The Biggest Anime Of The Year Steamrolls Japan

Late last night, two things happened in Japan: the first six minutes of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Q 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, and that movie's midnight premiere.

This wasn't just the first screening of a big time anime. It was a party. An event.

Japanese website Gigazine was on hand at the midnight screening in Tokyo's Shinjuku.

Soak up the festivities inside and outside the theatre.

ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:Qを世界最速で上映する新宿バルト9に行ってきた [Gigazine]

ヱヴァQ上映直前の新宿バルト9は人の波でみんなが使徒を受け止めようとしていた [Gigazine]


    Oh how I wish I were there :)

    I wonder when this is showing at IMAX in Melbourne?

    So what's the deal with these new Evangelion episodes? Are they telling the same story as what I watched back when I was a spotty teenager?

    Last edited 18/11/12 6:17 pm

      Nope. The first film, 「You Can (Not) Advance」, I think it was, is quite similar, and so if your memory is near-perfect then you can skip that, but from the second onwards, it's quite different.

        Visually it's quite similar, but there are important changes to Shinji's character that make it worth watching.

      Same-same but different imo - worth watching though fo' sure.

    i disagree - the first film is quite different both in tone and characterization. i'd say if you memory is near-perfect, you'd get even more out of the differences. the film is darker (graphically so) and shinji is less of a whining idiot.

    Gosh, ever more evidence that Japan is stuck in the 90's. Gotta move on Japan, continuous improvement remember?

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