode 3. Give me the classics any day.

    But yeah, maybe if you could take it away completely from the skywalker arc, it might have something worth seeing. So long as there are no more "cute" characters....cute has no place is space.

      Cute has a definite place in space, see: Wall-E and R2D2. Basically, mute robots. They can do the cute stuff.

      Last edited 01/11/12 11:11 am

        i'll concede on the Wall-e front. But what is so cute about r2d2?

        But im more thinking horrible attempts at cute IE jar jar .

          How do you not find R2 cute?

            He wasn't cute in the prequels.

              In the what now?

                Well played, good sir. R2D2 is indeed cute.

      I hope the ewoks get lazored by a death star. They ruined ep6.

    Jean-Luc Picard should grow hair, that is all.

    Just skip the EU nonsense and have some decent story about the dismantling of the Empire and the rebuilding of the galaxy under Rebel rule.

      That is the EU. Are you stupid?

        A decent story about the events that would logically follow ROTJ without the decades of different writers forcing their favourite characters into the spotlight. There's a lot of baggage in the EU and a lot of nonsense. Most people going to see the new film will know none of it and will not want any of it.

        Just because it will cover the same territory doesn't mean that the EU should have any real influence on the story being told.

          Good EU: The stuff written by Timothy Zahn. I think there's a general agreement that if there is any EU element it should be limited strictly to Mara Jade.

          Bad EU: Every. Other. Thing.
          I was going to make a list of every stupid story or plot element introduced in the books but that would mean at some point I'd have to explain what the Sun Crusher is, and the last time I had to do that, people got hurt.

            Doesn't Mara Jade end up qlvat ubeevoyl in the EU? I don't think she'd be a good choice for inclusion, for that reason.

            Also, out of Han and Leia's three kids, bar raqf hc qrnq, bar gheaf qnex fvqr naq raqf hc qrnq, naq V guvax bayl Wnvan vf yrsg, hayrff gurl'ir pbzr hc jvgu fbzr xvaq bs sngr sbe ure.

            Even Chewbacca qvrf fhqqrayl in the EU.

            Much better to start with entirely new characters in a different time than have to deal with a) explaining this stuff; or b) ignoring it and facing the wrath of the fanboys, or c) dealing with an intermediary time period, with part of the audience all too aware of how things turn out for the character (or making assumptions, even if the intention of Disney is to go in a different direction).

            Last edited 01/11/12 12:00 pm

              You're referring to EU events that take place about 30 years after the Battle of Endor, as I understand it.

              I'm also not sure exactly what happened to Mara. V ernq gur "Purjvr qvrf" obbx jurer Znen vf fvpx ohg V fgbccrq nsgre gung, so I have no idea how that whole storyline progressed.

                Basically, the whole thing has become so twisted and bleak that there's no way you can slot in a movie dealing with the same characters and have it be accessible or uplifting.

                  Sounds like I bailed at the right time. Is that how they tried to grow the franchise up so people didn't feel stupid buying books meant for teenagers after their 30th birthday?

                  *re-reads Harry Potter*

                  Honestly, I don't know. But the way they were dealing with it seemed so hamfisted.

                  Wnpra gheavat gb gur qnex fvqr. V qvqa'g ernq vg, ohg V qba'g ohl vg. Ur jnf phevbhf nobhg gur Sbepr naq vgf funqrf bs terl, ohg V pna'g npprcg gur jnl ur raqrq hc. Vg fbhaqf evqvphybhf, ohg gur obbxf pbire uvf ragver yvsr, naq V sryg V haqrefgbbq uvz ernfbanoyl jryy.

                  Nyy gur qrnguf. Jurarire gur fgbel jnf synttvat, url, yrg'f xvyy bss nabgure punenpgre. Gur qrngu bs Purjvr jnf n cvybg cebtenz gung tbg n qrprag erfcbafr, fb abj gur RH unf onfvpnyyl ghearq vagb n jubyrfnyr fynhtugre bs gur punenpgref.

                  I'm glad I bailed too, before any of this got too bad. I keep up with the synopses though

                  Gents - kudos for the use of rot13.

                  Also, wasn't the Thrawn trilogy by T. Zahn considered eps 7-9?

            What's the "Sun Crusher" ?

              The Sun Crusher was included by Kevin J. Anderson in his shitty "Jedi Academy" trilogy following Timothy Zahn's awesome "Heir To The Empire" trilogy that started the whole EU thing.

              The Sun Crusher is basically a fighter sized craft that can cause a system's sun to go supernova using some sort of bullcrap developed by the Imperials at a secret installation.

