Tell Us Dammit: The Wii U

Tomorrow the Wii U is finally released in Australia. It's the first major console release in a very long time. I'd like to have a wee chit chat about the console — who's buying one? Who isn't?

I'm interested in the console overall, and I'm really enjoying the GamePad, but I would have liked to see a game that really compelled me to get excited about the Wii U. I remember, with the original Wii, being extremely hyped to play Twilight Princess. New Super Mario Bros. U comes close, but it's too familiar to really stand out as something I feel like I need to play.

Still, I am a fan of the console, and NintendoLand is a genuinely interesting departure from what we normally expect from games. I like that.

So, how about you folks? Buying a Wii U? Not buying one? Let us know why in the comments below.


    I bought the first wii for mario kart. At this stage until either zelda or mario kart is released it will be a no deal. im excited about it jn general though.


    Honestly, like you said, there's nothing really grabbing me at the moment and I was going to wait until something I really wanted came out. I figured Big W's price of $388 was good enough (before Kmart announced their price) and if I waited, by the time I picked one up it should be around that price anyway. The 3DS was cheaper at launch than when I picked it up when OoT came out :/

    Got the Premium pack so have Nintendo Land and I bought Mario U as well. Again, nothing super special but I rarely play 2D Mario so I don't really have that Mario fatigue everyone has :)

    I only really want one for ZombieU, but that's about it so far. It would be good to have for when we have mates over as well, but I don't think I can justify spending the money at the moment. If I have some disposable income later on I might consider it.

    *looks at interest free harvey norman mastercard thing*

    Shut up you!

    Picking up tomorrow as a pre-order. I'm really excited about the potential of the wii u and looking forward to awesome games coming to the system in the future.
    Tomorrow I'll probably pick up 4 - 5 titles (Mario U, Zombie U, AC3, BO2 and maybe fifa 13)

    I played Nintendo Land at EB Expo and it was a good demonstration of what the system can do.

    I'm sold on the concept of the Wii U, particularly the potential of asymmetrical multiplayer.

    What I'm not sold on is the current batch of games and Nintendo's history of not getting third party developers on board.

    This system has a lot of potential and if we start to see releases that realise this potential, I will buy one. Until then, it's just a neat idea.

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      If there is a market where money can be made, people will develop for it. You want people to develop for wii u? Buy one. You want hard core titles? Buy the currently available ones. If you're not willing to invest ... why do you expect developers to? :P

        Its not the consumers job to drive development. That would be Nintendo's role as the console maker/owner.

        I'm not buying based on speculation. Publishers and developers have to take risks and create things for people that don't already have their products, they don't just get my money because I'm hoping that they'll give me what I want.

    I'll be getting one on Saturday as I have work during the day until 5:00PM as I wont be able to make it to my local EB Games before 5:30.
    The reason I'm getting one is because Nintendo, although they may have blundered a little bit with the 3DS' Launch and the Wii's 3rd party support, I have had a lot of fun playing all of Nintendo's systems, and I believe they know what they are doing when it comes to innovation in consoles. I'm still playing my Wii constantly, and my 3DS also, I expect the same with the Wii U especially with such a great launch line up.

    I will be getting:

    Wii U Premium Edition - With Nintendo Land
    Assassin's Creed III
    Scribblenauts Unlimited
    Zombi U

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    I'm buying a Wii U Deluxe with NSMBU, I won't lie I'm not especially excited for it and yeah.. that's all I got to say.

    No thanks. I've got enough games in my backlog, and coming in the Feb-April rush next year, to hold off on getting another console, and I haven't really been a fan of Nintendo since the SNES. I'll probably wait for Microsoft and Sony's next offerings before I start on the next generation.

    I've got basically every Nintendo, and I'm not skipping one now. Mainly want ZombiU, but will pick up Mario Bros too because that won't be going down in price for another decade or so.

    Pre-ordered and picking it up tomorrow. I'm with you Mark, I wish it had a killer game that I just NEED to play. I will have fun with the Wii U, I'm just not overly pumped for it. What I really want is Monster Hunter Ultimate.

    Wrong week in my pay fortnight so i have to wait till next Thursday to pick mine up. Breaks my run of day one Nintendo purchases since the N64 in '97.

    Getting premium pack and AC3. Will probably end up getting SMB aswell.

    On a side note, i'm very muchly hanging out for Paper Mario 3DS

    Not for me. Was disappointed with my Wii purchase, and there aren't really any games for Wii U that look particularly interesting except ZombiU. And if that's a success then I'm sure Ubisoft will continue the revival of that franchise across the MS / Sony consoles as well.

