The Elaborate Pants Rules For Miis On The Wii U

One day, you might boot up a Wii U, see a bunch of Mii avatars gather in the system's main menu/plaza, and you will wonder: Qhy are these Miis wearing different-coloured pants? What to the colours of these pants mean?

Good news. The Wii U's digital instruction manual explains the fashion rules for Mii pantwear. We're showing you that here. If you're short on time, jump 40 seconds in. If you want the context of how these Miis appear in the system though, just watch from the start.


    'What to the colours of these pants mean?'

    Surely you mean 'What do'?!? Ermahgerd this is the worst article ever.

    Yes. Extremely complex.

    Seriously, most of this has been there since the Wii.

      Yep, though the Wii U may (hopefully) bring a lot of people new to the idea on board.

    My son was extremely frustrated that he couldn't change the colour if his pants on the 3DS and I had to go look this crap up.

    "If you’re short on time, jump 40 seconds in."

    Because typing it out is too hard.

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