The Slickest, Sickest Dishonored Killing Spree I've Ever Seen

You know how you can play Dishonored either violently or stealthily? I tended to opt for stealth, even though I liked how fun the game was when things got action-packed.

But I have never, ever seen someone take on the game with the kind of violent aplomb shown by kekkoSoNicSyNdIcAtE in the video above. Dude takes out 25 enemies without breaking a sweat, often in the sickest, most elaborate ways possible. It's a real stress-test of Dishonored's design that this kind of thing is possible. Amazing.

[Via Tom Francis]



    I went violent but I never went that technical

    I am like, ultra conservative with bullets and mana

    Wouldn't really call it a combo.. nor do I find it all that "cool" or "awe inspiring".. just some guy running around using abilities to kill things.. kinda turns me off the game to be honest.

      I completely agree with you there mate. When I first heard about dishonored I was excited to relive my 'thief' days. As soon as I head about the time manipulation gimmicky crap I knew it would be ruined.

    I remember anothe video, but that was more impressive. Really liked the plucking bullet from thin air bit at the end, so cool

    I need to find an italian version of this game.... so much more awesome when i dont know what they're screaming.....

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