The Rise Of The Glorious Master Race Of PC Gamers

Sometimes used as with pride, sometimes used with derision, the term "master race" has become a common one to describe those PC gamers who love to Lord it over the plebs, revelling in their glowing hardware and hi-res textures.

Something captured almost perfectly - right down to the Gabe Newell cameo - in this amazing image by artist Saejin Oh.

There's a larger version at the link below, while you can see a time-lapse of the image being created here.

Master Race [Art of Jin]


    please stop using the word plebs, seriously.

      Yeah, pretty sure it's spelt "plebes"

      agreed... it seems to be Kotaku US' fav word... and other publications too... which is just annoying...

    I play games on the PC.... and Xbox360, Wii, PSP, DS, and ipad... what does that make me?

      A hippy.
      I too play on all platforms. Why can't we all just love each other and hold hands? Just give cross-platform peace a chance!

      I was going to say "sex-curious" but really, aren't we all?

    *Sees picture, looks down at crotch*

    Oh how I wish we could embed images...

    hmm... well I just bought a new PC (last one was 2002)

      bought or built? If you bought it just leave! =P

    Ugh. I'm sick of this "master race" crap. It's everywhere I look and it's irritating as hell. I have a great PC but I spend most of my time gaming on my PS3. Why? Because I don't have time to deal with drivers and graphic settings and looking for mods and DRM and dealing with other nuances that PC gaming brings. And yet somehow I'm looked down upon like a piece of shit because I didn't play the "best" version of a game... Why? Didn't we play the same game?
    Not only that but I can't seem to have a legitimate discussion online about a console game (eg. LBP or RDR) without the "PC Master Race" shitting it up.
    The only reason I keep my PC up to date is for programming purposes, and my other half plays sims.

    Hmmm. Yes the fat, long haired, glasses wearing neckbeard definitely represents the "PC master race". The other guys I just have to assume are products of the neckbeard's lustful gay fantasies.

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