The Next American Flag Could Look A Little Different

The citizens of Puerto Rico have voted in favour of becoming the 51st State of the Union. It doesn't mean they necessarily will soon, or will ever be granted such status, but it's a sure step on the road to trying.

If they succeed, as has happened a few times previously in American history, the flag will have to be changed, so that it has 51 stars for each state, not the 50 it currently sports.

To help the government out, some Redditors have played the role of 21st century Betsy Ross, and have come up with their own designs.

I like the one above, by 55555 (even if it does only have 50 stars...maybe one's already been eaten).

51 state flag [Reddit]


    I like the one that makes a circle of them. (it is also linked above:

    We all know the 48 star version from WW2 etc and of course the 50 star version of today, but I've always wondered if there was a 49 star version for when Hawaii joined the union but before Alaska did?

      Bah other way round, when Alaska joined but before Hawaii

        Yes, there was for exactly 1 year. You can see the complete list of historical designs here

        Or the 49 star version on its own...

        Last edited 13/11/12 3:55 am

          Wow cool, thanks!

    I wonder how long the 51-star flag will last - evidently 15 states are wanting to secede...

      That's cute, you think that a state will secede.

        It's possible for a state to be succeeding in seceding. They won't though because it's just a protest move over Obama getting back into power rather than a serious consideration. Maybe they'll try to resurrect the Civil War while they're at it too.

        Last edited 13/11/12 8:26 pm

          Hey, I'm down for some civil war, I hope they bring back bayonets as well. THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN.

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