The Guy Who Wrote Little Miss Sunshine Will Write Star Wars: Episode VII

The next episode of Star Wars has its writer. As rumoured yesterday, Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3) will indeed write episode VII, announced when Disney bought Lucasfilm last week and slated for release in 2015.

No word on whether he'll be including Luke, Leia, and Han. Also no word on whether if they do, the movie will be set in a geriatric ward. A space geriatric ward?


    oh good choice. ep VII might turn out to be pretty good

    Loved that film.

    Personally, I think the headline would be better referencing Toy Story 3, I'm sure it would be more well known. Still, sounds like an excellent choice. Hopefully, as we here more about it, the good news will keep on coming

      This is what I thought as well but then I read Aidans comment and proceeded to YouTube clips of Little Miss Sunshine :P

    toy story 3 was kinda lame, and I liked the first 2. And little miss sunshine is a quirky cult film. Just seems a weird choice for a writer for star wars is all. They couldnt get Damon Lindelof or somebody?

    "No word on whether he’ll be including Luke, Leia, and Han."

    Why does everyone always forget Lando? Just cause he missed the first movie! :P

      I thought the guy who played Lando died?

        Nope. He be still kickin'. He was on Scrubs a few years back!!!

        Last edited 10/11/12 7:41 pm

          I thought that there was only room for one black guy in the Stars Wars universe?

    Oh dear lord. Just when I thought the franchise couldnt stoop any lower.

      ^ Can't figure if trolling or if really just *that stupid*... this guy writes amazing dialogue, knows how to put amazing character interaction on screen and has the ability to convey great emotion... if by "Stoop any lower" you mean "Drastic improvement over anything Lucas has ever done" then sure! Stoop away!

        exactly. Lucas ruined the last three movies, the only reason the originals were so good was because the studio didn't let Lucas have his way with them..

        Star Wars VII shaping up to be way better than I, II and III already.

    The main character must be Cartman Skywalker and there needs to be a character named Jewbacca.

    At least we can expect this movie to be better than our expectations. hard for anything "Star Wars" to be thought of other than complete crap these days. although I wouldn't put it past them to prove me wrong.

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