The Artistic Origins Of Disney's Video Game Love Letters

Disney's Wreck-it-Ralph is, in some ways, the best video game movie ever made. It doesn't do as much with the whole video games thing as it could have, but still, great movie.

One of the things it did really well was parody/pay homage to famous video game series and clichés without (usually) having to directly reference them. You can thank the flick's art department for that.

As you can see in these concept art images from the movie's pre-production, the artists had a very good handle on how to give StarCraft and Mario Kart the Disney treatment.

There are more images from Wreck-it-Ralph's pre-production available at Disney Animation's site (thanks Concept Art World!)


    It was a good movie, but there was a LOT of missed potential. Really misleading trailer, there were like 2 cameos apart from that intro and they were all in the first 8 minutes.

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