    I am definitely getting one! I cant wait! Plus, 6 years for a new console is way, way, wayyyyy too damn long!

    Prediction: I think the game pad will eventually prove to be a winning move for Nintendo and once developers learn how the console works it wont be as underpowered as some are thinking

    Not any time soon.

    I'm not sold on the console, and there's no games launching with it that entice me. It's certainly a step up from my Wii, but my feeling is that it's simply a step sideways from the PS360 - not an upgrade.

    The multiplat ports I can play on my existing consoles without needing to shell out hundreds of dollars to do so.

    If there's a few compelling games that launch in the next six months, then maybe - but it's a big cost to justify when it's just simply not a big change.

    Portability? I have a DS Lite and a PSV for that. Two screens? Not really an attractive gimmick, for me.

    Maybe if/when we see good use of the potential - I hope that happens. Right now, mood is: meh.

    Again, it simply comes down to there not being enough experiences available that justify the cost of a new console. NintendoLand seems pretty okay, but I don't particularly want to drop several hundred to play some mini-games.

      Fair enough i dont expect everyone to get the console but

      Sideways step? Um its more powerful then anything around. Maybe not the next playstation or xbox but it will be enough, especially with the Gamepad being its trump card.

      Want proof, why not ask an actual developer who is making a Wii U game

      Sure alot of the launch titles for the Wii U are ports but its always gonna be like that for any launch - not just Nintendos. Are you telling me that you wont buy the next xbox or playstation because the games they have at launch will more then likely already be on the 360/ps3/Wii U? Launches always have ports.

      Simply not a big change? What is the next xbox or playstation coming out with? New kinect/move? Better graphics then their predecessors? What that counts as a change? Atleast Nintendo has something totally different with the Wii U. Can you play games on the Wii like you can on the Wii U? No.

      Portability? Who said the Wii U is a proper portable? The Gamepad is just a controller with a screen, would you call a console controller portable? I dont think so. Its 'portability' is a convenience more then anything.

      I think the fact that microsoft and sony are trying to do similar things with smartglass and ps3+vita shows they see alot of potential for the Gamepad concept.

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    Oh boy.

    New consoles get me so excited. I'm not that interested in any of the games, more the new UI etc that I'll be able to explore after it updates for 5 hours.

    And Rayman when it finally comes out.


    The battery life on the gamepad makes me suspect there'll be a hardware revision down the line.
    No day 1 titles really grabbing me either. But... If there was a new Monster Hunter...

    i am picking mine up at midnight tonight :D super pumped for zombieU

    I am buying one tomorrow (or maybe tonight if I go to the Midnight Launch)...I'm just not entirely sure why I'm buying one? Outside of ZombiU, there is nothing about this launch that is making me sit up and say "that's exactly why I'm buying it"...I guess I'm buying it because I have a fetish for new tech and new consoles...I mean I bought a 3DS at launch and had the same reaction of "why" to that as well

    I'm hoping that once I get the actual system and boot up Zombi U or New Super Mario Bros U for the first time then it will finally click and I'll be left thinking "that's why I bought it"...but right now, yeah I don't know...I'm still not entirely sure why I'm buying this thing other then because it's a "new console that I will probably get anyways so why not do it now"

    I don't really like Mario/Zelda and the other games I either already have on PS3 or am not interested in. ZombiU is the only title that currently interests me so no WiiU for me. Maybe once Bayonetta 2 comes out and the price drops a little.

    Probably not going to get one. I've never own a Nintendo console, not that I dislike or hate Nintendo, they do some pretty cool stuff, though.

    Picking one up, amongst many reasons a major one is that I am just bored with my 360.

    Yes! Getting one for sure and looking to attend the midnight launch. I cant wait to see what devs do with this, especially when it comes to RPGs with multiplayer focus. There is a lot of potential I just hope devs take time to push the power of the console or make use of its gamepad.

    Sadly as usual, not many games I want at launch - Pikmin 3 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate can not come soon enough!

    I am getting one. I traded my Wii years ago so I am excited to get back into the first party stuff and I am intrigued by what they are doing with the Gamepad. As a bonus there were a few games I missed on the Wii which I will also be able to finally play now.

    All that said though, the reality is more that there hasn't been a new console release in so long and I miss that feeling of unboxing a new shiny toy for the first time.

    At the least it will get me through to the new round of xbox/PS releases.

    My gf offered to get me one for xmas, but ultimately, I told her not to worry about it. There's simply nothing wowing me right now. There's no games that showcase the systems graphical power (if any), or that use the gamepad in an innovative way. I'll wait it out until a better bundle is released I think.

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