The ‘Bulk’ of George Lucas’ $4 Billion Will go to Charity

The ‘Bulk’ of George Lucas’ $4 Billion Will go to Charity

According to a report on THR, the “majority” of the $4 billion George Lucas is receiving for the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney (he owns 100% of the company) will be going to charity.

“George Lucas has expressed his intention, in the event the deal closes, to donate the majority of the proceeds to his philanthropic endeavors”, a spokesperson for Lucasfilm told the site today.

The “bulk” of that money will be going towards a “foundation which will primarily focus on educational issues”.

George Lucas Will Use Disney $4 Billion to Fund Education [The Hollywood Reporter]


  • While I’ll be interested to see precisely what ‘bulk’ means, I think this is a truly great thing he’s doing. Good on him.

    • Pfft who are you Marx? Ready to criticise someone for potentially not donating enough? If the man gives $20 to charity it would still be a good thing

  • So basically all the money I have spent on anything Star Wars related over the years has been an indirect donation!

  • I would safely say that he already had plently of money to begin with, and that the 40 million shares in Disney should be enough for a pension.

  • That’s awesome for the donating. I also don’t mind that Disney purchased it. With the minds of Pixar & Disney as well as still calling on all the staff from Lucas films, the next 3 movies I personally believe will be awesome.

  • By this point George probably has just about everything he wants and then some. The only other things I could see him doing with this kind of money would be personally funding a few movies he couldn’t coax studios into funding or going completely off the deep end and buying himself a small nation/series of islands.

  • believe it or not he did something really awesome like this before….. when expanding skywalker ranch all his posh a-hole neighbours complained about all the noise and workers bringing the area values down.

    Heard that ended with him Cutting his land in half and building Low Income affordable housing in this very well to do snob area just to spit them all and help people out 😀

  • There was an interview with Geroge not long before episode one came out where the interviewer asked him does he need the money, and is that why he is redoing star wars. George said, “No, I have more then enough money to retire on. This is for the fans’. Good on the man though. This is such a good thing when celebs donate a sizable chunk of the money they make to the less fortunate.
    So my question in all this is what is happening to LucasARTS, Skywalker Sound and Industrial light and magic?

  • “Charity” is a bit of a stretch.. he already owns one educational foundation.. it’s likely he’ll either pour more funds into that or create a new one..

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