The Spoiler-Filled Ending You'll See If You Beat Halo 4 On 'Legendary' Difficulty

Warning: MAJOR spoilers in this post, video, everywhere, just leave. If you're not up for the task of completing Halo 4's campaign on the hardest — aka Legendary — difficulty, or are just too antsy to wait for it, feel free to watch GameFront's spoilery video above.

You get the tiniest, briefest glimpse at the man under the helmet for the first time in the franchise's history.

Halo 4: Master Chief's Face (Unmasked) - Legendary Ending [SPOILER] [YouTube]


    rot13 for the discerning reader.

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      Your a munt

        whats an 'a munt' and how does one come into possession of one? & what of distantdrop's 'a munt'?

          Probably slang and I have a good guess what it means, uncalled for but whatever.

            I noticed its similarities to another unpleasant word & figured thats what he was going for.
            & yeah, it was uncalled for. down voted for rubbish grammar & reported for being needlessly offensive.

              Munt isn't a cockny for C%^t. Munt is slang for vommit. Matt2's use of it is misled.

                learn something every day eh?
                still, it was uncalled for.

    Besides using the youtube preview pic which spoils it for those who don't venture in. Well played.

    Obvious nod to the original Metroid.

    I figured they'd show his face in the Legendary ending. Really disappointed they did this. The Chief should remain faceless.

      I don't know how canon they are, but i believe he described in detail in the books.

      SPOILER: Frank O'Connor described him as “na byqre zna, nyzbfg cnvashyyl cnyr, nyzbfg nyovab juvgr, jvgu cnyr oyhr rlrf, erqqvfu unve, pybfr pebccrq gb n fxva urnq, naq znlor gur ynfg erzanagf bs serpxyrf ur unq jura ur jnf n xvq.”

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    Oh Tina, you boob punch.

      If i wasnt on kotaku mobile i would upvote this so hard

        i dont get it personally, but i upvoted for you :P

    does it really matter?

    its pretty clear MC is a white bald male..theres only so many ways a white bald male can look different

    anyway never played halo...but was this ending happy? what happned to his AI lady freind?

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      pure guess: the writers may do a handwave and get halsey to fix her with a freshly made cloned brain , like cortana mentioned. i doubt 343i would bring back MC and Cortana for a new trilogy, build up this relationship, and then just kill her off inbetween games.

        so not well I take it?

          ah, sorry didnt read your comment correctly.

          it was a bit ambiguous what happens to cortana at the end of 4. but she was not in a good state. 8 years old, when her lifespan should have ended at 7. she's well into rampancy. a few times throughout the game (and forward unto dawn webseries) she contemplates killing master chief. (which is why they get deactivated at 7)

    Well they didn't actually show his entire face so he's still "faceless" as you described. Looks like he's really been laying off the Nivia fior men; those crows feet are atrocious. Super solidier or no he should really take better care of his skin.

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