The Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter Now Actually Shows A Little Bit More Elite: Dangerous

You could be forgiven for seeing the initial launch of David Braben and Frontier Developments’ ambitious Kickstarter campaign for a new Elite game and thinking, “OK, but where’s the game?”

Most Kickstarter pitches these days at least show some hint of what the finished project will look like, but the Elite Kickstarter Page, upon first launch, showed nothing of the sort. Just a logo, and a goal of just under $US2 million bucks, US. OK then.

The campaign, which builds on decades of love for the hugely popular Elite series, has already raised a big chunk of cash, apparently Braben heard the concerns of many, and has now added some concept art and a pitch video to the page.

So, if you choose to back them, you’ll at least be getting somewhat of a better idea of what your money is going towards.

Elite: Dangerous [Kickstarter]

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