The SNES Is Back, And In Four New Pastel Colour Schemes

Lekki, a French company specialising in the restoration and resale of old electronic devices, has recently turned its eyes towards the PAL version of the Super Nintendo console.

Fixing old units, cleaning them up and giving them a new coat of paint, they're not cheap — around €150 — but considering the work that's gone into it, and the fact you'll be one of the only people on the planet with an orange SNES, for many it'll be worth it. Especially since it also comes with a Super Mario World cartridge.

You can check out their store below (where they also sell Game Boys).

Super Nintendo [Lekki, via NWE]


    i dont know how i feel about this. At first i thought, hey cool someone selling Snes, but you know what, i dont like it. Id rather buy a second hand one and do the referb myself.

      I love SNES so much, but I also don't know how I feel about this. I still have my original, and a new paint job would sort of be like painting over nostalgia.

        i sadly never owned a nintendo console until the wii, though still played them A LOT as a kid as my friends owned nintendo stuff, i owned sega stuff, so lots of taking turns at each others houses.

        But yeah, would rather something original than a weird custom job,.

    Don't mind the look. Never owned Super Mario World (I know, but I played friends copies) and wouldn't mind getting the green or blue versions.

    Just looked at shipping and it is €8 (roughly $10au) and comes out to €158 (or $196.886)
    Whether that is a good price I don't know (can't be bothered looking at ebay or other sites).

      lol almost $200 for a snes where a ps3 is around $230 ish

      u serz?

        I did do a little bit of research and people are advertising an australian snes with 5 games for about $190, so yeah, it is a bit high. However, that was for all second hand and if they (Lekki) have done work on the insides it could be worth it.

        I would unironically take a SNES over a PS3 any day. No contest.

    Well, on the one hand it looks kinda plops, but on the other, it can be difficult sometimes to source an older console that's in nice, clean condition and not yellowed from the oxidising flame retardant in the plastic. I mean I've kept my SNES in its box for a fair while and in recent years set it back up again with all my other old consoles, and it still has a yellowed strip along the front. It'd be nice if they just offered a refurb service and machined new casing parts and fit them to old consoles. That'd be boss. Took me a hell of a lot of retr0bright to get the discolouration out of my NES, and even then it stripped some of the text on the front of the console.

    Not big on the look, but I'd highly consider this simply for a SNES in great condition. Not sure mine even works anymore. Oh nostalgia, if it wasn't in storage I'd get it out right now.

    yea id love one, my one is showing its age

    Ludicrous price for a coat of paint - go on or - check out the SNES' that aren't yellow and work ok - you'll get yourself a far better price.

      Last i check, Pal SNES consoles were going anywhere between $150 - $200 +.

      I wouldn't call this a terrible price for a slick refurb'd console, i would though like the ability to have a region switcher option also.

    Man, gimmie a can of spraypaint and I could do this myself :\

    Do they have 'SEGA Blue Sky?'

    You might want to check the links before re-using article, it seems the company has shut down.

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