                It's also completely indestructible. They tried to get rid of it by dropping it into a star, but Kyp Durron (who I am convinced is just an author avatar for Kevin J's personal fantasies) pulled it back out with his mad Jedi skills.

                  Wow so much facepalm that I'm not even going to start. Thanks for the info

            Lol! Yeah, Kevin J. Anderson has a lot to answer for. THAT trilogy was the best he could come up with after Timothy Zahn's first masterpiece??

            Sun Crusher... Nerf Herder, PUHLEEZE!

          "Most people going to see the new film will know none of it and will not want any of it."
          That's what happened with Lord of the Rings, yet it was a box office hit... They did take some liberties with the story to simplify it for newbies, but still.
          Also, unless you can honestly tell me that you've read all the EU pre and post movie era, you can't say it's terrible. There's plenty of good stuff.

            I read everything published from 1992 to about 2004. I liked it then, went back to it recently, and while it's not uniformly terrible, there's very little redeemable stuff there - thoroughly mediocre, second-rate science-fiction. And the quality was declining, so I got off the train in 2004.

            The highlight for me is the X-Wing series, which contains next to no major characters from the movies (unless you think Wedge is a major character), and is reasonably decently written.

            I read everything pre-and post movies up until Del Rey got the licence back, so I'm familiar with everything except the Yuuzhan Vong and everything that may have happened after that, and I assure you, they are 99% crap.

            I did rather like the X-Wing books but they're not really up there with Zahn's work, and the stories are pretty weak. I did like the Corran Horn character and his later book "I, Jedi" but that was such a personal story for Corran that it was only 'Star Wars' in superficial details.

            The terribad books far outweigh the good ones. Even setting aside Kevin J. Anderson, who is pretty much literary cancer, you've still got nonsense like The New Rebellion, Children of the Jedi, The Crystal Star, and the Courtship of Princess Leia - and that's only scratching the surface of the ones that are irredeemably bad at first glance and require no qualification.

              I'm pretty much the same, but tended to skip the prequel tie-ins, and I read the whole Yuuzhan Vong series too. I sank a depressing amount of money into those books. Even though I can never touch them again, I can't get rid of them either, so they collect dust in a sad little pile of piles on a shelf in the garage.

              PS: I liked Corran Horn too, and though that of all the new characters in the EU, he was one of the most interesting. Wasn't a fan of I, Jedi, to be honest. I didn't mind it, but it tied into Jedi Academy, which I have real problems with :P

              Last edited 01/11/12 12:30 pm

                I remember reading the first book to feature the Yuuzhan Vong only to put it down halfway through it thinking that I was better off going and playing Halo.....

            I don't need to read everything on to know that the vast majority of it is terrible. I know enough about the EU (through discussions with fans, TV tropes and reading a handful of novels as a teen) to know that I want no part of it.

            As for Lord of the Rings, it was an incredibly popular set of books that changed the way fantasy novels were written. People knew of it, if they hadn't read it, and probably knew someone who had read it. Then the movies actually turned out to be good, which created strong word of mouth and made people turn to the books.

            The EU isn't Lord of the Rings, it's the appendices.

        Hahaha! I have met him irl and can vouch that yes he is indeed stupid

          It's like you don't want to play Ticket to Ride ever again :p

          The EU has a lot of nonsense. No getting around it. Just look at Boba Fett. In the original trilogy that showed up for a little while, captured Han and then got eaten by a Sarlacc.

          Look him up in the EU and he's one of the biggest badasses to ever exist. He even managed to somehow survive being eaten by the Sarlacc. I don't buy it. Dude's dead. I saw it, I don't need to know what happened to him after that because he simply passed through the digestive system and ended up in the sand.

          It reeks of a lot of the problems people have with comics, where nobody stays dead except for Bucky, Jason Todd and Uncle Ben. Except Bucky and Jason Todd are now back in action.

          For anything in these sorts of universes to matter, they can't be undone by another writer who wasn't happy with it. I think that the whole EU should just be ignored for future films and they can write their own original stories that would hopefully cover some of the same territory without the nonsense.

            Hehehe, I dont even know what an EU is ^_^

              Expanded (extended?) Universe. Basically all the novels, comics, games and [other] that have 'built' upon the story in the movies. There are hundreds of them. Literally hundreds, exploring the years after the death of the Emperor in RotJ, and connected through a vaguely consistent narrative.

                Or as I like to call it: fanfiction with a budget.

    This is good news. Disney does amazing work on the LucasFilm themed rides at their parks, I don't know why that quality wouldn't translate to movies too. Exciting time to be a LucasArts fan also.

