Tell Us Dammit: Steam Sales

Begun the Steam sales have. Many wallets died to bring us this information. But what are some of the worst purchases you've made on Steam, what games have been left uninstalled, never mind unplayed? And, conversely, what have your best buys been? Let us know!

I've made some poor purchases in my time. Nostalgia made me buy all the new Monkey Island episodes, but I never bothered installing any of them or playing them. I don't typically play that many games on PC, but I typically find myself buying them.

My most recent purchase was The Walking Dead pack, which is currently onsale. I bought this as a birthday present for our designer Ben aaaaaages ago, with the intention of buying one for myself, but I've only just got round to it. Really looking forward to the game.

Anyway — let us know. Steam sales — how have they impacted your life. The good and the bad!


    my steam library is a library of shame SHAAAAME. though so far the first day of this steam sale has been safe for my wallet, nothing really stands out that i dont already own yay.

    Best buy, I'd have to say Overlord pack... I paid like $2.50 for it, got 2 games and played them for about 30 hours and absolutely loved them.

    Worst purchase, Oblivion... Sorry Elder Scrolls fans, the game just bores me to tears... by the time I'd installed all the required mods I'd lost interest in even playing the game.

      Ah the mod trap.

      I too have wasted too many hours scouring the internet for the best mods, then hours again making them not conflict.

      I have a friend who has spent weeks playing fallout New Vegas. Problem is he hasn't left the first town yet XD. He's spent all that time just installing mods.

      Only mod you needed was OOO. the rest were great, but OOO made Oblivion playable.

    I bought the huge THQ pack when it was on sale earlier this year (Or was it last year?) I dislike most of the games in the pack and have only installed Red Faction: Armageddon, which I played the tutorial at the start and haven't played it since..

    I dislike steam sales, they make me buy things that I actually never wanted in the first place, that's why I drained my debit account before the Black Friday sales started up this year.

      Pfffft show some self control and take a little personal responsibility. They don't 'make' you. You choose to. Impulsive buying is the consumers responsibility. Shops and such, its their JOB to make you want to buy, its your job to make sure you resist what you dont need. Draining your account I guess is a start, but a tad drastic?

    I buy in moderation and, unless the games are part of a larger pack that was good value even without them, I install and play everything at least once.

    I bought the Bethesda pack 2 years ago (pre-Skyrim) for $70 and got around 35 games, most of which were old id titles. Did I want to play every single iteration of Commander Keen, Hexen, Doom, etc? No... but I did want to play most of them, along with Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. I even gave Oblivion another try. I keep telling myself I should try out Morrowind. Will I? ...nah, probably not.

    If I buy individual games it's because I've wanted it and it's now an irresistible price, like the Witcher which I purchased not 15 minutes ago, and is currently installing. I noticed Witcher 2 was on sale and thought that while my interest was somewhat piqued, I wanted to see if the original was on sale - and it is, until November 28th, for $2.49. I figure if I enjoy the original, that sets the bar for me to pick up the sequel during a later sale.

    I inquired on Twitter - is this game good? I deliberately avoided asking "is it worth it?" because there are few things in this world not worth at least $2.49, and this is not the logic I wanted to go up against.

    Will I value the time I spend playing this game or is this money flushed down a virtual toilet?

    Well, I paid my $2.49, and I'm currently installing some 16 gigs of data. So I guess I'll find out. At least if it turns out to suck, I can uninstall it, and savour the feeling of reclaiming some hard drive space.

      it suits a very particular taste. It is also very slow paced at least at the start.

      The only problem with that, The Witcher, and The Witcher 2 are incredibly different games. CDPR created a new engine from scratch, re-designed the gameplay, improved a great many things.

      To be perfectly honest, I have zero interest in ever replaying The Witcher again after playing The Witcher 2.

        I am hoping, based on the description given for the "Enhanced Edition", that the interface and gameplay improvements, along with remastered cutscenes and re-recorded dialogue, mean that the game is rather closer to the apparently superior Witcher 2 than it was to the single-player MMO that divided the PC gaming community.

          The enhanced edition was released years ago, and it improved on what The WItcher originally was, but the game is still nowhere near as refined as The Witcher 2 is.

          In no way am I saying that The Witcher is a bad game, but compared to Witcher 2 it's just not really worth the time it takes to finish.

      Oh man, I loved Witcher 2 to death. One of my favourite games this year (got it for 360).

      AND, it's only 2.49. Thats cheaper than a cheeseburger and far more enjoyable.

    I'm hoping there won't be much this time. I bought a lot last sale and I've already got most of the big PC games from 2012 so I doubt there will be anything much to tempt me.

    Or at least, I hope so.

