The Avengers' Agent Phil Coulson, Yours To Own And Hold And Do... Whatever

Hot Toys has all the super heroes of The Avengers covered with their amazing line of highly detailed figures, but what about plain old regular heroes?

Here's one. Everyone's favourite super dork, Agent Phil Coulson.

Available in June 2013 for $US175, he comes with all kinds of super accessories like a... clipboard. And his Captain America trading cards.

So good.

Hot Toys Agent Phil Coulson [Sideshow]


    *sniffle* Coulson...

      Right with you man. Absolutely devastated when it happened :(

      Last edited 24/11/12 5:23 pm

        Though he's in Ironman 3.... I wanna know HOW given IM3 happens *AFTER* the Avengers??? There's rumours Coulson may actually not be dead and it was all a ruse by Fury to pump up the guys in The Avengers. Wouldn't put it past him...

          Well considering he's the lead in the Shield TV series coming soon, I think there's quite a good chance he is.

            Indeed, I was overjoyed when I heard about that :D Clark Gregg is an absolute joy to watch in the movies, I'm glad that he's the lead in the tv show too!!! Just hoping the tv show isn't a 'prequel'...

    There is something not quite right about his face, i don't know what it is though.

      He's missing the inherent joy that Phil has in the movies

    Yup poor Phil, he is exactly the kind of character that Whedon kills. What's this about a SHIELD TV show?

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