    Last edited 01/11/12 11:11 am

    If what disney decides to create doesn't have a dance and sing along with lots of ewoks and a wookie trying to sing and dance with them, I'm going to be a bit upset

    In all seriousness I got mixed feelings about it, but they really should just leave the original trilogy as is and just reboot with another tale from the galaxy far far away instead of trying to link it up the previous movies.

      "If what disney decides to create doesn't have a dance and sing along with lots of ewoks and a wookie trying to sing and dance with them, I'm going to be a bit upset"

      You never saw the Star Wars Holiday Special, did you?

        Is that the one with Chewbacca's family? *shudders*

    The Gungan Chronicles.

    Come on Disney, you know you want to.

      There's now a special place in Hell reserved just for you for that suggestion.

    Well it was basically confirmed this morning that it is a new story so.... Lando in the Land of the lounge lizards. Director - Mel Gibson starring Will Smith as Lando - Mickey Rooney as Luke - Queen Latifah as Queen Latifah. Written by Ben Elton and Michael Moorcock. Music by Matchbox 20. 5 cameos by Stan Lee

      I want to go to there... wait... I was picturing Mickey Rourke as Luke. :(

    Whilst it's great to Star Wars finally return with a new set of films, what worries me is the already established continuity which may conflict with them. However, in the recent video announcement bu Disney's CEO, he acknowledged the Star Wars universe spanning 20,000+ years so I guess that's a little bit reassuring.

    Of course keeping an open mind, imagine the possibilities the new films could bring or when they could be set. They could be either live-action or animated. If live-action and featured Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, it could be set after the upcoming novel "Crucible". The films could be adaptions of the "Thrawn Trilogy", "Dark Empire", "Black Fleet Crisis", "Fate of the Jedi", "Dark Nest", "Crimson Empire", "Yuuzhan Vong" or "Jedi Academy" series.

    Whilst they're watching the continuity carefully, there's no stopping them however from changing parts of it just to coincide with the on-screen media, for example with recent fates of Adi Gallia and Even Piell.

    Kyle Katarn

      I'll see your Katarn and raise you a Dash Rendar.

      "Star Wars Episode 7: Shadows of the Empire" would be a killer and possibly appropriate title

        Ha, I was going to post Dash Rendar under there but then went off on a wiki search and forgot all about it.

    A story and setting that's separate from the current 6 films. A strong female character, hopefully a Jedi or Sith, this is something all 6 films really feel lacking in. Joss Whedon to direct and write the script (unlikely to happen given the Marvel stuff he's doing, but I'd still like to see it). No characters like C3PO, R2D2 or the Ewokes.

    I'm a fan of Spielberg's stuff (Jurassic Park being one of my all time favourite films) but I don't want him anywhere near this for the fact that he'd do the exact opposite of the things I listed above.

      I think Joss Whedon's the only one that could bring some of the humour that was in EpIV into a new setting - good mix of fun and fights!

      Google 'Mara Jade'. Strong Female force-sensitive character. Introduced in Timothy Zahn's most excellent trilogy of Star Wars EU books called the "Thrawn Trilogy".

    I'd like to see JJ Abrams direct - I like what he's done so far, and enjoyed his take on the recent rival Star Trek movie.

    As far as the story is concerned, I'd be happy if they set it maybe 50 years down the track, with the grand kids as young adults, with cameos from one or two original cast per episode, to let us know what they've been up too. Maybe Luke set up a new Jedi council, and one of his grandsons (or Han's and Leia's) is turning to the Dark Side, and threatening all that Luke has created. Maybe Luke takes a page out of Yoda's book, and acts befuddled all of the time, but is just waiting to bust out and kick butt. Maybe one of Chewie's grand pups owes the evil-ish grandson a life debt, and is obliged to follow him, but is regretful of his decision, and the dark deeds Luke's wayward grandson has him perform.

    I could go on and on!...

      +1 for JJ Abrams, give Hamill, Fisher and Ford cameos to show their impact on the galaxy, but focus on the next generation, maybe rediscovering old Sith relics or one of them exploring the remains of the death star and please, please, please a deeper exploration of the force and what happens when you walk the grey path.

        The problem with giving Hamill and Fisher roles (even small ones) is that they are both REALLY fat now. I really don't wanna see old fat Luke and old fat Leia :(

    Old republic that is all

    Hopefully there's some Star Wars fanboys in charge and they re-re-release the originals in their original form on BR. I can't buy anything with Haden as Darth or where Greedo shoots his gun.

