The Impressive Super Move Of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's Big Daddy

About a week ago we all got the opportunity to get our hands on Sony's brawler, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

I mentioned in my review that BioShock's Big Daddy was one of the highlights, if for nothing else than his third-level special move. It's gorgeous, and one of the most uniquely done action moves that I saw from any playable character in the game. It's also somehow sad, inspiring memories of the twisted utopia that was Rapture.

In case you haven't seen it yet, watch all three super moves in the video above. Or feel free to skip to 25 seconds in for that third-level super move that I keep raving about.


    I reckon that the average person will spend an entire week of their lives every year watching sections of YouTube videos that are not relevant to the actual video. Why oh why do people think "I want to make a video about something but I want to make sure the first 35% of the video is not needed"?

      What part isn't needed? The video is about the 3 super attacks, and it showed all 3. I didn't notice any unnecessary footage.

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