The Halo Unboxing That *Matters*

If you've been paying attention to the whole Doritos and Mountain Dew thing, with the Geoff Keighley photograph and the insanity that followed, then this is the unboxing you've been waiting for!

The Halo branding of Mountain Dew and Doritos, in general? I don't think I'm alone when I say it really crossed a line. In general consumers have come to expect a certain level of marketing — even within the products they pay money for — but when someone or some company pushes things a little too far, it's our responsibility as consumers, I think, to push back.

I think the above video is a clever satirical effort at doing so.


    I feel a need for some Dew....

      Holy crap... I do too :/

      Off to drink some Mountain Dew then!

    Master Chief is gonna have a serious case of reflux!

    Hahaha, great vid.

    What's the whole "Geoff Keighley photograph and insanity" thing though? I saw someone make reference to something when another person posted that image, but it seems to have all happened within a bubble that I don't cross paths with.

      There was a big deal about it on Eurogamer.

      As I understand it, Robert Florence wrote a blog post on Eurogamer about how games journalists could be seen by the general public as becoming corrupt if they participate too much in the marketing campaigns of games, citing the photo of Keighley surrounded be branded chips and soft drinks as well as another journalist, Lauren Wainwright who had recently competed in a twitter competition to win a PS3 by spruiking the new Tomb Raider on her account.

      Wainwright threatened to sue Eurogamer for libel (something that is apparently possible in the UK), Eurogamer panicked, removed the references to Wainwright from the article and issued an apology. As a result, Robert Florence decided to quit his job working with Eurogamer.

      I might not have all the facts exactly right, but I think that covers most of what happened. As you might imagine, this was a pretty big deal on the gaming blogs, bringing up a number of issues about both perceived bias and libel laws for discussion.

      Eurogamer and RPS writer John Walker if probably the best source of info on the issue -

        I found this article a good piece on the situation in addition to Mr Walker's

    lol, thank god for someone openly taking the piss on this. i mean, i would lvoe to destroy all of those "limited edition" chips bags and soda cans. I even crack it when V has cod and halo shit on them. its just stupid.

      It's also clever marketing. The general public laps it up. Why not take advantage of that?

    Why send out food that states not for consumption, that just baffles me. Also I have only seen V cans sponsor the game in Australia, a little surprised that hasn't been mentioned.

    I'm not a big fan of Max Scoville or whatever his name is, but that was pretty funny.
    I tell ya what though, that made my teeth hurt just watching that.

    If Max's idea of "pushing back" on the company equals showing him actually throwing up the company's product, then I'm all for it.

    WOW what a douche not even a fan of halo, he doesn't deserve to own that.
    Plus there is nothing wrong with have more merchandise of things that people like i mean thats the whole point of liking something isn't you want things to own and to collect

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