The People Who Make Half-Minute Hero Want To Know If You Want The Sequel

Are you insane with envy that Japan got Half-Minute Hero 2, the sequel to marvellous Entertainment's lovely satirical PSP role-playing game, but we never did?

Well, don't get your hopes up too much, but the folks at marvellous have been tweeting up a storm for the past week or so, asking people to fill out a simple survey: Would you buy the sequel?

So would you?


    I adored the concept, bought the original, and played it on exactly two plane trips.

    Nothing to do with the game, everything to do with it coming out on PSP, a platform I adored for the 6 months I had it before acquiring my first smartphone.

      Therefore I would only get a sequel if it was on a phone/tablet platform. Sucks to be Sony I guess.

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