The Dead Linger Alpha Has Arrived

One of the cool things about PC gaming is the opportunity to get in on interesting games before they’re even finished and try them out. Many of us started playing Minecraft back when it was far from the polished experience it is today—there’s just something cool about poking around in an unfinished game.

But even considering how many PC game developers are willing to let players handle their games ahead of release, it’s not that often you see an Alpha available that’s this rough. But if you preorder The Dead Linger, you can play the alpha you see here.

The game sounds pretty cool, a procedural zombie survival sandbox sim that looks quite a bit different from DayZ.

More info can be found at The Dead Linger website.


    I want to like it... I really want to like it. It just feels like a 'Yeah me too!' game? Doesn't feel like it's bringing anything new to the party except moving furniture around to block doors? (I know its procedurally generated... that in itself can add a whole big problem to a persistent world.)

      Yeah. It just looks like Day Z. The developers sound really friendly and I want to like their game, but it doesn't seem to really have anything new to bring to the table.

      I hate procedurally generated, you don't get little details and you don't get familiar with an area when you play a new game. Just makes the game world feel more trivial imo

        I kind of see what you mean about procedurally generated to be honest, but in DayZ and WarZ there are no little details anyway. Everywhere just feels like a copy-pasta of the last place you were. Usually, you end up just exploring all the significant places and getting bored. On a game like this, where the game will allow you to build a safehouse, or drive off to find what you want to find, I can imagine many people generating a world and sticking with it. It will become their world, and they will be intimately familiar with it. And if they decide to explore somewhere new, it will always be somewhere new. That's why I got so excited about the procedural generation, anyway.

        This doesn't really apply to the game in its current state, but as I understand it, they've spent the last 6 months creating a solid framework for this system, so that every 2 weeks they can easily increase the complexity of what it generates. Eventually you will find everything from fully explorable skyscrapers in towering cities, to little lakeside farmsteads. It should get pretty good.

          All extremely valid points. I do intend to try it, I love my zombie survival games. This will be interesting to try at least.

      Please, before making such sweeping statements, atleast do a bit of research? It just really upsets me when people make such uninformed statements. I agree, based on this video, The Dead Linger appears a bit feature light. In fact, it is. I am a huge fan of DayZ and WarZ myself, and will be continuing to play them whilst I wait for the state of The Dead Linger to improve. But let me assure you that this is the absolute first playable version of a game that has been developed entirely from scratch. If you were to look around on their community, you would see that they plan to bring so much more to the table than their supposed competition, and I strongly believe that one day it will be my go to game for free roam survival. (I say supposed because they aim to bring a different experience to the likes of DayZ, rather than a competing one) I don't see why you believe it will have trouble being both procedural and persistent, Minecraft manages it just fine.

      Also, most importantly, it is certainly not a 'Yeah me too!' game. In fact, out of all the people currently attempting this, 'The Dead Linger' was the first to be announced. They clearly outlined a basic set of features as far back as September 2011 on their website, 7 months before DayZ was released publicly. They even began a kickstarter about a week before DayZ was released to the public. My point is, these guys came up with an original idea, and are now being accused of jumping on the bandwagon purely because they were beaten to release. But of course, what Rocket did was far easier than building a zombie survival game with procedurally generated worlds from scratch. He took an existing game with guns and vehicles and a world, and added zombies and hunger and thirst. That was always going to happen faster. I'm just saying, cut them some slack, maybe check out what they're up to once in a while, they might surprise you.

      TL;DR, these guys were doing it first. They just didn't get as much widespread recognition. Just because DayZ became popular first, doesn't mean it was the original. Also, if this came across as a personal attack, I didn't mean it to and am sorry. I just don't think it's fair to make uninformed statements without doing a bit of research.

      Source: (September 2011, The first blog post on the Dead Linger website)
      Source: (April 2012, The first forum announcement, shortly after DayZ launched)

    between Day Z, Survarium and War Z - this wont stand out unless they do something radical like being able to play as a zombie

      I think ZombieU has that base covered

    I love procedurally generated because you can basically explore forever, but I don't see how they could make a persistent world that was also procedurally generated. This game looks pretty rad, I can't wait to play it.

    unfortunately at this point the game is unplayable for lefties unless you feel like using autohotkey to rebind everything

    To all those people saying it isn't bringing anything new to the table, you need to wait a bit. The vision of the project for these guys is that they want to essentially re-create real life and throw zombies at it. It will be very in-depth in terms of variety later down the track. Just hop on their twitter and the website and see what they plan to do.

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