The Last Story Sold Super Well, And Now It’s Only $30

The Last Story Sold Super Well, And Now It’s Only $30

Remember how Nintendo wasn’t going to release The Last Story in the United States, even though it’s an awesome role-playing game and the Wii was barren for two whole years? Remember how XSEED came in and scored a publishing deal just by asking for the game late last year?

Well it looks like XSEED made the right move. The Last Story sold out at launch — XSEED VP Ken Berry said in a press release today that it was their “most successful title to date” — and now they’re re-printing it for the awesome price of $US30. (This version won’t include any of the\ trimmings that the last one had, like the fancy artbook.)

The Last Story‘s not up on digital stores yet, but it should be soon. XSEED says the game should arrive on store shelves within the next few days.

It’s an awesome game, by the way. You can play it on your fancy new Wii U, too, and I hear the resolution upscales, although I haven’t had the chance to try that yet. Have you? Let me know below.


  • This is the best news I’ve heard all day. Was getting disheartened by my plan of purchasing Wii games for my WiiU and seeing some over-the-top prices.

  • I don’t think I’ve seen this anywhere around here yet. Does JB even carry it? Got a gift card that needs using.

  • This game was awesome! One of the best JRPGs out there this generation. If you can get passed the subpar graphics, you’re looking at one action-packed game!

    • Monolith Soft are already confirmed to be doing a game for the Wii U. There’s some concept art floating around and it looks more medieval/fantasy I guess rather than the technology/mech sort of theme Xenoblade has.

      Sooo excited!

      By the way, is this Andy that posted as… well Andy in TAY for a while? The one whose name isn’t Andy? 😛

        • Heya! 😛

          You were briefly in TAY and then I still saw you around some articles but then your gravatar disappeared so I wasn’t sure if this was the same Andy. Good to see you’re still around!

          …Now buy Xenoblade ;D

          • Yeah not sure what is up with the gravatar. This is the only place it does not display properly.
            And always around. Sneaky like a ninja ;D
            I bought Xenoblade awhile ago. Is awesome!! Need more.

          • Haha yeah I did and I was playing it via an Emulator I think it was. That was quite some time ago 😉

  • Good about the price, probably around what its worth. The game, especially when considered in the unofficial trio along with Xenoblade and Pandora’s tower, was really not very good. The music (apart from the title screen which was awesome! and a select few tracks) was pretty poor actually, even from the God himself, Uematsu.

    The combat SEEMS like it will be fun, but ends up being really boring and without strategy. Felt like this aspect could have been so much more. You don’t really utilize the bow for anything important, mainly using it or magic only when the games tells you to and when its stupidly obvious a ledge will collapse when targeted. You only control one character generally and when you do get the brief chance to give other players actions, it is just action they were taking anyway. I think the combat ended up the most disappointing aspect because it could have been something, but instead was just slashing away, never dieing and fake-hiding behind things to use your surprise slash technique which kills everyone.

    The relationship between the two mains was also not believable.

    Probably too harsh, but if you play this just after Xenoblade, its like every aspect is worse hands down so its hard to get into. Pandora’s tower was pretty different to the other two, but was more fun to play than Xenoblade.

    Oh well good stuff on the price drop! Just hate to see things like ‘SOLD OUT = BEST GAME’ when game really only 6.5/10. I do hope we get more Uematsu on nintendo

  • That’s great news! In my opinion the game was great but not amazing and I did have more fun with Xenoblade.

    Good to see that their ‘risk’ paid off. I hope all the games sold well in both regions (PAL) and we’ll continue to see more games like this get localised.

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