The Australian Kid Trying To Buy Black Ops II For $15,000

It's the strangest story of the day: a rogue schoolboy, haranguing all the major games retailers in the Melbourne area, in a desperate, futile attempt to buy an early copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

The story begins with an Instagram. And an offer of $15,000. This young boy initially offered a staff member at EB Games, a ludicrous amount of money if she would hand over a copy of Black Ops II ahead of its release this Tuesday, November 13.

"No, you cannot give me $15000," read the post. "No, I will not follow your YouTube gaming videos to see how much of a professional you are. And no, I don't want to hang out and be bribed."


We contacted the EB staff member to ask her about her experiences, but after a brief discussion with her boss she decided not to comment.

However, the story goes deeper. Just over a month ago, the same boy, estimated to be 16 years old, called up the Airport West JB Hi-Fi with a similar request — this time for Assassin's Creed III.

"He's absolutely hilarious," said Courtney, a JB staffer who took the initial call in the games department. "He was like a used car salesman, telling me to check out his YouTube channel and stuff!

"He even offered me 300% of his YouTube profits," she laughed. "Then he called me a tight arse and hung up."

According to Courtney and other staff members who have been in contact with this strange character, he is roughly 16 years old and often turns up to a number of Melbourne game stores in his school uniform in an attempt to hustle early copies of whatever blockbuster game is close to release.

"This guy is seriously doing the rounds," said another JB Hi-Fi staff member, when we asked about $15,000 offer. "He only offered me $200 but he's been offering others up to $15,000.

"We repeatedly told him no, but he doesn't listen!"

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    He asked me to steal one for him and then asked if any shady black guys named Tyrone work here. He is really weird to speak to and seems socially awkward at the same time

    Do people actually take teenagers seriously?
    THIS JUST IN: Someone on XBL is sleeping with everyone's mothers.

    I'll print out a mock game cover of the new game, but sell the first game to him for that same amount.

    Heh...amateur I have my own website and everything and I still can't get advance copies. Not to mention going to stores is the wrong way about it

    Maybe he should call me 15k and he can have the game and my modded 360

    my guess is that he is trying to get to the warez scene?

    It is a bit hard waiting but theres two ways to get it kinda early, a) if it breaks street date or b) by going to a midnight launch.

    I had my Assassins Creed 3 on Friday October 26th because the American site sent it express shipping the Wednesday of the week before. So a week before it's release. This child is an idiot.

    I used to work in Adelaide at a store called Ultimate Gaming in the basement of the Myer Centre. When World of Warcraft was released we had 3 collectors editions that had been paid for in full months before the games release.
    On the morning of release this weird middle aged bloke was waiting at the doors for me to open. He stopped me and put a wad of $50 notes in my hand, told me there was $2000 there and said for me to give him a copy of World of Warcraft, off the books. Just tell a preorder customer it was lost in transit.
    I gave him his money back and declined. Anyway the boss was furious, and said I should've taken the money. It was a crazy day.

    The same dude came in at the launch of GTA4, telling us to give him a free copy because he worked on the game and deserved it. He said to give it to him, and then call Sam Houser to get the money refunded.

      You did the honest thing. It's a disgrace that your boss would lie to a loyal paying customer in return for cash. I wish more people were as honest as you.

    hes just doing the 'harass' workers for early copies of the game bit, over the last 2 weeks 'WoodysGamertag' have been doing live streams with the same thing, trying to get early copies of black ops 2 by offering obscene amounts of money and funny threats and pestering, its pretty funny to listen to, but they basically do it before every big COD release.
    Wouldn't be surprised if hes recording the calls and uploading to his you tube account, just a copycat

    This guy's either mentally retarded, or he's offering the 15 grand hoping someone will go "15 grand, hell yeah!". The staff member goes out the back and gets the game, at which point he promptly punches them in the face, snatches the game and runs away.

    Sorry but if publishers ban soundtracks and videos for not giving "Credit", why would you think his videos would last more than 10 minutes having an illegally purchased copy of a game. Also, if they sold him a copy (officially), Broken street date. If they sold him a copy back door style don't you think someone will notice that a certain staff member has a nice chunk of money all of a sudden and theyre missing stock? Counts are done every day.

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