The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Is Heading To Consoles

After the difficult process of bringing Super Meat Boy to Xbox 360, Edmund McMillen was a little reluctant to develop for consoles again, which is a shame since The Binding of Isaac was a game many console owners wanted to check out. But McMillen has now enlisted Nicalis, a studio founded by ex-IGN editor Tyrone Rodriguez to do the console legwork, meaning that The Binding of Isaac will finally make its way to consoles.

McMillen plans to put together a Q and A with more information about the game's development, but for now it's looking likely that the game will come out on "1-2 Sony platforms", most likely the PS3 and Vita. But no official confirmation yet.

Edmund McMillen himself put together an in-depth post mortem on The Binding of Isaac over at Gamasutra, which is worth reading if you're interested in the game or development in general.

Postmortem: McMillen and Himsl's The Binding of Isaac [Gamasutra]

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    Awesome game! If you don't have it, pick it up next time it's on sale at Steam. I picked it up randomly during the mid-year sales and it was the game I put the most time in out of everything I got during that sale (around 50+ hours).

    Extremely messed up though :P

    Thankfully, this should also lead to a non-flash version to replace the rather sickly version that we've had on PC all this time. Not that that stopped me pumping 170 hours into the thing, but it'd be nice to be able to get around the severe performance issues that appear and disappear without any apparent rhyme or reason.

    Already played a load of Isaac on the PC, but will gladly pick it up on consoles for the co-op.

    It took me 108 hours to 100% Isaac, then another 108 hours to 100% Wrath of the Lamb.
    It's a very good buy, well worth the small amount of cash that makes the price.

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