The First English Trailer For Etrian Odyssey IV Looks And Sounds Great

Monsters! Maps! Flying zeppelins! Dungeon crawling! I'm pretty psyched for this one: the Etrian Odyssey series has always done a good job of satiating those dungeon crawl cravings I get every so often. EOIV is out for 3DS on February 26.


    I would most likely buy a DS for this....

      I need to hurry up and get me a job and sone disposable income. Unless Santa thinks I've been a good boy this year. I may have almost roped him into a whole lot of vet expenses helping his little critter cope with pancreatitis though.

    You mean out in the US, haven't seen mention for PAL regions yet.

    I like the part where the monsters OHKO the party.
    It's like I'm actually playing the game!

    Finished 2 on DS and it was a great throwback ot my days of running around in Bard's Tale. This might be the game to make me finally splurge and grab a 3DS.

    I saw Atlus at the start and I've already given up hope of ever seeing it here.

    Thought DQ IV had already been released for the DS. Is this a 3D remake of that?

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