    Everybody seems to be forgetting that Star Wars isn't the only IP that Lucasarts had. Imagine the best movie of all time, higher grossing then both Titanic AND The Avengers;


    THE DIG!!!!!


      This guy gets it. I forgot myself indeed.

      Pixar animated Grim Fandango.
      Jack Sparrow/Guybrush Threepwood pirate adventures.

      That's it! They're planning to use the plots from Monkey Island in the next two Pirates movies and they want the rights! That's why the sale happened!

    I think the whole movie should revolve around jar jar binks and his rise to becoming the greatest jedi master.

    In a perfect world, they would just adapt all of Timothy Zahn's work. Thrawn and Jade deserve an awesome film debut. Make it happen Disney.

      Am I the only one who thinks that although Zahn's work is probably the pinnacle of the EU, it's still kind of mediocre?

        No. IMO - I've read maybe ten? All were shit. Dark Sabre being atrocious.

        His Star Wars novels are not his best work. I'll happily recommend the Conqueror trilogy and The Icarus Hunt.

          Read Conqueror - quite liked it. I think I own every single one of his books actually.

            I also quite like Manta's Gift, though nowadays I have to wonder if that book is tucked away in James Cameron's bookshelf with "giant stingrays" crossed out and "blue people" pencilled in.

    I would like it to begin with the galaxy already rebuilt with peace and the sith emerge (master and apprentice) to threaten that peace. Manipulating events, assassinating key figures, causing anarchy with gorilla tactics. Hiring armies and bounty hunters to do their dirty work.

    Overall though I want the characters to be compelling .

    I respect that George Lucas came up with *SOME* of the key story parts for Star Wars, but he really didn't have much input as people think in 4, 5 and 6. His story was "butchered" in his words but really it was fixed to make sense (Han Solo was going to be an Alien Bounty Hunter for God sakes) and he didnt Direct the movies either. When he had total control look what he made 1,2, and 3 the worst movies in the fucking world, plus the shit changes he did on the Blu-rays.

    If he has sold his seat in Lucasarts I would be happier to see what could come out of it Star Wars wise, a lot more happier than I would be to see what George could produce.

      I had read Kasdan had dark intents for the end of RotJ as in Luke joining the dark side. George ruineverythinglucas gave it the atrocity ewok moon party ending.

    I reckon they should animate the 'original sequels'
    Han Solo's revenge/ lost legacy /stars end
    Lando and the mindharp of sharu
    Splinter of the minds eye.

    I'm looking forward to new Star Wars movies, but I'm not sure what I want to see. In the past Star Wars has had the luxury of a very deliberate split between the "canon" universe that is the movies, and the Expanded universe that is everything else.

    I feel that this sort of division no longer applies - and it's only going to give rise to infinite meaningless arguments about what's now a part of the Star Wars universe and what isn't.

    A new trilogy set after ROTJ would be great. Han and Leia start rebuilding democracy, Wedge Antilles leads Rogue Squadron against the last bastions of the Empire, Luke Skywalker begins a new Jedi Order - with Mara Jade and Kyle Katarn. The new trilogy could be Truce at Bakara, Thrawn and Dark Forces (Heir to the Empire books and Jedi Knight games can easily be reduced to single movies, they don't need to be separate trilogies). I would totally watch that. But now we have the problem that some degree of artistic licence is going to be needed to weave those stories together - and whole sub-divisions of irate fans start picking it apart, arguing that it's done wrong, or complaining that their favourite 'bit' wasn't included (like that time Thrawn mused "artfully", or the fact that Kyle only every uses the one gun now, or I don't even).

    There is, of course, the option to write a completely new story; to forge ahead and ignore the EU that has come before. Of course then you'll get fans complaining that the movie contradicts their favourite book/game/comic.

    It would be nice if people could just enjoy new movies being made in a universe they love - but ten years ago, heck maybe even five, I would have been mad at the thought that movie lore and EU lore were going to clash and weren't going to be clearly defined anymore.

    P.S. Disney: Bakara (or whatever)/Thrawn/Dark Forces is an excellent idea for a trilogy, if I do say so myself. Feel free to throw out the current script treatments and get to work on that instead.

      Also, don't forget the actors have aged almost 40 years since the original film.


        Again, 5 or 10 years ago I would have been clamouring for movies to be set 40 years after ROTJ to accommodate the current ages of actors. Star Wars is still special to me, but I'm trying not to keep it "sacred". If James Bond can be played by different actors, if Batman can be played by different actors then Han Solo can be played by different actors.

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