Ten Minutes That Remind You Why Skating Video Games Are Awesome

This ten-minute clip, by Helix Snake, is in order, with #50 at the beginning. So you can imagine how good things are getting by the time we get to the top spot.

While laughs and stupid crap are the order of the day, you should watch the whole thing, because in between all the slapstick are some truly astounding stunts and tricks.

Helix Snake's top 50 favourite Skate 3 clips [YouTube]


    I'm positive I have seen this recently.

      Hmmm.... yep, Mark posted it on October 26th:
      Still, worth the watch for anyone that missed it first time 'round...

        Although technically you would have watched some of these the first time they were posted (And if you watched any of the others in the series):
        The above video is a compilation of the best from the series of glitch videos and definitely worth watching more than once.

    Oh so basically Kotaku is saying, "Don't bother coming to our site, give all our hits to the source... REDDIT" ;)

    Ir's nice to know that we get all the US articles (even if there are some that are irreverent to us), but they don't get any of ours..........

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