    Sam and Max eps. Loved it as a kid, not as a adult.
    Dead Space 2, Bugged 1 minute into the game, could get past the elevator, tried a couples times and gave up.
    More Money being spent then time played on the games.
    AC:2 might have been the best purchased to amount of time played.

    I purchased the THQ pack a while ago and the only game I played from it was DoW2 and that was only for about an hour.

    I pre-ordered Bad Company 2, played the beta and loved it but then never bothered to play the actual game.

    $12 for Walking Dead will be my best buy I think

    Steam sales turn me into Giftius.
    I spend more during the sales on Steam gifts for other TAYbies, rather than buying games for myself.

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    The Good: $2.49 for Terraria that I put 120+ hours into.

    The Bad: I haven't even installed more than 85% of the games I own!

    Honestly after all the steam sales over the last few years there's pretty much nothing left I want to pick up, kotor 2 is the exception and that's only because it just recently came to steam at all.

    See, the plan was to buy a lot of those PC games I missed out on during the last sale since I was relatively new to PC gaming. The plan was that these games would last me ages and I wouldn't need to buy anything for a while.

    That was the plan.

    The plan failed miserably...

    As I like to tell my friends - "My computer runs on steam. Not vice versa."

    As such, I have never blown any money on any Steam sale. On the other hand, I've blasted so much into Nintendo games that it doesn't really matter, I've ended up with a pile of boxes in my room instead :P

    This site made me realise how much I have blown on packs during steam sales. BLUHHHHHHH.

    I have quite a lot of games I'm just never really going to play, or have no intention of playing because they were part of a bundle that ended up being cheaper than buying each of the games I wanted from it individually. There are also a few impulse buys I regret not thinking through better, and a few purchases based on favourable reviews that turned out to be not my thing after all. According to my play times, Borderlands has been my most played purchase so far, next to Terraria. I have wayyyy too many games from sales though.

    I have started developing a strategy of trying to only buying games on my wishlist, and trying to only buy when they are either the daily deal, or a flash sale in the major sales. Thankfully, Steam is predictable with their major sales so I know when to budget for them.

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    I really wish I could remove stuff from my steam list. There's quite a few games that I wish I didn't have.

    Borderlands. Just too much of a time sink.
    Braid. Pretentions BS. Not that much fun.
    COD: BLOPS - Got it for a good price, played once, will never play again.
    Darksiders- Average. Not fun enough for the time required.
    Dreamfall - Longest Journey - I Just don't have the time for adventure games anymore.
    Fallout: New Vegas - I got my $25 worth, but too much of a time sink

    Best Buys? That's easy. Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2, Half Life 2, Street Fighter 4 and Deus Ex Human Revolution.

    I love all of those games. Most are usually sitting on my hard drive at all times.

    There have been a few.. usually they are games that are popular among my Steam friends who have different tastes to me.. I see 10+ people loving the game, sinking hours and hours into the game and the game itself looks ok with decent metacritic scores.. but just fails to wow me. I learned to avoid that kind of buying, for the most part, these days.. but still occasionally get caught up in the hype. :)

    Got over 200gb of Steam games, most people impressed by that, i'm not as 80% of it are games i played 30 mins to 1 hr of them. Crap thing too is if i uninstall them, get more hard drive space but still stuck with the list of games.

    Best purchase though through a sale would be Just Cause 2 for $15.00, tried it out and have put 100's of hours into it.

    Worst purchase prob Lunar Flight, goddamn that game was hard and boring. Also Witcher and Oblivion, Friend recommended them but i couldnt get into them.

    Steam sale then Wii U launch then Christmas ARRGH. Well fortunately i've slowed down my steam spending as i've got over 300 games and only played less then 5 percent. Im not getting too many Wii U games because the ports arent worth it (Yet), probably stick to games that have been developed entirely for the Wii U.

    Steam IMO is still the best gaming platform out there.

    We buy because we love collecting...we collect because it looks pretty in our Steam Library!

    I like Steam sales for 2 reasons:
    1) The Steam sale
    2) the sale that Green Man Gaming usually has at the same time. Because their prices are usually cheaper to start with and they tend to take a larger percentage off, some real bargins can be had.

    Best score so far this sale season, Spec Ops: The Line for $7.50 from GMG .

      I picked that up as well and was surprised how good it was. Definately one of the better purchases I've made this year.

    My steam library is mostly filled with good purchases, there a couple that i bought only because they were dirt cheap, but the rest were usually games that i'd wanted for awhile and couldn't get in my area so i got them online. The only game i regret getting was midnight club 2 but even then i can only regret it so much when i got it for free in that Rockstar giveaway a couple months back

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